Duewa Abeana Lee

Duewa Lee
Crimes: Child Abuse, Torture

Duewa Abeana Lee of Sacramento, California, is a nightmare. I kid you not. Just ask her boyfriend’s daughter. She’d agree, I’m sure. She has the scars to prove it.

Duewa Abeana Lee’s live-in boyfriend, Wade Carter, was arrested on July 28, 2011 and later convicted of robbery. And so it was his 12-year-old girl was left living with Duewa Abeana Lee. Now you’d think the woman was a motherly type — she had 6 kids of her own and was pregnant yet again, but alas she wasn’t motherly, just fertile.

For the life of me I don’t understand why the authorities left the girl in the care of the evil bitch. Why wasn’t she handed over to her family when her father was carted off to prison? I guess she was just forgotten, probably not even considered at all. And so it was she was left behind with her father’s very pissed-off girlfriend.

I don’t know exactly why Duewa Abeana Lee decided to make life hell for the young girl. Maybe she was mad at the boyfriend for getting his ass locked up, and vented her rage on his daughter. Maybe she was jealous because her boyfriend referred to his daughter as “my heart”. Maybe she was angry that nobody asked her if she even wanted the girl. Whatever her reason, Duewa Abeana Lee is an evil, sadistic hellbitch.

Starting on July 28, 2011 and ending on September 30, 2011, the 12-year-old girl was tortured. Yes, tortured. The hellbitch had been exceedingly vicious and excessively violent in all kinds of creative ways.

Duewa Abeana Lee whipped the girl with electrical cords, whacked her with a hot metal spatula on her head, hands and bottom, stapled her ear, burned her with an iron, and singed her with a frying pan.

And she was just getting started.

Duewa Abeana hellbitch supreme Lee also forced the girl to stand in a corner for hours with both her hands in the air and one leg raised. That is torture.

The girl was also pushed down the stairs so forcefully her head dented the wall. Her head was smashed into a window so hard the window broke. The girl was frequently deprived of food. She was also burdened with all of the household chores. If she didn’t do the chores to the hellbitch’s satisfaction, she was punished.

Duewa Abeana Lee nearly killed the poor kid by kicking her in the stomach so hard she’d inflicted potentially life-threatening injuries. Her victim’s liver had been lacerated and her pancreas crushed as a result of the kicks.

The torture only ended on September 30, 2011 because Duewa Abeana Lee took her victim with her to a Department of Motor Vehicles office in Sacramento. I’m sure the poor kid looked a horrible sight with a broken tooth, cauliflower ear and scars.

Duewa LeeThe hellbitch stupidly left the girl alone for a few minutes, and the girl made the most of her opportunity. She approached a stranger to say she was being abused and needed help. The stranger told the clerk who in turn contacted the California Highway Patrol. The CHP came to the DMV office and took the girl from her tormenter’s custody. Within a week Duewa Abeana Lee was arrested and charged.

When Dr. Angie Rosas of Sutter Memorial Hospital checked the girl, I’m sure she were horrified by what she saw. The poor kid had scars and bruises all over her back, legs and arms. The lashes from the electrical cords had left as many as 50 marks. Her butt had 2 burn wounds — from the iron, the hot metal spatula or the frying pan I don’t know. The ear stapling had resulted in a cauliflower ear. The dark bruising on her torso were a result of the damage to her liver and pancreas.

According to Dr. Rosas, the injuries made it look as though the poor girl had been in a car accident.

“It appeared her entire body was covered with injuries,” said Dr. Rosas. “There were too many to count.”

Duewa Abeana Lee, 37, went to trial in July, 2013. She was charged with torture, mayhem, child abuse and battery. Her defense was to blame Wade Carter for all of the injuries to his girl.

According to the defense, the girl was accusing poor Duewa because she didn’t want her father to get into more trouble with the law, and because she didn’t want to be taken out of school for homeschooling. Riiiight.

Wade Carter, naturally, was called to testify. I don’t think he had an inkling of what his daughter had been put through until he was asked if he’d ever burned her, whipped her, pushed her down stairs, smashed her head through a window, starved her, etc., etc. It must have made him sick to understand what his girlfriend had done to his girl.

The victim, now 14, bravely testified about the abuse she endured at the hands of Duewa Abeana Lee. She never wavered in her testimony, and identified the hellbitch as her sole abuser.

Duewa Abeana Lee was convicted of torture, 2 counts of mayhem, 6 counts of child abuse that caused great bodily injury, 2 counts of child abuse likely to cause great bodily injury, and 1 count of battery.

“I’ve moved on from the past and look forward to the future,” the girl told Duewa Abeana Lee before sentencing on September 20, 2013. Good for her!

“I now live with people that love me and have made me to the point where I can forgive you, but I will never forget the things you did to me,” the girl said to her abuser.

Wow, the girl forgave the bitch. She’s a better person than I am, apparently.

The girl told Duewa Abeana Lee, “The things that you did to me made me afraid of almost everything.”

She went on to say that she’s overcome her fear. “I’ve turned out to be a good person,” she said. Yes, she has. And I wish the girl nothing but the best.

Duewa LeeNot surprisingly, Duewa Abeana Lee continued to maintain her innocence.

“Please, your honor, do not send me away for a long time,” she said to the judge. “I am not an abuser or a danger to anyone. I have been without my freedom and my family and my kids for almost 2 years. This seems like almost an eternity and I cannot bear it for another second.”

Judge Cheryl Chun Meegan responded that the prosecution had presented “an overwhelming case establishing the truth of the charges”. In other words, Judge Meegan didn’t believe Duewa Abeana Lee one jot.

Judge Meegan then sentenced Duewa Abeana Lee to an indeterminate life term for the torture conviction, and added 9 years 4 months for all of the other abuse charges. Yay!

“It’s just really tough to have to see a child going through that kind of treatment,” said one of the jurors. “We hope she’ll be able to find closure in her life and move on and live the life of prosperity that is out there for her. I’m glad that she’s alive and that she’s still here with us, and I hope that she makes the best of her life.”

Judge Meegan said, “I do not want (the girl) to be defined by the events that occurred while she was helpless and at the hands of the abuse of Ms. Lee. I want her to feel that she can take control of her life and choose who she is and move on from that.”

Duewa Abeana Lee is now serving life for subjecting an innocent girl to 2 months of torture. She has a long time to think about what she’s done. Long may she rot. I do hope her children are now in the care of good, loving people, and will grow up to be happy, successful and moral people.

And of course I wish the victim every happiness. It sounds like she’s in a good place now. She’s a brave kid to go through what she did and stand up for herself. Kudos to her.

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10 Responses to Duewa Abeana Lee

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    I am so glad this evil woman has been put away. To take out her anger on a young girl is monstrous. She’s scarred for life probably after all she was put through. I hope the girl has a happy life now.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Glad this bitch is in prison. Free from all children.

  3. Bengalpuss says:

    Ha, love the look on her face in the 2nd picture, Awww dee dum’s, not nice being scared is it miss abusive fucker. Why would someone do those things to a child? That poor girl, and the abusers children are now suffering because of their mothers actions. I’m baffled to why the child was left with this beast in the 1st place. I’m so glad that this wicked bitch has had her ass thrown in jail for a long time, she’ll have a long time to think about the things she did to the victim, while shes in the shovel. I love american sentences.

    • 2cute says:

      I love the worried little frowny face she’s making. She’s not looking like a happy camper at all. Good! And I hope she won’t have anything to smile about for a few decades.

  4. shans4boysak says:

    The strength of that child amazes me. To go through that, and still be standing, and being able to have the strength to forgive her abuser. By doing so, she severed any emotional link (anger or whatever) she had with that woman. This child deserves all the good in life. I will remember her, and forget the beast that hurt her.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    I am so glad the girl survived her ordeal and lived to testify against her abuser. It can’t have been easy for her to face that bitch in court and tell the whole truth about what was done to her. She’s going to grow into an awesome young woman I think, someone who faces her fears and doesn’t back down. I hope she doesn’t have any medical issues arising from the damage to her liver and pancreas. Life is hard enough without facing that.

  6. ANGRY DAD says:

    Two words for Duewa Abeana Lee. “Fucking Bitch”. I hope she suffers every single day and may she gets 10 folds of the torture she put the poor girl through. May she rot in prison all the way to hell. As for the girl, how brave to forgave that bitch. I pray that she gets bless and that she can now live happily.

  7. Oz Of Wizard says:

    “Please, your honor, do not send me away for a long time,” she said to the judge. “I am not an abuser or a danger to anyone. I have been without my freedom and my family and my kids for almost 2 years. This seems like almost an eternity and I cannot bear it for another second.”

    Typical response from a sociopath.

    That’s right! Beg bitch, beg! Beg for mercy and recieve NONE just like your victim, you cunt! Difference is, your victim deserved mercy because it never should of occured to begin with. But you? Oh bitch, you deserve nada!

  8. LynxSwish says:

    What a useless piece of scum! She deserves all of the torture that she will get behind bars. Rot in Hell, you stupid bitch!

  9. Spoozy says:

    She has SIX biological children? WTF? This lady is a miserable piece of shit. Thankfully she won’t have the opportunity to have any more children. Too bad she wasn’t sterilized after her first!

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