David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham

Hellbeast David Whiffin
Crime: Animal cruelty

This past weekend I watched a TV programme about justice in the Old Wild West, and by justice I mean hanging. Apparently the art of hanging somebody correctly is very scientific and best not left to amateurs. The rope must be soaked in water beforehand, and then stretched with a hanging weight so that it has no “give” for the final drop. The length of the drop is carefully calculated based upon the convicted person’s weight. The knot of the noose is placed carefully behind the ear so that the neck is broken immediately. If the hanging isn’t done correctly it can result in either the person strangling to death, which can take a considerable amount of time, or it can cause the body to sever from the head.

Hellbeast Clayton CunninghamI am bringing up the subject of hanging because it is relevant to the sickening case of hellbeasts David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham of Victoria.

David Whiffin owns an acreage in Saanichton. On that acreage he has several houses. Clayton Cunningham lived in one of those houses. His home, in fact, adjoined a barn which was convenient because Clayton Cunningham was the primary caretaker of several horses that lived on the property.

It so happens that in June 2009 David Whiffin responded to an online advertisement placed by a Cowichan Valley family looking for a new home for their lovely old Appaloosa horse Jalupae.

JalupaeThe Mercer family made it very clear to David Whiffin that the sweet old horse was very old indeed and needed a special wet diet and regular filing of his teeth. That was why they were giving the horse away instead of selling him.

David Whiffin, for reasons that elude me, agreed to take on the old horse. Maybe it was because the price was right — free. I think it must be because David Whiffin is a cheap bastard and actually had no intention of spending any money on Jalupae. He admitted as much.

Whiffin KNEW from the outset that this horse needed special care, and still he took him knowing the horse wouldn’t be getting that care. What the hell was he thinking?

Sherry Sabourin, a veterinarian assistant who had lived on the Whiffin property, had advised both David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham about the horse’s special dietary needs. He couldn’t eat hay or long grass, not with those bad teeth of his.

The f*ckwads Whiffin and Cunningham didn’t follow Ms. Sabourin’s advice because, I guess, that would cost them money, and because they just didn’t give a flying rat’s ass about the well-being of Jalupae.

JalupaeIn July 2009 the SPCA got a tip about Jalupae and sent a constable out to visit the farm. The constable found the old horse to be the worst she has ever encountered in terms of body weight. This, after only 2 months of Whiffin’s and Cunningham’s “care”!

Poor old Jalupae was starving. Just look at the picture and you’ll see the horse was suffering.

Anybody else who had an animal, or even just saw an animal with ribs and spinal bones protruding like that would know to call in a veterinarian. It would be the right thing to do, and the humane thing to do.

Whiffin and Cunningham had no intention of doing the right and humane thing because it would cost too much damn money! And they couldn’t be bothered too because they are monsters without morals, in my opinion.

On September 10, 2009, a veterinarian was sent to the property and assessed Jalupae as being in very bad shape. The vet offered to euthanize the horse then and there but David Whiffin insisted on waiting. He needed to fix his backhoe first to dig a grave, he said.

After a few days the veterinarian returned to do the job but there was no Jalupae to be found. Clayton the hellbeast Cunningham had hidden the horse to buy them some time.

Time for what? Well, they had plans of their own to euthanize the poor old beast without paying any damn vet to do it. Their plans included the backhoe.

Remember what I said about hanging? Yeah, well here is where it’s relevant. Clayton Cunningham tied a rope around Jalupae’s neck and tied the other end to the excavator. And then Whiffin the cruel f*cktard jerked the horse off of the ground by the neck and hanged him until he was dead.

I severely doubt that there was anything scientific and calculated about the execution, and if that horse died immediately it would be, in my opinion, a major fluke. Possible but sure as hell not likely.

Whiffin’s and Cunningham’s friend Stephen Oulette was on hand to witness the death of Jalupae. I do not know if he tried to stop those two f*cktards or to convince them to euthanize the poor beasty properly. All I know is he was there and saw it all.

The two cruel horses killers were subsequently charged with causing unnecessary pain and suffering to an animal and failing to provide the animal with the necessities of life.

The pair went to court in Victoria 2 years later. Their trial was presided over by Provincial Court Judge Susan Wishart.

ProtestersThe case had prompted a whole lot of public outrage. Placard-carrying protesters and animal lovers gathered outside of the courthouses calling for justice for Jalupae. I just hope Whiffin and Cunningham felt all “the love”.

The starvation of the horse was easily proven, as was the continued negligence by the 2 heartless horse killers. The big deal was about the hanging.

Remember friend Stephen Oulette? Well, he turned out to be a very good friend for the demonic duo. He testified that when the bucket of the excavator was jerked upward “I saw the horse’s limbs go slack and I knew just off the first jerk that the horse had been killed and he wasn’t going to suffer.”

Ummmm, did anyone else notice he said, “first jerk”? To me that implies there was more than one jerk. Think about it — why would he call the one and only jerk the “first jerk”?

And if there was more than one jerk, what would the reason be other than the horse wasn’t yet dead? But that’s just me speculating.

Stephen Oulette definitely testified the death was “instantaneous” and the horse was dead within half a second. There was no disproving it.

Defense attorney William Heflin didn’t make many friends when, in closing arguments, he stated, “There is no rule under legislation regarding the protection of animals or humans, that you have to die fat.”

William Heflin just doesn’t get it. It wasn’t that Jalupae wasn’t fat — he was starved almost to death! And starvation is an extremely painful condition with the body eating its own muscles and fat and tissues. It’s cruel torture to starve an animal!

On December 13, 2011, Judge Susan Wishart ruled that both David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham were guilty of not providing enough food or proper veterinary care to the horse during its life. No arguing with that.

But wait, that’s not the end. While Judge Susan Wishart found that Clayton Cunningham and David Whiffin allowed Jalupae to starve in the months leading up to the hanging, she ruled that they had killed the animal humanely.

There was not enough evidence to prove the horse suffered before its death.

“Where death is immediate the law does not require the use of the most dignified means,” the judge said. “My decision should not be seen as endorsing or condoning this method of euthanizing an animal. If there was sufficient evidence here to satisfy me that Jalupae died other than immediately my decision would likely be different. That evidence was not present in this case.”

In other words, Stephen Oulette’s testimony helped the horse killers’ case enormously.

B.C. SPCA spokesperson Marcie Moriarty said after the verdict, “It is ludicrous that, in this country, someone who intentionally kills an animal by hanging them from a backhoe cannot be convicted under our Criminal Code.”

Ms. Moriarty continued, “It is disturbing enough that these individuals allowed Jalupae to starve to the point of emaciation, but any reasonable person would have called a veterinarian to the property if they planned to euthanize the animal.

“They certainly had other options than hanging that poor animal to death.”

David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham also spoke after the verdict. Outside court, whiny Whiffin said he did not want to kill Jalupae, but he was forced to by the SPCA.

Can you believe that bullcrap? He actually blamed the SPCA for his inexcusable actions! Un-friggin-believable!

Wait, there’s more bullcrap. Clayton Cunningham said outside court that he DID feed the horse its special food, but Jalupae’s condition deteriorated due to lack of care by Sherry Sabourin.

That’s right — he lied about the special diet, and then he blamed the veterinary assistant who had tried to advise and help!

Those 2 bastards are really pathetic examples of manhood. They blame everyone and everything in order to dodge responsibility for their own f*ckery. Thank goodness the judge knew where to place the blame.

And then came the day of sentencing. FYI Canadian law would allow the judge to impose of sentence of up to 18 months in jail, a maximum fine of $10,000 and a lifetime ban on owning animals. I’m sure the 2 horse killers were quite anxious to hear their fate.

Now David the hellbeast Whiffin didn’t get through the day of sentencing without whining to the court. Big surprise. He whined that he didn’t realize he was responsible for the horse. He whined he hadn’t been given a chance to speak. He whined he’d been treated unfairly.

Yeah, that David Whiffin is a real class act — not. He’s just a sniveling, whiny, selfish and pathetic excuse for a man who tried to duck his responsibilities as an animal owner.

And after all that whining David Whiffin was fined $7500 and was prohibited from owning animals or birds for 5 years. He was also ordered to pay veterinarian Dr. Geoff Gaunt $297.68.

Clayton Cunningham was placed on probation for 12 months and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. He is likewise prohibited from owning animals or birds for 5 years.

It’s rather fitting that David Whiffin the cheap bastard had to pay a fine. I hope it hurt. I wish it had been more.

Judge Wishart said, “My hope is that by imposing these sentences on Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Whiffin, they will understand if you own an animal, or are the caretaker of an animal, you are obligated by law to provide appropriate care to that animal.”

“If you are unable, for any reason, to provide appropriate care for the animal,” Judge Wishart continued, “surrender it to the SPCA, give it to someone else or, as owner, have it euthanized … What you can’t do, is let the animal suffer, as occurred here.”

Outside the courthouse after sentencing, Jalupae’s original owner, Kathy Mercer, said she was disappointed whiny Whiffin would not go to jail. She was joined by a whole lot of people in that sentiment.

After the sentencing, David Whiffin said he was sorry the horse didn’t get a wet diet sooner.

“If I’d known, I would have done it,” Whiffin said. Riiight, I believe him. *snort* More lies.

The Mercers told him before he took the horse, Sherry Sabourin told him repeatedly after he got the horse, and the SPCA constable told him too. And he didn’t know? Pathetic POS liar.

David Whiffin has to pay his $7,500 fine by Sept. 30, 2012.

It is too bad, in my opinion, that the 2 horse executioners didn’t get a lifetime ban from owning animals. The way they duck and dodge responsibility I wouldn’t trust them with a houseplant. Hopefully they will have taken the judge’s admonitions to heart, but I doubt it.

So people in Saanichton, please keep an eye out. Do not trust the care of your animals with either of them because they cannot be trusted to do the right and moral thing.

Anyone who can deny an animal medical care, anyone who can stand by and let an animal starve, anyone who can choose to HANG an animal rather than have it properly euthanized is not to be trusted. Or liked. Or respected.

So go to hell Whiffin and Cunningham, and please try not to harm or kill any more animals before you do.

David Whiffin is facing charges of breaching the court order already so I gather he had was found in possession of an animal. Some people just won’t learn.

David Whiffin was acquitted of charges of breaching the court order on the basis that the Crown did not prove he was living on the same premises as an animal or bird.

The Crown had alleged that between April 2 and April 5, Whiffin was living in Saanichton on his large Mount Newton Cross Road farm with a miniature horse, dogs and geese. Whiffin claimed he was living on his boat.

The miniature horse BTW was underweight, infested with lice and had an infection. It has since been treated by a vet and moved to another property.

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31 Responses to David Whiffin and Clayton Cunningham

  1. Trace says:

    Now the difference between the hanging of criminals and the hanging of this horse is glaring. There is no drop for the horse’s neck to break. The horse was standing and then the bucket went up and pulled the horse off his feet — hopefully. Without the neck breaking the poor beast would strangle. There is no way that the jerk of the bucket could be fast enough to make death instantaneous. Those two f*cktards should have had to spend some time in jail for making that horse suffer plus get a lifetime ban.

  2. 2cute says:

    They starved and hanged a horse? Who the hell hangs a horse or any animal for that matter? And who the hell lets any animal starve? What sick fucks!

  3. bengalpuss29 says:

    Pair of bastards fancy starving and then hanging that poor horse. Someone should get a load of horse Manure And make the two pieces of shit eat every bit of it at gun point. Then bury them up to their necks in sand and cover their heads with human sewage until they smother to death slowly, its the least they deserve.

    • Trace says:

      I was thinking more of a horse-related execution. Drawing and quartering involved horses, didn’t it? A horse would drag the criminal to his execution (the drawing) and then four horses would pull a person apart (the quartering). The punishment was reserved for treachery in days of old but seems somewhat appropriate given the circumstances of this case.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Yes thats a better one damn i keep coming up with ways to execute these turd’s and you and 2cute keep getting the better, i’ve gotta be Ingenious In future, and hanging, drawn and quartering was used for treason, in england. They would the a rope around each ankle and each wrist, and the ropes were tied round the horses and they were whipped to make them run thus ripping the criminal apart, nice eh. Anyway your idea is better than mine so im off to sulk lol.

        • 2cute says:

          Don’t sulk Bengalpuss29, your idea of punishment was very inventive and unique, albeit quite gross. But I don’t think Canadians would go for it, or for hanging, drawing and quartering. They seem such a milquetoast crowd when it comes to justice and punishment.

          • cleo says:

            The Canadian government is being all smuggety smug over statistics that show fewer crimes were reported in 2011 than at any other time in the last 40 years. It’s the 8th consecutive decrease in the crime rate. That’s the good news so you’d think the Canadian justice system is doing something right. Not bad for our milquetoast attitude toward punishment, right?

            BUT there were INCREASES in homicides and sexual offences against children. Murder went up 7%, child molesting went up 3% and child porn went up a whopping 40%!

            Makes you think the Canadian justice system is doing something wrong. I for one think much harsher penalties for murderers and pedophiles would improve the situation.

            And really, do the number of REPORTED crimes accurately represent the actual number of crimes? Most rapes for example do not get reported. And how many crimes are solved and successfully prosecuted? Those numbers may not be much to celebrate.

          • bengalpuss29 says:

            Actually i know i can be Gruesome, but it was trace who came up with the hung drawn and quartering idea, thats why i was sulking lol because i didn.t come up with that idea to start with.

    • Key says:

      The real justice? How about a thorough investigation of the crime scene? That would be a good start. How do you know the horse was hung? Who told you? Where did they find out? In my investigation there is no proof of wrong doing, but that doesn’t keep slanderous comments and obstruction of justice prevailing.

      The 2 men where not convicted of hanging the horse. Be very careful what the media reports on this case and who you slander…..The horse was ordered to be put down by the SPCA and a deadline was given. Whiffin didn’t own the horse his tenant did. The veterinarian who was paid $50 to kill the horse by injection failed to execute the horse. The men deliberated on how to proceed with the order for days.
      How can a caretaker and the property owner be responsible for starving a 27 year old horse they only had for 2 months? The horse lived in paradise on the farm where it lived with 2 other female horses on an orchard.

      • cleo says:

        YOUR investigation, Key? And who are you to investigate? Why should we believe your word against those of sworn witnesses in a court case?

      • Sparkie71 says:

        When you are dealing with 2 men who are chronic alcoholics and crack cocaine addicts, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that neglect was probable. BTW, Whiffin just got arrested for beating up his stepson and stepdaughter. Cunningham barely escaped similar charges, but has beat up the daughter before, and is a sex offender in the registry. How did I conduct my investigation? First hand knowledge. And if anyone currently knows the whereabouts of Clayton Cunningham, please provide me with details.

        • cD says:

          Wow.. rightfully jailed and detained…First hand knowledge will definitely be corroborated with the footage. Crack and booze must be all over the property maybe the cops will find some.

  4. barkingmad says:

    If we don’t get tougher animal welfare laws in this country how can we consider ourselves a civilized nation and supposedly one of the best places to live? I cannot begin to imagine the suffering Jalupae went through. This is atrocious and these men should have been punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Damn right, if these pieces of crap are just given fine’s and slaps on the wrist, other evil bastards that hurt and abuse animals are not gonna give a shit because they know they will get away with it. He a custodial sentence is given it will make these turd’s think twice. And that stupid judge, “I an satisfied that julapae was killed humanely” What fucking planet is she on hanging a horse on a backhoe. I would say to that judge “Ok so if we hang you from a backhoe thats humane” To hang properly you have to have the drop to sever the spinal cord and breaking the neck death is instantaneous in judicial hangings, this animal was a horse therefore it would have suffered. The only way to deal with these pieces of shit is jail.

      • andrew says:

        have you idiots ever seen the factory farms where canada gets most of its meat products, and still you support it and start crying about one old as fuck horse ready to be put down, get a life and if you want to start improving the well being of animals go after the factory farms

  5. bulldoggy says:

    So are these retards related to Roland Black? They have the identical mentality — they aren’t willing to pay for vet care and get real creative with DIY euthanasia. You can’t convince me that hanging a horse by his neck until it’s dead isn’t cruel. These 2 could have borrowed a gun if they didn’t already have one and shoot the horse in the head if they really wanted to be humane. But then if they wanted to be humane they wouldn’t have let the animal starve in the first place. No, they’re sadistic bastards after all, and need to be watched.

    • Key says:

      If they would have used a gun they would have done time for discharging a firearm. The Vet that was paid to euthanize the horse ended up charging money for an examination. An examination he never did. He was paid $50 dollars and then awarded 5 times that much by the court for a job he never did. In my investigation the SPCAA is chomping at the bit to kill animals. They ordered the cull of the Whistler sled dogs. The owner was following their orders. Same here.
      Also there are 7 people who have purged themselves in this case and the truth may come out sooner then later if the attorney general investigates how the crown counsel handled this case. Mrs Mercer for example, never even talked to Whiffin. It wasn’t his horse. Who wants a 27 year old horse? His tenant left the horse uncared for. It is then the property owners duty to follow the instructions given to him.

      Be very careful who you call names and slander, its not always a good aide to make yourself feel more important then you really are. You should get the facts before gallivanting on emotionally about a case that may prove to be a scandal and wrongfully reported on by media.

      • cleo says:

        They would have done time for discharging a firearm? Really? Canadians go to jail for shooting guns? I don’t think I believe it, Key. And be careful of the unfounded accusations you’re making of the vet, the witnesses, the Crown Counsel and the SPCA.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    They are quite happy to let you know cruelty to animals is down, but child porn is up, no wonder with the sentences that they dish out to those filthy fucker’s. Theres no deterent cleo, just look at that piece of shit who came up with the excuse that the 7 year old pushed him down and stuck her tongue in his mouth and was believed by a judge. I know this happened in england but jesus christ what was that judge smoking skunk weed. They need to crack down on these perverts its the only way. If i had my way i’d shoot the lot of them, but i don’t have my way.

    • 2cute says:

      I just don’t understand why, if the law says the judges can send killers and rapists and pedophiles away for life, they choose not to. The focus should be less on rehabilitation for those monsters and more on keeping the public safe from them forever.

  7. moodymagic says:

    Another case of animal cruelty that makes me totally sick. Where is the real justice.

  8. Get Him says:

    Let’s start spreading the word that this guy needs to go to jail! It’s been a while since he was convicted and told not to have ANY animals on his property for 5 years. Guess what it’s only been about 8 months since his conviction and he never complied with his court order. He wants to pretend like he lives on his boat therefore animals can live on the property. Well he doesn’t live on the boat, he just hangs out there. Raise your voices people and save the 5 dogs, 3 kittens and all the fish that are living in sub-standard conditions in an illegal suite on the Whiffin property!!!!

    • Key says:

      Lets start spreading the word that they won the appeal of wrongfully killing the horse. The SPCA ordered the death. Spread the word that the Vet in this case may have more to do with a injustice to the horse then Whiffin and Cunnigham. Lets start spreading the word that QC Murray didn’t investigate properly and ask the question???? Why are these 2 men who actually allowed the horse to live 4 days longer then ordered being demonized and victimized? Why would this be beneficial and to whom? We should start spreading the word is RIGHT.

      • cleo says:

        Key, can you provide a link to the information? I can find nothing about them winning an appeal. Come up with proof or I’m calling bullshit on your claims. BTW they were not convicted of wrongfully killing the horse. Judge Susan Wishart ruled that they were guilty of not providing enough food or proper veterinary care to the horse while it was alive. Whether or not the SPCA ordered the death is moot. That horse was not given the food and medical care it needed.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    That does it, i’ve already been upset about one bastard torturing a little kitty to death and now im told this cock sucker has got 5 dogs and 3 kitty’s. Just tell me who i need to complain to about this bastard, and i’ll be straight on the blower, fuck the phone bill, puppies and kitty’s need saving. Im fucking sick of all these horrible bastards getting away with murder literally. Cleo, i don.t know how you don.t become murderous, writing about these shitbags and seeing the pictures. When i read about those two cunts that were making the crush videos and you said i advice you not to look, well i haven.t, because if i had i would have hopped onto a plane and put my heel through that ugly bitch’s eye. Poor tyke needs a pee but i’ve brought out his old litter box and he’s looking at me as if to say “What the fuck have you brought the box out for im a big boy now” If only he knew, if only he knew. But i won.t tell him cos i love my tyke and im protecting him from bastard cunts like this.

  10. paul desfosses says:

    who is david whiffin and what does he have to do with …

  11. paul desfosses says:

    yes he would hallucinate evrething?

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