Donald Lee Cockrell & Michelle Nicole Smith

Donald Cockrell and Michelle Smith
Crimes: Child Abuse, Starvation, Murder

There’s a rural road called Cottontail Lane in Sandy, Oregon. To me it conjures up images of fields of flowers with bunnies and deer frolicking, with big, shady trees and maybe a pond with ducks and ducklings. Cottontail Lane is such a picturesque-sounding place, and definitely one where children could safely and happily play and ride bikes and walk their dogs.

But 22050 SE Cottontail Lane in Sandy, Oregon, was not a place for happy children living happy childhoods. It was a place of torture, starvation and death.

There was a pale blue house at 22050 SE Cottontail Lane, owned by Eugene and Kimberly Smith. The older couple lived upstairs, quite isolated from their downstairs tenants: their daughter Michelle Nicole Smith, her boyfriend Donald Lee Cockrell, and 5 children.

Michelle Smith and Donald Cockrell met in 2008. Michelle Smith already had 2 children, and Donald Cockrell had 2 children also. Together they had one child, and they lived all cosy in this 700-square-foot mother-in-law suite in Michelle’s parents’ basement.

Michelle Nicole Smith had a drug problem. She was addicted to painkillers, particularly oxycodone. It may have been because of the drugs that she didn’t give a flying rat’s ass that their apartment was disgustingly messy and filthy, and that the children were having to live in that pig sty with her.

Donald Cockrell didn’t seem to give a flying rat’s ass about much, especially not about his daughters, Alexis and Kara Pounder. He didn’t seem to care that his girlfriend didn’t exactly treat them like she treated her own, that she denied them food to the extent that they were both severely underweight.

Alexis PounderThe biological mother cared. Heather Pounder said of Alexis, “She had a weight problem. I had been taking her to the doctor. As far as I know so had they (Cockrell and Smith) and the doctor talked to us about different stuff with getting her weight up.”

Obviously Heather Pounder had no clue that the hellbitch Michelle Smith hadn’t been feeding the girls very much or very regularly. Lack of food is most likely the cause of little Alexis’ weight problem, doncha think?

Heather Pounder had shared custody with Donald Cockrell but the girls lived full time with their dad and Michelle Nicole Smith since October 2009. Being a POS bastard, Donald Cockrell rarely let the girls see their mom. The last time Heather Pounder saw her girls was December 12, 2009.

Alexis Marie Pounder did not have long to live after that.

Alexis Marie Pounder was born on September 1, 2006 and died on January 9, 2010. She was all of 3 1/2 years of age.

On that tragic day in January, deputies and paramedics responded to a disturbance call on Cottontail Lane. They found little Alexis in the midst of that messy apartment. The tiny girl was wearing zip-up pink pajamas which hid her bruised and bony little body. The battered and emaciated 3-year-old was dead. The other children were playing beside her body.

Little Alexis weighed all of 21 pounds. At 3 1/2 years that’s all she weighed. Her baby half-sister weighed 19 pounds and she was only 9 months old!

Needless to say, but I’ll say it, Alexis’ last few weeks of life were horrific. Her sister Kara also experienced the same horror but mercifully she lived to be rescued.

See, Alexis Marie Pounder, in the sick and twisted minds of both Michelle Smith and Donald Cockrell, needed to be punished for being bad. And how was this little girl bad? She suffered from incontinence. She soiled herself.

Instead of being decent human beings and seeking medical attention for her, the hellbeast father and his hellbitch girlfriend decided it was best to deprive Alexis of food and water. And make her sleep on the floor. And make her run her guts out. And spank her harder and harder and harder because DAMNIT how dare she mess her pants!

To be clear, BOTH Cockrell and Smith beat that little girl.

I don’t know why Kara Pounder needed punishment, but the evil pair made her suffer along with her sister. The poor little girl had to eat off the floor or out of the garbage. She had to try to swipe food off of dirty dishes in the sink. And she had to sleep in a tiny space, wedged between the couch and the wall.

Kara Pounder too was spanked. And she too was severely underweight the day the paramedics and deputies arrived.

The autopsy on little Alexis Marie Pounder found among so many things that the whites of her eyes were red. And what made that happen? Because in the days before her death, Alexis had vomited so violently that the blood vessels in her eyes had burst. And nobody took her to the doctor about that.

Little Alexis had diarrhea too, and dry heaves, and nobody took her to the doctor about that. Evil cunts!

Now why the hell wouldn’t Cockrell and Smith seek medical attention? The girl was horribly ill and desperately needed help.

The obvious answer is because Alexis’ emaciated body was covered with dozens and dozens of injuries — 75 bruises. That’s what the coroner found. Lots and lots of bruises.

Alexis Pounder

Alexis Pounder in happier times

The 3-year-old had been the victim of a homicide. The medical examiner ruled Alexis had died of blunt force trauma and acute starvation.

Now according to Donald Cockrell, he had woken up that morning to find his daughter dead. He hadn’t noticed anything wrong with her before that. Riiiight.

Michelle Nicole Smith, 24, and Donald Lee Cockrell, 27, were arrested by Clackamas County deputies on suspicion of murder. The other children were removed from the home and placed in the custody of Oregon’s Department of Human Services.

The parents of Michelle Smith, who resided separately in the upper portion of the home, were not considered suspects. They had no idea of what was going on in the apartment below. I wish they had — those little children could have been saved if they had.

The hellbeast baby killers Cockrell and Smith were arraigned on murder by abuse charges. And then Heather Pounder found out what had been happening to her girls.

“There’s really no words to explain what it’s like for me. I try to find the words and I can’t – my worst nightmare,” the grieving woman said in a TV interview.

Cockrell and SmithMichelle Nicole Smith went to trial first. In December 2011 she pled guilty to aggravated murder in Clackamas County Circuit Court. Her plea deal helped her avoid a possible death penalty. In return, Michelle Smith had to promise to testify against her f*ckbrain boyfriend at his trial.

If Smith did not testify, she would face additional charges of murder by abuse and 1st-degree criminal mistreatment, and that nasty death penalty. She sure as hell testified.

In January 2013 Donald Lee Cockrell went to trial. His story didn’t change — he saw nothing, he heard nothing, he knew nothing until he woke up that morning and Alexis was dead. That’s not to say he testified in court — his lawyer did all the talking for him.

Defense attorney Robert L. Huggins Jr laid all of the blame for Alexis’ death on Michelle Smith’s shoulders. “All the evidence is Michelle did it,” he said.

Michelle Smith testified that she had decided to split up with Donald Cockrell a few weeks before Alexis died. She told the court that she stopped caring about her boyfriend, his girls and even the condition of their filthy apartment.

“I cared about my kids. That was it,” Michelle Smith said.

At that time she became completely fixated on maintaining her supply of drugs. She went “doctor shopping” to get prescriptions, and begged relatives for cash.

I’d say that was pretty damn honest of her.

Michelle Smith testified how both of them administered spankings and slaps to his girls, much harder than they should have.

The defense portrayed Michelle Smith as an unstable, unreliable addict whose testimony was bought with her deal with prosecutors to avoid the death penalty.

Defense attorney Jenny Cooke said Smith was “so stoned she couldn’t see straight and an incompetent witness who couldn’t remember much beyond ‘Donnie did it’.”

Jenny Cooke also tried to convince the court that some of those bruises and injuries were caused by routine childhood accidents or by the other children jumping on Alexis.

WTF? There were 75 bruises on that tiny body!

The problem with the defense’s strategy of accusing Michelle Smith of being an unreliable witness is that she wasn’t the core of the prosecution’s case. The core was Donald Lee Cockrell’s complete indifference to his children’s injuries and physical decline.

Donald Cockrell could not legitimately claim ignorance, said Prosecutor Christine Landers. I agree totally! Alexis weighed only 21 pounds when she died. She was fading away right before her daddy’s eyes!

It took weeks and months of starvation and abuse to kill her. Those were weeks and months Donald Cockrell could have taken action to save her life.

But instead of getting her food, taking her somewhere decent and safe, even giving her back to her mother, Donald POS monster Cockrell chose to let Alexis and Kara continue to suffer.

Prosecutor Landers pointed out to the jury that Donald Cockrell blamed everyone except himself. He blamed his girlfriend and the doctors who gave her prescription drugs. He even blamed Alexis for having an eating disorder.

On March 1, 2013, a Clackamas County jury convicted Donald Lee Cockrell of multiple counts of murder by abuse and criminal mistreatment. Yay! They also acquitted him of aggravated murder so no death penalty for him.

The evil bastard’s defense attorneys then put on a parade of witnesses to make the judge feel sorry for their client.

His mommy told how her first baby was conceived through rape, how she moved her family at least 31 times so little Donny couldn’t get settled. She testified how she’d been married 4 times and had oodles of other relationships, so poor Donnie had no real, long-term, male role model. Awwww.

The court learned how when Donnie was only 3 he’d been burned over 38 percent of his body. When he was 10 he was in a car accident and went through the windshield.

Geez, sounds like Donald Lee Cockrell’s upbringing was really, really shitty. But you know what? Alexis didn’t even survive hers.

Circuit Judge Susie L. Norby listened to the witnesses and then sentenced the hellbeast to life in prison. Donald Cockrell, now 30, will not be eligible for parole for 33 years, 4 months.

The judge had some stern things to say to him.

“Mr. Cockrell, because of your failures as a parent…and as a human being, you deserve each day, each week, each month of this sentence,” Circuit Judge Norby told him. “You are in continued denial. If I had heard today any flicker of responsibility, I may have reduced your sentence.”

Michelle Smith had to await sentencing until after Donald Cockrell’s trial was finished — just in case she didn’t fulfill the requirements of her plea deal.

Unlike Donald Cockrell, Michelle Smith took responsibility for the death of Alexis.

“I just want to say I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “I want to say I’m sorry to everyone I hurt… There’s nothing I can do to change it except take responsibility and do my time… I will get counseling and make a new beginning.”

On March 20, 2013 Smith was sentenced by Circuit Judge Robert D. Herndon to life in prison. She must serve a minimum of 30 years before she can be eligible for parole.

Circuit Judge Herndon had things to say to the baby killer.

Baby Alexis

Baby Alexis Pounder

“The fact that there is nobody here to speak for Alexis highlights the tragedy,” Circuit Judge Herndon said. “Normally, that would have been yourself, here. But you stand before the court as one of the people responsible for her death.”

At least there is justice for Alexis Marie Pounder. At least Kara Pounder has been spared further torment and suffering. The hellbeasts are going to have a very, very long stint in prison to contemplate the evil things they did do, and the decent things they didn’t do.

I hope all of their children are now safe and content, living lives full of happiness and success.

RIP little Alexis. Rot in hell, Donald Lee Cockrell and Michelle Nicole Smith.

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17 Responses to Donald Lee Cockrell & Michelle Nicole Smith

  1. moodymagic says:

    Monsters these 2 are. Look at this precious little girl how could any one abuse her like that. They should never get out. And the snivelling bitch I’m so sorry. the only thing she’s really sorry about is going to prison. I hope each and every day she suffers in there. Burn in hell you bastards

    • bengalpuss says:

      aww moody you must be really pissed off at these two fuckwit’s, you called them bastards. And michelle nicole smith a Snivelling Bitch. Yes moody she is a snivelling bitch, but only snivelling for herself. The one decent thing she has done in her life, was confess and tell the truth, something that Donald lee cockrel doesn’t know the meaning of. Little Alexis Was a beautiful little girl, and my heart bleeds for her, at least she’s not suffering now. I bet that he got a load of stick at school with that surname cockrel lol.

    • goat says:

      Is it a prerequisite for hell beasts to be fugly and have horrible acne??? The bio mom, too, should be here. Shame on every adult in this scenario for not protecting that lovely baby, and I hope every day in prison is hell for those two. Shitbags

  2. 2cute says:

    She looks like a meth addict with that scabby mug of hers. That baby was so beautiful and her life was so precious. Her killers will hopefully suffer every single day of the rest of their lives and then die before they see the light of day again.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    That poor little girl must have lived in fear of those assholes and the fear made her incontinent. She was such a sweetie, RIP Alexis. And that despicable pair should be beaten daily.

    • sedona says:

      I agree awesomeblossom that it was probably fear that made poor little Alexis mess her pants. Probably one nasty look at her from her stepmother would make her lose control, knowing a beating was coming.

    • kim says:

      i am thinking she was only 3 1/2 yes the age she should have been potty trained but with these asswipes and pigs who was going to teach her? not them…i don’t think she was incontinent but just not potty trained..unless from their beatings they harmed her so much that is one reason she could have actually been “incontinent”

  4. pj says:

    His skin may be clearer but they both have the same dead stare. Makes me think Donnie boy’s popping some pills too. Might account for how he didn’t care his girlfriend was a mess, his apartment was a mess, and his kids were starving. I’m glad both of them got life in prison — hope that translates into death in prison too. They should never get out.

    Does anyone know if the kids can be adopted out? They deserve a better life after the terrible start they’ve had.

  5. kim says:

    you know i do not buy for one second that the inlaws upstairs had no clue what the kids looked like….how sad for this little peanut and for mom to not make much of an effort to see her babies…very seems no one wanted these girls…i hope the surviving sister can live a happy life out of this horrid family

    • pj says:

      I wonder too, Kim, why the grandparents upstairs didn’t intervene more. Was there soundproofing so they couldn’t hear any arguments? Did they have no windows to watch the kids play? Did they really never visit downstairs and discover their own grandkids were living in squalor? Did they never talk to their daughter and discover she was doped to the gills on pain pills? I really, really wonder if they knew but chose to not know what was going on.

    • scrappy says:

      Seems really suspect to me too. If they had serious health problems I could understand. Still, wouldn’t a normal person wonder how five children and two adults can survive in 700 square feet? I know people do with less when they are extremely poor or housing is unavailable, but didn’t they wonder why the family wasn’t looking for better options?

  6. Toadster says:

    These zombie eyed baby killing [email protected] deserve a whole lotta pain. At least meth mouth Michelle owned up to her sins, but Donald Cockrell with his whole “I didn’t notice” shtick needs to learn to be sorry. I’d say he deserves to be the pinata at every prison party so he can’t fart again without wincing. If he can’t notice his own baby girls being beaten and starved before his very eyes, he just might not notice what’s going on with his own ass. But then again, he just might. So party on in prison, pal!

  7. bengalpuss says:

    Cleo, your right they are evil cunts. Now i might upset a few people here, but i don.t give a fuck, why was the biological mother not guardian of her children? And if i hadn.t seen my kids for a while i’d be banging on their door till i saw them, or be at social services until i could see them. I don.t know the circumstances of the mother, but surely the surviving little girl would have gone to the mother instead of foster care. These two murdering cunts deserve a good beating daily in jail without a doubt, but starving a child takes a while, why didn.t no one spot this? Two little girls starving. Don.t tell me grandparents were oblivious, because thats bollocks, and i can.t wrap my head around why the biological mother hadn.t done anything when she didn.t see her children for a while, maybe im clueless but as a mother myself, that just wouldn’t be happening for me, i’d be kicking their door off to see my child. Hope these two ugly cunts rot in jail, sick fucking bastards.

  8. Lillith says:

    These evil fucking cockbites should be starved & beaten every day until they die as horribly as that precious baby girl! They should have thier respective reproductive organs surgically removed without the benifit of anesthiesia. I couldn’t even read the entire artical because it was making me sick. Hell, I freak out if my kids refuse to eat a single meal, so it is well beyond my sphere of comprehension why & how these evil fucktards could starve those precious babies!And how could the mother have not been more concerned or suspicious? I thought my evil ex wasn’t feeding my son once, and I reported his ass. Bruises? Same story. It took a bit, but my ex no longer has visitation and he probably won’t even have parental rights here in a few months. (and this is the diffrence between a parent & a fucktard waste of space) And where were the aforementioned grandparents in all of this?
    Sometimes I really wish a great flood would come wash all of these evil cockbites away to drown in the sea.THEN, the world might stand a fighting chance…
    RIP Alexis Marie Pounder, an Angel taken to Heaven too soon by monsters who have lived too long.
    And may Michelle Smith and Donald Cockrell die slowly & painfully & rot in pieces while they roast in hell!

  9. Agrippina The Elder says:

    This is a good example of people who are breeders instead of parents. The female child beating baby killer above looks like her mugshot would be featured on the faces of meth videos! Also, an opium addiction (whether it’s oxycontin, lortab, percocet, dilaudid, morphine, etc.) doesn’t numb a drug user to the point that they don’t give a flying fuck about anything in the world so that they live in a filthy, squalid apartment and beat and starve little children to the point of dying! As for the male sperm donor, his stupid act is just that….stupid! Only a complete moron would not notice 75 bruises on their own child and the fact that she only weighed 21 pounds. The fact that both of his daughters were sick and underweight would have told anyone that both of the children were being starved. I don’t buy one word of his story that he didn’t know what was going on. He was an active participant in the abuse along with his hellbeast girlfriend.

    Alexis was a beautiful little girl. My own youngest child just turned 3 one week ago and we are still trying to get her completely potty trained. She still soils herself at times, but you have to work and encourage them when potty training. You can’t beat a child for soiling themselves and then expect them to know how to go to the bathroom properly when no one is taking the time to teach them in a positive, educational, and methodical manner. Alexis suffered from soiling herself because of the fear that she had as a constant companion. The fact that this child weighed 21 pounds just kills me. Little Kara was on her way to death just like her sister Alexis. My heart breaks that Alexis and Kara were subjected to this hellish environment. RIP Alexis….you deserved so much better than what you were given. May the gods and goddesses above surround you with their love and warm embrace keeping you safe and erasing the memories from your mind of the pain you endured while on this sad earth. To Kara and the other children, I pray that you can overcome the abuse and trauma you suffered and that you each have loving and caring environments where you will each thrive and prosper.

    One day when I was very young, a spirit appeared before me…
    “Did you see an angel on this sad earth?”
    I replied that I had not and the spirit faded.

    I aged and grew through life,
    I experienced love, happiness, and joy,
    I experienced sadness, grief, and pain,
    I knew terror, abuse, and violation,
    Yet, I survived while many others did not.

    As an adult, the same spirit again reappeared to me…
    “Did you see an angel on this sad earth?”
    This time I told the spirit that I had seen far too many angels on this sad earth…..

    Too many angels like Alexis are taken from us on this earth due to indifference, neglect, or abuse. If you believe a child is being neglected, starved, abused physically, abused sexually, or mistreated in any way, PLEASE REPORT YOUR SUSPICIONS! If the situation is not investigated properly, then please do not just let it go to be swept under the rug. When sleeping dogs are left to lay, this is when the angels on this sad earth are taken from this earth.

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