Dean Edwards

Dog Killer Dean Edwards
Crime: Animal Abuse

Dean Edwards of Bloxwich, West Midlands, is a dog killer, which makes him a hellbeast in my book. The victim was his 2 1/2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier dog, Diesel. I don’t know why, on November 15, 2011, Dean Edwards went all postal on Diesel, but the poor creature did not survive the resultant beating.

RSPCA and police were called when Diesel’s body was discovered in a puddle of blood on the ground outside the apartment building where Dean the scummy bastard Edwards lived. His apartment was 15 floors up. Diesel had been tossed off the balcony.

Dean Edwards, 44, pretended he knew nothing about his dog’s demise until a neighbour told him of the grisly discovery.

Now the callous dog killer Dean Edwards was not about to admit that he had thrown Diesel off the balcony. His story was that his dog had rolled off the balcony in his sleep and fell to his death. Riiight.

Unhappily for Dean Edwards, his story of the “accidental fall” didn’t explain all the blood in his apartment and on the balcony.

The heavy bruising on the poor dog’s body was determined not to be from the fall. The vets who examined Diesel’s remains concluded that the dog was dead before his body was tossed. The unfortunate creature suffered chest trauma and his internal organs, including his heart, had been dealt “catastrophic injuries” from a horrific beating. That was why he died.

DieselPoor Diesel. To be trapped inside the apartment with a raging lunatic beating on him until he died. How terrorized he must have been, and what agony he must have felt.

Investigators seized baseball bats and rounders bats from Dean Edwards’ apartment. I’m guessing those are likely what were used to kill Diesel.

Dean Edwards was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and on November 5, 2012, was sentenced by District Judge Michael Morris to 6 months in prison. He was also banned from owning dogs for life.

District Judge Morris in Walsall Magistrates Court had said, “I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt you struck a fatal blow to Diesel and attempted to throw Diesel to the ground to cover your actions.”

A fatal blow? And how many non-fatal blows did this hellbeast strike as well? How many did it take to cause “catastrophic injuries” to the poor beast’s internal organs?

Dean Edwards' apartment buildingTo kill a defenseless creature in such a sadistic, barbaric manner is something that no normal person would do. I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see much, much harsher sentences handed out for animal cruelty offenses.

Truthfully, I would really like to see hellbeasts like Dean f*cktard Edwards given a taste of their own medicine.

Odds are that Dean Edwards is soon to be released if he hasn’t been already. He’ll be rejoining society and no doubt trying to carry on as if he hadn’t done a thing wrong in his life.

So beware, people of Bloxwich! Dean Edwards is not afraid to inflict terrible suffering and death upon the vulnerable and helpless, and he doesn’t have the balls to admit his guilt.

Don’t let this hellbeast near your pets! It takes a strong streak of sadism to do what he did to Diesel, so he’s not to be trusted IMO.

RIP Diesel.

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17 Responses to Dean Edwards

  1. dogwalker says:

    This dog killer should be beaten every day until he learns his lesson. Too bad Diesel didn’t get a chance to sink his teeth into the bastard and inflict some pain on him!

  2. bulldoggy says:

    My dog Charlie and I aren’t very happy with the piddlyass sentence this dog beater got. Dogs want so much to love and please their people and it’s a tragedy that Diesel wound up with a nasty piece of shit owner. I am glad he’s banned for life and I hope the community keeps an eye on him. Edwards obviously has a nasty temper and I’d hate to see who gets hurt next time he loses it.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, you and charlie are not alone with your disgust in this pathetic sentence, me and tyke were upset too. What a fucking piece of shit this wanker is. I hope that he gets beaten just like how he beat poor diesel, the lowlife cunt. I’ll bet that all diesel would have done was maybe urinated cos fucktard couldn’t be arsed taking him downstairs for a pee. Also in britain your not meant to have pets in high rise flats in the 1st place. In this country the laws of animal abuse are absolutely pathetic. They need to be overhauled and new law’s need to be imposed, then maybe scumbag’s like this shithead would think twice. The only good thing to come out of this sentence is him being banned from owning a dog for life. Personally i’d have banned this turd from owning any animal. I wouldn’t trust this cunt with a worm.

  3. 2cute says:

    Just look at that apeshit smile on his face! I hope his cellmates have managed to wipe that grin off his fugly mug for good. Didn’t the neighbours hear the commotion when the poor dog was being bludgeoned? Hard to imagine Diesel didn’t bark or cry out.

  4. bengalpuss says:

    2cute, it was one of the neighbors that told the police that the dog didn’t just happened to fly out of the window by itself so they must have heard something. Now if i heard a dog yelping because your right 2cute that poor diesel would have made a lot of noise, being beaten with baseball and cricket bats, have you ever felt the weight of a cricket bat? I kid you not when i say they are f***Ing heavy. Scumbag’s like this cunt, are the sort of twat’s that beat vulnerable women and animals, he certainly wouldn’t beat me cos i’d bury an hatchet in that mass of grey flesh in between his thick head, with one brain cell. The area he lives in which is birmingham have pretty rough jails, so hopefully there will be plenty of animal lovers that will be appalled at what he’s done, and hopefully bash his head in, fingers crossed eh 2cute & bulldoggy.

  5. moodymagic says:

    This scumbag needs to be beaten match the punishment to the crime

    • bengalpuss says:

      Too right moodymagic, this arseole, should get double of what he inflicted on diesel. I want to kill him, then bring him back to life so i can kill him again. And just before killing him again, i want to make him eat dog and cat shit, just for the fun of it. Too lenient sentences don.t work, its been proven time and time again. How many poor animals have to die this way before someone takes note.

  6. MIKEY. says:


    • steve-O says:

      Staffordshire bulls are very loyal beasts. It says a lot that Diesel didn’t harm his shitbag owner to defend himself even while he was being beaten to death. Not a mark on the dog killer, and Diesel could have done real damage if he’d had a bad nature.

  7. MIKEY. says:

    thinking what that poor doggy went through makes my heart scream out in anger and pain oh how i want to kill this evil maggot,i wish i had his address,this act of evil he has committed will haunt him for the rest of his life and rightly so, l’m sure there will a lot of angry demon dogs waiting for this shitdick when he gets to hell,staffys are the best dogs in the world,the most loyal-caring-people-friendly-affectionate-intelligent-doggys in the world, edwards must suffer 4 the evil he’s done,

  8. DL says:

    What would you do if you had his address

  9. DL says:

    If you new his address wat do u think he would do

  10. bengalpuss says:

    If i knew this tosser’s address, which he doesn’t live far from me, i would tie the cunt up, plaster him with dog food, then let 10 pitbulls loose on the fucker. But unfortunately for me i don.t know his address, which is fortunate for this pig. Or if i was a real sadistic bastard like this piece of shit, i’d chop him up and feed him to those 10 pitbulls. Why what would you do DL, if you had his address?

      • bengalpuss says:

        Come to think of it, after reading that story over the weekend, about that guy who died after letting a horse shag him and the horse ruptured his colon, i’d probably want this shit head to go the same way. But the horse would probably be offended by this lump of shit. On the subject why would anybody want to have sex with a horse? Apparently after the incident, the police went to the farm where it happened, and it turns out that people were paying money to indulge in their sick fetish. That was the purpose of the farm for sick bastards. At least through that sick fuck dying of a ruptured colon, saved the poor animals of further abuse, from people who cannot be considered sane, because sane people don.t abuse animals by having sex with them, sick fucks they are.

        • DL says:

          This guy is an evil force of nature and nobody normal would stand a chance against him he’s got violence written all over him

          • bengalpuss says:

            Everytime i read this story, it makes my blood boil. This evil bastard should get his arse kicked., in fact he should be beaten like how he beat diesel, then his nasty arse thrown off the balcony, the same way diesel was. Shitheads like this, that can beat a poor defenceless animal to death, are a danger to society in general.

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