Dr Nicolas Oddone

Nicolas Oddone
Crime: Animal Cruelty

I sure as hell don’t like Dr Nicolas Oddone. I don’t care if he’s an oncologist. I don’t care if he lectures at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. I don’t care that he is generous to financially strapped patients he operates on. All of that good stuff, IMO, is negated by the fact he’s a vicious animal abuser.

Nicolas Oddone didn’t own the dog he brutalized on June 10, 2013. His girlfriend of 5 weeks did. The dog was her tiny papillon, Prinny, who weighed all of 2.9 kilograms (6.4 pounds).

Nicolas Oddone’s girlfriend was in the shower when he went postal on the pup. He claims that the dog had defecated on the carpet and he just lost it. That’s his version of events — blaming the dog.

I must admit that this story upsets me particularly since this weekend 2 of our dogs were sick with diarrhea, and we spent $700 at the animal hospital. The very thought of somebody physically attacking a little dog over poop makes my blood boil.

To be fair, Nicolas Oddone also claimed he was under a lot of stress at the time because his marriage was falling apart. He and his wife were separated when he began this new relationship with Prinny’s owner.

Ummm, how exactly did he think getting a girlfriend would help his marriage? I would think it wouldn’t help but what do I know? He and his wife did reconcile, and that astonishes me. His wife is willing to forgive adultery and animal abuse too. She’s not a bit like me then.

But I digress. To sum up, apparently the oncology surgeon Nicolas Oddone reacted to stress and soiled carpets by abusing a helpless little dog. That’s what I can gather from his defense. Geez, maybe he’d better find a less stressful occupation if he can’t handle stress like a decent human being.

The girlfriend had just minutes before the attack asked Nicolas Oddone to be more gentle with Prinny. Considering that that little dog is about the size of a chihuahua, you know it’s a fragile creature. You have to treat them gently because they are so tiny and breakable.

PrinnyWell, Nicolas the asshole Oddone found out for himself how breakable Prinny was. He didn’t just smack the dog, he probably stomped on it. Poor little Prinny wound up with horrific injuries — 14 fractures to 12 ribs, liver damage, massive internal bleeding, muscle damage and a partially collapsed lung.

Amazingly, Prinny survived. Wow, kudos to the vets who pulled her through! Sadly, but understandably, Prinny is not the same happy little dog she was. No doubt she was traumatized, and likely she has physical issues too.

Nicolas Oddone was charged with 1 count of animal cruelty. He went to court in August 2014.

The defense maintained that Nicolas Oddone was innocent, BUT his actions were a “knee-jerk” response to the dog crapping on the carpet. Huh?

“The little dog had issues with diarrhea,” said his lawyer. “Mr Oddone had serious concerns about the [crap] as he had children aged 1 and 3 [crawling around].”

The defense lawyer went on to say about the abuse, “It was a single act, it wasn’t … repetitious actions.” Yeah, like that makes it so much better. But how does that make his client innocent? It doesn’t!

The prosecution maintained that Nicolas Oddone had beaten the dog because he was jealous of the attention lavished on it by his girlfriend.

Whether he beat Prinny because of jealousy or poop on the carpet, Nicolas Oddone was found guilty of 1 count of animal abuse.

Whereas I don’t care that he’s an oncologist, a university lecturer, and has been generous with disadvantaged patients, the court apparently did. Magistrate Janet Wahlquist even said that the surgeon had escaped more severe punishment because of his “previous good character”.

Nicolas Oddone was sentenced at the Downing Centre Local Court on August 21,2014. He was only fined $5000 and ordered to pay more than $15,000 in legal costs and vet bills. He could have gotten 2 years in prison and a fine up to $22,000.

I sure as hell wish the dog beater had been ordered to take anger management classes at the very least, and been banned from owning animals.

Magistrate Wahlquist said to the nasty dog abuser, “This is a moment of great shame for you. You will suffer a considerable amount of contempt by members of the community.”

Magistrate Wahlquist was right about that. Nicolas Oddone had to shut down his website due to hate letters. Police had to investigate threats against him, including alleged threats made by members of a motorcycle gang who allegedly bought guns for the purpose of harming the convicted dog abuser.

The RSPCA NWS is apparently pleased with the conviction. “It sends a clear message to the community that animal cruelty will not be tolerated,” Inspector Slade Macklin said.

Personally, I think a stint in prison sends a much clearer message.

I wish little Prinny a full recovery and a happy, safe life. And to Nicolas Oddone I wish he’d never be allowed near animals again. It’s too bad that he wasn’t required to take therapy for his explosive temper, especially if he’s around little kids. IMO he’s not safe with vulnerable children and animals so long as he’s “stressed”.

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12 Responses to Dr Nicolas Oddone

  1. bengalpuss says:

    Evil cunt he is, i hope someone breaks his ribs and collapses his lung, cruel bastard, and if i was his wife i wouldn’t let him near the kids, and that sentence is pathetic.

  2. Supermom says:

    Why are animals lives treated as though they are not as important as humans. That sentence is despicable! He’s a monster and needs to be treated as such!

  3. moodymagic says:

    The sentence is pathetic. What is the wife thinking he most definitely should be kept away from his kids. Evil Bastard.

  4. M says:

    Thanks, Cleo. I couldn’t bring myself to read the local report… Your version is better; somehow more tolerable. We’ll keep our eyes and ears out for Mr. Oddone…

  5. cecelia says:

    he has a 1 & 3 YO?? hope they don’t accidently crap outside their pants or he might “lose it” and stomp them too. what a worthless POS…

  6. Charlotte Lochhead says:

    Any word on whether this poochie’s owner got a real man in her life?

  7. bengalpuss says:

    charlotte, any man in the pooch’s owners life has gotta be better than this turd!!!

  8. ProCareForAnimals says:

    Very Sickening

    I am Incensed by Liberal Do Gooders who by their Opposition to
    Capital Punishment let Murderers get Away with Murder including
    Animal Murder

  9. ProCareForAnimals says:

    It seems in Manchester UK some Sicko has set Fire to a Dog’s Home
    and at Least 43 Dogs have Died

    It makes my Blood Boil with Rage at the Scum who did this Act of

  10. chellesbelles says:

    What a beautiful little pup! I wonder what this idiot would do if one of his children pooped on the carpet. If he would beat a defenseless dog, he would beat a defenseless child. He should never be allowed to be around dogs OR children again. Btw, his wife is an idiot as well.

  11. Marguirite says:

    Lock him up throw away the key. What a horrible man. I would worry for his kids. Poor little pup, hope it gets better soon.

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