David Viens

Hellbeast David Viens
Crime: Murder

David Viens, 49, gave 2 different confessions to police. One of these confessions is rather grisly but both conceded that the L.A. restaurateur had killed his wife Dawn.

The couple had been married for 17 years and had a daughter, Jacqueline. I guess 17 years was enough for David Viens.

David and Dawn Viens ran the Thyme Contemporary Cafe on Narbonne Avenue, Lomita, CA. He was the chef and she was a hostess and server.

On the night of Oct. 18, 2009, according to the couple’s friend Todd Stagnitto, David hellbeast Viens was convinced that Dawn had been stealing money from their restaurant. He’d been going through receipts and thought something didn’t add up.

Dawn Viens“I’ll kill that bitch, nobody steals from me,” Todd Stagnitto quoted David Viens as saying. Within a matter of hours, Dawn Viens, 39, was dead.

At first nobody knew poor Dawn was dead. All they knew was she had disappeared off of the face of the earth. She hadn’t taken her Jeep and she’d left $600 or so behind with a friend. She was just gone.

Dawn’s family and friends were frantic. Except, of course, for David Viens. Local businesses posted Dawn’s missing persons flier in their windows, but not the Thyme Contemporary Cafe.

Where was Dawn? they asked David POS Viens every day, and his reply was they’d had an argument about her going into rehabilitation and she’d walked away with her Louis Vuitton bag.

Nice. David Viens was the asshole with the conviction for drug smuggling and he blamed Dawn’s drug use for her disappearance! Not nice at all.

And his “proof” that his wife was still alive — fake text messages he sent to himself from her cellphone.

Dawn’s good friend Karen Patterson strongly suspected the abusive monster David Viens had murdered his wife. In August 2009 she’d spotted marks on Dawn’s neck and naturally she asked about them. Dawn had replied that her husband had choked her.

In September 2009 Dawn had called Karen Patterson and said she locked herself in the bathroom to keep safe from her raging husband.

Karen Patterson wanted to call the police then and there and get the bastard arrested. Dawn Viens begged her not to, and so she didn’t.

“For the rest of my life, I’ll wish I would have called,” Karen Patterson said. If only…

Thyme Contemporary CafeDavid the beast Viens didn’t mind having a “missing” wife. He started a relationship with a waitress he’d hired, handed her Dawn’s job and had her move in with him. Life was just dandy for him, except for the pesky “Where is Dawn?” questions.

David the killer Viens was feeling pretty invulnerable because Dawn’s body was nowhere to be found. No body, no crime, right? And so the bastard got quite cocky and overconfident that he’d never be brought to justice.

The creep had eventually confessed to his daughter Jacqueline. He was drunk at the time and he’d told the 19-year-old in very graphic detail how he’d killed her mother.

He claimed that they’d argued and he tied Dawn up and taped her mouth shut with duct tape. Dawn then choked on her own vomit, he told Jacqueline. It was an “accident” he blubbered. Riiiight.

And then the monster “tearfully admitted” to Jacqueline that nobody would ever find the body. How could he be sure? Well, he dropped a very heavy hint that he’d cooked his wife.

Excuse me but EWWWW. Gross!

Jacqueline rather thought he was joking about the cooking part, but she did believe the accidental killing part. She agreed to keep his secret, and she even agreed to send fake text messages to bolster his claims of innocence.

Jacqueline must really have loved her dad and trusted him to be telling her the truth. She kept the awful secret for 16 months.

On February 22, 2011 Jacqueline stopped keeping the secret and went to the police.

On February 23, 2011, the asshole David Viens found out the police considered him a murder suspect when he read an article in the Daily Breeze. The article said detectives had found blood in his house and considered the missing woman was dead.

The article was a plant — a ruse by police to see David Viens’ reaction.

He reacted all right. First of all David Viens confessed to his girlfriend that he’d killed his wife. He then drove off toward Rancho Palos Verdes.

The girlfriend right away went to authorities and told them about David Viens’ confession to her.

Rightly figuring all was lost David Viens jumped off an 80-foot cliff in Rancho Palos Verdes. And he lived, dammit! The bastard survived the fall but was badly injured.

David POS Viens suffered a broken pelvis, broken leg, spinal injuries and other fractures in his cliff jump. He is now in a wheelchair. Awwww.

Three weeks after his suicide attempt police questioned the murdering bastard in hospital. He confessed. Twice.

Search with cadaver dogIn his first confession on March 1, 2011, David Viens told investigators he had bound his wife’s hands, feet and mouth with duct tape in their living room to silence her because she was “raising hell” as he was trying to sleep.

Can you imagine that? Dawn wouldn’t let him sleep so he bound her with duct tape! What a putrid sac of pus he is to even consider doing that!

David Viens said he had done it two times before and Dawn hadn’t fought back. That unfortunate woman’s life must have been pure hell with him if that was how she was mistreated.

David POS Viens went on to say he had taken a sleeping pill that night and woke up to find Dawn’s body “hard”. The poor woman had suffocated while he slept.

Naturally the f*cktard panicked and stuffed the body in a trash bag and tossed it in a bin behind the restaurant. That was his first story to police.

In his second confession on March 15, 2011, David the wife killer Viens told investigators that after he’d bound Dawn with duct tape, “For some reason I just got violent.”

The bastard also told the investigators he had cooked his wife’s body. He not only told them that but went into a great deal of yucky detail.

David Viens described how he had stuffed Dawn’s body face-down into a 55-gallon drum of boiling water and proceeded to cook it for 4 days. He had to use weights to keep Dawn’s 105-pound body submerged.

“I just slowly cooked it and I ended up cooking her for 4 days,” he told the appalled investigators.


David the monster Viens described how he next took some of his wife’s remains, mixed it with food waste and poured it into the restaurant’s grease pit. The other remains were dumped in the dumpster in garbage bags.

He told police that he kept her skull and left it “my mother’s attic.” Police looked but never found it.

There was no forensic evidence found to prove he had cooked her. They got the cadaver dogs out and they “hit” on a shed behind the restaurant. Likely that is where the body was stored.

It is possible that the second confession was made while the hellbeast was in severe pain and taking a cocktail of pain meds. Maybe he was hallucinating. Regardless, he’d confessed to killing Dawn.

Police charged the bastard with her murder. He pleaded not guilty.

Hellbeast David Viens
During his trial in Superior Court in downtown Los Angeles, Deputy District Attorney Deborah Brazil played the 2 recorded confessions the killer had made to detectives. Hard to argue with those.

Defense attorney Fred McCurry told the court his client was not guilty of 1st-degree murder. It was an accident. David Viens never meant to kill her.

“He panicked because he did not expect to wake up and find her dead,” McCurry said. Good try.

Deputy District Attorney Brazil responded with the series of lies Viens had told, the fake text messages, the threat to kill her for stealing.

“He knew what he did and yet he lied every single day,” Ms Brazil said. She reminded jurors that the beast Viens had joked to his daughter that he was a chef and knew how to dispose of a body.

On September 27, 2012 after only 5 1/2 hours of deliberations the jury convicted David Viens. He faces 15 years to life. His sentencing is to take place in November.

“There’s no happy ending. I don’t think there [are] any winners or losers,” Dawn’s sister Dayna Papin said. “Two families have suffered tremendously and we will continue to.”

I wish the majority of the suffering on David Viens. Hell, I wish all the suffering on that bastard. Not because he probably cooked his wife’s body, but because he had abused Dawn for years, terrorized her, choked her, sadistically bound and gagged her and finally killed her. He callously manipulated his daughter — Dawn’s daughter — into helping him conceal the crime. He cruelly left Dawn’s family and friends searching in vain for the missing woman, hoping and praying she was alive for endless months.

I hope David Viens lives the rest of his life in pain. And then may he go to hell.

Daily News article
New York Daily News article

23 Responses to David Viens

  1. bengalpuss says:

    I Read this story yesterday cleo, and he jumped of a cliff head first and lived damn! As for the daughter, she should never have kept that information that her mom was dead and then sent text messages to her dad pretending to be her mother. I don.t give a shit that it was her father, she should have gone to the cops as soon as he told her. Also he said he had put the skull in his parents attic, but it wasn.t their. I think she didn.t die from choking on her own vomit, i think he beat her to death, and the story of the skull is just another wild goose chase. He admitted to his friend that he thought she’d been stealing and he was gonna kill her. Next thing you know she’s dead, that was no accident it was murder. And if he gets 15yrs then thats a travesty of justice imo. I know the daughter lost her mum and she thought she was protecting her dad, but she shouldn’t have done that, sending text’s pretending to be her mum. Hope the judge gives him a proper sentence that befit’s the crime.

    • cleo says:

      I hope so too. It takes a special kind of monster to cook a body or even to consider it. And I know if anyone killed or hurt my mom I would do them major damage before I turned their sorry ass in, no matter who dunnit.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I wish nothing but pain and misery to the bastard. I know the sentence will never be enough for all the pain and suffering he subjected his wife and her family to. Please Judge make the sentence count.

  3. bengalpuss says:

    The thing that pisses me off moodymagic, is the fact that this cunt, can dive head first over an 80ft drop and fucking live. Its ironic really cos if someone had accidentally slipped over the edge they’d have died, but this twat does a head first dive and fucking lives. When i read that i just shook my head and sighed. This piece of shit beat his wife otherwise why take elaborate measures to make sure there’s nothing left of this poor woman. No he boiled her so that he could use his choking on her vomit story. With no body, then the best the prosecution can do is accidentally killed her by choking to death.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    OK what to do with this one? How about truss him up with duct tape with a couple of pieces over his nose and mouth. Sounds fitting. And then feed his punk ass to the sharks in Bengal’s moat. You’re gonna have a moat around your dungeon right Bengal?

  5. bengalpuss says:

    Bulldoggy, my dungeon and moat, will be like an island in the middle of the atlantic ocean. This fucker wouldn’t be going nowhere. In fact them boiling water Geisers At the bottom of the ocean, i could weight him down over one of them, and boil his arse. But he would be alive. After i finished with this cunt, he would’ve wished his Kamakazi Dive over the cliff would’ve been successful. Choked on her vomit my arse. He threatens he’s gonna kill her and then hey presto, she’s disappeared. Also i doubt very much that she would have just sat there and let him Duct Tape her mouth hands and feet. He probably knocked that poor woman unconscious and then murdered her, the horrible bastard. Definately a candidate for my dungeon bulldoggy.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    Maybe Alcatraz is available. It would be quite suitable for what you have in mind Bengalpuss. BTW what happened to the 29 on your name. Did you have a birthday?

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, believe me or not the 29 wasn.t my age, it was my house number. There isn.t enough space for my age love. No i dropped the laptop on the floor and is erased all my data, stupid fucking thing so i decided to get rid of the 29. I was gonna put bengalgod, just to piss clint eastwood off but decided to just be bengalpuss. And besides i a woman, we are known for changing our minds, and Alcatraz Is a good one, i’d have a field day torturing all those sick fucks in there. I better stop it, im getting excited just thinking about it.

  7. bulldoggy says:

    Sigh I had envisioned a young nubile bengalpuss but now have to adjust my thinking. I preferred pussygod myself. I am guessing your Tyke is the bengal. As to Alcatraz it needs a paint job and I hear it has plenty of ghosts. It is perfect.

  8. steve-O says:

    This is another sick fuck. This one should hook up with thar Omaima Nelson bitch. They have so much in common.

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Christ bulldoggy, im not that old 41, mind you it might be old, do you think thats the reason that im single with just tyke? Lol. Just read this story about a cheerleader in america and was raped by a member of the basketball team she cheered for. Anyway he pled to a lesser charge, but she was still on the cheerleaders squad. Because she wouldn’t chant his name when he scored they told her she had to leave because she wouldn’t cheer her rapist. Anyway she took it to court and the judge said that “She was just a mouth piece as a cheerleader the piece of shit that raped her, his future was more important, and that her law suit was frivolous and ordered her to pay $38.000 in court fee’s. Have you heard about that bulldoggy, and do you come from america out of curiosity. Whoever that judge was needs shooting. Yes the judges are getting it pretty bad off me this month, for handing out insane sentences, fucking idiots. Damn i nearly did a comment without swearing and fucking let myself down lol.

  10. 2cute says:

    This story was stomach churning. I know murder is the worst thing, but the idea of cooking somebody is downright revolting. He didn’t even leave a body for the family to bury, the bastard! I do not understand the daughter’s actions I admit. If anyone duct taped my mom to shut her up I’d commit murder myself! And to learn the mom died because she was duct taped, how can anyone — the victim’s daughter especially — defend the killer and help him hide the crime? I just can’t understand that.

    • bengalpuss says:

      2cute, i’ve got a theory. I don.t think she choked on her vomit, he’s trying to get a manslaughter plea. Its just funny that just after he tells a friend that she’s been stealing, and no one steaks from me im gonna kill her. No two cute i think that it was more violent than that. But hey im not a cop. Just hope the bastard suffers.

  11. kathryn says:

    If someone hurt my little Mam I would tie them to my car and drive them through the streets till they were pulp.

    I hope this cunt lived because he has some major pain and suffering to face piece of shit.

    Is anyone else worried sick about 5 year old April Jones, they’ve arrested someone and found the van but not the little girl :(

    • bengalpuss says:

      Kathryn do you live in england? That little girl april jones, its not looking good poor little love, only 5yrs old. Im not blaming the family, but nowadays you can.t afford to let your children play outside on there own. I feel for the parents they must be going through hell right now. I want it to be a happy ending kathryn, but it isn.t looking good. Just hope that she can be found alive poor little lamb.

  12. kathryn says:

    Yes I’m in Sunderland. It drives me nuts that they have Mark Bridger in custody and so much evidence points at him but he wont say what he’s done with her. I can’t imagine that it will be good news but Im hoping so much xxx

  13. Trace says:

    It takes a heartless bastard to do what he did. I think he did cook his wife up. He gave way too much detail for it to be just a story he made up while on drugs. It’s scary how easy it is to make people to completely disappear off the planet.

  14. bengalpuss says:

    Im down the country just a little bit, in leeds i’ve been up your way once, well near you whitley bay. Anyway that mark brigier has got a twitter account, get on line and take a peek, his retweet’s are interesting to say the least. Its not looking good kathryn, at finding little april alive. I hate having to say that, but its been nearly 3 days. Apparently they arrested bridgier wearing army trousers and shirt and they were covered with waterproofs and he was walking over a bridge over the river, wonder what he was upto down there? For the police to release his name and picture, is unusual say the police, but they need to know what he was doing in that time when april was abducted to being arrested yesterday afternoon. When her mum appealed today on the news to bring her daughter back, she was absolutely Distraught, she must be going through hell now, if that was me and someone had taken one of my babies, i’d be beside myself with grief. Just hope that she’s found and she’s ok bless her.

    • kathryn says:

      My tutor group at school were all talking about it to today, theyre only year 8’s they just cant comprehend why a man would take a little girl.

      • bengalpuss says:

        Kathryn, mark bridger, has an ebay account and on the 22 of september bought a kayak for 2 plus one life jacket. I know the weather has been bad but they’re not cheap, when the police arrested him, he was on a bridge with waterproof’s on and army fatigue’s on underneath, wonder if 2 people got in that kayak and only one came back. Its not looking good for finding her alive, she’s been gone since monday poor little girl. I fucking hate paedaphiles. And we know its a paedaphile, and we know she’s been abducted, but that bridger, is saying sod all. Also the children got in his vehicle about 10 days ago just for a ride to the end of the street, so he’ll be able to explain why evidence of april, was in the vehicle. Im still praying she’s alive, but we would need a miracle right now. Hope the children you teach, know now why you don.t except lifts of strangers and don.t talk to strangers. In fact don.t except lifts of people you know as well.

  15. kathryn says:

    How do you know this Bengal do the police know??? x

  16. bengalpuss says:

    I don.t know if the police know, but i go on a site called mccann exposure and its run by a guy called hardlinemarxist, if you go onto that you will see the posts about little april, and in the comments section, you’ll find the links to his twitter account, very interesting, i’ll say the word “boobs” And i think you’ll get the point, take a look for yourself and you can go onto ebay and take a look at his account, which he’s bought a 2 man kayak with wooden oar’s and a life jacket for one. They were purchased on september the 22nd if my memory is correct if not it was 2 days either way in the 20’s and in 2010 he bought a load of toys, must be for his kids. The police have turned it into a murder enquiry based on forensic’s that they have Aquired. And now the search is to find a body now and the searches will be carried out in daylight hours not the night. I don.t know if the police know about that ebay account but i will ring the incident room now and inform them.

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