Denise and Michael Scriven

Denise and Michael Scriven
Crimes: Failure to Provide the Necessities of Life, Assault, Unlawful Confinement

Betty Anne Gagnon was disabled all her life. She had an intellectual disability caused by lack of oxygen at birth. She had the mental capacity of a child. Later in life she developed glaucoma and that impaired her vision. But despite all that, she matured to be a vibrant, competent woman who was full of joy and laughs.

Betty Anne Gagnon did her laundry by herself, rode buses by herself, and became a volunteer. She was known for telling jokes. She loved the movie Free Willy and enjoyed celebrating her birthdays at the restaurant Cheesecake Factory.

Betty Anne, Suzanne Jackett and Sue ThomasLife for Betty Anne Gagnon changed when her mother passed away in 1981. She was placed in different group homes until 1990 when she moved in with her roommates/caregivers Suzanne Jackett and Sue Thomas.

The three women had a very nice life together in their Edmonton, Alberta home until June 2005. That’s when Betty Anne Gagnon went to live with her beloved sister Denise Scriven and her sister’s husband Michael Scriven. The couple lived on a rural property in Strathcona County in Alberta.

Denise Scriven worked as a nurse so she should have been a very capable caregiver for Betty Anne.

The Scrivens had applied to the government for financial assistance to help care for Betty Anne Gagnon but their request was declined. Betty Anne Gagnon already received monthly payments from the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped government program.

Suzanne Jackett offered to help the Scrivens many times but they never got back to her.

Life was not going well for the Scriven household. Denise Scriven quit her nursing job in September 2008 because she’d had a mental breakdown. Not good. She had also tried to commit suicide, that’s how ill she was.

I don’t know what happened to Denise Scriven to cause her mental breakdown. She was still aware enough that she was becoming incapable of caring properly for her sister.

In February 2009 she told workers with the government program Persons with Developmental Disabilities that being a caregiver for Betty Anne left her “feeling desperate”. Tragically, another placement for Betty Anne could not be found at the time.

I don’t think that Denise Scriven made it clear to the authorities that her own desperate state placed Betty Anne in a desperate state too. I don’t think she told them that her sister seriously needed rescuing from the situation.

The ScrivensI am pretty damn sure Denise Scriven didn’t divulge that she and her husband were crack cocaine users either.

Even though she needed help with Betty Anne, Denise Scriven did not contact Suzanne Jackett. She continued to ignore the woman’s sincere offers of help. I cannot understand why.

In her awful state Denise Scriven just carried on with the “help” and “support” of her husband/fellow addict Michael.

Now I don’t know Michael Scriven’s background, but I can pretty much guarantee he had nothing to do with caregiving before Betty Anne Gagnon moved in. His version of caregiving was more akin to the treatment given to inmates of a concentration camp.

Michael Scriven decided that he didn’t want his sister-in-law to live in the house with him. He accused the woman of smearing feces all over. As if!

Michael Scriven built a pen out of chicken wire in the garage for her. In fact he contrived several places on his property for Betty Anne to live, all unheated and without power and plumbing.

Betty Anne Gagnon was forced to live confined to the pen in the garage, another pen in the basement, a dog run, and a filthy old school bus. Her boots had been confiscated so she couldn’t run away.

Yeah, that’s how the hellbeasts Denise and Michael Scriven decided Betty Anne should be treated. Both of them locked her in her various prisons and kept her confined. Neither of them bothered much with feeding her.

Betty Anne GagnonThe poor woman was isolated, lonely, hungry, cold, uncomfortable, dirty, and so unloved. She’d once led an enjoyable life with friends and outings and good food and a nice home, and these monsters reduced her to living like a caged animal. And it got worse.

There was physical punishment too.

Michael Scriven videotaped his wife spanking Betty Anne around 70 times with a rubber glove. He was heard laughing and saying, “This is funny,” as their victim cried and screamed. Apparently spanking was a much-too-common occurrence.

Evil, sadistic bastards!

On another video Denise Scriven could be heard threatening her sister, “You want some more Mr. Clean in your mouth?”

I take it from that that Betty Anne Gagnon was tortured that way more than once. And that is how the sadistic Scrivens treated this poor, disabled woman who had never done one single thing in her entire life to deserve it.

On November 19, 2009 Betty Anne Gagnon was locked inside the unheated school bus, feeling very, very ill. She suffered a seizure and a bout of incontinence. Her sister, who had indulged in some crack-cocaine that day, dragged her off the bus and tried CPR on her. Denise Scriven called for Michael’s help.

Amazingly, Michael Scriven was at that time videotaping damage to his house, so he inadvertently recorded Betty Anne Gagnon begging for help. “I need you,” she pleaded while her two “caregivers” debated what to do. It didn’t help that Michael Scriven had also indulged in some crack-cocaine that day.

“This is the last time I will speak about Betty Anne,” Michael Scriven told the camera, and then he revealed, “she is not breathing.”

Ultimately they decided to put the poor woman in their pickup truck and go get help. Denise did the driving. She wound up parked outside a convenience store/gas station near Sherwood Park. Paramedics were summoned and they found Betty Anne Gagnon in the front seat of the truck.

The poor, poor woman weighed only 65 pounds. She was covered in bruises all over her head and body. She was also very dead.

Betty Anne Gagnon was only 48 years old.

At the scene Michael Scriven got good and busy talking to the police about his newly deceased sister-in-law. He told them how she had broken his generator and even tried to poison him and that’s why he didn’t let her live inside his house.

Do you see what crack cocaine does to your thinking processes? How stupid could he get?

The coroner determined that Betty Anne Gagnon didn’t die of hypothermia or starvation or dehydration. She died of a head injury.

Six months later, at the end of June 2010, Michael and Denise Scrivens were charged with manslaughter, assault and unlawful confinement.

The two sadistic hellbeasts pled guilty on March 1, 2013 to failure to provide the necessities of life. The most serious charge of manslaughter was dropped.

Excuse me but WTF? No manslaughter charge?

“The trauma (to her head) may have been caused by a fall or a blow to the face,” Crown Prosecutor Scott Niblock said. Yeah, I guess so. There’s no proving Betty Anne didn’t fall and injure her head.

Sue Thomas, Betty Anne’s former caregiver was heartbroken by the facts of the case that the prosecutor read out in court.

“I don’t even think animals should be treated this way. They treated her like she wasn’t a human being. She was part of our family. She was our friend,” Ms Thomas said.

Suzanne Jackett said, ““What we heard was so disturbing and very, very difficult for us to hear.” No doubt.

Sentencing has been delayed until June 27, 2013. The defense lawyers had requested further psychiatric assessments on the evil pair of demon spawn. Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Sterling Sanderman agreed to the request.

One psychiatric assessment has already been made that determined that Michael and Nicole Scriven “suffered from significant mental health issues at the time of the offense.”

I shall keep readers updated about the fate of the despicable Scrivens. I truly hope they shall be locked up for a very long time, but with even manslaughter off the table I doubt that will be the case.

RIP, Betty Anne Gagnon.


Denise and Michael Scriven were sentenced on October 31, 2013 to 20 months in prison. Justice Sterling Sanderman said he hoped the sentence will act as a deterrent for others who looking after the most vulnerable. Riiight. Twenty freaking months! What a crock, IMO!

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14 Responses to Denise and Michael Scriven

  1. 2cute says:

    Too bad Denise didn’t succeed with her suicide attempt after all. The planet would have been better off with Betty Anne on it than her. There should be an investigation into why Betty Anne wasn’t removed from their care after her sister complained. Seems to me Denise and Michael only took her in because they thought they’d get checks from the government. They couldn’t have cared one single iota about her and when they didn’t get money they took satisfaction in torturing her. Evil c*nts should never be let out of prison.

    • Lillith says:

      Amen to that 2Cute. She should’ve taken her pos hubby with her & saved the whole world a lot of suffering. Too bad this didn’t happen in Maricopa County, Arizona. They’re notorious for thier mistreatment of prisinors, specifically for locking pieces of human garbage like this out in an open courtyard, under the hot Arizona sun, and leaving them there without food, water, facilities or shelter for hours or even days at a time. That’s EXACTLY where these two cockbites belong- whichever circle of Hell that encompasses Maricopa County, Arizona! Sounds fair to me, given thier crime.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Yes lillith, maricopa county jail doesn’t mess about. Tent city the warden named his outside jail, plus he has a vacancy sign flashing 24/7. He also brought back black & white striped jail attire and the again gang. The sadist pair deserve a spot in maricopa county jail without a doubt. Don’t get why they dropped the manslaughter charge though, in my view they should have been charged with murder. The crack heads probably only wanted betty anne’s, cheques, sick twisted fuck’s.

        • Lillith says:

          And things like that is why I still hold a glimmer of hope that America could be great again…If only we could send all the cockbites of the world there (or more wonderful jails like that one would suddenly pop up around the world) then maybe crimes like this could go into being obsolete.

    • Wem says:

      I am not dismissing the acts, severity, or any part Michael and Denise played in this, but I do want to make something very clear. As much as they did, the systems also did. I know this family personally and know many attempts were made by both Denise and Michael’s family members to get Betty Ann out of the home. People who knew or suspected she was not in the best place made many calls to many facilities and were told By Welfare- “she is not under age, not our concern.” By Special Needs Services – “There is no where else for her.” By services for adults in need – “She is not a senior, we don’t handle those cases.” By the Police – “We will check into it.” Betty Ann’s death was cause by neglect by everyone and they all should be punished accordingly for not doing more for her.

  2. pj says:

    So they think mentally challenged people should be treated worse than animals? And they’re claiming mental issues as a defence? Then they should insist on being locked up in cages with no heat or lights or water, and only being fed every once in a goddamn while. Probably Betty Anne had nothing but love for her sister and the evil bitch turned on her and tortured her until she died. It’s so sad and tragic. Wasn’t anyone checking on Betty Anne’s welfare?

  3. pj says:

    It occurs to me if these two hell beasts had buried Betty Anne on their property instead of driving her for help (she was dead anyway) then nobody would have been the wiser. Nobody would have known what became of Betty Anne and these two would have got away with causing her death. Scary thought.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Sad thing is pj, that betty anne, lived with those two women, before satan and his wife got hold of betty anne, is they loved betty anne more than her own family. Why was betty anne, taken from that environment and given to 2 crack heads, we’ll probably never know for sure, but my theory is its gotta do with the cheques betty was getting. They even applied for more assistance, but were refused, i bet when they realised they were not going to get anymore, the treatment poor betty anne was suffering, was taken to another level, and the money she was already getting, those two cunts that are a poor excuse for human beings, spent it on crack, horrible twats.

      • Lillith says:

        With dipshits like this it’s ALWAYS about the money. maybe now that they’ve been found mentally incompetent they can draw a check of thier very own & some vulture can treat them like the turds they are while stealing it from them!

  4. moodymagic says:

    These 2 fucktards make me sick and the fact manslaughter was dropped. WTF. We all know they are going to get a joke of a sentence in Canada. There was all the video evidence and still manslaughter was thrown out. There is no justice for Betty Anne.

  5. Thundar says:

    Really sad. It’s tough to imaging the pain, suffering, heartbreak, betrayal, etc. that many of the victims must have felt at the time of their demise or near demise. I’m still bothered by the POS-stains Kruse Wellwood and Cameron Moffitt which I read on here 1-2 years ago. I hope they are busy being some bad guy’s girlfriend in jail right about now. These 2 need to join them.

  6. Kayla Lindsay says:

    It should be illegal for these two to EVER reproduce.
    I am honestly embarrased that I breathe the same air as these people.

  7. Erika says:

    20 months wow the only thing that tells me is if I want to commit murder, to do it in Canada. Thanks for the heads up judge. Way to attract more psychos ur way

  8. BENGALPUSS says:

    Twenty months, absolutely disgraceful, the cunts should be locked in a wire cage for eternity, evil bastards they are.

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