Elliott James Reynolds

Elliott Reynolds

Crimes: Child Abuse, Stalking

So who’s our hellbeast of the day? It turns out that Elliott James Reynolds of Muncie, Indiana is our winner. Because he’s a total, complete loser. His crimes speak volumes about the kind of sick, twisted, sadistic bastard he is.

In January 2013, Elliott Reynolds’ ex-girlfriend contacted the police because he’d been posting dozens of nude photos of her online. This nasty stupidity was in violation of the protection order she got when they split up.

Elliott Reynolds the vindictive asshole hadn’t just posted her nude photos. He also posted her name, her children’s names, and her address. Gee, I wonder what he was hoping would happen to her. And to top it off, he also posted that his ex-girlfriend was a meth user.

Now if Elliott Reynolds had an ounce of intelligence, which he obviously hasn’t, he wouldn’t have exposed himself to the attentions of the police. Why’s that? Because he’d committed some crimes, some of them really, horribly, unspeakably awful and he’d gotten away with them so far. But no, the stupid f*ckwit just couldn’t resist messing with his ex and breaking the terms of the protection order.

Because of his ex-girlfriend’s complaint, investigators searched Elliott Reynolds’ home and found a marijuana grow-op in the basement. That was the least of his crimes. They also discovered several computers and external hard drives containing videos and photos. Uh oh.

When the police analyzed the videos, they found six of Elliott Reynolds having sex with his ex-girlfriend, not always recorded with her permission. That wasn’t the worst of it. The worst of it were more than a dozen videos the hellbeast had recorded of himself abusing his ex-girlfriend’s 3-year-old son while he was babysitting.

In the videos Elliott Reynolds could be seen spitting on the boy, and urinating on him while he slept. He slapped and hit the little guy in the face as he screamed for his mommy. More than once he clamped his hand over the boy’s mouth and nose and held it there for up to 28 seconds so he couldn’t breathe. “I just choked the —-out of you, you little ——,” he was recorded as saying (we have to fill in the blanks).

And still that wasn’t all.

Elliott Reynolds forced the little boy to sleep outside on a screened porch one cold October night. He hit the boy and threatened to kill him. “I’m going to take you outside, and (you) are never going to see mommy again, and you are just going to die,” he said.

I can’t imagine the hell that poor little boy went through, terrified he’d be killed. And through it all he never told his mother. Thankfully, the hellbeast had seen fit to record it, as if he were proud of himself or wanted to relive those glorious moments when he terrorized a little boy.

The investigators showed Elliott Reynolds’ ex the videos. She was shocked and appalled.

“I saw the most horrific things I’ve ever seen in my life, and it happened to my own child,” the woman told RTV6. “I had to watch all the videos, and I thought I was going to die watching them.”

The children were removed from their mother’s home and handed over to the custody of their father. To that I say, “Yay!” I am fed up with mothers using their criminal boyfriends to mind their children. Even if she thought Elliott Reynolds was good with children, the bastard had a grow-op in his house! How did that make him suitable to be around her kiddies?

I am sure the mother loves her kids to bits, but she had shown very poor discretion about the person she had babysitting her kids.

BTW, the videos showed the little boy being hit and slapped in the face. Did that not leave marks? Or did the mother buy into some bullshit story about how her son fell into a table?

On May 23, 2013, Elliott Reynolds, 24, was arrested in a fairly spectacular fashion — with a SWAT team surrounding his house. He was charged with 11 crimes, including stalking. Disgustingly, he was released on bond in Delaware County.

Elliott Reynolds’ ex was less than pleased overall. “I feel like he should be locked up for life,” she said. “I don’t think those charges are nowhere near enough. And after everything he’s done to my son, the strongest charge out of all 11 was the class C stalking.”

Lucky for Elliott James Reynolds, he made a plea deal. In February 2014, the abusive bastard pled guilty to 4 Class D felonies — 2 counts each of battery and strangulation. All of the other counts were dismissed.

Henry County Prosecutor Joseph Bergacs showed Judge Mary Willis the videos that documents the choking and hitting. He did not show her the videos of the hellbeast spitting and urinating on the boy.

Elliott Reynolds trotted out his excuses for his heinous actions. He blamed his abuse of prescription medications. He also blamed his childhood when, according to him, he’d been physically abused by his father, sexually abused by a teacher, and taunted by kids for size of his ears. Oh, poor him. I guess he had good reason to choke and hit and threaten a 3-year-old boy — NOT!

I, for one, don’t buy his bullshit. IMO, Elliott Reynolds did terrible things to that little boy because he’s a sadistic hellbeast. The fact he recorded his actions tells us that. He knew what he was going to do before he got his cellphone out. He recorded the sick things he did to torment his victim because he was having a damn good time. It’s lucky he didn’t get the chance to escalate the abuse and inflict irreparable harm on the boy.

Elliott Reynolds complained that since his arrest he’d lost his job, been denied service at a local restaurant, and been scorned by his Ivy Tech classmates. Oh, poor him. I’d scorn him too.

Judge Mary Willis sentenced Elliott James Reynolds to 4 years, the maximum penalty for the charges to which he’d pled guilty.

If Elliott Reynolds had faced all the charges, he would have faced a maximum of more than 20 years behind bars. *sigh*

And that brings us to now. Elliott Reynolds is seeking an early release from prison, after only 14 months. He would much prefer home detention.

The abusive bastard is eligible for release in August 2015, but he’s asking to get out now in “recognition” of his successful completion of a counseling program for substance abusers. How about a counseling program for child abusers? He needs that too, because that is what he is.

Elliott James Reynolds will be getting out sooner or later (hopefully later), and I doubt he’ll be able to curb his sadistic nature for long. I pray that the residents of Muncie keep this bastard well away from their children, animals and the elderly. He obviously enjoys inflicting terror and pain on the vulnerable, and he’s proven to be a vengeful sort of hellbeast.

Women of Indiana: stay well away from this creep. He can’t be trusted not to record his sexual encounters and post them on the Internet. He can’t be trusted not to post private photos and information online either. Elliott Reynolds does not respect boundaries at all, and he will do what he wants to do, no matter how evil.

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9 Responses to Elliott James Reynolds

  1. Deb says:

    If I were that little boy’s mom, I’d beg for him to get an early release. Then I’d make my own little video. What he did to that baby would be mild compared to what he got in return. Sick, twisted, needle-dicked COWARD. I hate child abusers, but the ones that obviously get off on it I hate even more.

  2. moodymagic says:

    This bastard needs to suffer and really pay for his crimes. He wont change once hes released. Coward

  3. Erin says:

    I just want to say how much I love your site. Though the stories you write about are disturbing, they need to be told and you do it with a style like no other. Keep up the amazing work exposing scum one story at a time.

  4. 2cute says:

    Thank goodness he was kicked to the curb before he killed or maimed that little boy. But where were the other children while their brother was being brutalized? I hope he didn’t harm them too.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    If the police shown me pictures of somebody urinating and hitting my child, then i guarantee i would be serving a very long time in prison. Why did the mother leave this cunt to watch her children? She knew he was an arsehole because she eventually got a restraining order on the pig. I’ve said it many times on here, people need to be cautious of who they leave their precious children with. As for this cunt, why only four years? Why a plea deal? They had him bang to rights because he’d recorded what he was doing, fucking beast he is. Hopefully it’ll be very difficult for him to get a girlfriend now that everyone knows what a disgusting piece of crap he is.

  6. Tom Daly says:

    Awww. Poor ickle Elliot. Blaming his abusive childhood on hurting an innocent little kid. I do not buy any of this crap for a SECOND! I seriously hope he suffers in jail for the rest of his pathetic life.

  7. Ebony Hopkins says:

    I hit recently worked with him, about a week ago. I had no idea what monster he is. I am currently pregnant and talked to him about my son, I am disgusted. They are just now finding out about him, so he has been fired. Dang Dang dang 😤😤

  8. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    MotherFUCKER!!! I have a son who is almost three. The only people who watch him are myself, my teenage daughter who he ADORES and my parents, and if I didn’t have to leave him with them occasionally I wouldn’t! Heaven help the douchebag who would do something like this to my kids. Sick fuck. I’d be the one doing time, because I’d peel their skin off and make them eat it. Dammit. I’m really hot body PISSED now

  9. Wish to be remained unknown says:

    Same as Ebony Hopkins. I worked with Elliott, I found him attractive and funny and agreed to go on a date with him. Before the date, thanks to modern day technology, I googled him and read this post and another horrifying one about him. I continued to go on that date completely scared and on high alert. I confronted him of everything I had read online, and as a wide-eyed scared pig he denied everything and said everything online was a lie. I left him at the restaurant and told him to never speak to me again or any other woman, and to live the rest of his days miserable as how he has been living them.
    And here is a little more, last I knew of he is dating a 17-year old that lives with him as well.

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