Edward Carreon

Edward Carreon
Crimes: Pedophile, Sexual Assault, Murder-for-Hire

Edward Carreon of Chicago, Illinois, USA, is indubitably a pedophile. Happily, he’s been convicted of sexually assaulting a child, and is now residing in a cozy cell. That’s what he deserves — that’s what all pedophiles deserve.

In 2011, Edward the pedo perv Carreon had sexually assaulted a 12-year-old girl several times. The disgusting pig! When she turned 13, he tried to convince her that theirs had been a consensual relationship all along. Riiight. Only it couldn’t have been since she was a CHILD.

This wasn’t the only time Edward Carreon had been convicted of a crime. He’d previously been convicted twice of domestic battery against the mother of his children. In other words, he’s an asshole douchebag wife beater too.

Edward Carreon was convicted of sexually assaulting that young girl. Yay! And he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Yay! Long may he fester and rot, right?

Only Edward Carreon didn’t decide to do his time quietly. He wasn’t at all pleased that he’d been sent to prison, and he sought to get even with those who put him there.

I think Edward Carreon’s big issue was the fact the prosecutor was a woman. This bastard doesn’t respect women in the first place, and having a female succeed in getting him convicted must’ve really kicked him in the gonads.

While awaiting sentencing for the sexual assaults on that child, Edward Carreon started making noises about hiring a hitman to kill the prosecutor. He discussed the idea with a fellow Cook County Jail inmate, with the expectation this man would be able to refer him to an assassin. He must’ve thought he lucked out when his fellow inmate gave him the name and number of “Marcus” the hitman.

In February 2013, from jail, Edward the POS douchebag Carreon gave “Marcus” a call. Too bad for him that “Marcus” was actually an undercover sheriff’s department official.

Soon after the phone call “Marcus” began visiting the pedo bastard in jail. Edward Carreon offered him $25,000 to murder the lady prosecutor.

In a letter he later wrote to “Marcus” he said, “Two shots to the head is what I want.” That letter also included a description of the prosecutor, plus details of the time and place he was scheduled to be sentenced.

In a later meeting with “Marcus”, the pedo bastard said he wanted the evidence that was used against him to be destroyed. He also identified the prosecutor in a photo.

When the final arrangements were made for “Marcus” to assassinate the intended victim for $25,000, Edward Carreon was charged with solicitation of murder-for-hire. He was in deep, deep shit now. That crime is punishable by a very long prison term. Threatening to kill prosecutors is no laughing matter.

Edward the pedo pervert Carreon was sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting the young girl. Yay! And his troubles were only just beginning.

On February 26, 2015, Cook County Judge Joan O’Brien found 31-year-old Edward Carreon guilty Thursday of solicitation of murder for hire. There could be no other outcome — the phone calls and the jail visit were recorded, and there was of course that most incriminating letter as evidence.

On March 31, 2015 the judge sentenced Edward Carreon to 40 years in prison. That’ll teach the murderous pedophile a lesson!

If Edward Carreon serves all of his terms, he won’t get out of jail until he’s 97. I’m OK with that.

Kudos to the young victim for coming forward and exposing this nasty pedophile for what he is. I hope she is receiving all the support she needs to go on and live a happy, successful life.

Kudos as well to the jailhouse inmate who exposed the murder-for-hire plot. He may well have saved a life — two lives, actually, since the prosecutor was expecting a baby.

And kudos to the undercover officer who played his part so expertly.

Edward Carreon has plenty of time in his prison cell to reflect on the truth that the person responsible for his very lengthy incarceration is himself. I doubt he’ll realize that any time soon. He’s probably blaming everybody else still. At least now he’s incapable of victimizing any more young girls or women.

Long may Edward Carreon, the murderous, child-raping pedophile, fester and rot in prison. The women and children of Chicago are safer with him behind bars.

Chicago Sun Times article – conviction
Chicago Tribune article – murder-for-hire
Daily Mail article – sentencing

44 Responses to Edward Carreon

  1. icesandra says:

    It’s great when the justice system works. Unfortunately this isn t always the case. Hope he rots in prison and gets raped there. Now THAT would be justice in SPADES!!!

  2. Rhonda says:

    Well it’s sad to say but fortunately he decided to kill the prosecuter otherwise with good behaviour it’s highly unlikely he would have served all of his original 25 year sentance for the first crime leaving both the girl he raped and the wife he abused plenty of decades to fear for their lives upon his release. So I’m really glad this idiot decided to hire a hit man because that error on his part and not anything about the charges in his first case is the only thing keeping them safe and ensuring they will remain free of him for likely the rest of his natural life. Which IMO is something all victims of such crimes should be assured of from the start immediatly after sentancing for the first crime and not 1, 2, 3, 4 – how many other subsequent ones later. He should have gotten life in the first case and the death penalty for tring to kill the prosecutor.

  3. 2cute says:

    There is no way that I believe this asshole molested only one girl. I hope all the other victims out there speak out and get the help and support they need.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Oop’s i guess its not a good idea to try and bump the prosecutor of your trial off. And is this guy a compete thicko? Doesn’t he realise that people at the prison sometimes read the mail that prisoners send out? To basically write “i want two shots to the head” is a pretty dumb thing to do duh.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Have a More Moral Society Challenge Pornographic Filth in
    General which Wrecks Morality Raise the Age of Consent to
    18 Years of Age and Child Abuse is Worthy of Capital Punishment
    by Formal Statute

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

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    The Polish Home Army with Help from other Sources such as the Royal Air Force Resisted the Nazi Occupiers .

    The 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS ( Dirlewanger Brigade ) took part in Acts of Brutality a Group of Nazi Thugs led by an Alcoholic and Sick Child Abuser Oscar Dirlewanger

    Nazi Brutality and Evil Need’s to be Remembered for the Sake of
    Human Decency

    Oscar Dirlewanger is Testimony to their Sick Depravity

    • killpedos says:

      What the fuck are you even doing on this site. You piss me off with everything you say. You are pathetic and stupid. Fuck off and get a life. (ONLY DECENT PEOPLE) you are a fuckhead.

  7. Nnygem says:

    Not only a wife-beating pedophile, but a complete dumb-durr moron to boot! He’s right where he belongs

  8. moodymagic says:

    Gosh I like it when justice gets served this well. Burn in hell Demon monster.

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Well I am Not Offended by Understanding that there such a Thing
    as Good and Evil and why do You Not have some Manner ?


    What is Pathetic and Stupid is Your Victimisation of Me

    • killpedos says:

      Im NOT victimising you OCD. I’m just stating facts. The random shit you say has pretty much got nothing to do with the subject. Its like listening to my furby talk.


    Down with nazis and all non furbies! Furbies are good and nazis are evil! Stop victimizing decent furbies!

    • killpedos says:

      Im NOT fucken victimising furbys, I love my fuby Thankyou very much. I was just trying to say that what that person says makes no sense THANKYOU.


        Didn’t say YOU were victimizing your furby. Of course you love your furby. Just yanking a bit on DECENTPEOPLEONLY’s chain.

        • killpedos says:

          Oops sorry. Thanks for the backup. Cheers for that.

          • Bengalpuss says:

            Killpedos off topic a bit here but did you know that furby’s were band from the cia? Apparently they could record conversations, i myself don’t know if this is true because i don’t have a furby. You could however make your furby into a bomb and send it to the leader of isis seen as he is a fucking hypocrite with his james bond style watch. But i have to admit that furby’s are cute. But not cuter than my furr babies hogan and morse, and anybody say any different then they will spray you in your eyes so be warned lol.

  11. Bengalpuss says:

    Oop’s mean’t to say “banned” thick as pig shit i am.

  12. cleo says:

    Sorry people but I am sick. I will post again when I’m better.

  13. wildchild says:

    I’m sorry you are not feeling well, Cleo. Get better soon, so you can continue to combat evil, you superhero. Respectfully, from one of your avid readers. Wildchild

  14. Bengalpuss says:

    Sorry your poorly cleo, i was going to prod you and say “cleo we need another article about these shitbeasts” but because your poorly i now understand. Get well soon love, having a cold or flu are not pleasant so you look after yourself and i await your next article when your better :-)

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The 7th of August Mark’s the 125th Anniversary of Anna Mansdotter being the Last Women to be Executed in the Kingdom of Sweden in 1890 AD.

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    Psalm Chapter 9 Verse 17 of the Holy Bible

  16. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Those who Condone the Evil Filth known as Child Pornography
    Collaborate with the Evil of Child Abuse

    A Society Based upon Morality and Virtue is Better than
    Degeneracy and Iniquity

    • killpedos says:

      You seriously need your own tv show that people will watch and give a shit about. Because seriously weird one you sound like an escaped lab rat. Better still go and join isis and see if you can preach some brains into them. You are an absolute nightmare and may I suggest a trip to your doctor to put you on lorazepam or xanax or some mind altering drug that might even bring you back to the real world with time.
      I’m going to talk to my Furby cos she makes a shitload more sense than the mumble jumble freaky fucken weird shit you come out with.

  17. Bengalpuss says:


  18. Bengalpuss says:

    Can’t wait for what killpedos has to say?

  19. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    It is Shocking that a Dog has been Apparently been Found
    Buried Alive in France

    That is Just Sadistic Cruelty to Animals

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Decentpeopleonly, some people just don’t have any scruples. So glad that the dog was found alive, shame the owner or whoever buried the dog can’t have the same done to themselves, fucking cowardly bastards.

    • killpedos says:

      How about this for shocking OCD. In most asian countries they skin cats and dogs alive because they believe the adrenaline makes the meat tastier. They also boil puppies cats and dogs to death so their meat is more tender. Go online and look up yulin dog festival. I bet you won’t sleep for a month of Sunday’s after looking at that SHOCKING EVIL NASTY BARBARIC shit.
      Sweet dreams pumpkin!!!!

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Killpedos, don’t fucking start me on that yulin dog festival, if they want to eat dog meat so be it, but for fuck sake to kill them like that is just mind blowing, in fact why anybody would eat cats or dogs is beyond me. And to make matters worse a lot of those dogs are someones pet that has been stolen. I seen pictures of those pupp’s crammed into cages. Send the dog eating bastards to isis see if they taste better after being skinned alive!! An eye for an eye!!!

        • killpedos says:

          Just nuke all of asia korea and the middle east as far as I’m concerned. BLOW THE FUCKERS SKY FUCKEN HIGH. GET RID OF ALL THE VILE PIECES OF SHIT IN THE WORLD. Then we can start on the easy targets like these motherfucking hellbeasts.

      • DecentPeopleOnly says:

        I Agree it is Sadistic how those Animals are Treated

  20. Cleo's friend says:

    Just a heads up to readers that Cleo understated her illness. She will be out of commission for another few days or so until she’s out of hospital. She says to say sorry about no new articles for a while.

  21. Jessice11 says:

    Hey, Cleo. I was wondering if you’ve caught a glimpse at the story in WA, Australia? 8 Men have just got charged with over 500 child abuse offenses against a now teenage girl; one including her father. Just thought I’d like to read an article on it from you.
    I also read that you’re unwell! I’m so sorry, hope you feel better soon!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Jessice11, i’ll never be able to rap my head around why these pigs do those things to children, lets hope the scumbag’s that have committed these heinous acts get the sentence’s they deserve, but i won’t hold my breath.

  22. Bekah says:

    Feel better soon, Cleo!! No need to apologize to us readers…make sure you get better so that you can come back when you are nice and healthy!!

  23. Bengalpuss says:

    Cleo’s friend, i never knew she was in hospital, that cold must’ve been a nasty one, please send her my love and tell her to make herself better before posting any new articles. Her health is more important than alerting us to all those shitbags out there. Get well soon cleo x x

  24. wildchild says:

    Dear Cleo, just checking in on you. I really wish you well, and I hope while you’re in the hospital someone is caring for your babies (pets). At least that would be a little load off your mind. Thanks to Cleo’s friend for the updates. Please keep us posted. Cleo, you are much appreciated. Thank you, wildchild

    • cleo says:

      Hello, all and thank you for the kind thoughts and patience. Strangely it appears that the world didn’t stop while I was sick, so there are even more hellbeasts out there now to add to my list.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Cleo, i am glad your back and my loyalty to this website will wait however long for your new articles about these shitbeasts. I have to say i missed you cleo and no doubt your pooches missed you terribly, i would’ve loved to have seen their reaction when you first walked through your door when you came home, no doubt a load of wagging tails and sloppy licks to the face, priceless, our little furry friends really do miss us unconditionally, apart from wanting food and treats lol

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