Duwayne Shaun Henry

Duwayne Henry
Crimes: Serial Rapist

Duwayne Shaun Henry is nothing better than a low-down, nasty stain on the underpants of British society. He fancied himself a super villain and even dubbed himself “the Ripper”. In reality, he is a sadistic serial rapist who specifically targeted sex trade workers.

Duwayne Henry used an online escort agency to select the women he was going to rape and torture. He chose sex trade workers because he believed that they would be disinclined to report the attacks. He did his best to ensure their submission and their silence by scaring them with weapons and threatening their lives.

Duwayne Henry lured at least three women to his Hackney, East London apartment over the course of 14 months. The first known victim was assaulted in early 2013. In a 3-hour long attack, the poor woman was repeatedly and brutally raped. Her driver’s license was photographed, and Duwayne Henry promised her he’d use the details off of it to track her down and murder her if she reported him to the police.

Turns out Duwayne Henry was reported, and went to trial for the rape. Disgustingly, he was acquitted because his victim couldn’t testify — possibly because she left the country.

The second known victim was attacked in April 2013. She went to his apartment as arranged through the escort agency, and was tied up, gagged with duct tape and raped at knifepoint.

When the pig Duwayne Henry was done, he made her take the sheets from his bed and put them in the washer. But Duwayne Henry wasn’t really done yet — he raped the woman again, this time on the floor.

Confident that he’d terrorized his victim enough to ensure her silence, Duwayne Henry let her go.

When the asswipe rapist got to his third known victim, he decided he’d ramp up the terror, and possibly progress to murder. He prepared his bedroom for the eventuality. In fact, he turned it into a torture chamber.

When the third known victim arrived for her appointment, she was taken to his bedroom. Laid out on the floor and bed were shears, pliers, knives, a saw, a belt, a circular saw and a hedge trimmer. Holy shitballs, batman, Duwayne Henry meant business.

As soon as the victim entered the bedroom, the POS rapist put a knife to her face, right near her eye. He told her she was going to die. He told her, “I’m invisible, I’m the Ripper.”

I cannot conceive of the terror that poor woman was experiencing at that moment.

Duwayne Henry bound and gagged the victim, and then raped her.

Duwayne Henry flatThe woman was helpless to stop the rape, but she wasn’t about to be quiet — not with the threat of death ringing in her ears. The victim managed to scream loud enough for a stranger outside the apartment to hear. The brave, unidentified hero entered the apartment, and when the rapist was distracted, he entered the bedroom and untied the screaming woman. He and the victim escaped, and she called the police.

If it hadn’t been for that good Samaritan, I’m pretty damn sure the woman wouldn’t have lived through the ordeal.

When officers from the Metropolitan Police searched the apartment, they of course found the knives, saws, hedge trimmer, etc. that he’d been prepared to use on his latest victim. They also found the mobile phone Duwayne Henry had taken from his first victim. She’d already left the country.

With good police work, investigators also tracked down the second victim. They’re sure there are more out there, and would greatly appreciate it if those women would come forward. As it was, they knew they had a serial rapist on their hands.

Duwayne Henry was in deep doo-doo now. He may have been acquitted at his first rape trial, but prosecutors won permission from the Court of Appeal to “reactivate” that case and charge the evil bastard with all 3 rapes. Yay!

And so, on March 17, 2015, Duwayne Henry was found guilty at Blackfriars Crown Court of 10 counts in total. He was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 12 1/2 years.

Judge John Hillen said to the villain, “The terror you instilled in your victims, by use of weapons and words used and restraints do not bear imagining. Your crimes are at the highest end of wickedness and are disturbing for the public. You present a danger to women and present a significant risk of serious harm to the public.”

Well, life in prison should reduce the risk of harm to the public. I hope the bastard never gets out.

Chief Crown Prosecutor Baljit Ubhey said, “Henry put these women through terrifying ordeals thinking because they were sex workers he was untouchable. He was wrong.”

Yes, Duwayne Henry was wrong, but it’s frightening to think how close he came to torture and murder. If it hadn’t been for that good Samaritan interrupting him and rescuing the woman, nothing would have stopped him. That hero probably saved a lot of lives by acting as he did.

Detective Inspector Tony Lynes said after the sentencing, “Henry’s attacks were thoroughly planned. He controlled the environment where the attacks took place, avoiding the risk of being disturbed. Luckily he did not take into account the courage of his victims or the tenacity of the detectives investigating this case and I am pleased that today he can look forward to a substantial prison sentence.”

DI Lynes summed it up very well. “Duwayne Henry is an evil individual and I am pleased that justice has been done today.”

May the snivelling POS “ripper” rot in prison and never see the light of day again. If he does ever get out — beware women of London.

I hope the victims have recovered and can find comfort knowing their attacker is parked in prison for a long time. I hope he festers and rots.

And finally, kudos to the anonymous hero who saved the day. A lot of people wouldn’t have acted as he did. I salute his bravery.

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7 Responses to Duwayne Shaun Henry

  1. Marguerite says:

    In my opinion, CASTRATION should be their punishment for they don’t know how to use IT properly.

  2. Moody Magic says:

    Yes Koodos to the bystander for saving the woman’s life. I truly hope it is life in prison for this sick POS. Burn in hell.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    This asshole needs neutering and/or neutralizing. Whichever.

  4. Mindy says:

    Clearly he was destined to become a serial killer – he even came up with his own nickname. And how original! Asswipe.

  5. 2cute says:

    I wish Duwayne finds buddies in prison who are willing to help him get out of prison – one piece at a time. He wanted to dismember, so obviously he should appreciate his own dismemberment.

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Rape is a Horrible Thing

  7. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    That dude is scary as fuck!!! What an amazing man the passing bystander was! Too bad all folks WON’T be that brave! They’d rather stand by and film it 🙄

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