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David William Ramsay gloried in his role of provincial court judge. From the bench he would loudly and proudly proclaim defendants’ guilt or innocence. He had the power of the judicial system behind him, and he used it.

But when David William Ramsay finally faced the bench as a defendant, he could only whisper “guilty” 5 times. Gone were the bluff and bluster, the false pride and arrogance, and in its place was the real David William Ramsay — a cowardly, twisted, pathetic excuse for a man. Dethroned and stripped of his judicial robes, David William Ramsay was exposed to the world in 2004 as a sadistic rapist and vicious predator.

David Ramsay, a long-time Prince George resident, had worked as a lawyer until he was appointed provincial court judge in 1991. He presided over everything from family issues to the most serious crimes.

In 1992 his crime spree began.

David Ramsay’s role as judge was the perfect launching pad for his criminal career. From the bench he not only decided who should be incarcerated, fined or freed, but also who would be his next victim. That’s right, Judge David Ramsay victimized the defendants who came before him for justice. Instead of justice they got brutality and violent sexual assault.

The victims were young girls, aged 12 to 16 years old. They were aboriginal, homeless, and vulnerable.

As the presiding judge, David Ramsay had in front of him his victims’ files. From them he knew the girls’ personal histories of being physically and sexually abused. He knew their ages. He knew if they were suicidal or clinically depressed. He knew if they had no family to come to their aid. And he knew where to find them.

Some of his victims were addicted to drugs. Some of them prostituted themselves. All of them were defenseless young girls living on the streets. And David Ramsay knew it!

So while by day David Ramsay was an upstanding citizen and well-respected judge, by night he became the predacious hunter, searching the darkened streets for his chosen targets.

One girl, “J” was 16 when David Ramsay picked her up one night in 1999. He drove her out of town into a forested area and offered her $150 for sex. “J” pulled out a condom and David Ramsay went berserk. How dare she want him to wear that, the filthy whore! He grabbed her by the hair and smashed her head against the dashboard. “J” put up a fight and managed to escape from the car but he followed. David Ramsay caught the injured girl, pushed her to the ground and then brutally attacked and raped her. He left “J” weeping, bleeding and naked by the deserted road.

“Go ahead. Tell someone. No one will believe you. Once a whore, always a whore,” he had taunted her.

The story of “J” doesn’t end there. The following year she entered rehab and began to get cleaned up. Her goal was to regain custody of her little boy.

Two years later, on May 28, 2002, “J” appeared in court to get her son back. And the judge was none other than David Ramsay. Lording it over her he smiled and said how well she was doing. She got custody but ran out of the courtroom. Social workers found her hysterical and crying on the courthouse steps.

“J” finally told somebody what the beast had done to her and she was believed. Despite having once been a hooker and addict she was believed. It was the beginning of the end for Judge David Ramsay.

Despite being terrified of accusing and testifying against David Ramsay, four victims found the courage to come forward. “J” was not the only girl he had left beaten, raped and naked in the middle of nowhere.

Three of the four had appeared before the judge both before and after their assaults.

The youngest victim to accuse him had been only 12 when this POS hustled her into his car for what he considered “rough sex.” I consider it rape and a beating.

The police investigation revealed that David Ramsay had been buying aboriginal children for “rough sex” for at least nine years.

Later in 2002 David Ramsay became a FORMER provincial court judge. Amen to that.

A series of 10 sex charges were laid against David William Ramsay, including obtaining sexual services for money from people under the age of 18, sexual touching of a person under 14, sexual assault, sexual assault causing bodily harm and sexual assault accompanied by threats or use of a weapon.

Under a plea bargain, David Ramsay pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault causing bodily harm to one girl, three counts of buying sex from three other girls under the age of 18 and one charge of breach of trust.

So as David Ramsay stood in the prisoner’s dock whispering “guilty” 5 times, he couldn’t even look at his wife or his accusers. How the mighty had fallen.

Special Crown prosecutor Dennis Murray asked Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm to sentence David Ramsay to between three and five years’ imprisonment.

“He was uniquely in a position to know the extent of the damage he could cause,” Mr. Murray said. So why only ask for three to five years? Me, I would have demanded the f*cker get life.

Now David Ramsay’s lawyer Leonard Doust had a different take on things. He considered his client’s misdeeds as the “manifestation of a significant character flaw.”

Seriously, Leonard, a character flaw? That’s the best you could come up with? A character flaw is a bad temper or a greedy nature. Being a violent sadistic rapist is not a character flaw. It is a crime that must be dealt with harshly and mercilessly.

Mr. Doust revealed to court his client had tried to kill himself by drinking a cocktail of antifreeze and orange juice. Poor old David Ramsay spent 12 days in hospital.

“His remorse has been overwhelming,” lawyer Doust said. “It resulted in a suicide attempt at the earliest possibility, which in my submission is the ultimate expression of remorse.”

Boo friggin’ hoo. I’m thinking David Ramsay had a whole lot more orange juice than antifreeze in that cocktail. He should’ve taken the antifreeze straight.

The judge at David Ramsay’s trial described the violence and assaults as “utterly reprehensible.” He got that right.

Chief Justice Patrick Dohm went on to say, “The accused used his office to elicit satisfaction of his perverted lust and to shield himself from its ?consequences… One can hardly imagine a more infamous breach ?of trust.”

“He lost his position as a respected judge, has the shame from his former colleagues and I fully expect his time in custody to be an exceptionally heavy burden,” he added.

David Ramsay told the court, “I’m at a loss to explain to you, the complainants and my family, how I could work so hard in all other aspects of my life, yet fail by engaging in such disgraceful conduct.”

Talk about minimizing — “disgraceful conduct” is scratching your groin in public, or cheating on a spelling bee. Beating young girls, violently penetrating them and then leaving them naked and helpless in the middle of nowhere is far more than “disgraceful conduct.”

David Ramsay went on to say, “I cannot undo that which has been done, nor take away the pain or the indignity I’ve contributed to their lives.”

“I need treatment,” David Ramsay added. “I look forward to receiving it so that I never engage in such harmful and destructive conduct again.” Yeah, right.

In June 2004, David William Ramsay was sentenced to 7 years in jail. MORE than what the prosecutor asked for, thank goodness. He was scheduled to get out January 30, 2009 after serving two-thirds of his sentence.

Of course David Ramsay applied as soon as possible for day parole. The parole board described him as “an untreated sexual offender who exhibited said behavior over a long period of time in an increasingly chronic, diverse and violent fashion, relying on the power of your position to coerce participation and non-disclosure.”

David Ramsay did not get day parole. What he did get was terminal cancer. He died in January, 2008 in a New Brunswick jail. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. May he rot in pieces.

On a side note, David Ramsay’s predilection for violent sex with young girls had an impact not only on the victims he brutalized, but apparently on his courtroom as well.

One case David Ramsay presided over involved a man who molested his 12-year-old babysitter. In his infinite wisdom Judge Ramsay sentenced the creep to 15 months’ house arrest. Justice? Not in my book. Imagine how the victim felt. After bravely coming forward and testifying, her molester was essentially “grounded.”

In another case, Judge Ramsay cut 5 whole years off the recommended sentence for a pimp living off the avails of child prostitutes after finding the man to be “the kinder of two pimps.” A kind pimp, huh? Does that mean he bought the children candy after he unleashed filthy old perverts on them?

And in yet another case, a 49-year-old man who bought sex from a child was fined a whopping $1,000.

That was justice in Judge David Ramsay’s world. Thank gawd that nasty f*cker is no longer part of our world.

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  1. Madi says:

    How can lawyers represent these beasts?! If I were a lawyer, I would get up there and DESTROY them!!! I’d say that they wanted a minimum of 500 years. But that’s just me.

  2. russ hook says:

    What cave have you been living in MADI? ALL LAWYERS ARE SCUM! Well 99.9% anyhow! The BAR is a SATANIC SECRET SOCIETY and it’s members take an oath to serve and protect each other while they wreak havoc on the people! This POS RAMsay is atypical of the Just-Us System. If you want to be promoted in the BAR you have to do the dirty deeds, and this is nothing compared to what is going on. see Picton Pig Farm.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Your bang on there russ, they all piss in the same pot, and the majority of them are probably members of the Masonic brotherhood, you couldn’t stand there and say give them five hundred years, you’d be disbarred.

  3. Brian Tyrlik says:

    too bad his support team is still operating in P.G.

  4. fran says:

    hopefull he is in hell getting a giant dildo shoved up his ass 24hrs a day.

  5. red says:

    hellbeast for sure

  6. Tom Daly says:

    Let’s hope the prisoners give him the warm welcome he deserves!

  7. LawyerChick says:

    This got really weird. You guys all sound like idiots.

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