Donald Otis Williams

Donald Otis Williams
Crimes: Kidnapping, Carjacking, Sexual Assault, Murder

I feel so bad for the friends and family of 81-year-old Janet Louise Patrick. On October 18, 2010, the Leesburg, Florida woman had generously offered to pick up some groceries for her neighbour. That’s the kind of friendly person she was — thinking of others and lending a hand.

Janet Patrick had driven to a nearby Publix supermarket in her 2000 white Chevy Impala. She had actually done the grocery shopping but she never, ever returned home. The next day a friend she’d known for 40 years stopped by her house on Sea Fern Drive to check on her. Discovering that Janet Patrick was missing, the friend called the authorities.

Thankfully for all, the Publix supermarket had surveillance cameras. Janet Patrick could be seen in the check-out line but she wasn’t alone. She was with a man who helped her take her groceries to her car.

Janet PatrickI’m sure Janet Patrick was pleased that the stranger offered her a hand. It isn’t easy for an 81-year-old woman with a walker to carry groceries. And being a friendly, helpful person herself I am sure she wasn’t surprised at a stranger’s kindly offer.

But heaven help her, Janet Patrick was in the company of Donald Otis Williams, a convicted carjacker and sex offender. I’m sure the poor old lady discovered soon enough that she was in the presence of evil.

In October 2000 Donald Otis Williams had carjacked a 21-year-old woman in Leesburg. He told her he had a gun and he drove her to a church parking lot in Eustis. Threatening her with her life, Donald Otis Williams tore off her pants and her underwear and was fully prepared to rape the young woman. Mercifully a witness interrupted him and his victim escaped from the car. The raping bastard drove off but was tracked down by Lake County deputies. They’d found him crawling on his belly through some bushes.

At the time, Donald Otis Williams was charged with kidnapping, carjacking, sexual battery, grand theft auto and aggravated assault.

The traumatized victim didn’t want to testify at his trial and thus the kidnapping and sexual battery charges were dropped.

Donald Otis Williams was allowed to plead no contest to carjacking and was handed a 30-year sentence. That’s an appropriate sentence, IMHO.

Lake County Judge Donald Briggs had different notions though. He suspended 20 years of the sentence (WHY?) and required Donald Otis Williams to go on probation for those 20 years instead. He also ordered that the first 5 years would be sex-offender probation.

And WTH is sex-offender probation? Apparently it’s probation with a whole lot of restrictions and frequent meetings with his supervising officer.

I guess the judge had ignored Donald Otis Williams’ mother’s plea to get her son professional help. She had told the judge her boy was “disturbed” and out of control of his “mental faculties”.

On August 1, 2009 Donald Otis Williams was out on probation. He didn’t behave the whole time. He was charged with petty theft in April 2010, and he’d failed to pay $425 toward his probation supervision.

Because these instances of misbehavior were so minor, authorities chose to let him remain on probation.

And so Donald Otis Williams was free to meet up with Janet Patrick on October 18, 2010.

When authorities caught up with the raping, kidnapping bastard days later, Donald Otis Williams had quite a tale to tell them. He and the old lady had been carjacked! That’s right, a dark-skinned carjacker abducted them both, shut them in the trunk of the Chevy Impala and drove them all around Florida.

Donald Otis Williams claimed he was finally able to fight off the carjacker and escape, but not before the old lady was killed.

“I ran. First thing I did is run for the car and I hit the gear and I hit the gas and I didn’t care if we hit the trees. I was trying to get away,” he said.

Donald Otis Williams was so helpful that he actually sketched the carjacker’s profile and drew street maps of a town where the carjacker had taken them.

Strange but the police didn’t believe him. Not one little bit. They didn’t believe that some mysterious dark-skinned carjacker had drugged him and killed the old lady.

On October 26, 2010, Janet Patrick’s decomposing body was found in a woodsy area in Polk County. The cause of death could not be determined.

That lovely old lady who was so kind and thoughtful and who had never done one thing in her life to deserve her fate was now gone. RIP Janet Louise Patrick.

Donald Otis Williams changed his story after his victim’s body was recovered. He now began claiming he had a kind of seizure and sorta blacked out. He awoke from this seizure to find himself sitting in the Chevy Impala with the dead woman beside him. And that’s the story he stuck with.

The trial process in Marion County was quite drawn out. Scheduled to begin in October 2012, it was pushed back to January 2013 when the Public Defender’s Office wanted experts to evaluate their client’s neurological problems. The trial was further postponed to April 2013 after Circuit Court Judge Mark Nacke decided there should be more mental evaluations done.

Donald Otis Williams made things complicated when he fired his Public Defenders. “I’d rather walk to the gallows than have the public defender represent me,” he said.

Donald Williams

Donald Williams representing himself

And so Donald Otis Williams, now 53, represented himself his August 2013 trial. His defense was insanity. *snort*

The kidnapping, carjacking, raping murderer testified in court that he suffered from a whole pile of mental health disorders and had been beaten as a child. He told them about his hallucinations and his head injuries. He told them now he’d camped out in a graveyard while he was homeless. He told them he had seizures and was bipolar.

Donald Otis Williams called Dr Jean Cibula, a neurologist, who was to testify about his seizures. Problem was, Dr Cibula hadn’t found any evidence the f*cktard had suffered from seizures, and that’s what she told the court.

Dr Cibula also testified she’d found no evidence of injuries or trauma that would lead to seizures.

The prosecutor Bill Gross had some fun with the defendant’s claim of having a seizure and waking up next to his victim’s body. He asked Dr Cibula if someone who is having a seizure would or could drive 65 miles to Polk County.

“Not without crashing into things,” answered Dr Cibula. Hah!

Prosecutor Bill Gross told the jury that Donald Otis Williams doesn’t have a seizure disorder, but instead had a deceit disorder. He got that right!

Toward the end of the trial Donald Otis Williams decided he needed help from the Public Defenders Office. Much good it did him.

On August 29, 2013, the jury found him guilty of 1st-degree murder and kidnapping. Donald Otis Williams is facing the death penalty. I shall keep readers updated (reminders are welcome!).

So far the killers’ brothers have testified about the childhood abuse they endured. As well, the first carjacking victim testified about her ordeal at the hands of this hellbeast.

I have no doubt in my mind that Donald Otis Williams deserves the death penalty. I have no doubt that if the police had actually believed his cock-and-bull story about a carjacker he would have fingered an innocent man. I have no doubt that the unfortunate Janet Patrick did not die a quiet, peaceful death. I have no doubt that only a lifetime of incarceration will stop Donald Otis Williams from accumulating more victims.

Rot in hell, Donald Otis Williams. And sincere condolences to the family and friends of Janet Louise Patrick.


Donald Otis Williams was sentenced to death in February 2014.

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Orlando Sentinel article
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40 Responses to Donald Otis Williams

  1. 2cute says:

    He and his brothers were beaten as children but only he grew up to be a killer and rapist. He had a choice and he chose to be a violent criminal. He deserves as much mercy as he showed Janet Patrick – none!

    • Nephew says:

      Thank you for seeing the bigger picture. He has tried to blame this on everyone else but himself. He is souly responsible for this. And I hope he dies a painful death. He is my uncle, but I hate him, and I hope he suffers.

      • very close friend says:

        Your very wrong to wish that on anyone. Family should always be there for each other but some people where never taught that

      • very close friend says:

        You are very wrong. Its easy to turn your back on someone.that what his family did most of them no everyone but they know who they are. Think about that.

      • kay says:

        you are ass you need to get your facts straight,I know your family and your grandparent and they put Donald threw you father and uncle didnt go threw half as much as Donald did they lived with mother not father. So you need to shut up and is the nefrew that beat his wife and went to jail she finally left you and you remarried…….and I also know the truth about your parents from your grandmother. So you need to shut up………..

      • friend says:

        Far as your grandfather military is promble what made him the way he was watching people die is very hard thing to do. as you should know being veteran. Are you the one that use to beat your wife…. what makes you any better person then him….you dont even know donald only time you and your family was around when you wanted something from him……
        So get all y

    • very close friend says:

      Don’t know who you are but your very wrong.

    • close friend says:

      Donne was a good person. with alot of promblems because of his family. Dont makev committ aboutpeople you don know

      • Bengalpuss. says:

        Everybody is to blame for this murdering fucker? Get real, I’ve had a shit upbringing but I didn’t murder an 81year old lady or rip a 21year old woman’s nickers off tryin to rape her. He’s a dirty bastard and won’t be soon enough to execute this cunt. Your priorities should be with the victims.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    I almost don’t know what to say. Poor Janet, I can only imagine her terror being trapped in her car with this lunatic, being driven to lord knows where for lord knows what. And then to be totally beyond help, beyond mercy, murdered at this maniac’s hands. I only hope she died quickly and painlessly. This butthole of a beast needs to be put down ASAP.

    • very close friend says:

      Should know what your talking about know all facts.your talking out your ass. Don’t judge people you don’t know.

  3. moodymagic says:

    The death penalty couldn’t happen fast enough. Why waste good tax paying citizens money. My heart does go out to poor Janet and her family.

    • very close friend says:

      Two people during doesn’t bring anyone back. No evident that she was abuse and was wrong to be convicted. Donnie shouldn’t be in prison let along on dealth roll. Its very wrong accused

  4. bulldoggy says:

    So once again a vicious sadistic killer trots out the poor me I was beaten as a child excuse, trying to milk all the sympathy he can to save his sorry life. He won’t get any sympathy from me. Janet gets all that. What his sob story does is makes me want to horse whip the parents who raised such a monster, and give his supportive brothers a good shake to make them see this asshole doesn’t deserve one iota of support from them.

    • Nephew says:

      Listen, my grandma and grandpa both were good hard working people. They raised Donny, my dad and his brother the best they could. They had nothing to do with the way Donny turned out. Don’t go runnin your cock sucker about shit you have no clue about. I hate Donny with every ounce of hate in me. I am glad he got the death penalty, and I would kill him myself if given the chance. Both of his brothers turned out to be great men, and war veterans who layed their life on the line for others. As well as my grandpa, he was a Korean War veteran who was drafted and spent 3 yrs. in Korea. My uncles kids are great people, my brother is a pastor and I am a Usmc veteran of Iraqi freedom. So if my grandparents are such terrible people and did such a terrible job why is Donny the only f’d up one in the bunch? My family name and the ones I love most have been dragged through the mud enough because of him. So please, don’t make it worse. I more than understand yours and everyone else with a soul being outraged at this, trust me. But please he did this not his parents.

      • Terry says:

        Hey nephew, I know how it is. We had a murderer in our family and the backlash against us was difficult to swallow. I guess everyone wants to find someone to blame and it doesn’t help that the killer spreads the blame around too. Find support where you can and ignore the assholes who stupidly tar the innocent with the same brush as the guilty. You and your family are good people, and your uncle is the deviant.

        BTW thank you for your service to your country.

        • friend says:

          ya what you know everyone has option botton line is we all feel bad for older lady who wouldn’t you think of her and then your own mother. but he has mental promblem and should got help the first promblem and state let him down should been on med alot of people have mental promblem and need med and state know the one that need it and should give them what needed at no cost……..instad they give free medical to people that dont need it and being sold on streets everyday you hear it on news. This needs to be fixed…………

          • Bengalpuss. says:

            Jesus, are you a hillbilly? Did you go to school? Your writing is diabolical, guess deliverance springs to mind. No wonder your defending that murdering cunt, you don’t know any better lol.

  5. pj says:

    He didn’t value his victim’s life so why should anyone value his? Janet Patrick was a worthwhile human being, and Donny boy here isn’t and probably never has been. I hope the justice system puts him out of our misery.

  6. Niece says:

    Every person goes through life differently. Depending on what happens to them as a child DOES affect them. Anyone can pretend to know what Donnie went through but they truly have no idea. He was definitely subjected to the worst abuse amongst his immediate family. I do not condone anyone murdering another human being, however, I know that certain people have mental illnesses that prevent them from thinking rationally. If anyone went through life like Donnie had while he was growing up, I guarantee they would have a horrible outlook on life, panic attacks, mental illness, and only use what they grew up learning in order to survive. Yes, I know Donnie has made incredibly unethical choices throughout the course of his life but I can see how he came about making them. I am not dismissing the fact that an innocent woman lost her life but if the state of Florida would have MEDICALLY TREATED Donnie and kept him from being mentally unstable..the outcome for both of them would have been different. Not one person goes through the same mental illness the same way or a highly abusive childhood and asolescence the same way either. As a human being with multiple mental illnesses I CAN speak in his defense and I have also suffered from trauma when I was 16 and 18. After I endured times of sexual torture I became a different person. I kept
    what happened to me from everyone. I lost my mind for a while and thank God for my parents because they still stuck by me when I went out of control. I have been treated for bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety attacks and blacking out since I was diagnosed at the age of 18. medication and therapy helped me quite a bit. Without my medication, I get very angry and react without thinking. I hate feeling like I am NOT in control of my actions but I understand that my illness will make my life chaotic without the right medication. I did NOT ask for what happened to me and I struggle still to be how I was before I was violated. Any person that argues against the fact that mental illness and abuse can cause a person to become unstable is uninformed and obviously DOESN’T understand the human psyche. I did not deal with my past well. I drank for a long time and got into fights constantly and put my life in danger too many times to count. I was doing things that I never even thought I would and
    got into alot of trouble. By the grace of God I was spared my life in several situtaions. I lived on the edge without any forethought or regard for what would happen to me or others. My mind and soul were destroyed for years until God helped me see through my blinded rage and alcoholism. I had the support of my family through my trials and tribulations as well. Donnie unfortunately had no constant support system and was programmed at a young age to react to sitautions in his life like he was taught. Well, FYI what he absorbed for many, many years was violence, aggression, degradation, abandonment and unimaginable dysfunctional behavior and exposure to inappropriate situations and people. He was also given a wide range of diagnosed mental illnesses. So, even though only God can really JUDGE HIM , he is unfairly and harshly depicted by several media stations and people who judge without even seeing through his eyes. There are so many more people like him that turned into a socially reclusive and criminally minded individual. If our government and legal system worked harder at providing the necessary medical treatment and pre-planned preventative measures for parolees, it would save lives and lower crime. The state of Florida completely neglected Donnie’s medical needs the first time he was released from prison. By the way, he was FALSELY IMPRISONED the first time for a crime he did NOT commit. There is evidence to back it up. The woman that claimed he sexually assaulted her admitted she lied to cover for herself. She did not want her husband knowing she was having an affair with my Uncle and threw him under the bus to save herself. He got coined a sex offender and sexual predator because of her lying under oath. Does that make you change your mind NOW?! THE LEGAL SYSTEM CONVICTED AN INNOCENT MAN AND RELEASED HIM UNMEDICATED AND NOW HE IS SITTING ON DEATH ROW. YOU TELL ME WHO IS AT FAULT.

    • Lexi R says:

      I have a hard time believing he was an innocent man when he gets out of jail and turns around and hurts another woman. Your family is just as much to blame as he is for not seeking treatment if you all knew he had problems. There are many people out in the world who are abused, degraded and abandoned but none of them rape and murder. You admit you yourself have mental problems, but did you go out and rape and murder? NO. But your uncle did, he chose to murder someones mother/grandmother and rob this poor old lady of her life.The ONLY thing the legal systems is guilty of is releasing a dangerous offender back into the public.

      • ? says:

        He was asked to get help. You can’t make people get help. Also, his mom asked the authorities to not let him out of prison before he had received help. That did the happen. Either.

    • goat says:

      You should be a defense attorney. Seriously. I have always wondered what kind of person could still have compassion for someone who had done something so absolutely vile. The legal system needs people like you… Because I do believe that everyone is entitled to a defense no matter what they did.

  7. Niece says:

    And yes my cousin has every right to be angry and we are too because that poor woman
    NEVER deserved that. I feel for her and her friends. I would be very hurt and upset if she were my grandma. I see things
    From both sides but everyone needs to also. I will vouch for my uncle because I read every letter
    and every legal document and know first hand from my father what they all went through. It was horrible.
    Donnie NEVER had a fair chance in life after having gone through what he did. He
    got the WORST of all of his brothers because he was around it more. After all of that, he lived his life
    based on what he saw and learned. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Bipolar runs
    in our family….I know because I have it too. it really hurt me to see my uncle on the Internet and to read about everything that happened to him as well as his brothers which are my uncles and my father. It was heart breaking to read about what happened to the sweet woman who joined the angels in Heaven. It is sad no matter how you look at it.
    I do not in any way excuse or condone taking someone else’s life but when you are not in control of your own mind and do not have the means to get the medication that you need, it is dangerous and devastating to those around you. I know first hand what bipolar disorder does to a person. It is NOT pleasant and completely changes your whole mindset. It is scary and it makes a person miserable, unpredictable, angry and sometimes violent. We struggled and fought to help Donnie in any way that we could after he was released from prison for a crime he did not commit. Our family took calls from everyone and made several arrangements with different people in Florida to try and help Donnie get what he needed after he got out of prison. Every time we tried 2 talk to somebody that we thought could help him it was a dead end. We spoke to several agencies and law enforcement 2 get him the resources he needed to survive. We sent him money and did everything that we possibly could to make sure he would be OK after just getting out of prison. The state of Florida is completely negligence and careless with a lot of parolees. They said that all of their funds were exhausted and they could not help even though they knew his mental state. I have spoken to my uncle on several occasions when he has called before and after the trial and I can tell a complete difference in him when he has his medication. He tried getting help and we tried getting him help. The state of Florida did not try to help him what so ever. It is extremely upsetting to me because of the horrific things that happened following his release. Him not being medicated properly resulted in the worst outcome of his life as well as the woman that left this world and everyones families involved. I wholeheartedly believe that he would have done a lot better and lived out a healthy remainder of his life had somebody taken some action to help him when he could not help himself. He just got out of prison so what kind of money and resources do you think that left him? we did everything that we could but I sincerely blame the state of Florida for refusing to intervene when we repeatedly asked and and exhausted all of our efforts. We live four states away from Donnie and his family. My father personally flew down from here to be there for his trial. My father did not want his brother to get hurt or anyone else. It seemed as though we tried and tried and tried and he was getting denied Medical attention and treatment. he did some terrible things throughout his life and he cannot take anything back but I truly hope and pray that God heals everyone’s hearts in this situation. I do still pray that God will help him through this as well.we are all imperfect and have all made some horrible choices and mistakes in our lives. I have never personally taken a person’s life and I never intend to do so but I would hope that God will forgive everyone if they truly ask for it in their hearts. Donnie was overlooked and neglected medically. He served a lenghty prison sentence over a lie. everything considered, he was broken and just had a completely screwed up life. He got dealt a pretty bad hand in life. I overcame my obstacles in life but I had so much more support and help than he did. I am thankful for my faith in God and my loving family. I cannot begin to imagine not having that love and encouragement.
    I feel like Donnie was forgotten and just thrown to the wolves. Hopefully God will soften the hearts of others and help them realize that having a mental illness is serious. No one volunteers to take on bipolar disorder or asks to have something that takes control of their whole life just to ruin it. He sought help. He desperately wanted it and needed it. He was ignored. Now people call him a monster and he sits behind a cell again. He sits there only to have his life taken away by a man who gets paid to watch him die. It is sad and sick to think the fate of two people are the same in the end. No one should have lost their life that day and both of them truly did. No one wins and families are torn. My uncle is still my blood and you all know MUCH LESS about what really happened than my family and I.
    It amazes me how God is so wonderful and forgives so easily, yet the ones he created can speak with such hate about another person they have never met. I could understand if he just murdered innocent people intentionally and in the right state of mind….but he did not. The trial was just terrible and alot of key evidence was left out or not allowed in Donnie’s defense. He was denied alot of things that the prosecution was allowed to have or present. He was mistreated and given the short end of the stick during the whole trial. They would not allow lie detector results, witnesses, psychiatry notes and documents containing tons of information which he had kept and requested. The documents he had were so detailed and well put together. He wanted everything out in the open. me and my family personally got every single piece of evidence and documentation that my uncle had put together. During the trial he was not given a chance to present what was necessary to help his case. Because he was wrongfully incarcerated for a long time everyone jumped the gun to see him go down fast. I honestly believe that Donnie deserves to have every right as any other person does during a trial. Every single person should be able to exercise their right to present evidence that they deem necessary in defending them self. He got denied presenting a lot of truths to those who sealed his fate. Time and time again Donnie’s voice has been silenced. Does anyone ever try to understand what that must feel like? Does anyone know how it truly feels to be wrongfully convicted and sit in a maximum secuirty prison trying to defend your innocence until you are finally released? Donnie sat in that hell hole amongst angry and violent offenders every day. He did not belong there. He had numerous prison guards beat him on several occasions. He had to fight everyone who wanted to get to him because he was processed and branded as a sexual offender and predator. Our media has a wonderful way of completely dehumanzing people and only exposing what they THINK the truth should be to the public. They pick apart certain pieces of the story and present it in a way that will cause anyone to react with outrage, disgust, and disbelief. It is shocking to read a crime in the headlines when it is typed up like the script to a horror film. When stories are made public like that it is easier to believe it than to assume it was poorly described or completely misconstrued. Donnie has been misjudged, misunderstood, and a victim of wrongful imprisonment. He will never get those long years he spent away from the world back. It shocked me to hear from so many of my family that he lost priceless years due to a lie. I guess it is easier to believe a frantic crying woman than an older man. Either way, she convinced the right people that he violently took advantage of her. The ironic thing about her testimony is that she left out everything truthful then decides to admit she lied AFTER my uncle has been rotting in a cell forever! Hope she knows that she contributed to the progression of Donnie’s illnessess and made his life even more devastating than it had already been before. If we all use our eyes to read and let our emotions follow we will never find the truth. Use your heart to seek the truth and really understand that everything is NOT always what it seems. Weed out the lies and know that the media loves to reel in an easy audience who will give them the overwhelming responses they desire. I could never print lies or report false findings to millions and ruin someone’s life. I would only present what I KNEW was factual. Do your research and do not be so ignorant to what the news reporters carelessly spit out or internet sites that are not credible. If the article or news report has negative statements in it constantly…it is a lie. All a ploy for readers to comment frequently with an uninformed yet aggresssive response. All a secret and wicked tactic to use watchers to spread gossip to others who may not have seen the newest speel on how bad our world is getting. I am all for media and using different ways to inform the public about actual and factual situations and world events..I just can not stand local tv news or online lies. Base your true perspective on truth.

    • anonymous says:

      Ok first off . All the reporters and stuff are printing the truth on what happened, I was involved in this case from the beginning and testified in court against him. he was sick, and yes what happens in our childhood could make us or break us, because it can mentally destroy you. No matter what the circumstances, he still did it, and not once but this is twice now so there is no fixing that. He took an innocent poor ladies life and no matter what state of mind he was in, there is no way you can tell me didn’t know what he was doing, because what these sites don’t know from the case is that 2 days before he took Janet, he went to that publix and spent several hours in there talking to people searching for who he wanted. When no one agreed to help show him around town he settled on this older lady who lives behind publix, and he used her disability to his advantage, and the sad thing is that when they were checking out at publix Janet had told the cashier how nice it was to have someone help her. He deserves the mercy he showed ms. Janet which was none.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        anonymous, i was ready to let loose on niece, but seen as you did a good and honest reply, i wouldn’t be able to add anything else apart from, i had a shite upbringing, but i didn’t go around murdering little old vulnerable ladies. I also have depression, and don’t use it as an excuse for me fuckin up in life, that bastard needs executing and the faster this cunt departs this earthly dimension, the better it will be for humanity.

    • very close friend says:

      Your right about Donnie he a very special person with problem and he didnt kill anyone and I know he would like to hear from someone that cares.

  8. very close friend says:

    You have no ideal what your talking about I new Donnie for 26 year s and I know him very well and he didn’t kill anyone there was no proof of it no DNA and didn’t know cause of dealth so don’t talk or make comments about people you don’t know. You are a total ass hole.

  9. very close friend says:

    I new Donnie for ocer26 years I think it all lies he was good person I never seen him hurt anyone. If you don’t k ow person you should shut the hell up and keep your option to yourself. He always helped everyone threw his life never asked for anything in return. His nefrew should be ashamed of his self for saying what he did very wrong. Your grandmother would be rolling over in her grave for all the thing Donnie went threw after released from prison.Everyone should feel bad. Two wrongs doesn’t make it right and that the bottom line And he is no monster he he a good man with problem and needed help not dealth roll. This is very wrong.

  10. Niece says:

    please speak on the only things you have direct knowledge of. our family is a tight knit family and we all love each other. If you want to go against our family and speak on things you have no clue about, do so, but remember that you are not one of us and tragedy fell on both sides. like I said if it was my family that was murdered or found in that way I would be devastated and I am still devastated because A innocent person lost their life.she was older, reminding me of my grandma and great grandma.I lost both sets of my grandparents a few years back so I know what it’s like to not have them and my life. I don’t excuse or condone anybody’s actions when they take another person’s life because that is really God’s decision when a person passes, but don’t speak ill of my family when you have no clue about what happened or who that person is or why they did or didn’t do things that are saidto have taken place. and I really wish that people wouldn’t be so harsh or speak ill of one another because that is not what God wants. We are supposed to love each other. Our actions, mistakes, flaws, and send, are all apart of our human makeup. God allowed man to have free will and unfortunately many of us choose the wrong way to use it. I cannot confirm or deny any details or specific of what occurred in his case but I can confirm that that is my uncle and I do love my family no matter who it is. If God can forgive, then you all should stop being so judgemental and be able to look beyond what you claim to know. only God truly knows so tread lightly. God bless the fallen and god bless all that were affected by this entire situation including the family of the woman who lost her life the Friends of those who lost her and the family and friends of Donald aka Donnie. Rest in peace miss Janet and to those who are affected by this I hope God can heal your heart. Godspeed, one of donnies family members and prayer warrior

  11. Pen friend says:

    I am writing to Don from the uk as a pen pal…it is nice to read comments from his family, but maybe write to him if you can spare the time, he feels deserted. He is a damaged man but a human being none the less. Two wrongs don’t make a right, on either side. You can’t punish someone with somethings that illegal. It’s just not moral.

    • goat says:

      Wow. You know what else ain’t moral? Murdering helpless old ladies. I hope he feels like shit every day, because that’s what he’s putting her family through. Never ceases to amaze me that people have so much sympathy for murderers.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Funny, the family are going on about how innocent he is and Blah Blah Blah, but none of them it seems can be bothered writing to him, you Fucking hypocrites.

  12. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    I Agree

    People should have Sympathy for Victims of Murder who are Decent People
    Not Murderers

  13. Jessice11 says:

    I understand the need for Donald’s family to back him up, “he’s sick”. That’s no excuse to murder. Mind you, he almost raped a woman.
    We have all been through hardships, I had a twisted childhood and I still try so hard to be the best person I can be. Yes, sometimes people take the wrong path, but don’t try credit that to a shitty childhood. All my sympathy is for the victim and you know what? I’m so fucking happy that he’s suffering and feeling unwanted (according to the penpal in the comments) because hey, you made the knowing mistake of taking a life. Live with what you did and know people hate you because you’re a vile Hellbeast.

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