Dustin Ward Paxton

Dustin Ward PaxtonPreviously published in www.pysih.com.

I admit I’m jumping the gun here. I’m not waiting for the trial. I’m not waiting for the sentencing. I am so absolutely appalled that this waste of skin, this piece of human excrement has been walking the earth in general, and my patch of earth in particular. I couldn’t wait for the formalities to be over to expose this foulness for the contempt it deserves and to nominate him for a space in hell.

Ye shall know them by their fruits. And this hellbeast’s fruits are exceedingly rotten.

The POS I’m writing about is Dustin Ward Paxton. He is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation in anticipation of his trial. My personal evaluation of him is he is Satan’s spawn, and the cure is likely a stake pounded through the chunk of muscle that acts as his heart. Think I’m being a trifle judgmental? Read on and judge for yourself.

Let’s begin with the  victim, a young man who moved to Calgary from Winnipeg in 2008 to work for a moving company owned by his friend Dustin Paxton. The pair shared a home in Calgary’s Highland Park neighborhood, which served as the base for the company, Two Guys and a Truck.

Now Dustin Paxton’s lawyer is busy making claims that the two men had an intimate consensual relationship. The  victim’s family is vehemently denying those claims. Know what? I don’t care! It is totally irrelevant because what Paxton did to the  victim was outside the bounds of any human relationship.

The  victim’s family in Winnipeg weren’t worried about him at first, but as time passed they became concerned when the  victim reported to them that his roommate was becoming controlling. But they were in Winnipeg, and he was in Calgary, and that’s two hours’ flying time in between.

By September 2009, the  victim had lost a lot of weight and had suffered a whole pile of injuries: broken ribs, broken eye socket, busted lip. Alarming, but the  victim brushed them all off as work-related. A fridge landed on him, or a piece of drywall hit him in the face.

Why the  victim didn’t tell the truth then nobody knows yet. Maybe his life was threatened, maybe his family was threatened. Whatever the reason, he stayed quiet about the abuse Dustin Paxton was dishing out.

By February 2010 his family had stopped hearing from him. The  victim had vanished. No phone calls. He didn’t even turn up at a wedding he was expected to attend.

At the end of February a Calgary man called 911 to report that he had been threatened and a coworker had been beaten up by Dustin Paxton. Inexplicably the police were not dispatched. This booboo is being reviewed.

Around March 2, unbeknownst to the victim’s family, Dustin Paxton had moved to Regina, Saskatchewan with the  victim in tow.

By April the  victim’s family was frantic. They filed a missing person’s report. Two days later one of the relatives got a phone call from Dustin Paxton claiming that the  victim was fine and living in Leduc, Alberta.

Two days later, on April 16th, what was left of the  victim was dumped at Regina General Hospital by a man claiming to be his cousin, who then left.

The  victim, at 26 years of age, weighed just 87 pounds. Two years before he’d weighed a healthy 245.

The injuries that were inflicted upon the  victim were innumerable and gruesome. He’d been tortured, starved, burned and mutilated. Most notably his face was smashed, and his lower lip and part of his tongue had been removed. The poor man suffered brain damage, partial amnesia, and to top it all off he had been sexually assaulted. All of this courtesy of Dustin Ward Paxton, hellbeast extraordinaire.

OMFG what kind of creature can rip off a lip and cut out a tongue?

Note to Dustin Paxton’s lawyer: CONSENSUAL MY ASS!

The  victim’s traumatized mother said shortly after he was found, “It’s something worse than a horror movie. You can’t look at him.”

Calgary police obtained a warrant for Dustin Paxton’s arrest on charges of aggravated assault, forcible confinement, etc. Simultaneously Regina police obtained a warrant for Paxton’s arrest for a charge of aggravated assault.

Police began investigating Paxton for other crimes. Lo and behold, they discovered some. Big f*cking surprise! Dustin Paxton will now be charged with new counts of forcible confinement and aggravated assault. Police aren’t giving any details about the alleged victim, except to say she was under 18 and known to Paxton.

“She did not (come forward),” police said. “During the course of our investigation we identified her as a potential victim. We contacted her and based on a statement she provided we have two charges against him with her as a victim.”

This teenaged girl was victimized and held captive at the time the male victim was being confined and tortured: between January 30 and March 15, 2009, in Calgary.

Officers are continuing to investigate whether other crimes were committed. Who knows where this hellish sage will end, and how many more victims?

Paxton was tracked down and captured in Edmonton, Alberta in August. He was living under an assumed name.

I don’t much care what the outcome of the trial is — the penalty cannot be severe enough for my liking. No stake through the heart for the hellbeast Paxton.

The  victim is recuperating with his family. He’s gaining weight and walking with a walker. His memory and motor skills are returning, but his brother says doctors can’t determine if he’ll make a full recovery.

“We don’t know and the doctors don’t know — they don’t know how long it will take, and we don’t know if he’ll ever be the man we knew before,” said his brother. “Maybe we’ll just have to get to know a new version of my brother.”

The  victim’s mother said, “He’s just about at the point where we can start considering reconstructive surgery on his face, which is going to be a whole series of new operations and more hospitalization.”

“It’s very important to him because every time he looks in the mirror and he sees his face, he’s reminded of all the things that happened to him. And from a purely medical perspective, he needs reconstruction on his face. He can’t eat or speak properly because of the damage, so the reconstruction will help all that.”

The  victim shared his progress on a website update dated July 20. He reported that his weight at the time was up to 164 pounds.

“I’m using a two-wheeled walker to do rounds of the unit twice every day. Still wobble sometimes, still get dizzy sometimes, but no wheelchair,” he wrote. “I can stick 11 tongue depressors in my mouth. That’s 2 more than the last time so my mouth-stretching exercises are improving.

“It still hurts.”

Holy fricking hell what that man has gone through!

More recently the  victim’s mother said, “Physically, he’s as healthy as a horse. He’s stable. His issues now are more emotional, more psychological, and related to his brain injury.

“But physically, he’s up to 194 pounds, he’s walking with the help of a walker. He’s eating quite well. His communication is excellent.”

News that Paxton has been arrested has done much to brighten his outlook, she said. I should think so! It certainly brightened my outlook!

And just so you readers don’t come away with the impression that Canadians are heartless, the residents of Brandon, Manitoba are raising money to help the  victim.

Shelley Mayer of Brandon has known the  victim for years and said not all of his expenses will be covered by provincial health plans and the family is of limited means. Alberta and Saskatchewan governments are trying to decide who pays for part of his rehabilitation – but not everything will be covered by those plans.

Mayer said after what he’s gone through, the  victim shouldn’t have to be concerned about paying for care and so a trust fund has been set up.

“[The  victim]’s going to need probably counseling for the rest of his life. His story is something that you see in a scary movie.”

Mayer said his mother, who is caring for the  victim now in Victoria, is grateful for the help.

“All she could really say was thank you. Actually she said, you rock.”

So was I too judgmental in condemning this POS to a piece of hell? No. And in my book, he can’t get there fast enough. He’s only 30 now, which means he has a whole lot of years to do a whole lot worse.

UPDATE: Paxton was found guilty of 4 out of 5 counts.

UPDATE: Paxton is now facing a Dangerous Offender hearing in Calgary that began July 16, 2012. His criminal history includes 41 convictions. Of those, 7 were for violent crimes.

UPDATE: Paxton was back in court on Hallowe’en day 2012. The psychiatric report will be ready around the second week of November, and on December 5 the decision will be made as to whether the court will begin sentencing or proceed with the dangerous offender application.

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23 Responses to Dustin Ward Paxton

  1. mrethiopian says:

    And your shitty country will most likely send him away for a year or two and then give him a paid parole in six months.I read about thees horrid deaths and the limited sentences given in Canada, im surprized you don’t have more killings, because the killers understand that they will walk in less then half the time given in the US, so why not go on a killing spree.

    btw- my country can be shitty at times too.

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    I remember reading this on Pysih, and im still upset by this. I wish there was more you know about this story like, why Did he do it and what did he do exactly just more facts. Still whatever the facts, what an evil bastard to do this to a young man. I mean Wtf Happened to his bottom lip and the end of his tongue, and the picture of before and after my god it actually looks like a different fella. I can only imagine what dustin went through and what did he do to warrant this torture because thats what it was. My heart goes out to him and his family. Cleo do you know how much jail time this piece of shit got. Would love to know. And is there anymore of what actually happened to why this guy did what he did, and what did he do to dustin, can.t find out nowhere, thanks.

  3. Steve-O says:

    I just read that Paxton is getting a psych evaluation. He’d better start drooling and twitching or he’ll be put away as a Dangerous Offender for life.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Im fucking sick of these pieces of shite using the mental health excuse for their actions. Bearing in mind that while he was torturing this man, he held a job and quite nicely fitted into society, then when the shit hits the fan this mother fucker comes up with the “Oh im mental didn.t know what i was doing” Bollocks he knew exactly what he did to this poor young man and to see the before and after pictures goes to show what a hellbeast this piece of shit is. Now this is where the hung drawn and quartering comes in handy.

    • testtube says:

      He’s been branded a dangerous offender

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo, any news about dustin piece of turd paxton. Has he been certified a dangerous offender? I wonder how dustin lafortune is. I hope that he can move on from this horrendous time of his life, i know he’ll never forget, but lets hope that justice is served. There should be some news now shouldn’t there.

    • cleo says:

      He has had a psychiatric assessment and the sentencing is scheduled for Nov 2, 2012.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Lets just hope that this monster gets what he deserves. Although im not holding my breath, but if he does get sentenced as a dangerous offender, is that good news? Canadian law is very strange to me. Its a bit like british law, fucking useless. But i could of sworn that i’ve read another post by you stating dangerous offender? Could you please explain what exactly that means cleo?

      • cleo says:

        Update on convicted torturer Dustin Paxton: he will learn on Hallowe’en whether the Crown will seek to have him declared a dangerous offender. Keeping fingers crossed.

  5. Dave says:

    Distin “piece of shit” Paxton was just declared a dangerous offender

  6. Sebastiano says:

    Dustin Ward Paxton is indeed a hellbeast. When I was a kid in school, we learned about the various embodiments of evil in various cultures of the world. One that really frightened me and stuck with me for life was the “raakshasa” – a degenerate and depraved demon in ancient Indian mythology. The raakshasas enjoyed sick pleasure engaging in the most vomitous of violent acts against humans. I was so scared about raakshasas that I told my parents; most parents console their frightened children by reassuring them that monsters are just imaginary. Strangely (but thankfully!), my Mum told me that “raakshasas aren’t mythological monsters at all; they exist amongst us”. This talk with Mum happened during those awful years when Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka had been kidnapping, raping, killing, and then dismembering innocent school girls in southern Ontario. When they were apprehended, Mum rightly said: “See? These are raakshasas!” I understood immediately. And today, when I discovered this Hellbeasts webpage, I realised that ‘hellbeast’ is the best English equivalent of the Sanskrit word ‘raakshasa’!

    Dustin Ward Paxton is indeed a raakshas. But the single best punishment for its gross depravity is NOT being put to death (like most people would want.) Rather, the best punishment would be for Dustin Ward Paxton to be condemned to living a very lonnnnggggg and endlessly painful life of day in and day out of paralysing fear, constant crippling anxiety and the heights of physical discomfort and brutal pain. To subject this hellbeast to daily horror and constant torment will achieve the BEST punishment of all: to render the hellbeast so beaten down that it ends up BEGGING for death!

  7. Melissa says:

    Hey –
    I just wanted to say that [the victim] & I are on Facebook and he is amazing, going to school, learning all about astronomy, living in nature, recovery mentally and physically and is a really beautiful, kind person who deserves better than being a sensationalized story on sight such as this.

    I KNOW that Dustin Ward is a disgusting Hellbeast who deserves to be put to shame for the hell he dragged D, through, but D. survived, and unlike most of the victims on here, he has his own voice, and having this story up hurts him and shames him and brings back his PTSD in major ways.

    HE SURVIVED. Can you let him have the privacy of living his life with some sort of dignity, privacy, and peace, now? At least take his name and photos out? He survived things most of us could not dream up in our worst nightmares because he was scared. Well I’m not, and I am asking you, as a good person, to consider the fact that maybe my friend spend enough time with Dustin Ward and maybe, now that he’s out of the hospital and going to school and has gained back his weight and is doing math problems related to astronomy with brain damage you’ll realize he’s done enough time with D.W. and separate him from that HELLEBAST for good and PLEASE, PLEASE take him off this page.

    He is no longer a victim, he’s a survivor, and it hurts him to have his name, “Googled” and have this shit pop up. Please.

  8. Melissa says:

    Seriously, Cleo, just xxxxxx out this name & take down the photo. Please.

  9. Melissa says:

    hank you, my love. You are such a beautiful person.

  10. thenewD says:

    i was there i was the caller they didnt act on i lived there i witnesed it all i even had the chance to to cut his neck off that one night he was sleeping but i was scared…wtf eh

    • kcm says:

      Well why didn’t you help, you’re just as sick as Paxton then.. That’s just BS, karmas a bitch!

      • Hopeless Pedantic says:

        Woah, slow down there, Game of Thrones.
        Even justice Texas style requires some kind of threat or provocation to merit self defence.
        Failing to kill abusive assholes in their sleep isn’t exactly “due process”. ThenewD did nothing wrong.

        • AngryLittleMexican says:

          Sadly TheNewD did nothing right either. Call for help, confide in someone who could, alert someone to the man with his mutilated face and tongue cut out. I think you are labelling the WRONG person ‘Game of Thrones’ here, that would most definitely be Paxton.

  11. AngryLittleMexican says:

    *CALL for help repeatedly
    (not just one time, so they say)

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