Eldrick D. Broom

Eldrick Broom
Crimes: Rape, Murder

Rosanna Camilo was an awesome mother, in my opinion. She had 3 children, and her youngest son suffered from a rare disorder that left him disabled both physically and mentally. To do what was best for the toddler, she left her home, family and career in the Dominican Republic and moved with him to the American city of Boston. She barely knew English but that didn’t stop her. She was determined her little boy would get the best medical treatment, and Boston was the place for that. Tragically, it was there that she met her death.

On November 21, 2011, Rosanna Camilo was in her Fairlawn apartment with her toddler, waiting for a home visit by a therapist. Unfortunately for the 34-year-old woman, a former neighbour, Eldrick D. Broom, showed up. He forced his way into the apartment and then he raped her.

I cannot imagine the terror that poor woman faced with a rampaging hellbeast sexually assaulting her. Her vulnerable 18-month-old was in his crib in the next room. I’m sure she feared that he too would come to harm.

After the brutal rape, as if that wasn’t enough, Eldrick Broom wrapped a computer cord and a sock around her neck and strangled Rosanna Camilo to death. He had strangled her so forcefully that he had actually crushed her larynx.

Then Eldrick Broom just left. He left the baby in his crib, and left the dead woman on the bedroom floor.

The therapist arrived at 1:30 for the home visit. When nobody answered the door the therapist left. For the next few hours the poor handicapped toddler sat in his crib. His loving, doting mommy couldn’t care for him any more.

Rosanna Camilo’s 16-year-old daughter, Navila Nunez, who had joined her mother and brother in Boston, came home from school that day to find her beloved mother’s partially clad body. How absolutely devastating that must have been for her.

Fortunately for all but Eldrick Broom, the murdering rapist left behind plenty of DNA on his victim’s body and under her fingernails.

Mattapan apartmentInvestigators found that the hellbeast had previously lived in an apartment right across the hall from the victim. He later moved to a different apartment in the same complex.

Eldrick Broom, then 27, already had a criminal record. He was out on bail for assault and battery when he murdered Rosanna Camilo. He had been charged with beating up his pregnant girlfriend.

When Eldrick Broom went to trial in December 2013, he pled not guilty to the rape and murder charges. His defense was that he’d been having a consensual sexual relationship with the victim and had had sex with her the night before she died.

Eldrick Broom had claimed that he had met the married mother of 3 in the laundry room of the apartment building and “one thing led to another”. She would, he outrageously claimed, let him into her apartment at night for sex while her children were asleep. They rarely talked on those occasions, and when they finished he would head to his job as a janitor.

That vile, preposterous story was what Rosanna Camilo’s husband and family had to listen to during the trial. Her husband remained unwavering in the faith and trust he had placed in his beloved wife.

“I knew it was all lies,” Richard Nunez said. “We’ve lost a great, great woman, a wonderful mother, and an extraordinary human being.”

Happily the jury also knew it was all lies. Eldrick Broom was convicted on December 20, 2013 of 1st-degree murder and aggravated rape.

Rosanna Camilo

Rosanna Camilo

Five of Rosanna Camilo’s family members delivered their impact statements after the conviction. Her 13-year-old son Richard tearfully spoke, not to his mother’s killer, but to his mother. He said, “Mom, I just want you to know that I love you. And you’re an angel.”

Suffolk Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Locke told the boy, “Your mother would be very proud of you. You’re very brave.”

Richard Nunez spoke to the killer. “Looking at you is very pathetic. You are the lowest of the low. You are out of this world. You don’t belong here. You’re a beast.”

Navila Nunez, the poor girl who found her mother’s body, said in her statement how her mother had told her that last day, “I’m so proud of you. I know you’re going to get far. Everything you set your mind to you’ll achieve.”

What an awesome mother Rosanna Camilo was, to say such wonderful, loving things to her daughter, not knowing it would be her last conversation with her.

When Eldrick POS Broom’s attorney characterized the case as a “tragedy” for everyone involved, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Jeffrey A. Locke didn’t agree. He said, “It’s not a tragedy. It’s a senseless, selfish crime, outrageous in its details.”

Judge Jeffrey A. Locke then sentenced Eldrick Broom to life in prison. The vile, vicious hellbeast will spend the rest of his pathetic, useless life in prison with no chance of parole. Good.

Long may Eldrick Broom rot in his prison cell.

I hope all of his children grow up to live happy, safe and successful lives.

RIP, Rosanna Camilo. I extend my sincerest condolences to the family and friends who knew and loved her.

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6 Responses to Eldrick D. Broom

  1. moodymagic says:

    Broom I pray none of your children get to realize what a true monster you are. I hope you suffer and die in prison. Cleo this is a truly heart breaking story. Rosanna deserved to be remembered as the beautiful woman and mother she was. I never new her. But for a mother to move to another country to get her young son the help he needed were she doesn’t know the language and the conversation she had with her daughter in a grocery story just shows what a truly great mother she was and that is how she should be remembered.

  2. Supermom says:

    Speechless. The only thing I have to say is I truly believe there’s a special place in hell for those who pray on the true of heart & most vulnerable.

  3. Chellesbelles says:

    What a sickening piece of garbage Eldrick Broom is. I think the only way true justice would be served in this case is to let the family and the community have at this coward for a good hour. I’d bet he’d think long and hard before he ever thought of raping someone else. I don’t understand people like him. He had already debased her by raping her, why did he have to kill her on top of it? Long may you rot, you disgusting piece of filth Broom. RIP Rosanna and much peace to your family.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Shame the cunt wasn’t sentenced to death. Shit bags like this don’t deserve to breathe the same air as ordinary folk. Rot in hell you sick raping murdering bastard.

  5. awesomeblossom says:

    I think he killed her because she recognized him, but why would he rape someone who knows him in the first place? I can only conclude rape and murder were his plan right from the beginning.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    It’s a crying shame that this bastard got bail after beating up his pregnant girlfriend. If he’d been kept in jail this lovely woman would still be alive and her kids would have their mom. I hope he is completely, totally miserable every single minute of every single day for the rest of his pathetic, useless life.

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