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Donald MumfordCrimes: Pedophilia, Sexual Assault
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Some people die too soon. My friend Sandra passed away last week, a victim of breast cancer. She is loved and missed by her husband, children and stepchildren. She was a doting pet owner and an avid gardener. She was a good neighbor and a thoughtful friend. For those of us who knew her, the world is a little less shiny without her. She’s one of the ones who died too soon.

And then there are those who don’t die soon enough. Like Calgary native Donald Mumford. He is a sick man. He was diagnosed as HIV-positive almost two decades ago. He also has hepatitis and syphilis. And still he lives. He doesn’t deserve to because Donald Mumford is a very sick man. He is a sick, twisted pedophile who does not let his sexually transmitted diseases stop him from raping little boys.

Donald Mumford has six convictions for sexually exploiting young boys spanning 29 years. He did do jail time (including a five year stint for raping five boys), and he did attend a sex offender program. He even took sex-drive reducing medication. None of it stopped him. Of course not — he’s a f*cking pedophile! Nothing stops them short of a bullet to the cranium.

Here’s a list of Donald Mumford’s sexual offense convictions prior to 2005:

1980, Winnipeg: Gross indecency and buggery of a boy, 13.

1985, Winnipeg: Sexual assault of a boy, 9.

1990, Winnipeg: Sexual interference of boy, 12.

1990, Winnipeg: Sexual assault of a boy, 14.

1997, Toronto: Sexual assault of a boy, 12.

In 2005 Donald Mumford was volunteering at a second-hand store in East York. Why? So he could meet hard up single mothers with young sons. That was his M.O. And sure enough, he met a single mother with a 7-year-old boy.

He befriended her, and began showering the boy with presents like a good old Santa Claus. He gained their trust, and had the boy call him Grandpa. The mother trusted Donald Mumford so much she would leave her boy alone with him while she went shopping.

The boy didn’t mind so much at first because Donald Mumford had more TV channels and an X-box 360 game at his apartment. And then in January 2007 the mother began allowing sleepovers. Holy friggin’ hell! Why on earth did she think a man well over 50 would want a young boy for a sleepover? That is just not natural! Fifty-year-old men should normally want the single mom for a sleepover.

The mom did not know that Donald Mumford had stopped taking his sex-drive reducing medication in December 2006. In fact, she had no clue that he was a sex offender at all. He’d played his role of “Grandpa” and “Santa” so well that she didn’t suspect anything.

Of course the X-box 360 game wasn’t the only game being played during those sleepovers in Donald Mumford’s apartment. The little boy figured he was raped 50 times, and forced to perform other sex acts that Donald Mumford would audiotape.

“He tried to make me like things… but I don’t like it,” the boy told police. “He told me that he does this before… and he done, like the three or four kids.”

And why didn’t this little boy tell his mom right away? Because Donald Mumford made it very clear that he would hurt him and kill the mom if the boy told. The boy believed him.

In fact, the boy was certain that when he and his mom ate a meal at Donald Mumford’s apartment, the perv sprinkled poison on her food to make her sick.

“He … sprinkled it all over my mom’s food,” he told police. “It made her sick as a dog.”

The woman did get sick and had to be hospitalized, and “Grandpa” Mumford was right there offering to babysit the boy. How generous of him!

On May 14, 2007 the boy finally told his mom that Donald Mumford had raped him. Kudos to her, she believed him and took him to the hospital right away. Tests revealed the boy had not contracted HIV. Thank God for small mercies.

The mom also handed police the underpants the boy had worn for his last sleepover, and lo and behold Donald Mumford’s DNA was found in sperm form. At his trial, Mumford’s lawyer tried to argue that it was a laundry mishap that caused the transfer of sperm, but happily Superior Court Justice Frank Marrocco knew what to do with that bullcrap.

Justice Marrocco accepted the boy’s testimony that he had been subjected to repeated unprotected oral sex and several instances of anal sex. He also accepted that the boy had been threatened with his mother’s death if he told anyone.

Donald Mumford was found guilty of eight counts including aggravated sexual assault and threatening death.

The Crown prosecutor Jill Witkin asked for and got the judge’s approval for a psychiatric examination to determine whether Donald Mumford was a suitable candidate for dangerous offender status.

After the psych exam Justice Marrocco ruled that Donald Mumford was undoubtedly a dangerous offender, and that means the perverted POS is now imprisoned indefinitely for his sex crimes against little boys. That f*cker is gonna rot in jail!

High five for Justice Marrocco! He declared Donald Mumford was “a high-risk offender” who is a “persistent, aggressive, deceitful, exploitative and unempathetic person.”

“The only place where the community can be reasonably certain that Mumford will not encounter vulnerable single mothers and get access to their children is the penitentiary,” Marrocco said in his judgment.

“(In this case) he was more aggressive and violent than … his previous convictions,” he continued. He noted that Donald Mumford “penetrated the victim with foreign objects and taped the victim experiencing pain.

“He then played the tapes back so that he and the victim could listen to them,” the Justice Marrocco said.

Interestingly but not surprisingly Donald Mumford is not the only sex offender in his family. His son, Wayne Edward Mumford, a convicted serial rapist of sex-trade workers, was declared a long-term offender in 2007 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment followed by a 10-year supervision order.

Wayne Edward Mumford was deemed to have incurable sexual dysfunctions and suffered from fetal alcohol disorder. With a pervy boy f*cker for a father and a drunk for a mother, what chance did he stand at ever having a normal life?

Donald Mumford will be going to hell. But before then, I hope his hepatitis, his HIV and his syphilis rot his gonads off!

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  1. Minx says:

    1980, Winnipeg: Gross indecency and buggery of a boy, 13.
    1985, Winnipeg: Sexual assault of a boy, 9.
    1990, Winnipeg: Sexual interference of boy, 12.
    1990, Winnipeg: Sexual assault of a boy, 14.
    1997, Toronto: Sexual assault of a boy, 12.

    If the system worked, that 7yr old child would not have suffered.
    Time for a new system – cut their fuking dicks off!!

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