Detroit Jane Doe

Detroit Jane Doe

I found a skull picture and have taken the opportunity to indulge in my favourite hobby — creating a face. There are already two likenesses of this Jane Doe, which I’ve included, but they look completely different save for the wrinkles and short hair. It’s hard to believe the artists were working with the same skull.

This particular Jane Doe was found by Detroit, Michigan police officers on July 13, 2005 in an abandoned house. She was naked and badly decomposed, making identification very difficult. There were also no personal effects.

This Jane Doe, case number 05-6734, was about 5’3″ tall. She had short, reddy-brown and greying hair. She was approximately 35 to 50 years old, and slender in build.

Detroit Jane Doe skullThe most notable thing about this Jane Doe was her extremely bad mouth. Almost all of her teeth were gone — before death — and the ones left were so rotted that they were reduced to hollowed-out roots and bits of crown barely attached to her jaws.

I don’t know how this woman withstood the pain. My teeth ache just looking at the photo of her skull.

The incredibly awful state of her mouth makes me think of meth users. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was one of them.

The surprising thing is that, despite her severely poor oral hygiene, this woman kept her fingernails and toenails nicely trimmed and cared for. You’d think she’d be beyond caring about her appearance at that point.

The body was found near Grand River Avenue and 14th Street, at 4333 Wabash Street. Authorities figure she’d been dragged or carried into the abandoned house up to 30 days before she was discovered.

Detroit Jane DoeI don’t know if this woman’s death was a homicide. If it were a drug overdose, why would her body be naked and hidden? I guess it is possible that a homeless person had more use of her clothes than the dead woman did, and therefore stripped her down and took the shoes and clothing.

In making the face I decided to make the shape of it more like what it would resemble before she lost her teeth to increase odds she’ll be recognized. I know when my own mom took out her false teeth she looked like a totally different person.

I decided to age the face with wrinkles and lines in keeping with someone near 50 since the woman had greying hair. I totally guessed at the eye colour.

If anyone has any idea of this Jane Doe’s identity, please contact the Medical Examiner’s office in Wayne County, (313) 833-2504. The listed case manager is Sarah Krebs, (313) 215-0675. The case number is 05-6734.

This case is also identified as NamUS UP 7702.

Jane Doe NamUS 7702As promised, here is my version of the unfortunate woman’s face.

Here’s hoping that someone will recognize this unfortunate woman. Her family deserves to know what became of her, and she deserves to be properly buried and mourned. entry
Michigan State Police article

4 Responses to Detroit Jane Doe

  1. moodymagic says:

    I hope they are able to identify the poor victim. The top one makes her look like a man. Neither of them seems to fit the skull. Cleo you did a great job. I hope it helps to identify her. I am sure your will help.

  2. 2cute says:

    I wonder if this woman had anybody, any family. Sad.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    Geez that mouth is scary! I don’t know how she could eat with that mouth. That’s more than neglect that destroyed her teeth. Probably was meth mouth. Hope she gets claimed and returned to her family.

  4. BENGALPUSS says:

    Actually meth isn’t the only drug to rot your teeth, crack cocaine is a drug that also does a load of damage to drug users teeth as does heroin, not injectors but those who free base crack, and chase the dragon with heroin, just thought i’d point that out. Cleo, yet again you’ve done a good job the person in your picture looks like a human being and not like a monster like the other pictures of this poor individual, lets hope someone can recognize her.

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