Dr. Daniel Meir, Dana Ben-Meir, Dr. Jacob Margolin & Na’ama Dokshitsky

Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center

Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center

Crimes: Abuse and Neglect

Dealing with individuals with autism is a definite challenge. Families coping with severe autism can face tremendous physical, emotional and financial hardships. Too often parents are on their own to care for their autistic offspring, and when they get too old, too frail, too financially strapped to carry on, their growing or grown children wind up “in care”.

In and around Jerusalem, patients with severe autism may wind up at Eitanim-Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center. Unhappily for many of them they were placed in the “care” of the director of the hospital Dr. Jacob Margolin, child psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Meir, and head nurses Na’ama Dokshitsky and Dana Ben-Meir.

The “care” that the autistic patients were given was what I would characterize as torture. These offenses took place between 2001 and 2004. Why it took until December 2012 to go to trial I don’t know.

There were instances of an epileptic patient being denied treatment for his seizures because he was considered to be “bluffing”. That’s right, these doctors and nurses denied an epileptic his medications because they didn’t believe he was having seizures.

Untreated seizures can cause death. Look it up, it’s true. They can cause brain damage. And of course they can cause physical trauma if and when the patients fall.

But no, these medical monsters decided it was best to call the patient’s “bluff” and leave the seizures untreated.

One patient at the Eitanim-Kfar Shaul Mental Health Center was forbidden to talk for several hours at a time, every day. Can you imagine that? Autism is characterized by impaired social interaction and communication skills. And these assholes wouldn’t let a patient talk? WTF? Apparently it was a punishment.

Another patient was a chronic head banger (no surprise — self-injury affects almost a third of autistic patients). And what did these 4 assholes/medical professionals do for that patient? Nothing. They decided the patient was “bluffing” and refused to give him a helmet to protect his head.

Bluffing? Seriously, they thought he was bluffing? As he hit his head against the wall hour upon hour, day after day? How do you “bluff” head banging anyway?

I seriously doubt these “medical professionals” knew anything about autism despite their supposed training and the fact they worked at a mental health center. I also doubt they gave so much as a flying rat’s ass for the well-being of their patients.

Many patients at this “mental health” center were kept in urine-soaked clothes for extended periods. And that’s healthy?

Maybe Dr. Daniel Meir, Dana Ben-Meir, Dr. Jacob Margolin and Na’ama Dokshitsky thought their patients were all “bluffing” when they said they had to go pee.

There was even more abuse. Many of the patients were actually forced to eat on the floor, under the table. Forced to eat on the floor, not allowed to eat on the table. They were treated like dogs, not people!

Was this more punishment maybe? The “medical professionals” could not possibly think this was healthy or beneficial to their patients.

Some patients were also forced to stand while they worked, and were kicked by various medical staff members.

The bruising of one patient who suffered frequent falls was left untreated.

What kind of “medical professionals” are these heartless bastards? Certainly not the kind I’d allow near any family member of mine!

There was in fact a whole litany of punishments, neglect and ill-treatment that these patients had to endure, but the ones mentioned were the ones for which Dr. Daniel Meir, Dana Ben-Meir, Dr. Jacob Margolin and Na’ama Dokshitsky were criminally liable.

Jerusalem District CourtDr. Daniel Meir, Dana Ben-Meir, Dr. Jacob Margolin and Na’ama Dokshitsky were tried in the Jerusalem District Court under Judge Zvi Segal.

Dr. Daniel Meir and Dana Ben-Meir were found guilty of multiple counts of abusing their patients.

Dr. Jacob Margolin and Na’ama Dokshitsky were convicted of patient neglect. Dr. Margolin has resigned as director of the hospital.

It has yet to be determined what sentencing these heartless medical bullies face, and what professional consequences they will be handed, but I hope they are all ousted from the medical profession and given lengthy prison sentences. These are educated individuals who were entrusted with the care of helpless, vulnerable people and they chose to abuse them! They have no excuse!

If they didn’t like dealing with patients with autism, they should have left! It’s not like the patients had the choice to leave.

People with autism already have a difficult and too often miserable life, and being punished and kept untreated and filthy does not enhance their existence one little bit. That the people whose job it was to care for them bullied and tormented them instead is inexcusable.

May Dr. Daniel Meir, Dana Ben-Meir, Dr. Jacob Margolin and Na’ama Dokshitsky suffer as much torment in their futures as they meted out in the past.

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11 Responses to Dr. Daniel Meir, Dana Ben-Meir, Dr. Jacob Margolin & Na’ama Dokshitsky

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Great, institutionalized cruelty. Every day for years those patients woke up knowing that their life was going to be made miserable once again, knowing that there was no end in sight, helpless to stop the cruelty. I wonder if there was a whistleblower that turned this assholes in. For the director of the hospital to not only condone the cruelty but to partake in it is unreal. And for a child psychologist to have no better idea of how to treat these people than to punish them! I hope they are tossed out of the medical profession forever.

  2. 2cute says:

    My cousin’s boy has autism and I would hate, hate, hate to think he could wind up in an institution like this when he’s grown. I know it’s really frustrating dealing with some of his behaviors, but no child should be viciously punished for things he can’t help.

  3. pj says:

    I am not surprised by this story. A lot of doctors are in the business for money not for love of humanity. It’s tragic that these bastards were allowed to neglect and abuse their patients for years with no recriminations. I feel so bad for the patients who have such a limited understanding of their circumstances and no control over their lives. For them to be treated like animals is inhuman, and I hope these bastard doctors and nurses pay a big penalty when all is decided.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    Dispicable, how can medical professionals behave in this way to people who obviously need care and empathy, not some wanker that tells them that they are bluffing their epilepsy and head banging. How the fuck did these so called health professionals graduate in medical school. I hate to say this but the chances of any of these shister’s is pretty slim. Just look how long it took to get these arseole’s to court. And what a name “Dokshitski” Bet she was teased at school with a name like that. Anyway, it will be interesting what happens when these clowns are sentenced. I hope they do go to prison, so that the message the sentences reflects their crimes and saying such behavior and treatment will not be tolerated, and if anyone else is thinking about being cruel in future, then hopefully they will think twice.

    • pj says:

      I guess we have to remember bengalpuss that half of all doctors graduated at the bottom half of their class. I don’t get how the abuse took years to get to court. I understand that the patients probably couldn’t talk or communicate well at all, but still years? And the sad thing is that if the doctors, head nurses and director of the hospital were cruel bastards the rest of the staff probably followed suit and treated these poor patients horribly too.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Pj, your right because the director of this facility and doctors were the abusers, so staff like the nurses and other staff below these doctors will have thought “Well its a doctor thats doing this to this patient so it must be right” We are all brought up to trust our doctors, i mean for christ sake these people make decisions about our lives whether we live or die, so if i was a nurse and i saw several doctors treating a patient in a certain way, i would think “Well it must be ok because tin doctor is right” Unfortunately as we have read here, not all doctors have a good bedside manner and can be nasty and cruel.

  5. moodymagic says:

    definite hell worthy

  6. Netherwarper says:

    I hate to say it but America is jsut as bad when it comes to these “care centers”. Under qualified over lazy people get hired and neglect follows fast. Nursing homes are sheer hell here unless you have enough money to afford the really really nice ones and even then it doesnt guarentee anything.

    • bengalpuss says:

      . Was reading about a centre in america, where kids with learning disabilities and Autism Go and if they don.t listen they put them on a thing called a shock board. They put one child on for 15 minutes and the child was basically a basket case when he came off. I thought that they did stuff like this in the early 20th century, but it doesn’t. Nothing shocks me anymore, maybe im desensitised, but there’s some sick people in this world that need help, instead of being called liars, and having to suffer physical abuse. But we are brought up to believe our doctors and trust them, so these poor people would have thought no one will believe me, luckily someone did.

  7. A says:

    I was hospitalised there for 2 years. Not in the autistic ward but in the general closed and open ward. I had horrible experiences there too. The other wards there have BIG problems too.

    I’m contacting a mental health advocate now and will make a complaint. I can’t keep quiet now even though I’m trying to put my experiences behind me.

  8. Kat B says:

    This is INFURIATING. I feel.nothing but disgust for those in the medical community who shirk their duties, that spit on what they’re supposed to do. How f*cking dare you carry the title of Dr. (or nurse), then turn around and bastardize it!!!

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