David William Shearing

David William ShearingCrimes: Mass Murder, Child Rape, Kidnapping
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In Alberta’s Bowden Institution, about 100 kilometers north of Calgary, lives a very sorry individual. He cries in his cell and tells everyone how remorseful he is, how ashamed. He’s been in prison since 1984, and he wants everyone to believe he’s not the same person now — he’s new and improved! David William Shearing even changed his surname to Ennis, his mother’s maiden name, because he’s not the same person. He wants out on parole, he wants to start life anew, and he wants all of us to forget who and what he really is.

Nothing’s changed. It’s always been about what he wants. It’s especially true of the week of Aug. 2, 1982. That’s the week David William Shearing/Ennis destroyed an entire family. Six loved and loving people dead because he wanted them to be dead.

David William Shearing/Ennis, then 23, didn’t know George and Edith Bentley, a very nice retired couple who had decided to join their daughter Jackie Johnson and her family for a nice camping trip in British Columbia’s beautiful Wells Gray National Park. Wilderness, mountains and waterfalls — the perfect setting for camping out. Jackie and her husband Bob brought along their two lovely girls, Janet, 13 and Karen, 11 for what should have been a great holiday with the grandparents.

David William Shearing
David William Shearing/Ennis didn’t want to know George and Edith, or Jackie and Bob. Ever. He knew that as he stalked them for 24 hours. He knew that even as he crawled on his belly through the undergrowth in the darkness toward the campfire where they were sitting. He knew without meeting them that he wanted them dead. That’s why he had a .22 calibre weapon with him.

There were two reasons he wanted the four adults dead — the two young girls sleeping in the tent. When he’d spotted them earlier, he decided he particularly wanted Janet, the pretty blonde 13-year-old, for his monstrous and twisted sadistic sexual fantasies, and if he had to kill to get her, so be it. Little Karen, I guess, was a bonus.

I don’t know whom David William Shearing/Ennis shot first. I don’t know if the other three knew what was happening right away before the second victim was shot. But one by one he picked them off until he was the only adult standing. There was now nothing and nobody to come between him and the girls.

David William Shearing/Ennis has said he told the girls a biker gang had killed their family. But then he has said a lot of things that aren’t true. There was no mention of a silencer on that .22 — I kinda have my doubts the girls slept peacefully through all four murders. And I’m thinking they woke up to reality really fast when this six foot tall sick sadistic hell beast crawled into their tent, tied up Karen and ordered Janet to undress.

David William Shearing/Ennis said that Janet’s weeping made him lose the urge to be sadistic. Oh, yeah, a lot of sadistic hell beasts get turned off by the tears and screams of their victims. It makes them go all soft. So all he did was diddle with her a little (four times only) — no rape he says. Sure. And he didn’t touch Karen. Sure.

David William Shearing/Ennis, he’d just murdered four people so he could spend some quality time with the girls. I’m sure they sang songs and told stories around the campfire. Maybe he told them about his arrests for assault, drug possession, DWI. Hey, maybe he told them about that hit and run accident the year before where he killed a guy and beat the rap.

No matter what he did with the girls (and he’s the only one who truly knows), David William Shearing/Ennis took his time. He took several days in fact. Not that they hung around the dead people all that time. No, he took them to his parents’ ranch and then to a small fishing cabin beside Clearwater River, then back to the ranch.

And the time came when it was time to part. According to David William Shearing/Ennis, he thoughtfully took one of the sisters into the woods, asked her to turn around because he had to piss, then shot her in the head. No muss, no fuss. And then he went back for the other girl, and ditto, same thing. I personally don’t believe him but I hate to dwell on the more likely horrific scenarios.

So now David William Shearing/Ennis had six dead people on his hands. He piled the four adult corpses into the Johnson’s car, and tucked the two children’s bodies into the trunk, drove someplace more remote than the campsite, and set the whole thing ablaze. The next day he drove the Bentley’s camper to Trophy Mountain and set it on fire after looting it first of any valuables.

Bob Johnson had never missed a day’s work in 20 years, so when he didn’t return from his holiday, the search in Wells Gray Park began immediately. But unhappily David William Shearing chose his hiding places well because the burnt out vehicles remained undiscovered for ages.

It wasn’t until September 13th that a mushroom picker stumbled upon what was left of Bob Johnson’s incinerated car and the remains of the Johnsons and Bentleys. And 14 months later the camper was discovered, 20 km from the murder site and 30 km from the Johnson’s car.

Sgt. Michael Eastham of the RCMP led the investigation. They received 13,000 tips in all. And one of those tips told of David Shearing who had killed a guy in a hit-and-run. The Mounties uncovered Shearing’s troubled past, and since he lived in the area of the murders all his life, he was a person of interest. After all, it had to be someone local to hide those vehicles so well. The Mounties got really interested when they learned he’d asked a friend how to register a truck with a bullet hole in the door. The Bentley’s vehicle had had a bullet hole in the door.

There wasn’t much evidence to go on, but Sgt. Eastham had a bad feeling about David William Shearing. I don’t know what brilliant techniques he used, (being Canadian he probably asked politely) but the end result of the interrogation was a confession. Police later found items stolen from the camper at his parents’ ranch.

On April 16, 1984, Shearing/Ennis pleaded guilty to six counts of murder. He was sentenced to six concurrent terms of life imprisonment with no possibility of parole for 25 years.

David William Shearing/Ennis had told authorities that he murdered the Bentleys and Johnsons for the stuff he stole. Sgt. Eastham didn’t believe that robbery crap, and after the trial he managed to convince the killer to ‘fess up. It was only through Sgt. Eastham’s determined efforts that we know the true motivation behind this monster’s actions.

Now retired, Sgt. Eastham said, “If ever released, he could kill again.” He’s not the only one to believe it. When Shearing/Ennis applied for parole at the ripe age of 48, thousands of people signed petitions and family members forwarded victim impact statements to the National Parole Board to make sure he stayed put. It worked, and the David William Shearing/Ennis still cries in his cell.

“I still have bloody nightmares today,” said Sgt. Eastham. I can only pray that David William Shearing/Ennis is living a bloody nightmare every day.

David William Shearing/Ennis was denied parole BUT is allowed out on day passes. Un-friggin-believable. Six murders at his hands and he’s allowed out of prison?!?!

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22 Responses to David William Shearing

  1. marksman says:

    I’m canadian and I am absolutely disgusted with the judicial system here. Let me sum up just how ass-backwards this country is.

    – We spend tens of millions of dollars for the Pickton Trial and can only convict him of 2nd degree murder –
    – We have underage kids in Vancouver committing premeditated murder being released at 21, sometimes before then.
    – We have serial/mass murderers out after 25 years, sometimes half for
    good behavior –

    You know you think about it, in most 3rd world countries they
    don’t spend 80 million dollars to cage up a criminal, they shoot him
    with a 25 cent bullet.

    • enzo testa says:

      Yes our justice system here in canada is a total joke and waste of time. Like you said, in 3rd world countries executing a criminal is common practice. Why can’t we do the same here? The bleading hearts in this country whine about the rights of people and that EVERY human whether criminal or not HAS rights!…..ARE THESE PEOPLE ON CRACK?

  2. 2cute says:

    “Life imprisonment with no possibility of parole for 25 years.”
    Why do they include the “for 25 years” at the end of that sentence instead of simply ending it with “no possibility of parole,” period, when it comes to a crime this horrific?! Someone who can do something this vile has already achieved the lifetime goal of making himself a permanent danger to the world and should never set foot outside of prison again.

  3. bugman says:

    No forgiveness! Burn in hell for choosing to kill 6 innocents!

    • scrappy says:

      Particularly putting those poor children through hell before finally ending their young lives for good.

      What a selfish bastard. The only way he could cry enough tears to suit me would be if after he depleted all the water in his body he cried tears of blood, then, after he has bled himself dry through his eyes he painfully expired. THAT will be sufficient tears.

  4. Tammy Ar says:

    I was friends with Janet and am helping the family again with the upcoming parole hearing in September. I am trying to locate Michael Eastham and also looking for any awareness that you can help ignite, once again, to keep this piece of garbage in prison. I hope to hear from you.

    Thank you.

    • Kevin law says:

      Hi tammy. Only found out about this tragic case by chance via a you tube documentary . I hope you are successfull in keeping Ennis behind bars for the duration of his days . Some crimes are so heinous they can never be paid for fully. Rip the six

    • s says:

      I grew up camping and I can’t fathom this horror. My heart is broken for the girls. I’m so sorry.

  5. Tammy A says:

    I was a friend of Janet and have been helping the family since 2008 to keep Shearing behind bars. I am trying to contact Michael Eastham and also looking to anyone who can reignite awareness about this horrific crime to ensure he ever gets out. Anything you can do would be fantastic and I hope to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Marksman, i’d even donate the 25cents for the bullet every time there was an execution, and im sure million’s of other people would. As for the pickton trial, i’ve never heard of a more stupid verdict, they found body parts on his property, and he even picked the girls up from the streets himself. Won’t he have to be released soon? what year was he convicted in? And canadian justice is like british justice, arse backwards. Its all about the criminal never those poor victim’s and there families. Its time to start thinking about them instead of the monsters rights. We should take a leaf out of the saudis book, they publicly execute these fucker’s in the local town centre or local markets, and guess what? You don’t really hear about crime in their country’s, because there isn.t any, because if they do commit crime they know whats coming. I’d dread to imagine, america without the death penalty. Look at the murder rate now, what would it be like without the death penalty?

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    Cleo, i’ve just been reading about this shitbag shearing, i never knew he was allowed out on day passes. Was this allowed by the parole board that he’s just been up against, or was it allowed at an earlier parole hearing. I’d like to say “What the fuck are they playing at letting this beast out of the prison, to walk about in public with people not even knowing, and what he looks like” the poor johnson’s and bentley’s will never get a chance to walk amongst the public ever again, so why the fuck should he be able to. Its like sticking two fingers up at the relatives of the victims. Unfuckingbelievable.

  8. Aletheia says:

    Occasionally, people who commit horrific crimes can indeed change. But when they do, they shut up and accept the punishment they know they deserve. They don’t bitch and moan and feel sorry for themselves. He’s not crying for any of the lives he destroyed, that’s for sure, unless you count his own worthless waste of a life.

  9. against stupid people says:

    let the judge be responsible for this murdering asshat. what a douche. just damn how dumb do you have to be to let people out of prison that have KILLED KIDS AND 6 OTHERS? shitbags

    • One of many angry Canadians says:

      The judge, Harry McKay (also the trial judge at the Clifford Olson trial) is long deceased. But who SHOULD be held responsible is the gutter trash parole board for allowing him day passes. Shearing is a filthy piece of garbage.

  10. Agrippina The Elder says:

    WTF? WTF? WTF? Pardon me, but what moron thought it be a good idea to let this guy out on day passes???? What are they thinking…..”Let’s give it a test run to see if he commits another murder and if he doesn’t, then we can let him out because he has proven he can behave.” I hate to pass judgment on any country’s judicial process and system, but Canada is clearly too lenient on their offenders. This guy should never, ever be let out of prison again! He has taken a total of seven lives (the six lives of this family and the one life of a hit and run victim according to the article above). Canada….how many lives must be taken in order for a perpetrator to be locked up for good so that your other innocent citizens of Canada are not at risk for further victimization? I’m sorry, but this entire situation is just disgusting!

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Don,t be sorry, i absolutely agree with you, he should never see the light of day again in my opinion.

    • fairyfarts says:

      I agree totally with agrippina the elder. David Shearing Ennis should never, ever, ever see the light of day. He should stay in prison for 7 life terms with no chance of parole!

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        fairyfarts, i would like to thank you for taking me out of my bad mood, just reading your moniker cracked me up, absolutely brilliant, thanks.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        And, this murdering cunt, should’ve been executed a long long time ago, if he is ever given parole, then that’s like a slap in the faces of the victims relatives.

  11. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Murder and Child Abuse Warrants the Death Penalty Not being Released on

    The UK and Canada have both been Sick For Caring More about Murderers
    and Child Abusers then their Victims Evil Social Liberalism

    A Scum Free Society Requires a Scum Free Population and Murderers and
    Child Abusers Deserve the Death Penalty Real Justice Not Liberalism

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