Deborah Point

Hellbeast Deborah Point
Crime: Murder

Audrey Trudeau of Calgary worked at Rockyview Hospital. She specialized in physiotherapy. She was smart, funny and loved. Her patients loved her and her family really loved her. She knew how to be a good friend. She was compassionate, caring and generous by all accounts.

It was because Audrey Trudeau was compassionate and generous that she took in a fellow Rockyview Hospital worker as a roommate. Deborah Point was welcomed into Audrey’s home, and she was treated well. She was treated better than she deserved.

Deborah Point had and still has friends and family in Calgary but she wasn’t living with them in 1999. I have no idea why, but possibly because she pulled the same crap with them that she pulled with Audrey Trudeau.

See, Deborah Point was addicted to VLT gambling. Gambling addictions take a lot of money, especially if you lose more than you win. Deborah Point was good at losing, so she fed her gambling addiction by stealing money. Not nice.

Maybe she stole from her friends and family and that’s why she wasn’t living with any of them. I’m just guessing about that. But there is no doubt Deborah Point stole from Audrey Trudeau. In fact, she drained $5000 worth of cheques from Audrey’s bank account.

I can only imagine Audrey Trudeau’s disappointment and distress at learning that the woman she’d invited into her home was so ungrateful, so lacking in morals that she’d robbed her.

Aside from a gambling addiction and a predilection for stealing, Deborah Point had another “issue”. Her temper. It was nasty.

Audrey Trudeau talked to her family often about her roommate’s vicious temper. She talked to them about her own plans for the future too which did not include Deborah Point. Why should she consider doing anything more for the ungrateful, dishonest, soon-to-be-ex-roommate? She was definitely going to oust the ungrateful thief from her life. What she didn’t realize is that her roommate was not just a thieving gambler — she was a hellbeast.

Too bad Audrey didn’t turn her roommate in to the police and charge her with the thefts. But then, Audrey Trudeau was a kind person, not vindictive at all. She was just going to move on and extricate herself from this unpleasantness.

Audrey Trudeau actually had exciting plans. She was selling her Calgary condo and moving to Kitchener, Ontario to be close to beloved family members there. She had arranged to work at St. Mary’s Hospital. It was going to be just great!

This meant that Deborah Point was going to be without a place to live, and without that extra source of money i.e. Audrey’s bank account. Deborah Point was going to be SOL.

The news did not please Deborah Point. She did not rejoice at her good friend’s happy plans. She did not wish Audrey well and thank her for her kindness and generosity in sharing her home. She was not grateful for Audrey’s decision to not involve the police in the theft.

Deborah Point was pissed, pure and simple. She was murderously angry. She didn’t want her lifestyle messed up by Audrey. She didn’t want to have to move. And what do you know! It turned out she didn’t have to move! Why? Because Audrey Trudeau disappeared.

On February 25, 1999, Audrey Trudeau vanished without a trace. She didn’t pack up, she didn’t arrive in Kitchener, she didn’t start a new job, and she didn’t contact her loving family ever again. The people she talked to every day, the people she loved dearly never heard from her again. Audrey Trudeau, aged 44, was gone.

Audrey Trudeau’s family naturally demanded that Deborah Point explain to them where the missing woman was. In B.C., she told them as she continued to live comfortably in Audrey Trudeau’s condo. In B.C., she told them as she appropriated Audrey Trudeau’s car for her own use.

Audrey’s family didn’t believe Deborah Point — why would they? Her story made no sense whatsoever. It was not like Audrey at all to take off without her possessions or her car and to cut off all communications with family and friends.

On March 11, 1999 the distressed family contacted the Calgary police who questioned Deborah Point about Audrey’s whereabouts. They got the same answer — Audrey’s in B.C. The police did not believe it.

And so the police began to watch Deborah Point. Every move she made they watched her. For nearly 5 months they watched her, waiting for her to make a false move.

Deborah Point went about her life living in Audrey’s house and driving Audrey’s car, pretending everything was hunky dory. Actually everything was hunky dory for her then because nobody knew what she’d been up to before the police started watching her.

The police didn’t start watching until after Deborah Point had removed a big honking chunk of carpet from the condo.

The police also didn’t know that Deborah Point had taken several empty boxes from work, had taken them home and shortly after had stored those same boxes, no longer empty, in a friend’s garage. Deborah Point had even had her friend help her tote and stack those now overly duct-taped and heavy boxes. Two of the boxes had Deborah Point’s name written on them.

With all the duct tape and her name written on the boxes, I guess Deborah Point didn’t want anyone mistakenly opening them up.

Hmmmm, I wonder what was in those boxes.

Deborah Point was intending to collect the boxes eventually but those damned pesky police were keeping tabs on her, preventing her from going near them.

The investigators did notice that the large piece of carpet was missing from Audrey Trudeau’s apartment. Being smart folks they naturally asked Deborah Point what had happened to it. Her answer was that Audrey had asked her to take it out because hair dye had been spilt on it. Riiight, hair dye. She told the police that Audrey wanted to increase the value of the condo by putting in new flooring.

Deborah Point went so far as to tell the police that she and Audrey were a loving couple, i.e. lovers, and that as a couple they were both going to sell the condo and move to Ontario. Riiiight.

Now it was true that Deborah Point was a lesbian, but never, ever were there any indications that Audrey had been involved romantically with her or any other woman.

And the months dragged on. The distressed family of Audrey Trudeau knew Deborah Point was lying, and the police knew it too, but where was the proof?

The proof, if they did but know it, was packed in boxes in a garage on 33rd Avenue S.W. After almost 5 months finally somebody checked out the boxes. They had to — whatever was in those boxes leaked and I’m sure it reeked as well. Ewwwww.

Audrey Trudeau’s remains were discovered on July 21, 1999. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I can’t even imagine what opening those boxes was like. Gruesome! The poor woman had, of course, been dismembered.

Deborah Point the murdering hellbeast was hauled to jail on July 22, 1999, the very next day.

The autopsy showed that the unfortunate victim had suffered 15 crushing blows to her head. Fifteen blows. SOMEBODY had a temper!

The monstrous, heartless murderer had used a roofing hammer to kill and an axe to dismember the body. It takes a special kind of soulless creature to do that to a person, to a kind and generous friend.

It was an awful end for such a nice lady. She had done absolutely nothing to deserve what was done to her.

Deborah POS hellbeast killer Point was charged with the murder. She admitted she’d stolen Audrey’s money but denied murdering and dismembering her roommate.

Considering the lies she told about Audrey being in B.C., considering the boxes had her name on them, considering the boxes came from her workplace, considering the boxes were in the garage of her friend, considering she had her friend actually help her move the boxes into the garage, Deborah Point sure didn’t look innocent.

In November 2000 the monster Deborah Point, 39, was convicted of 2nd-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 20 years. She is eligible for day parole in 2016, which is coming up soon enough.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Susanne Bensler described Point’s murderous assault as “an evil and cowardly act on a benefactor who had only treated her with kindness.” She called it “a savage, brutal slaying with one devastating blow that crushed Audrey Trudeau’s skull like an eggshell.”

I guess the 14 subsequent blows to the poor woman’s head were just superfluous, a gratuitous display of evil. I truly hope Audrey didn’t feel any of them.

Deborah Point had and still has supporters who refuse to believe that she is a killer. I suspect they do not dwell much on the facts and circumstances of the case. They, along with the murderous monster Deborah, claim that all the evidence was circumstantial.

Really? So who on earth knew that Deborah had stored sealed boxes in her friend’s garage, snuck in and somehow secretly replaced the contents with the body parts of a woman Deborah believed was in B.C.? Pure, unadulterated crap.

Anyway, Deborah Point surprisingly hit the news in February 2012 when she appeared before the National Parole Board with an application for escorted day passes to visit her family’s home in Calgary.

When the panel members asked the convicted killer about her crime, she defiantly denied all responsibility.

“I did not kill or murder Audrey Trudeau, so I am going to continue to stand in my truth,” Deborah Point told the panel during the 2-hour hearing at the Edmonton Institution for Women.

“My belief is that (evidence) was circumstantial. I hold onto some hope new evidence is found,” she went on to declare.

This glaring “lack of insight” convinced the board that it is premature indeed to allow this creature escorted day passes to visit her family. Yay!

“You are unwilling or unable to answer a lot of basic questions … Your continued position is very disconcerting,” the panel told her.

Audrey Trudeau’s grieving relatives attended the hearing and not surprisingly they said they can’t forgive the heartless killer.

“She can rot in hell,” Trudeau’s sister Frances said.

“I can never forgive her. She still has no remorse and no feeling for what she’s done,” said Trudeau’s sister Mary. “She has not stood up and taken responsibility. She should never see the light of day.”

I second that. Never is too soon, IMO.

Deborah Point can be a “model” prisoner all she wants, but all the good behavior cannot and will not ever cancel out the evil in her soul. Rot in hell, Deborah Point.

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71 Responses to Deborah Point

  1. 2cute says:

    Wow, I am never going to take in a boarder now. That unfortunate Audrey Trudeau would have been smarter to have the police haul her roomie’s ass away for stealing but being a good person herself she probably didn’t expect her to go all psycho and shit. I wish hell beasts like her looked evil so we could protect ourselves and avoid them. That said, the Edenfields definitely looked evil in their mugshots.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Amen she was denied escorted day passes. How does a sick cruel murdering beast get even a chance for daypasses. May you rot in prison of some painful horrible disease. Poor Audrey.

  3. Kimber says:

    I almost let someone homeless into my house the other night. Forget that crap now.

    • scrappy says:

      Yeah, sorry Kimber. That’s why we have agencies to help the unfortunate…

      Sometimes people are just down on their luck and don’t have the resources to get themselves back up, sometimes there are really good reasons why they are down and out and one person cannot safely or realistically assist them. Volunteer at a shelter if you want to help the homeless.

  4. Ponder this? says:

    It is so easy to judge others based on what we “hear” or what the media tells us to believe. Barely anyone really knows the people they judge and I find that sad. Just think for one second that the possibility that she did not commit this crime is the truth, how would any of us feel if we had to go to Prison for 20 years of our lives for a crime we did not commit? Would any of us admit to such a crime when we really did not commit it in order to get out?
    What is better? The hope that one day some evidence that will free us or admit to have murdered someone in the most gruesome way to gain spme freedpm? What freedom? Do any of us really thing the life of a murderer is easy after being released from prison? Nobody wants anything to do with you or give you a job.
    Just something to ponder: Deborah Point has been incarcerated for a very long time and knows very well that if was to say that she commited this crime and with that start her “way of rahabilitation” she would liekly one day be free again. Deborah knows very well she will never see the outside of prison for as long as she does not admit guilt for this crime that she may or may not have commited. So with that: Why would she want to stay in Jail? Deb has a very good Relationship with her parents whom come to visit her regulary for 72hrs at a time and barley ever mis a social to spend a few quality hours with her dautghter.
    I have no talked to her in many months now, but without that communication I can assure you that the only reason she would even try to gain the privilege for an escorted travel to see her family is because the Travel is not always way for them as they are getting up there in age too.

    • mrethiopian says:

      judging from your story, you think DP is not guilty, I have one simple question, how does DP explain the boxes that she taped up and hid in a friends garage?

    • Nadine says:

      We’ll said!

    • Chickamoe says:

      hmmm….isn’t that nice how she gets to spend 72 hours at a time with her family….isn’t it NOT NICE…that we no longer get to spend A SINGLE SECOND with Audrey!!! if she was a man….this would not even be a question…she would be in jail until the bitter end!!! ROTTING does the fact that she is a woman make the crime less INSANE??? seriously consider the thought process it takes to complete such an act….consider yourself in her shoes….could you do it? every last bit of it? anger…sure,people do things…… but the rest? BULL!!! why is it that you always get these people that try to see the bright side..take the other side????..ignore that absolute terror these people inflict!??? if the tables were turned and you had to live and relive this all of the time, i am sure your point of view would be VERY DIFFERENT!!! i would love to rant on and on, but until you lived a day in the shoes of those who have lived this….DON’T PRESUME!!! seriously, get a life

    • Jake says:

      Ponder this …. Are you for real. I read your comments… And from my point of view your full of crap. Your not being truthful in your comments or your reasons for posting…. I am sure you have talked to Deb as you refer to her. But who are you trying to fool.

  5. louie says:

    It is really easy to judge others on what you hear in the courtroom. If anyone ever wanted to delve into the real story, all they would have to do is check out the trial transcripts. After all the evidence and circumstances that were heard, how can one not even for a second think that Deborah Point did not do this horrendous act. Deborah Point has been incarcerated for a very long time because she refuses to admit to her crime. Not because she knows she didn’t do it but because she knows that if she does now “tell the truth” then not only will she be admitting her crime, but also admitting that she is a big fat liar and has been all along. It is nice that she has a relationship with her parents. what about her victim (Audrey) what kind of relationship does she have with ANYONE!!! Her family are still suffering from their loss. They do not get to have socials etc with her.
    So as far as this writer is concerned may she rot in jail

  6. Leigh says:

    I find the reference to hell beast and all of your posts reprehensible. I have lived all over the world and seen what media can do and warp. Warp the media does… Has any one of you actually looked at the evidence? Are any of you CSI? Have you seen the chain of evidence? or lack there of or rather a major mess up? Judge not lest thee bet judged. Often times it is much easier to organize a “slam dunk” than to actually do the job and investigate. Contrary to the last post she does have socials with friends and family – and is a model prisoner and has been since day one. No fights, no jailhouse bull crap NOTHING. I guess that the media frenzy has fueled all of your comments and being lemmings that is what you do. Given a moment to speak with and bond with Deb – and well hey hear HER side you may be swayed. That is not in the card as the media has once again glamorized and persecuted an innocent much like the Americans going in to “help” in the middle east. I laugh at this as they did not want them there, nor did they ask for help – the media tells it different….
    I grieve for Audrey, her family and, friends. However, I do not believe in my heart that Deb did it.

    • Trace says:

      You don’t like the site, don’t visit the site. And no, I haven’t looked at the evidence. I don’t need to — the judge and jury did. And found her guilty. She has been judged. Have you looked at the evidence? Are you CSI? Have you seen the chain of evidence? You have judged her and somehow convinced yourself she is innocent. What makes you smarter than the experts, the police, the judge and the jury who went through all of the evidence?

      No, you apparently have just heard her side of the story and since she’s likeable you think she can’t be a killer — how does SHE explain the boxes full of Audrey?

      • Leigh says:

        I do not mean to offend – The site bothered me as she is not a serial killer, rapist, or pedophile and should not be lumped in with the likes of them. Just because a judge and jury looked at what was presented does not mean that all evidence was there or disclosed.

        No disrespect to Audrey or her family – I am sorry they have lost one so dear.

        • Trace says:

          No offence. It’s not my site. But if you check out this site you’ll see that it does include convicted killers, not just serial killers. Did you read all the posts? You said you find them all reprehensible. Personally, I find convicted pedophiles, killers, child abusers and rapists reprehensible. And a lot of them got off way too easy.

          Is killing 1 somehow less reprehensible to you than killing 2 or 3 or 20?

          And do you really think before anybody can write about them that they should somehow get the police files, the medical examiners’ reports, the court transcripts, plus interview all of the possible witnesses including those who weren’t called to testify? That they should try to track down the “real” perpetrators themselves because the courts never get it right? And if they don’t do all that they are “lemmings” if they believe news coverage?

          Wow, it must be tough to live in your world, assuming grand conspiracies behind every conviction.

          • bengalpuss29 says:

            That Fucks Me off too trace, why someone thinks that killing one person isn.t as bad as killing 3 or 4. In my world killing anybody is wrong, once you step over that line and you murder someone then your as bad as someone that kills 20 people. Debra point killed that poor woman for something as petty as keeping her property. When people come on here and start with the mightier than thou shit it really pisse’s me off. At the end of the day debra points own family didn.t want to know her or let her live with them so what does that say about her. Why don.t all those people backing her, let her live with them, they’ll soon change their tune.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Leigh i wish i could pull out of my arse bible verse’s like you, what you fail to realise is that debra asswipe point was convicted by a jury of her peers, now if debra fuck face point would have been innocent then the jury would have found her not guilty. Now i would like you to please explain to me and other commenter’s on this site how you find her innocent when she took boxes with the victims body parts in it, to be stored at a friends with said boxes bearing the name of debra face that looks like she sucked a lemon point. Was she delivering the boxes for someone else? Or did the police plant them there? I would appreciate it if you could let us know thankyou.

      • Chickamoe says:

        yup!!! the only reason they take that side is to cause people to get upset!!! like i stated already…if the person had this happen to their family, they would have a different opinion…screw that shit…i was in the fucking room so she couldn’t get day fucking passes……until you get it….step the fuck off!!! ugh i am upset with these people…i hope nothing ever happens to someone you love and respect!!! god knows you wouldn’t want to know how it feels..

        • Hopeless Pedantic says:

          Anyone on the planet who has any human decency and values the truth would NOT believe a lying family member over testimony, evidence, and a painstakingly conducted investigation.

          I recognise you as a troll, not connected with the case, and certainly never been part of a trial neither as witness nor spectator, as anyone who’s seen the inside of a courtroom knows how a case is put together. It is not the hearsay playground bullshit rumor mill that your troll world-experience thinks it is.

          Cleo’s sources are print media; journalism has a public duty to remove bias and avoid libel by researching and presenting facts. People go to school to be trained as lawyers, lab technicians, forensic experts, judges, journalists, and police detectives.

          It takes no education to be a troll, and even less to stand by a guilty family member or friend despite incontrovertible proof that they committed a crime.

          I know we’re not supposed to feed trolls so my message isn’t really directed at you but more towards those who do lack critical thinking skills, and who can be swayed by the logical fallacies that irrational people use upon the gullible to confuse opinion with fact.

    • Frances Pickford says:

      How can you say such a thing – D P did murder my sister – Deb lied to me on the phone many times – deb took Audreys ring off her finger after she murdered her and wore it herself – I know a lot more than you will ever know about this case – O had told Audrey never to trust her – Audrey said come on Frannie everyone deserves a chance – Audret takes her in and now she is gone forever – Audrey was the daughter I never had and I will never forgive that Bitch DP for what she has done to Audrey , my family and myself – GOD FORGIVE ME – but DP may rot in hell for what she has done.

      • 2cute says:

        So sorry for your loss. Your sister sounds like she was an awesome person. I cannot understand how anybody can defend her killer Deborah Point.

      • Gaurd says:

        Audrey’s sisters act all hurt and innocent. I used to work in the institution where db is and when Audrey’s sisters came for the parole meeting in 2012 it shows them giving the finger to random inmates and other people in the institution. So give up the act oh poor pitiful me!

        • Julie says:

          umm, are you friggin serious? what does this have to do with the fact they lost their family member? Who gives a rats ass that they were giving inmates the finger, it does not diminish the fact that D.P. killed their loved one…you’re an idiot!!

        • FRANCES PICKFORD says:

          I do not believe that any of Audreys sisters gave the finger to random inmates or any other person in the institution – I was there and there is no act – your friend DP is a murderer and will pay for what she has done as long as i shall live – and you whom ever you are – had better believe that

          • Chickamoe says:

            i know we did not give any finger to anyone…i do know that we were frightened, intimidated, and upset…so if people feel they need to lash out to make themselves feel better, no better testament to their mindset or value system that to say such a thing. i feel sorry for people who have to resort to such horrible things. you have my pity i don’t need yours

        • Jake says:

          Hey Gaurd…. Why if you’re a guard are you commenting at all. About a Parole hearing there are confidentiality laws about talking about inmates to whom you have knowledge of there cases and current situations.

          So if you are a Guard as you would imply your in violation of federal statute. Thank you. As many family members of the victim read this site and if you are posting stuff then you just screwed yourself…

          And if your not truly a guard as you suggest then your a troll just trying to help a fellow con out aren’t you.

      • Sad bystander says:

        I write this to Frances, Chickamoe and any of the other sisters and family to Audrey. My heart goes out to all of you! I watched each of you in court every day and had to stifle the urge to go over to the gallery and give you each a hug! The best I could do was to help convict the person that so callously, coldly and brutally murdered your sister. I watched from the jury box each and every day and was appalled at the behaviour of DP. I am angry beyond belief that the courts deem it necessary to give this woman ANYTHING towards a break in her sentence. We convicted her with a unanimous decision and agreed that there wasn’t enough time to give her to serve in lieu of Audrey’s life. If they allowed the jurors from her first trial any say in the matter, I would appear on behalf of your sister at the hearing. I watch this latest crap unfold and can’t imagine how hard it must be for all of you. Please know I am STILL cheering for your side and hope that with time comes some measure of comfort and healing. My prayers go out to all of you!

    • Chickamoe says:

      seriously? you have got to be kidding me…why because it makes more people notice your post? you have no idea what it is like do you?!!!!

    • Jake says:

      Oh snap there it is… She is the only innocent person in prison. Lawyer screwed her.. Courts were one sided … media villainized her….Hmmmm

      The only thing your looking past is the murder she committed and the manner she tried to hide it …. Were it not for those few issues then ya you would be right. I mean the one common denominator with all Debs problems is Not Deb … its everyone else picking on Deb…. Thanks for clearing that up.

      And Oh I also have lived all over the world…. And she is lucky she is in Canada…. She would already have been executed in the middle east…

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Its council of queens bench, maybe in canada its court but in all the other commonwealth countrys its council. Anyway in britain a stipulation of their parole is to admit to the crime otherwise they don.t get out, is it the same is canada? Because with that bitch still not Fessing Up she’ll be doing a long time. But look at all the evidence, did she think audrey put herself in those boxes, and what about the carpet that was taken out of the condo, its a shame that they couldn’t locate that. Poor audrey out of the goodness of her heart she went out of her way to accommodate someone, and was paid back by getting robbed and murdered. And i hope for her family that she never gets parole, or at least for a long time.

    • cleo says:

      In Canada it’s Court of Queen’s Bench. And yes, Deborah Point’s refusal to admit guilt greatly reduces her chances of parole. That seems to be the big selling point for her supporters — only an innocent person would maintain their innocence at the risk of staying in prison. But look what she gets for staying in prison — she gets to live the role of innocent martyr! She doesn’t have to worry about getting a job or a place to live. She has friends in prison and supporters who I am sure provide her with money for treats. Deborah Point may just really like her life right now, just as it is.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Cleo are these supporters of debra point really that gullible. I mean for crying out loud that poor women’s body was found in boxes with debra points name on, and she took the boxes herself to the friends property to be stored. The women was a gambler when they are that addicted to gambling they will more or less do anything for money. I should know i lived with one and he was a shit gambler never won only occasionally, and the winning’s were gambled straight away. He was addicted to horse racing assole he was. Anyway the court didn.t believe this piece of shit the poor women’s family didn.t believe her, so why do you always get some idiots that are suckered in by scum like debra point. By the way sorry for thinking i knew everything (Queens bench) Thats what happens when i think im a smart arse lol.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    By the way cleo i love the site. I go on pysih a lot but because max is poorly i found this site and remembered your name from pysih cos you wrote quite a lot of articles. Anyway love this site, love how you describe some of the scumbag’s, makes me laugh some of the names you have for them, and i hate pedo’s too. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading about the next scumbag you expose on your site. People need to know whats going on and whom to avoid, because you never know who you could make friends with. Or associate with.

  9. Kevlarman says:

    Point murdered Audrey. Full stop. For you supporters and sceptics, trust me, she killed and butchered Audrey.

    I knew she had from the first moment I heard Audrey was missing.

    I spent weekends searching the bushes and ditches around Calgary for Audrey’s body. Thinking that Point had killed her and dumped her body somewhere in a ditch or stand of trees.

    It wasn’t possible to reassure her friends that they were not also targets of a killer, so they lived in fear during the months before the children (who lived where Point stored Audrey’s dismembered body) discovered the horror inside those boxes.

    Point was on her way to retrieve the boxes and move them when she was apprehended.

    Does that sound like an innocent person?

    • 2cute says:

      Yay a voice of reason! Those boxes full of the victim cannot be explained away! I can’t understand how people can defend Deborah Point and “know in their heart” that she’s innocent. I know in my brain that she’s guilty.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    How can anyone believe that bitch. I didn.t know that it was children who found out what was in the boxes how Horrendous For those children. Also what do her supporters say about the victim being found in those boxes that debra point put there herself and had her name on them. Debra point is a leech of society that clings to people and uses them like she did with poor audrey, i personally believe debra point should never be released, but if she is those people who are supporting her i ask this of you. “When she’s released would you let her live with you” I can guarantee that they all would have some excuse as to why they couldn’t let her stay otherwise they would. Instead of supporting this fucker, why don’t you support the victims family.

  11. SC says:

    Hello everyone. I am Audrey’s sister. I talked to DP, demanding to know where my sister was… over and over again. I went to trial and testified. She had specfic belongings (I can’t say here) that she said my sister gave to her.. that was a lie.). I do not want to get in to specifics as after all this time, the hurt never leaves. The empty spot where my sister lived in my life, never is filled. She was here for me as I grew up. She loved and cared about people. She was giving… and a well like physio therapist out west. I miss celebrating birthdays, holidays, my son’s life (whom she was here shortly after his birth and that was when she made decision she wanted to come home to ONtario). She wanted to be active Auntie to him and guide him through life as his god-mother. That never happened. and My son now does not have that strong guiding force.

    My sisters were able to go to the parole hearing.. I could not face DP. My stress does not allow it. But I feel I let my sister down; so I am going to force myself to go for each and every one from now on. She needs a voice.

    DP can stay there. My sister is dead. Evidence was plenty and she is rightly convicted. She tried the supreme court route and that was denied too. What more needs to be said folks.

    A life is torn from this earth. 2 families lives are permanently distrupted. I feel for her parents. I do NOT feel for DP. She got what the law allows. I wish it was more somehow.

    Yet life goes on.. I must go on for myself, my family and for Audrey as she would kick me in the butt if I did not live my life too the fullest. I hope that she will look down from Heaven and approve of what she sees and smile now and again at her siblings and all the nieces and nephews she has left behind. We love her and miss her like crazy….

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      SC, im so sorry for your loss, and your son’s loss of his auntie. You are right, debra point needs to stay where she is and she belongs there. I bet your sister was a great person and what i’ve read about her, she was kind and caring. Its so sad that she met that Scumbag Debra point, otherwise your sister would still be here today. I find it sad that you have these people who think that debra point is innocent, but debra point was very adept at convincing people. But for every idiot that believes her lies there are a thousand who don.t. Lets just pray that debra horrible point stays where she is. And i know you don’t have your sister no more, but debra point could not take your memories, thankyou for sharing your story with us.

    • cleo says:

      SC, thanks so much for helping us get to know the kind of wonderful woman your sister was. So much is made of the criminal and the victim is often left out of the dialogue. She sounds like the best kind of sister. From what I have read of her she was a good, considerate and generous person and would no doubt have been an awesome auntie.

    • Lucidity says:

      I knew DP for 10 years. Was defrauded, and was witness to her defrauding many dozens of staff members at the hospital we worked at. There was a different lie told to each individual. A manipulative ploy to convince people to give her money for various reasons, that in retrospect were obviously to feed the now understood gambling addiction. If she had not been arrested for this murder, she was facing a very real class action suit. She did in fact have a very real temper. Just to, again set the record straight, for any of those ignorant (literal meaning) Deb Point supporters. Those boxes did come from the hospital, where Deb worked. The boxes were labeled with her name. Deb was a habitual liar. And above all. It is an unfortunate and wasteful truth, that Deb point was exceptionately manipulative and intelligent. Sadly, she used it to get herself into serious financial trouble. It is unfortunately a problem handed down to her from her own addicted father. Unfortunately, Audrey Trudeau, (A true sweetheart) suffered her fate from the final collapse of the very unstable Deb Point. From all I’ve seen in this world , and all the pain that is visited on humankind from the narcissistic masses that seem to be growing everyday. It sickens me to know that there are such unbelievable suckers around still. Choosing to remain blind to such blatant factual evidence. There was NOTHING about this situation that was circumstantial. DP belongs (truly) among the ranks of such infamous individuals as Charles Eng , and Paul Bernardo.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Lucidity, your comment reminds us all how the world would have been so much better off if Audrey Trudeau had lived the life she was meant to and Deborah Point never existed. Sadly these hell beasts flourish because good people trust them. It amazes me how anyone can support Deborah Point when her guilt is all but emblazoned across the skies. Sad, deluded people who like to think they have some superior gift to discern innocence.

    • Audrey Supporter says:

      I too was involved in searching for, then testifying for Audrey, who sadly no longer had a voice to speak for herself. That’s because DP took it from her. Many who worked with and knew Audrey testified for the prosecution.

      You can say that you believe DP innocent–on what grounds or factual information? You have none. DP wore Audrey’s ring. Something she’d treated herself to, and was ripped from her hand after she was murdered. DP continued to reside in Audrey’s condo, not showing one ounce of care and concern for Audrey’s disappearance…when the rest of us were devastated and worried beyond belief.

      DP drove Audrey’s car after she went missing as well, and told one lie after another. Audrey was taking her cat to Ontario with her. She told everyone that. She even had medication to administer to her cat for the long drive back home to begin her new job. Yet, DP told the police and everyone else that a woman had mysteriously showed up at Audrey’s home after she went missing to collect the cat. Seems she’d adopted the cat, so DP willingly surrendered it to her…no name, no contact info. Just handed over the cat, no questions asked.

      DP took boxes from her place of work –boxes that are time stamped and dated when they’re received. Those same boxes were the ones used to contain the murdered Audrey Trudeau. Circumstancial? I don’t happen to think so. Would be an amazingly tragic coincidence for poor DP. No, she took those boxes on the Friday, the day after Audrey was murdered, called in sick to work on the Monday, and had 4 days to place the victim in the boxes and clean the scene. Afterward, she asked a friend to store them in her garage. The same garage where Audrey’s remains were discovered months later.

      In the meantime, DP is asking around her place of work to see if she can borrow the incinerator, because her dog had died. She must’ve been terribly disappointed to learn that it hadn’t been used for years. Anyone who worked with DP saw her vicious temper, and witnessed her callous lack of concern when Audrey was missing. She was the only one who didn’t appear to care, because she already knew what had happened. It was only a matter of time before she was caught.

      She may never admit her guilt. For her own self serving reasons, she may–to get parolled…but I doubt it. Sociopaths rarely ever admit their guilt or show any remorse. Those of us who were there, in the courtroom and testifying all know she’s guilty. She should’ve been sent to a men’s prison. She’s too happy at the women’s one, where she can manipulate people and tell her sad tale of woe.

      It’s been tragic for DP’s family and friends, too. But to be Audrey’s loved ones; I can’t imagine. Just know that as hard as it was to testify, we’d all do it again, if it meant a guilty virdict for DP. Audrey was a caring, loving, generous person. We will never forget her, and miss her to this day.

    • Chickamoe says:

      you didn’t let her down….i was there for you this time….you were strong for everyone when they couldn’t take it, you organized and assisted your sisters when they couldn’t in the time of crisis…you are amazing, strong, and never ever need to feel like you let her down…she loves you, i love you!! Audrey is proud of who you are, you know it we all do!!! she is for sure looking down smiling and knowing you are living you life!!! Love you!!!

  12. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo its comment’s like SC’s that make the story at lot more real. We read the articles of the low lifes that take peoples lives in a heinous way, but the victim’s relatives still go through that pain everyday, because a life was taken from some evil person. And poor audrey’s life was taken over her property where she lived. Yesterday a comment was made about paul spanivello (think thats the name) his partner saying they are starting a family and we’ve all got it wrong. My blood was boiling at the fact that, that piece of scum punched an old lady in her face and beat her. She didn’t get to live to see which grandchildren had started there owe families i’d bet. My heart breaks for sc and her son, and all the other relatives. Audrey died for being kind. For giving debra point a place to live, and ultimately died for it. Then you have idiots coming along saying she’s innocent, when the evidence in this case is overwhelming, and this must cause more upset. Thats how selfish debra point will always be.

  13. awesomeblossom says:

    SC, thanks so much for writing about your sister. She did nothing wrong except to trust DP the murdering bitch. I feel so bad about your loss. I am sure your sister, being as kind-hearted as she was, would understand your missing the parole hearing. It can’t be an easy thing to go through. I can’t imagine any of this has been easy to go through. If I lost a family member like that I’d go spare. I wish DP were suffering more than she is. She doesn’t deserve anything good in her life.

  14. bengalpuss29 says:

    Francess sorry for your loss. These idiots that come on here, sticking up for the scum of the earth debra point, are Deluded. Even if they witnessed the murder, and debra point told them they were Hallucinating, they would be that gullible that they’d believe her. Anyway we know the truth francess, and the jury did when she was found guilty, thats what really matters. And the parole board know that this vile woman is guilty. As long as she keeps denying what she did to your sister, the longer she stays where she is, which has to be a good thing. None of us francess, on this site, believe the drivel from the very few debra point supporters, we just pity them, for being pathetic gullible human beings. You’ll just have to ignore there lies, which i know is hard, but its the only way francess. As long as you know the truth and the majority of the population know the truth, just blank what these idiots are saying. Once again sorry for your loss. .

  15. Sc says:

    It is Christmas 2013. This is the sis again. Been awhile. Not sure if anyone sees this. Just to let you know, Audrey is missed daily. I catch myself still , wanting to call her. Just to share some silly news. Missing her voice. Missing my sis. Wondering why. Life can be hard. Love your loved ones. Hug them. Provide them balance and morals. Only then can we override and triumph over evil. I still cannot forgive. But I can move on and hold her in my heart and hope someday, if we all make an effort,we can help one another, love one Another, be responsible for the things we choose to do in life, stop the violence. Please.

    • 2cute says:

      Bless you and yours this Christmas. It is always the time of year we all miss those who are not with us more than usual. Take care.

  16. bengalpuss says:

    Your comment sc, makes us realise how much are loved ones mean to us, and its this time of year that we realise that were lucky that they are safe and well. This must be a time of reflection for you sc, thinking about audrey and all the good times you had. I know audrey isn’t here with you, but in spirit she will be, and theres one thing debra beast point couldn’t take away from you were your memories of you and audrey. I hope that 2013 will be a good year for you, and were all pleased that debra point is staying where she belongs. Happy new year sc, love bengalpuss and tyke my cat.

  17. Frances Pickford says:

    Well here we are another year gone by – AUDREY- I think of you each and every day – I pray that God is with you and that you are Happy with Mother and Dad – I will never give up keeping that deplorable DP in jail where she belongs for the way she treated you for your kindness which you showed to her – Things never get any easier for all of us left behind to try and make sense of the cruel way you were taken from us – I pray every day to be with you again but I guess God will look after that when the time is right – I do pray he will forgive me for the way I think ever since this horrible crime was committed – I will never forgive DP for what she has done to this family- how it has completely destroyed us in many ways – May God Bless and Keep you safe in Heaven – Love you My Girl

    • bengalpuss says:

      Frances, i don.t think you need to worry about D.P being released from jail, she’s in denial of murder. In britain, when someone has been sent to jail for murder, if at the end of their sentence, they are still denying that they haven.t committed the murder then they cannot be released. They are called Idom’s (In denial of murder) I don.t know if its the same in canada, but if it is, debra point is too narcissistic to admit to the murder and because she has people, clueless, that think she’s innocent, she revel’s in the attention, narcissistic personality disorder. I hope that everytime D.P, is up for parole she is denied it. And just remember frances, no one can take away the memories that you have of audrey, no one. I hope that you can eventually get to that point when you are at peace and wish you and your family the best for the year, and god bless.

  18. MT says:

    I have read this blog on and off for a few years now. In case no one knew or realized, the cruel indignity that was done to my little sisters being was far and beyond anything this girl could have ever dreamed that another human being could do to someone she “claims to worship”, MY FOOT.
    DP no more cared or WORSHIPED Audrey then she cared about the bugs under her feet, the only thing she worshipped or cared for was what Audrey and others could give her.
    She has taken a beautiful person (Audrey) and made her a statistic in the eyes of the world and the court system. What no one really knows except family and close friends is that Audrey was the most empathetic person I have ever had the privage to be related to . If someone needed anything that she could give, she gave, if someone was hurting (physically or emotionally) she understood.
    To have DP come in and take that away from everyone is just not right morally or lawfully.
    Audrey and I used to commiserate with one another often when we finished our shifts at the hospital that each of worked at. We understood the patient problems, staff problems etc. Now for the past 15 years I have had no one to commiserate with, no one to laugh with on the phone about stupid things at the hospitals, DP took that away. I went to the hearing in 2012 with my sister and my daughter, this hearing took me right back into the court room in Calgary. The longer DP denies her crime, the longer she will be in jail and that is JUST FINE WITH ME.
    There are far to many nasty people taking away the good and the innocent. It has got to stop
    I miss my sister every day, and the horror of July 21/1999 will be with me forever.

  19. Deb's good friend says:

    Oh fu- k off with all this poor pity me shit sc .. Really you shouldve have won an Oscar .. Or better yet get on some bug juice … All yous can sure talk a lotta shit behind your lap tops… None of yous have any fu- king right to judge.. None of yous anit GOD… And none of yous can’t fu- king sit here and say that your family’s are so perfect … And you wanna know something else there’s is lifers living out here in the world probably right besides yous .. Sleep on that …perfect ones..

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      I can sit behind my computer and call deb a murdering cunt, because she is one, and you are a daft twat to think otherwise, so i tell you what, if you don’t like what we say on here? then the answer is simple? fuckoff and chat your shit somewhere else where people might give a fuck, but on this blog we don’t. fancy defending a murdering piece of shite like debra point,

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      And for fucksake show some compassion, s.c had her sister murdered by murdering twat debra point, so obviously she’s going to miss her, you unsympathetic cunt. Grow a heart, or better still a brain cell, it may help you with your punctuation.

    • Chickamoe says:

      no one is perfect, no one stated as such….perhaps if you had the mentality to be empathetic to those who lost someone in such a horrific way you would understand that. too bad you do not have the ability to do so. you may be good friends with DP, but that does not remove the feelings others have. you can feel angry because you have that choice, we can feel upset and sad because we have that choice…but we can also feel angry at our loss. you are the kind of person i feel sorry for the most, because you don’t understand, you only attack. you can be friends with another persons enemy, if you feel upset and need to defend that in such a way, then maybe you have a pang of guilt somewhere in you that you don’t understand thus lashing out at those whose hearts were broken. find something to be happy about in your life so you stop lashing out at victims….

  20. Agrippina The Elder says:

    WOW!!!! The comments on this page are all over the place!

    To Audrey’s family and friends, I offer my sincerest condolences for the loss of someone that was beautiful, loving, and dear to all of you. Audrey was a person full of generosity, compassion, and empathy that reached out to aid others in their times of need. These are the things that Audrey should be remembered for and it’s truly awful that Deborah Point took such a wonderful person from this world. Rest in peace Audrey.

    The evidence is very damning against Deborah Point. The evidence points to her guilt.

  21. BENGALPUSS says:

    And i can sleep at night, because i don’t support murdering cunts like debra point, maybe when she gets released i suggest you let her live with your family? i know what the answer would be on that suggestion.

  22. BENGALPUSS says:

    And i can call debra point a murdering cunt, because i don’t commit heinous acts like that freaky bitch, i really hope you will let her stay with you and your family if she gets released, but if i were you, i wouldn’t drop my guard for a second, otherwise you may find yourself in the position poor audrey ended up in, debs good friend.

  23. Retired guard says:

    I worked at Edmonton institution for woman for a few years and was on staff the day Deborah had her parole hearing. Audrey’s family, 2 females, came into the facility giggling and laughing. They gave the middle finger to several of the inmates on cleaning duty and called proceeded to call them names. This disrespectful behavior came to an abrupt stop when the members of the parole board opened the door to the conference room to begin the parole hearing. I was shocked by the behaviour of these woman whom are supposedly grieving the loss of a loved one. Upon them leaving the facility they made a report of being afraid of the inmates in our facility. However if this were true why would you be so bold as to taunt them and call them names. That is not fear. That is ignorance and deceit.

    • Chickamoe says:

      well evidently you were not there…because there were NOT two women there…
      and in fact they were never left alone in the hall in front of that door alone ever…so i guess your defense or attack, which ever way you want to word it is WRONG!!
      perhaps if you had facts ……… would be believable…but obviously you are lying
      so maybe you should stop commenting on here…you are evidently an impostor!!!
      get a life….these low blows from people like you make me feel ill and make me feel sorry for you and your low number of active brain cells!!!
      shove off liar….and i am holding my tongue here!!!

    • Jake says:

      Hey Yet another fake guard… Your a sick troll .. Is it not time for count run along back to your cell ….

  24. Bengalpuss says:

    Chickamoe, your comment is absolutely bang on, these liberal ass hats need to put themselves in the family and friends of Audrey, or imagine audreys last moments on this earth. The premeditation that evil cunt debra point put into murdering audrey is clear for everyone to see. I wish that these idiots could live a day in audreys loved ones shoes, they’d be thinking differently then without a doubt. I’m sorry you lost your friend Audrey. Heres hoping the evil bitch never sees the light of day and freedom again

  25. Bengalpuss says:

    The prick can’t even spell guard properly, his version is “gaurd” so he must be a troll!!

  26. Beverley Summers says:

    Thank you to the family and friends of Audrey for sharing your thoughts and memories of Audrey. I wasn’t fortunate enough to know her but she sounds like someone I would have really liked. Thanks to you she is not just a name in a headline. We so often lose sight of the people behind the story.

    I am sorry that you have to listen to the silly rants of some fool that chooses ignorance over fact. This world is full of willfully stupid people and they are a trial to rest of us.

    I wish you peace and a future where DP (she doesn’t deserve a human name) stays in prison until the day she dies.

  27. Sarah says:

    I know deb point from jail and she is not a monster. She does alot of good for a lot of girls there. It was my first time in jail for drug charges and she helped me there. She’s not the person of which that story makes her sound to be. She’s kind and will do anything to help anyone I don’t know if she did kill that girl but she’s not monster.

  28. Ex-coworker says:

    I knew both Deb and Audrey. I liked and worked with both of them. I was saddened to hear that Audrey had been murdered back at that time. Initially I was surprised to hear that Deb was the one arrested for her murder. I also knew both of Debs parents (The Points) that also worked at the hospital. I know a lot of the backstory that most people do not. I have no doubt that they arrested and imprisoned the person responsible. It still saddens me because although Deb had her issues I still liked her. Sadly she did murder Audrey and I and likely no one else will truly know why. As for Deb admitting her guilt I understand why she would never admit it. That would mean you would have to face your friends and family with realistically no good reason to hurt Audrey. Audrey was a kind and gentle soul. Hopefully she is at rest. Deb is serving her time for her crime. In Canada I’m surprised she has been there as long as she has because Canada is soft on crime.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Ex coworker, she’s still locked up because she’s what is called an idom(in denial of murder) the parole board don’t like releasing murderers who haven’t faced upto their crime, it shows they’re unremorseful.

  29. Audrey Supporter says:

    Well, here we are in 2018.
    After I testified at the trial of DP, it felt like we were reprieved for a LONG time. We wouldn’t have to see that evil for many years to come.
    Next year she will be eligible for parole.
    Not a good feeling. She has never admitted her guilt, nor shown a single ounce of remorse for her heinous crime.
    To Audrey’s loved ones; we all miss her very much and will never forget her xoxoxo

  30. Frances Pickford says:

    I am Frances Pickford (Fildey) audrey’s sister —- to Audrey Supporter —- DP got 20 years — life — Life means life the only way she will leave that prison is in a body bag — and then only three days after she dies — This DP is and always will be a cold hearted murderer — I have no feelings for such a person — we the family of Audrey Trudeau have not and will not ever come to terms with this murder of of sister — I said in court that DP can rot i hell and I meant it — Audrey you have been gone from us a very long time but you are not forgotten — your Birthday is Thursday June 7th — we shall always remember you — xoxox all our love

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