Emma Cartwright & Neil Gleaves

Hellbeasts Cartwright and Gleaves
Crime: Child Abuse

Emma Cartwright and Neil Gleaves of Wolstanton, UK, are slow learners. Sometimes slow learners don’t learn a lesson the first time and have to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it before it sinks in through their thick skulls and into their wee stodgy brains. And the lesson that Emma Cartwright, 27, and Neil Gleaves, 27, were learning over and over and over again is that bones can break.

Of course, they learned this not on their own bones, oh, no, but instead on the fragile, vulnerable body of their little toddler. See, they broke her arm. And her other arm. And her leg. And her other leg. And her foot. And her left shoulder.

Y’know, thinking about it, it strikes me that these f*cktards aren’t so much slow learners, but just might be raving sadistic hellbeasts. Yeah, in fact I’d go so far as to say they ARE raving sadistic hellbeasts.

See, after they fractured their baby’s arm, Emma Cartwright and Neil Gleaves didn’t get her medical help. And after her other arm was fractured, they still didn’t take her to the doctor. Ditto for the left leg and left foot and left shoulder. In fact, it wasn’t until 2 days AFTER they broke her right leg that this monstrous pair sought medical attention.

I cannot imagine the pain, the torturous pain that that little girl lived with every day. Broken and fractured bones hurt, and I’m sure multiple breaks and fractures hurt that much more. Life must have been hell for that poor little toddler.

When Emma POS Cartwright and her brain dead boyfriend Neil shitstain Gleaves finally took the baby to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire’s accident unit, they stupidly hadn’t thought up a believable story about how the leg was broken.

Thank goodness for stupidity.

The medical staff were naturally concerned and they quite rightly decided to X-ray the toddler’s entire body.

The pair of f*cktards were arrested when the extent of deliberately inflicted injuries was uncovered.

They were also accused of abusing a second child. Mommy Emma slapped that child across the face and POS Neil shook the child violently. What a lovely pair!

Why oh why are monsters like this allowed to breed? I ask myself this most days and have yet to find a good answer.

Emma Cartwright and Neil Gleaves were convicted of child cruelty charges following their trial at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court. That was the good news.

And did the court lock them up and throw away the key?

Recorder Simon Ward, the judge, said, “Offences of cruelty and ill-treatment of children are so serious that the courts have to send out a message to people that, if convicted, serious sentences will follow.” That sounds promising, right? Oooh, they’re gonna get it! They’re gonna rot in jail for a long time! Right? Right?

Ummm, not exactly.

See, Recorder Simon Ward heard about how poor Emma Cartwright had a “troubled” past, being placed in 14 different foster families since she was 4-years-old.

And Recorder Simon Ward heard how Neil Gleaves was a hard-working individual with no criminal record.

And then Recorder Simon Ward sentenced this wonderful, loving couple to 36 weeks in prison, suspended for 2 years with supervision. Oh, and Neil POS Gleaves also had to carry out 100 hours of volunteer work.

Hey! What happened to the serious sentences? What happened to the message to child abusers? Where the hell is the justice?

These two f*cktards broke their baby’s bones one by one, DELIBERATELY, and denied her medical care until the 6th broken bone. And they get a suspended sentence? Because they hadn’t been convicted of anything before? Lucky for them they hadn’t shoplifted when they were younger!

Where is the outrage at this pathetic sentence for child cruelty? Well, it’s out there now. British children’s charities have begun condemning the piddly-ass sentence.

NSPCC official Sandra Lescott-Robinson said: “It is appalling that the children involved in this case have been harmed.

“It seems that there were problems for this couple.

“But, unfortunately, this case is not unique.

“Each year in the UK, 379,000 children are injured where physical abuse is an issue.”

Know what? I’m not surprised at that number. With pathetically lenient sentences like the ones handed to Emma the monster mother Cartwright and her boyfriend Neil POS Gleaves, what’s the deterrent?

I hope and pray their children have been taken from them permanently, and that all future children will be taken from them too.

I also hope and pray Emma’s uterus dries up and Neil’s balls wither and die.

They won’t rot in prison so we shall have to wait for justice when Cartwright and Gleaves get to hell. They can rot there!

Good news — the Attorney General is to review the case after their suspended prison sentences were criticized as being too lenient. It all might up end at the Court of Appeal, and then real justice might be done.

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22 Responses to Emma Cartwright & Neil Gleaves

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    My god im actually ashamed to be british now. What sort of sentence was that, who is that going to be a deterent to. People now will think “Its ok to hurt my babies cos i’ll only get a suspended sentence so i can beat my child with Inpunity, and get away with it” That poor child both arms and legs broken and foot, yet they don.t get to go to jail. What the fuck is wrong with this world. People say to me that im barbaric wanting the death penalty back, but i say “Those who choose to commit heinous crimes don.t deserve to walk amongst us” And then reading stories like this it confirms that my convictions are right. If somebody has that little regard over another persons life, then we should have little regard for theirs. An eye for an eye.

  2. 2cute says:

    Wow, that’s British justice? Good thing the little girl didn’t die, only suffered horribly at their hands. Would murder as a first offence be given a slap on the wrist too? This wasn’t even a slap. It was a finger wag with a “tut tut tut” and a frowny face. That’ll teach those child beaters! What a joke!

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      The worst part about it is i live just a few mile from them two pieces of shit and i didn.t know nothing about it, and believe me if it would have been reported in a paper or on line i would have known. Im all for naming and Shaming These bastards, but it seems to me they commit heinous crimes and nobody knows. Its bad that i come on this blog and find out about cunt’s that just live near me. Well im gonna make sure i tell everybody and i’ll make sure they pass it on and by the time im finished it will be them in fear of getting broken bones. Im not no Vigalantie But we have the right to be informed about the scum thats around us. Just imagine i didn.t know and one of my friends left their child with one of them two. In fact the goverment are negligent by not informing us and protecting these pieces of shit. They should be sat in jail for a long time for what they did to that child evil bastards.

  3. Trace says:

    What are the courts waiting for before they give child abusers real sentences? Do the babies have to be permanently damaged or dead? Six bones they broke, SIX, and their baby’s screams and cries didn’t bother them at all. And those six didn’t happen all at once, I’m guessing. Heartless monsters! Makes me wish they’d get a few broken bones just so they’d know what it felt like for that little girl.

  4. Kyrie says:

    We have a pettion to get them rescentencd if anyone today wants to sign it x

    • Nick says:

      Where is this petition?

      • juggalet says:

        Thank you for this site, its so scary to see that quite often it is the step parents causing the abuse. I know I will be severely screening my partners from now on cos my 2yr old son comes 1st and if anyone was to mess with him they would have to get through me 1st. I won’t let anyone hurt my baby!!! and I would never sit back and let it happen as if unnoticed!!!! My son needs to feel loved and if his own mummy can’t be there for him then what has he got!!

        • bengalpuss says:

          Exactly, if you can.t protect your child then who else will. You do right juggalet, you never know nowadays what your new boyfriend or partner has done in his past. when my children were at home, and i needed a babysitter i would only leave them with, my parents or brothers and sister. But they were with me the majority of the time. You can only trust yourself nowadays.

  5. Trace says:

    Where’s the petition?

  6. scrappy says:

    So, what sentence would the judge give me if I took successive weeks to methodically break the bones of each of these two before I got them medical attention?

    I mean, if you can break an innocent baby surely a healthy, capable adult should get me a week or two suspended with a month or so of supervision…

    I had a pretty hard childhood and I have very little patience when it comes to baby beaters. I hope the judge will understand, having been neglected and given abusive physical punishment has turned me into a tempermental adult after all.

  7. Eve says:

    Why do I wish someone would take a baseball bat to those two f*cktards. They’d deserve it. But along with breaking bones, they should be rendered incapable of breeding any more.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    No wonder child abuse and neglect are at an all time high with sentences like this. Any normal person knows you don.t do that to your beautiful children. But unfortunately in life you get pieces of abusive shit like these two fine examples, and they do something like this and what do ya know, instead of the judge feeling sorry for the real victim the child, he feels sorry for those pair of abusing cunt’s. That judge has got it the wrong way round, that has sent a real message to abusers of children, that if you’ve had a bad childhood then thats sufficient for you to be able to beat your child so seriously that you’ve broken six bones. Now if that was me i would give a bigger sentence by saying “You went through it as a child then you of all people should of been the last person to abuse this child because you of all people know the pain and suffering that, that child would feel. So sorry that doesn’t. Wash with me about them being abused so they went on to be an abuser. Bullshit.

  9. Nick says:

    I sent a formal complaint of the unduly lenient sentences using the step’s listed on this child abuse site…


    The pathetic loser who received my formal complaint waited conveniently till one day before my supposed deadline to re-file a complaint and/or do some other action to dispute it and of course told me that my request to appeal their sentences was denied and that there was nothing they could do. I even asked if they could tell me what happened to the abused children and he told me that it is private information. In other words I’m sure those poor children are back in those monsters arms. I wish I could at least help those poor children in some way…petition to get them away from the hell their living in. Please let us know if there’s any new news on this horrific case or if you know what happened to the children. I will wait to see what comes of this review and see if I need to start a petition or not. My main concern is the children…

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Nick, i live in the same country as these two arseole’s anyway i go on the chris(Children have rights in society) Site daily. Next time you go on it theres a link called face book ban. Basically they banned chris the sites owner from facebook for, naming too many sex offenders, can you believe that. So nothing about this story shocks me. The victim’s have no rights but the fucking abusers have all the rights you could think of. I find it absolutely disgusting what the judge gave these two cunts as sentences, community service and a suspended sentence. Thats a brilliant deterrent for future child abusers. “We’ll be ok beating our baby we won.t go to jail just get a suspended sentence, so carry on smacking the baby its ok” Stupid fucking judges. It even has that on chris, judges giving lenient sentences. Our justice system is a fucking joke.

  11. Nick says:

    Here’s our answer, what a big surprise!!! It was probably the same puke I was speaking too.


    Now where are the two children???? I feel this overwhelming need to know if these poor children are okay. My heart breaks for them.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Just read that article on that link, and isn.t that fucking typical. A senior judge said that it couldn’t be proven who broke the babies leg or how. Is that judge a fucking imbecile, what does he think the baby broke his own leg. When you get judges like this, it make’s me question why Won.t you do the right thing, are you some kind of child abuser or molester yourself Mr stupid arse judge. Fuck the abusers and guilty ones and concentrate on the victim’s for once.

  12. Nick says:

    It’s so infuriating! Canada is really no better off from what I’ve been reading about the way they punish their own child abusers. Something has got to change, it just has too. We cannot let these self entitled degenerate judges run these justice systems into the ground like they have been for so so long. One thing I did find out on this judges public profile is that he both prosecutes AND defends serious crimes of a sexual or violent nature to name a few. How can you do both without having the line blurred between the two so to speak?? Here’s his profile if you or anyone want to see it.


    I was curious about the man judging this case and wanted to know how this poor excuse of a human could come up with such a verdict…. In my eye’s these judges are as guilty if not more then these criminals are. I will still keep an eye on this case and google their names to see if anything pop’s up in the future. I will always keep those children in my heart and hope they somehow make it through this alive and well. Sometimes miracles do happen. In my eye’s people like us need to be more proactive, petitions do a world of good and force these horrific cases into the public eye. Yes, this case was shut out because of the screw up of the “blame” of the injuries not being properly pointed out from the very beginning but it doesn’t mean that petitions don’t work. I still believe they do. After all, us pouring our hearts out on site/blogs really don’t amount to much in the end other then stomachaches and headaches.

    • Nana says:

      i am very sad and sickened after reading these stories! in my opinion, they are cowards as they only hit little toddlers- children as they know they cant hit them back. hit someone your own size and see if it works like that lets hope you suffer!

  13. bengalpuss29 says:

    Kyrie, it would be a good idea if you tell us the link to this petition, otherwise how are we supposed to sign it, to get those two Fuckwits Resentenced. A couple of other people have asked for the link as well.

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    oh fuck cleo, i think one of your spammer’s has gotten past you, or this is a delusional comment. I’ll go for the first, am i right?

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