Denise Michelle Goodwin

Denise Goodwin

Crimes: Murder, Theft, Fraud, Forgery

The case of Denise Michelle Goodwin really stokes my rage because her victim was a vulnerable 88-year-old man. She was supposed to be a caregiver, but she chose to cold-bloodedly end a life for money.

The victim, Gerald Eugene Rabourn, was a retired mapmaker from Rancho Bernardo, California. He wasn’t rich, but he’d been frugal all of his life. He’d saved enough money to pay his bills, live comfortably and leave a bequest to his daughter.

Unfortunately for Gerald Rabourn and his family, Denise Goodwin managed to inveigle herself into his life.

The hellbitch predator, Denise Goodwin, had a history of targeting senior citizens. She’d previously advertised herself on a senior dating site as a 74-year-old woman looking for love. She was only 44. I gather that that gambit wasn’t too successful.

After that, Denise Goodwin purported stole money from a man dying of brain cancer.

In September 2010, Denise Goodwin applied for a caregiver position, and she specifically requested to work with hospice patients. I don’t know what her qualifications were but she was accepted. That’s how she came to insinuate herself into Gerald Rabourn’s life. His wife, Carolyn, was in the final stages of lung cancer and needed care.

Two days before Carolyn Rabourn died, Denise Goodwin bought herself a camera and software system using the dying woman’s credit card. It was a sign of things to come.

After Carolyn Rabourn died, the widower was convinced by Denise Goodwin to let her help him with financial stuff. He trustingly allowed her to access his and his wife’s bank accounts. I guess to prove how reliable she was, Denise Goodwin followed his instructions and transferred $28,000 from Carolyn Rabourn’s account to Gerald Rabourn’s account. I’m sure she learned then and there exactly how much the old man was worth.

A short while after Carolyn Rabourn passed away, the widower’s daughter, Mary Weaver, wanted to visit him from out of state. Gerald Rabourn told her not to come because he wouldn’t be there. In October, 2010, Mary Weaver tried to convince her father to move closer to her, but he refused. He told her he was going to stay with a woman called Denise.

Mary Weaver stated, “I said, ‘Who is Denise?’ He just went on and on about ‘this wonderful person that wants to take care of me and she takes care of her mother and wants to take care of me, too and I’m going to stay with her for a little bit.'”

Being rightfully concerned, Mary Weaver asked about contact information. Gerald Rabourn was unable to give her a phone number, an address, or even Denise’s last name.

Mary Weaver asked how much he had to pay this Denise, and her father told her, “Oh, she’s an angel. She’s not charging me anything.”

I guess poor Gerald Rabourn had no clue what Denise Goodwin was doing with his money. The hellbitch got her name on his bank account, and then changed the direct deposit so she could get her paws on his monthly $3000 pension cheque. And the frugal old man was believing he was getting somebody to care for him for free.

Denise Goodwin was apparently a very competent forger. She signed his name to a quitclaim deed on her victim’s house and listed it for sale for $381,000. She transferred $70,000 from Gerald Rabourn’s account into her personal account. She spent $98,000 of his money on a house and other rental properties in Temecula. She also made over $22,000 in cash withdrawals from Gerald Rabourn’s account.

Gerald Rabourn

Gerald Rabourn

A neighbour of Gerald Rabourn became very concerned that the old guy was being financially abused by Denise Goodwin and contacted Adult Protective Services. Investigators showed up but Gerald Rabourn told them to go away and leave him alone. That was very unfortunate.

The last time anybody ever saw Gerald Rabourn was on October 21, 2010. Mary Weaver and other family members tried to get ahold of him after that, but Denise Goodwin repeatedly lied about his whereabouts.

When she didn’t get a birthday card from him, Mary Weaver reported her dad missing. That was in February 2011.

Days after reporting him missing, a woman called Gerald Rabourn’s grandson and announced she was his new wife, Carmen. She told him, “Gerry and I got married in Las Vegas.” The woman also requested that the family not bother them.

“I’m asking that you give (us) time to ourselves and not keep calling,” this Carmen woman said in the message. “Gerry will call you when he wants.”

Gerald Rabourn’s house was sold and Denise Goodwin pocketed the profits. The hellbitch also transferred $143,000 of the old man’s assets into her account. Altogether, Denise Goodwin stole more than $594,000 from her victim, and he was nowhere to be found.

Denise the evil, greedy, murdering witch Goodwin was arrested on July 2011. She was actually boarding a plane for Europe when she was nabbed.

Denise Michelle Goodwin, 47, of Valley Center, went to trial in August 2014 in San Diego Superior Court. She pled not guilty to all the charges: murder for financial gain, embezzlement, elder abuse, grand theft, caregiver theft by an adult, fraudulent appropriation by a trustee, forgery and filing forged documents.

Despite the lack of a body, Deputy DA Bill Mitchell was confident Gerald Rabourn had died by “criminal means”.

“The Rabourns did not suspect, and really had no way of knowing, the defendant’s true intentions when she came into the home,” Deputy DA Mitchell said. “The success of the defendant’s plan had to involve the death of Gerald Rabourn. He was so tight with his money, he would have stopped it.”

The defense attorney, Ronald Bobo, argued that yes, Denise Goodwin had taken money from Gerald Rabourn, had even misappropriated it, but she didn’t kill him. She was skilled in financial matters, Ronald Bobo explained. “The plan was that they would both make money playing the stock market.” Riiiight.

Denise GoodwinOn October 7, 2014, the jury found Denise Michelle Goodwin guilty of 1st-degree murder and 10 other counts. Yay! The poor hellbitch cried when she heard the verdict.

The murdering hellbitch could have faced the death penalty, which she would have deserved. Instead she faces life in prison without parole when she is sentenced in December 2014.

I suppose it would be too much to hope for that the cold-blooded killer would grow enough of a soul to reveal where Gerald Rabourn’s body is hidden. The family deserves to lay him to rest properly. Not knowing where he is must be a horrible burden for them to bear.

I have to admit I wonder how Denise Goodwin managed to kill and dispose of her victim’s body all by herself. It seems likely to me she had help. Her son, Michael, has been charged with concealing a stolen vehicle that belonged to Gerald Rabourn. I wonder if he has an idea of who would have helped his mom. Hmmmm.

I know that most people are unable to care for their ageing or sick relatives themselves, and have to rely upon a caregiver. Please, people, do a background check on anyone you are considering for the job. Don’t trust the organization they’re with to do their due diligence in that respect. The one that hired Denise Goodwin obviously didn’t.

Once you have a caregiver in place, check on the patient frequently. Look for signs of abuse. Make the caregiver explain to your satisfaction every single injury.

I am a firm believer in nanny cams. The defenseless in society need protection, and sadly there are way too many hellbeasts out there who are ready, willing and able to harm the most vulnerable.

RIP, Mr. Rabourn. I extend my sympathies to his friends and family.


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14 Responses to Denise Michelle Goodwin

  1. moodymagic says:

    This Bitch should have gotten the death penalty. I hope she enjoys her life behind bars. Burn in hell heartless cow.

  2. 2cute says:

    Wow, she sure doesn’t look very happy lol. She should just tell what she did with the old guy, maybe she’d feel better. Too bad they couldn’t dangle the death penalty over her head with the option of life only if she told all.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    The family should sue the outfit that hired the bitch as a caregiver.

  4. PJ says:

    I think the fugly bitch should have been given the death penalty. RIP Mr Rabourn. Condolences to the family.

  5. 2cute says:

    Ha ha, she’s crying. I hope the murdering bitch cries every single day of the rest of her useless life. Too bad nothing can be done to make her talk about where her victim is hidden. I hope the family finds solace from her sentence.

  6. Geist says:

    She has no soul. How can you prey upon such a harmless good senior?

    If she had any decency she would tell them where he his but again she has no soul.

  7. Idk says:

    I know her family personally I worked for her mother and let me tell you that I didn’t like her and she didn’t like me. But her son is a very sweet kid who doesn’t want nothing to do with her.

    • AnonymousGrandson says:

      This is the grandson of the Gerald Raburn directly. I was not in attendance at trial. As I understand it, her son was indicted as well. I am sorry that he became involved. I only forgive this young man and hope he will be able to overcome the loss of his mother. I want for him to be a normal man moving foward in his life.
      The detectives and prosecutors in san diego are heroic and the champions of our family. My patient and grieving mother was persistant and kept reminding the police that she was only thinking of the next victims.
      Best wishes her son.
      Love u grandpa and grandma.
      U are remembered.

  8. Bengalpuss. says:

    Seeing this evil cunt crying has made me smile. She must be Fucking stupid to think she woulda gotten away with her crime. I feel really bad for the victims family, if only he woulda listened to the people who went to check on him, but cunts like this bitch are adept at pretending to be genuine. But the poor guy was in a vulnerable place after losing his wife and this bastard pounced. She shoulda got the death penalty for not letting the family know where he is. My heart goes out to them.

  9. Tom Daly says:

    You know what would be poetic justice? When she’s in her seventies and one of her carers tortures HER to the point of death. Karmas a bitch

  10. Bowie says:

    Just saw this story on Investigation Discovery Channel and it shows the need for family to get involved to make sure their elderly parents aren’t been taken advantage of. Some people just have no conscience when it comes to greed and greed it was ripping off seniors.

    • Grandson says:

      You better believe that we ask Grandpa to move back to Kansas City as soon as grandma died he just was retired since 85 and didn’t want to spend the winter in Kansas City. My older brother saw him in 2008 with my nephew’s who are seven or eight years old and I saw him in 2006 when he came to Kansas City for Thanksgiving he was still very much associated with the family and we did everything we could to encourage him to get away from that evil murdering woman.

  11. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    He looks like such a sweet, kind older gentleman. I hope that fat disgusting bitch dies in prison. How awful. My grandmother, bless her, had cancer and was also caring for my grandfather who’d had a stroke and was… Well, a completely different and difficult person afterwards. She hired thus evil, conniving bitch named Philly to help her. She had my Gammies totally snowed, and stole many precious antiques and heirlooms as well as money. Horribly, transparently fake she was to everyone but my grandmother, who chose to only see the good in people. She was a wonderful women, and I miss her greatly.

  12. Sherri Larson says:

    I don’t know if anyone will read this, but can one of the Grandsons contact me?
    I hope this works.

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