Dina Rodrigues, Sipho Mfazwe, Mongezi Bobotyane, Zanethemba Gwada & Bonginkosi Sigenu

Dina Rodrigues

Crimes: Conspiracy, Murder

Dina Rodrigues of Cape Town, South Africa is the kind of woman you don’t want to cross. Seriously, if you value your life or the lives of those you love, don’t mess with her. The only life she values is her own.

Some will no doubt say that Dina Rodrigues has changed since June 2005, that she’s grown and matured. To that I say she was 24 years old back then — not exactly an impressionable teenager. And what she did was so abhorrent, so cruel, so evil that no impressionable teenager would ever do it.

In 2005, Dina Rodrigues began a relationship with Neil Wilson. It was a relationship that, to her, was everything. He was the man of her dreams, the man she knew she would marry. She idolized him, and fantasized about him and their future together.

Dina Rodrigues, thinking her family would disapprove of the relationship, lied to them. When she went on holiday with Neil Wilson, she told her parents she was going with someone else — I’m guessing someone female.

Neil Wilson was a healthy, handsome, adult male which meant that he had been in relationships before he embarked on one with her. One of those was with Natasha Norton.

Dina Rodrigues actually knew Natasha Norton, but very slightly. She knew about the relationship and was somewhat jealous. She was probably disapproving because Natasha Norton was not a white woman — beautiful, light-skinned but not white.

And then Dina Rodrigues found out about the baby. Natasha Norton had a beautiful baby girl named Jordan-Leigh, and the father was … Neil Wilson.

Dina Rodrigues was beyond furious. Her dream man had feet of clay. He wasn’t perfect any more. He had an illegitimate baby by a non-white woman, and the hellbitch decided to do something about it.

So did Dina Rodrigues go after Neil Wilson and punish him for being a flawed human being? Nope. Did she go after Natasha Norton, the beautiful rival and the mother of her man’s baby? Nope.

Jordan-Leigh NortonDina Rodrigues chose to go after the baby. Six-month-old Jordan-Leigh Norton had become “the problem” that had to be dealt with.

OMG, why? Why the hell would anyone want to destroy a helpless, adorable baby?

Well, Dina Rodrigues wanted a perfect future with her perfect man, and she always got what she wanted. She was spoilt and stubborn and determined to get her own way. The baby, by her very existence, might spoil the hellbitch’s perfect future and bring shame to Neil Wilson. Ergo, the baby had to die.

Dina Rodrigues must have been very adept at hiding her true, evil, murderous nature from those who loved her. Neil Wilson thought she was a loving and caring person. She was — to those she chose to love and care about. The rest of the world was nothing to her.

To solve “the problem”, Dina Rodrigues drove to a taxi rank in her search for a hitman. She found four. What. The. Hell.

I don’t know about life in South Africa, but here in Canada one wouldn’t necessarily approach taxi drivers in a quest to hire a hitman.

Dina Rodrigues offered 10,000 rand (about £700 or $960 Canadian dollars) if somebody would murder a baby. Sipho Mfazwe stepped up to the plate. He wasn’t about to do it alone, so he recruited Mongezi Bobotyane and teenagers Zanethemba Gwada and Bonginkosi Sigenu. I imagine they were either desperate for money, or they wanted some thrills.

Not one of those 4 hellbeasts saw fit to contact police and save a life. Damn them all — even the teenagers! They were willing to kill for 10,000 rand, presumably split 4 ways.

The five conspirators devised a plot: the guys were to gain entry into the Norton house under the pretext of delivering a phone directory. That bombed. Dina Rodrigues was undeterred. She came up with a second scheme. This one involved the guys posing as delivery men. She created a fake waybill from her place of employment to make the scheme believable.

As an added touch, Dina Rodrigues phoned the Norton home to tell them to expect a delivery.

Tragically, the second murder plot worked. On June 15, 2005, the four traveled in Sipho Mfazwe’s minibus taxi to the Norton home. All except Bonginkosi Sigenu had knives.

Nineteen-year-old Dylan Norton, Jordan-Leigh’s uncle, opened the door to sign the waybill. That’s when the men forced their way into the house, and bound and gagged the poor guy and the nanny.

Boninkosi Sigenu, the youngest of the hellbeasts, was given the task of killing the baby. He couldn’t.

“I was told to take the child away from the domestic and go and strangle it in a room. The child started playing on the bed and reminded me of my little brother. I couldn’t do it,” said Bonginkosi Sigenu.

The teenager left the house and waited outside. He left the baby to the mercy of Mongezi Bobtyane, who had no mercy. The monster slit little Jordan-Leigh’s throat.

The 4 hitmen took with them a safe in an effort to disguise the contract killing as an armed robbery. They left behind them the dead baby with her uncle and nanny tied up — and the phony waybill.

Too bad for Dina Rodrigues that she’s a sloppy hellbitch — her thumbprints were all over the waybill, and she’d filled it out with her own handwriting. Duh!

As well, she had called the Norton house 7 times from her place of work. Duh!

And going to a public place like a taxi stand to find a hitman was beyond stupid. A pretty white woman offering 10,000 rand for a murder was pretty damn memorable.

Dumbest of all, Dina Rodrigues phoned Neil Wilson to tell him that his baby was dead and that she had paid 10,000 rand to make “the problem” go away. The man was, to her surprise, not pleased. He broke down crying and heartbroken, and the hellbitch finally twigged to the fact that she had just destroyed her perfect future.

Rodrigues and co-conspiratorsThe five murderous monsters were arrested. Bonginkosi Sigenu, heeding his mother’s plea to tell the truth, told the truth.

Dina Rodrigues’ lawyer argued at trial that the killing had been an attempted kidnapping gone wrong. Riiight.

In May 2007 Dina Rodrigues, Sipho Mfazwe, Mongezi Bobotyane, Zanethemba Gwada and Bonginkosi Sigenu were found guilty of murder after a 15-month-long trial.

Judge Basheer Waglay sentenced Sipho Mfazwe and Mongezi Bobotyane to life plus 10 years. Zanethemba Gwada and Bonginkosi Sigenu were sentenced to 15 years in prison. And Dina Rodrigues was sentenced to life in prison.

Judge Waglay said of the murder that it was “cowardly and cruel in the extreme”. That it was.

Rodrigues and co-conspiratorsAnd the judge said of the hellbitch, “At no stage during the trial did Rodrigues show any remorse as the instigator of this heinous murder…. This was the most horrendous of crimes from a calculated, evil mind.”

Dina Rodrigues, in a recent confession, blamed her crime on “the unsophisticated emotions of an immature and inexperienced woman, adult in body but not in mind”.

“I had been protected and shielded throughout my life by my family, the members of which have a very old-fashioned attitude towards women in general, and unmarried daughters in particular. I had lived a sheltered life,” she wrote.

“I worked and had always worked in a family business, under the benign authority of a family member, and had always lived at home with my parents, despite being more than old enough to have moved out years before.”

What is she saying? That she was too coddled by her family to be able to understand that you don’t murder to solve your problems? Bullshit. Immaturity and inexperience are no excuse for a complete lack of humanity and compassion.

And then Dina Rodrigues piled on more bullshit in her confession. She actually tried to blame Neil Wilson for not stopping the murder.

“I made broad hints to Wilson of my thoughts, thoughts which I now realise were sick in nature. I asked him how much he would ‘pay to get rid of the problem’, or words to that effect. I was so blinded by my own resentments that I misinterpreted his reaction, in particular his failure to condemn the sick thoughts which I was harbouring, as a form of agreement with and support of my desire to rid us of this obstacle to our happiness.”

What a sick bitch! Neil Wilson probably thought she was talking about paying child support, not soliciting the murder of his own baby.

Dina RodriguesAnd that wasn’t the end of the bullshit. Dina Rodrigues continued on, “I have never had conscious contact with criminals, let alone contact with assassins and I certainly did not know how to hire a killer. In my naiveté, I decided to go to a nearby minibus taxi terminus to ask around for someone who would kill for payment, and did so.

“It now also seems unbelievable to me that I made the decision… Only an utter fool and a lunatic would go to a public place and openly seek a killer for hire,” she wrote.

Wait a minute. She thinks she was a lunatic for hiring a hitman in a public place? How about hiring a hitman at all? How about planning the murder of a tiny baby?

Dina Rodrigues is keeping busy in Pollsmoor Prison. She’s taking courses, and she got a certificate for computer literacy and life skills. She got her BComm degree and a diploma for basic education.

Dina Rodrigues even managed to get a long distance boyfriend — an inmate serving 4 life sentences for rape and murder.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’d be more content that justice was served if Dina Rodrigues didn’t have any pleasure out of life. I’d rather the baby killer — all of them — suffered daily, knowing they’d wasted their lives when they destroyed a life.

RIP, baby Jordan-Leigh Norton. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to her family who are grieving her loss.

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7 Responses to Dina Rodrigues, Sipho Mfazwe, Mongezi Bobotyane, Zanethemba Gwada & Bonginkosi Sigenu

  1. bulldoggy says:

    I read that 1,100 children are killed each year in South Africa. Damn that’s a scary place! And these hell beasts are heartless and inhuman creatures who should never be let out.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    How wicked! This bastard arranged for an infant to be murdered then minimizes it by claiming she was still living at home and the baby’s father should’ve picked up on her evilness and if he had then this wouldn’t of happened? What i find utterly mind boggling is the fact that she could just walk into a taxi office and come away with someone prepared to murder a tiny baby for a pittance of money? Talk about having no moral compass. I hope all of these evil horrible cunts suffer for the evil deed they committed.

  3. MoodyMagic says:

    Poor child and her family. Yes prison life is to good for this psycho bitch.

  4. awesomeblossom says:

    So who’s paying for the courses she’s taking? The taxpayer? And what is she planning to do with her MBA and her teaching diploma? I’m guessing she’s planning on getting out on parole sometime, and wants to impress the parole board. Sorry, but passing courses doesn’t grow her a heart and a soul. Heaven forbid she gets out, especially if she’s still young enough to start a family.

    R.I.P. baby Jordan.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Totally Obnoxious

  6. cecelia says:

    sick twisted C U Next Tuesday. hope she never sees outside a prison again.
    She looks like psycho GF Shayna Hubers

  7. tanya says:

    I am from South Africa and this story totally rocked me, i still cannot believe how any sane person could do this to a child!!! Here is another shocking South African story you can follow up on, its the story of Little Baby L who was abused by the mothers Boyfriend and as always the mother “didn’t know a thing” i would like for you to write about this Hellbeast as he denied any wrong doing straight to the end!!!

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