Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman

Elva Bottineau and Norman KidmanCrimes: Murder, Child Abuse, Torture
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Jeffrey Baldwin accomplished quite a lot after November 30, 2002. Thanks to Jeffrey, his three siblings got a shot at a good and decent life. Thanks to Jeffrey, amendments were made to the Ontario Child and Family Services Act. Thanks to Jeffrey, Toronto’s Catholic Children’s Aid Society requires background checks on all potential caregivers. Yes, Jeffrey Baldwin certainly made an impact in Ontario in particular, Canada in general.

But Jeffrey Baldwin is not remembered for the things he did. Instead he’s remembered for the things he didn’t. He didn’t live to see his sixth birthday. He didn’t survive years of deprivation and starvation, torture and abuse. He didn’t escape alive from the hellhole that was his home and from the hell beasts who were his grandparents. And tragically he didn’t inspire enough pity in the heartless humans who could have easily saved his life.

Little Jeffrey Baldwin was not the first to suffer at the hands of his grandparents, Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman. In fact, he wasn’t even the first to die at the hands of his grandmother. Back in 1970 she pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm in the death of her 5-month-old daughter, Eva. She was given a suspended sentence with 1 year’s probation. Ouch!

Baby Eva had died of pneumonia, but an autopsy revealed several fractures of the shoulders, elbows and wrists. Bottineau’s remaining son and daughter were made wards of the Crown. A Catholic Children’s Aid Society (CCAS) assessment of Bottineau at the time described her as an “incompetent parent who was a danger to herself and others.” They got that right!

Bottineau left the father of her children (her cousin, BTW), and in 1975 moved in with Kidman. By 1979 they had three daughters, Yvonne, Yvette and Tammy. They also unbelievably had her previous son and daughter living with them. I’d like to know what bureaucrat thought that was a good idea. Anyway, the children were removed in 1979 because Kidman physically assaulted them. He was convicted of 2 counts of assault causing bodily harm, fined a whopping $150 on each count and given a suspended sentence with 2 year’s probation. Oooh, that must’ve hurt.

Daughter Yvonne moved in with Richard Baldwin when she was 16. They went forth and multiplied four times, one of which was Jeffrey who was born in January, 1997.

Yvonne didn’t turn out to be such a great parent herself. Jeffrey and one of his sisters (one year older and unnamed for confidentiality reasons) were removed by CCAS in April, 1998 because Yvonne was seen severely shaking poor Jeffrey Baldwin.

Under a family court order, these two helpless children were sent to live with Grandma Bottineau and Grandpa Kidman. How could this be? Because nobody at CCAS checked the files! You know, the files that mentioned the convictions for child abuse and assault. The files that mentioned the death of baby Eva. The files that mentioned that Bottineau was diagnosed as a borderline mental defective, depressed and just downright mean.

The assumption was made that the grandparents could be relied on to provide a safe, caring environment. After all, Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman had asked for the children, so they must have cared, right? They really cared mostly about the government checks they’d get monthly.

In actuality, Bottineau never cared for the two children. In her diary, she described them as “bad disgusting pigs who can’t behave themselves”. She expressed real hatred for them, decided they were “bad” and treated them accordingly. She apparently liked their two “good” siblings, another boy and girl, and gained custody of them as well.

The “bad” ones were imprisoned in an unheated bedroom. The “bad” sister testified at court how they were locked in at night and had no choice but to crap and piss on the floor. Every morning they’d be forced to clean it up, but if they didn’t work fast enough, Grandma would hit them with a mop handle. And if they got thirsty, she and Jeffrey Baldwin had to drink water from the toilet. They were called pigs, and were made to stand in the pig corner. And as for food, they were forced to dig through the trash to find scraps from the meals that everyone else in the house had eaten.

Pickings were slim, apparently, because when Jeffrey Baldwin died on November 30, 2002, he weighed 19 pounds – 3 less than he weighed at 18 months. He died of septic shock and bacterial pneumonia brought on by chronic malnutrition and sleeping in his own body waste. He was covered in sores, his stomach was distended like a concentration camp victim, and his ribs stuck out a mile. And his poor little tushy was covered in scabs.

His sister was not much better, although she was alive. The foster mother she was turned over to after Jeffrey’s death said this about her condition. “She was very small. She had sores on her legs and her stomach was quite distended. And under the distension of her stomach there was a line of ulcers and sores that were festering and oozing.”

She reportedly reeked of urine, and had lice and eczema over almost all her body.

At the time of Jeffrey Baldwin’s death, 2 children of another daughter, Tammy Kidman, were also living with the grandparents, making a total of 6 children in the house. In addition to the children, 6 adults, Bottineau, Kidman, daughters Yvette and Tammy, and their boyfriends, were living there. Nobody mentioned Jeffrey or his sister to anyone outside the family.

James Mills, the unemployed boyfriend of Yvette, was called as a witness. He had moved into the house 5 months before Jeffrey died and lived there almost 2 weeks before he actually saw Jeffrey Baldwin. Mills, age 21 at Jeffrey’s death, called Bottineau and Kidman mom and dad and said their household was the only family he had ever known.

Mills says he suggested that Jeffrey be taken to hospital but Bottineau rebuffed this suggestion. He didn’t pursue it. By his own admission, Mills had plenty of opportunities to intervene — when he witnessed Jeffrey Baldwin begging fruitlessly for food and water, for example.

But he didn’t want to meddle for fear of losing his free room and board.

“I’m watching out for my own ass,” Mills said in a videotaped statement to police. “I have a life of my own.”

Too bad Jeffrey can’t say the same thing.

Norman Kidman and Elva Bottineau were convicted of second degree murder, and both have been sentenced to life in prison. Kidman can apply for parole after 22 years, and Bottineau will be eligible after 20.

And there was no penalty for any of the other adults in the house who did nothing at all to rescue little Jeffrey and his sister. No penalty in this life anyway. Here’s hoping they R.I.P. (roast in pieces).

CBC News article
Globe and Mail article

39 Responses to Elva Bottineau and Norman Kidman

  1. moodymagic says:

    Every time I read or hear about poor Jeffrey it makes me cry. Everyone failed these poor poor children. Kidman and Bottineau need to burn again hell is to good for them.

    • Penny says:

      The reason the kids didnt have anything to eat, is because all those mfing fat
      asses eat it all. They make the devil look like an angel. They have to answer to a much higher source than themselves, oh I forgot these bastards will never see heaven, just hell.

      • Nicola Pemberton says:

        They stiil have to stand before God.

        If I was living in her house and I saw these children treated in this way, I would’ve intervened regardless on whether or not I would’ve lost my room and board or not
        (and I would’ve paid for it) instead of being an freeloading asshole coward!

    • JanieMcC says:

      I just watched this story and I cannot stop crying for Jeffrey and his sister. I will NEVER understand how anyone can treat these innocent little children this way. I hope God judges her to the same treatment she gave these kids. An eye for an eye.

    • Kuincey Banac-Aricayos says:

      I just saw this on HLN ” Deadly Women.” I am so pissed!!! They both needed a public flogging in only their underwear!!! They should be in solitary confinement and not let out before festering 6 days a week!!! Let them drink from their solitary toilet bowls!!! My heart is so broken. Those asshole adults should be punished too!

  2. scrappy says:

    Useless wastes of flesh. Could we please turn them into candles, burn them in a vigil to the countless children who suffered from the misfortune of being related to them and be done with it.

    I cannot begin to imagine the short and horrific life these poor little children had to endure. No joyous giggles, no silly voices or senseless songs about nothing, no oohs and aahs as they discover the Christmas tree with special things just for them under it…how broken does a person have to be torture innocent little children?

    • Ruth says:

      Que tristeza, yo pienso igual.que dolor me ha provocado ver esta historia, leer sobre este inocente niño que no se le dio oportunidad de una vida normal.😔😥

    • Kuincey Banac-Aricayos says:

      I agree! Skinned alive first and covered in salt!!! Poor baby boy and girl. Same for those other children. I just saw this segement on ” Deadly Women.” I wish I could torture them endlessly for those poor children, especially Jeffery.

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Don.t you just love mills statement “Im watching after my own arse” So basically fuck that little boy and girl starve them and neglect them its got fuck all to do with me. And as for those two pieces of dog shit grandparent’s well what can i say? How does this sound, the horrible pair of fucking pieces of human excrement, child neglecting wankers. And the local authority there are just fucking slack. They’d already been prosecuted for neglect and they’d already got a child death on their records, remember the 5 month old baby broken wrist, shoulder and numerous other fracture’s so why place another child with these two maggits. In fact they are more to blame than the evil grandparent’s. Its like sticking a box of unlit matches in a bonfire, you just know they are going to explode. At that local authority resignation’s should be handed in if they can make such a stupid and slack decision. I don’t wanna hear, lessons have been learned, that tragedy should never have happened simple.

    • Lori B says:

      I couldn’t agree more! The people in the house who sat on their fat asses and did nothing to help these poor innocent children theu deserve some jail time too! If nothing give them a child endangerment charge so somethings on their permament record at least! I just watched this story on deadly women it literally made me sick to my stomach! I can’t believe these animals didn’t get the death penalty! I’d like to kill them myself i don’t care they’re not human so it’s not murder to rid the world of 2 demons! They will.soon meet their maker and burn and get punishments beyond what they can imagine while little Jeffrey is finally at peace and in a place where he will never feel anything but happiness and joy for all enternity! Rest in peace now Jeffrey u sweet little angel!

  4. Lichelle says:

    Seriously? Why the hell weren’t the other people in the house found guilty.. In my eyes they practically helped the evil bastards. I’m glad the two monsters got life though. Poor kids.. rip beautiful boy.

  5. Penny says:


  6. AL.M says:


  7. AR says:

    This poor little baby boy. I have been crying for HOURS over this! Sickos! How could you look into the face of an innocent baby or child and mistreat them? I don’t even believe in spanking! He weighed less than a healthy 1 YEAR OLD? It’s disgusting! How are none of the other people guilty?!?! They allowed this to happen? They have possibility of parole? What a judicial system! I hope that the people in prison are taking their food, and making them beg for it like they made those poor babies do. And making them sleep on the cold cement floor, after a good nightly beating! I just don’t know what kind of sicko could do this! They deserve to be locked in “the hole” or one of the rooms with the hole in the floor where the have to go to the bathroom! I wouldn’t even allow them that commodity! And I’m not a hateful person!

  8. Jen says:

    I’m so upset by this story even all these years later. It took 11 years for a fucking inquest.
    Anyone interested in finding the rest of the creeps in that house and making them suffer?

    • Jen says:

      I’m interested and will help!

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Jen i couldn’t agree with you more, and the others in that home knew what was going on because look what the fat twat boyfriends of the daughter said “i’m looking after my own arse” so basically he knows but isn’t saying anything because it would make him homeless, so screw the kids dying, its number 1 me that’s all that matters. I wish i knew where they lived, i’d picket outside their homes informing the neighbours of what lowlifes are in their midst. They should be starved themselves judging by their fat arse’s.

    • That.one.deaf.girl says:

      I know Yvette Kidman (one of the adults in the house) she dates someone I know and I didn’t know about this until after I stopped hanging out with them…shes so mean and unkind I cant believe she had a part in this. Shes always been awful towards me even if I didnt even do anything

  9. Willz boy says:

    All the adults who witnessed and did nothing should be charged. Including Michael Reitemeier:


  10. Bryan says:

    I will never understand how so much evil can be unleashed on the innocent and pure of heart. I can only hope that the answers will come when we leave this madness through our own deaths. I for one, welcome the end of my life if it will mean an escape from the evil that exists all around us.

  11. jennie says:

    all adults in the house should be charge

  12. shame says:

    Don’t forget about these losers: Michael Reitemeier and Tammy Kidman could have saved that little boy at any time (they even had kids of their own living in the building!!!)


  13. KathynTn says:

    I’m so angry right now. I’m confused on how a able bodied adult would not intervene because they quote ” Don’t want to make waves” are you fuking kidding me? You will set around a table, and eat no less, why their are quote pig’s in the corner on their mat, which are two little children, and eat? Again, Are you fuking kidding me? He claims he said Jeffrey needed to go to the hospital, But he was afraid of losing free room and board? Again, Are you fuking serious? Does this boy, boy, possess a pair of balls? And one day they get out? Are you fuking kidding me? Give them to me if our government and justice, or injustice, system is afraid of getting their hands dirty. Put these losers in a LOCKED room with me for thirty minutes. All I need is a bat, barb-wire,blow torch,and a little imagination to give this baby boy, what I call real justice. Rest in peace LITTLE Jeffrey.

  14. Bengalpuss says:

    KATHYNTN, I felt the same way when i read this article, how the fuck can a grown man know that little boy is suffering and dying and not do anything through fear of losing the roof over his head? I would’ve fucking lost it if i seen poor jeffrey suffering, i would’ve done the right thing but before alerting the authorities i would beat fuck out of their nasty arse’s.

  15. concerned citizen says:

    This is the worst case of child abuse I have ever heard of! My heart breaks for poor little Jeffrey. I can’t even begin to imagine what his life with those monsters was like. I say let the punishment fit the crime and put all of his so called “family” in a small cold room, lock the door,let them piss and shit all over each other and starve them to death! No justice for Jeffrey!!!

  16. john says:

    I just watched this story on ci why are they only getting 20 years jail both of those fat lazy child killers they should be given bread and water every day and only go to the toilet once a week and see how they like it these people are scum and should never be released i just hope they get a beating in jail

  17. Christine says:

    I wish I knew what Prison Norman Kidman is in. Does anyone know ?

  18. TJ Stephens says:

    This story breaks my heart in pieces. I want to be so angry and to put these people through the same treatment that they exacted on that precious little boy. But it is too easy to hide behind my righteous anger. All of humanity is bent toward savagery. Wishing death and hellfire and torture upon these many apparently very very very broken people (and I refer to not only the grandparents but to EVERY adult living in that house, to the incredibly cowardly James Mills, to the case workers and managers of the Catholic child protective agency, and to all of the lawyers who rounded up their wagons to focus everything upon two people and exonerate everybody else when it was the entire freakin’ village that is complicit!– what is wrong with Canada??)– none of this will help Jeffrey. All it does is to feed the dark monster that used Bottineau and Kidman as its pawns. What helps Jeffrey is when we redeem the offense by which he suffered through our own suffering with him so that he does not have to suffer alone. Like the angel who thought to undertake establishing the memorial for Jeffrey. (God bless Him!) Let justice to God because He will not long be deaf to the cry of Jeffrey’s blood from the ground. If Jeffrey’s spirit could speak to us, I believe that he would tell us that he doesn’t want others hated or hurt on his account. I believe he would tell us that he wants only what every little boy would want – and deserves – to be loved. We should focus on loving Jeffrey and not on hating those who hurt him. That is what he would want.

  19. Janice Layne says:

    One of the best written pieces I’verigied seen yet. Very fluid & descriptive! Would love to read additional work from this author. Well done!

  20. Tom Daly says:

    Elva and Norman should be denied their rights as grandparents. In fact, they should be denied their rights as HUMANS. I hope they suffer unadulterated hell for the rest of their pathetic lives. Maybe go through the same torture they put little Jeffrey through; locked up in an unheated dark room with barely any food and no toilet. That’s karma.

  21. Millie O. says:

    Has anyone checked out this moronic loser Michael Reitemeier’s facebook page? If you check out his friends list, lo and behold, Richard Baldwin, little Jeffrey’s biological father is there. He’s friends with this asshole who sat by and watched poor little Jeffrey waste away and die, without helping. Makes one wonder, is the biological father any better than the pigs living in that hell hole? I know he and the 4 children of his & Yvonne Kidman were taken away by Childrens Services, but did neither of them visit the house of evil to see their children? As a mother of 2 daughters, all grown up and who I adore, I will never understand how anyone could do this to a child. Believe me, there’s a special place in hell for all these monsters that abused the children and watched Jeffrey die. When I think of what that poor, innocent child and his older sister, had to endure, my heart breaks and I feel sick to my stomach.

  22. Albert says:

    No hay injusticia más grande,no hay castigo suficiente,no hay perdón,no hay consuelo,no hay redención.De donde salen estas bestias,por qué pueden vivir estos monstruos,que debemos hacer, nada alcanza, no sé dónde estuvo Dios, pero ruego que Satanás si esté esperando a estos miserables asesinos inmisericordes

  23. Patricia says:

    child killers should be branded with a hot iron. These people are Cowards, they would not stand up to someone their own age, they will only pick on someone that cant defend themselves. I would like to see them treated the same way they treated their own grandson, until they die. I don’t believe that someone that could do something like this could ever change or be rehabilitated, so when they let these people out, they will probably go right back to some king of dangerous behavior. These people don’t ever deserve to be free again. Their laws suck, what an injustice, they should have been burned at the stake.

  24. Sarbear88 says:

    I was in jail with Elva botineau and she has it way to good you’d think a disgusting piece of shit like her would be treated badly but the conditions at Grand Valley institution are way to good you live in houses with your own bedroom you get $35 a week to spend on fresh groceries and people actually were nice to her and befriended her. She has it way to good which is sad to say :(

  25. Lollipop says:

    What a household of stupid, ignorant people, all those “adults” and not one of them did anything including the parents! Sickening
    WHY do these parents keep having kids?? WTF

    I was scrolling through James Mills Facebook, looks like he’s eating well and having a good time. It took all I had to not send a nasty message or post a comment. Ughh, what an asshole

  26. Lisa Norris says:

    What about the agent that allowed this to happen? Was any one held accountable?

  27. Juliet says:

    Some of these posts say you know the family directly. Please post if the surviving children are ok. I just watched the deadly women show on this and I’m so sad. I can’t stop thinking about the horror they went through. As a mother of 6, with one in heaven, I wonder how the parents keep going. If it were me a would need to safe other kids because I couldn’t save my own. I pray for all the children that they stay safe and feel loved.

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