David Richard Wilson


Crimes: Pedophile, Rape

I’m not going to mince words here. David Richard Wilson of Houston, Texas, USA, is a filthy, diseased, baby-raping pedophile. I’d leave it there, but I know you have questions.

David Wilson has been a registered sex offender for some time now. He was convicted of sexual assault of a child in 2005. I understand it was a rape of a 14-year-old girl. The POS pedo rapist wrote a letter to the judge claiming, “This was my first and last mistake.” *snort of disbelief*

I don’t know if the judge believed him, but David Wilson was given deferred adjudication — he’d stay out of prison if he abided by the conditions set out by the court. Big shock — the pedo bastard didn’t abide by the conditions and was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

When David Wilson was released, he moved into his mother’s northwest Houston apartment. He got various jobs at fast food restaurants. Life may not have been exciting, but at least the pedo hellbeast had a chance to live as a reformed, free man. But the thing is, pedophiles aren’t ever reformed. That’s my opinion, anyway.

David Wilson and his mother had company in their apartment. There was David Wilson’s girlfriend, a teenaged girl, and a baby girl. The baby was actually David Wilson’s niece. His sister lived in another state and had drug addiction issues. The baby was sent to her grandma’s so she’d be loved and safe with family.

Unfortunately, with a pedophile for an uncle, that baby girl wasn’t safe at all. Neither was the teenager. Why the hell would anyone allow a registered sex offender anywhere near their children?!?! And why the hell would anyone want to be the girlfriend of a pedophile?!?!

In November 2013, the baby girl was taken to the Memorial Hermann hospital because she had a mysterious growth on her genitals. The 23-month-old tested positive for Herpes, Chlamydia and HIV. Damn!

There was no other answer than the little one had been sexually assaulted, and she got the diseases from her rapist.

The baby had to undergo genital reconstructive surgery. The poor wee thing. She was, of course, removed from the home, bless her heart.

Police ordered that the 4 people who lived with the baby be screened for sexually transmitted diseases. Big shock, only David Wilson tested positive.

So it should have been logical for the diseased pedo beast to be arrested, but he wasn’t. WTF?

Because the 23-month-old was too young to describe the assaults, and because there were no witnesses or any DNA, David Wilson wasn’t locked up. He was allowed to continue to live with his mother, his girlfriend and the teenaged girl.

Houston, I expected better of you! You had a registered pedophile with STDs and a raped baby with those same STDs and you couldn’t put the pieces together?!?

I am also extremely displeased with David Wilson’s mother. She had to know that he was responsible for raping and infecting her granddaughter, but she didn’t kick him to the curb.

In September 2014, the girl, now 14 years old, told a caseworker at the Children’s Assessment Center in Houston that she was pregnant. David Wilson had been having sex with her for 2 years, and now she was having his baby.

The teenager was tested and diagnosed with Herpes, Chlamydia and HIV. Damn and double damn! If only David Wilson had been arrested and charged back in November 2013, that girl would have not had to face pregnancy and STDs. If only he were a more decent kind of pervert and used a condom, but no, he just had to have unprotected sex with the girl.

Photo Credit: KTRK

Photo Credit: KTRK

In October 2014, David Richard Wilson was arrested and charged with 2 counts of assault of a child — with one of the counts being a “super aggravated” charge due to the age of the baby.

Houston police were alarmed at the prospect of other infected victims, so they asked for anyone who had sexual contact or who thought their children may have to call HPD child sex abuse division. They got calls and more calls.

A “regretful” David Wilson was reluctant to share with investigators how many more victims were involved or what their names and ages were. I don’t know if he has become more cooperative since, but I certainly hope so.

David Richard Wilson, 33, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Yay! Too bad he couldn’t be sentenced to undergo genital “deconstructive” surgery. Maybe after a few years his diseased man bits will shrivel painfully and fall off.

I wish the victims good health and happy, safe and satisfying lives.

I wish David Wilson will suffer daily and nightly for the rest of his miserable life. Actually that’s what I wish for all pedophiles.

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11 Responses to David Richard Wilson

  1. Jeni C says:

    Anyone who has HIV and knowingly passes it on to others via unprotected sex, should be charged with attempted murder! They know They have HIV, they have unprotected sex with someone, they know they will more than likely pass it to them. Now, I know that some responsibility should be put on the other person, they should also practice safe sex and not assume that their partner is disease-free. But, when a person with HIV KNOWS they have it and chooses to not practice safe sex, they are essentially giving their partner the death penalty.

    • Jeni C says:

      And I also wish the victims a happy and full life. No child should ever have to go through what this POS put them through! Does anyone know what happened to the baby that the teenage girl was pregnant with? Did she have the baby? I’m just curious to know if the baby is doing ok, that is, if she chose to have and keep the child. My prayers are with the victims. At least they got some justice when he was given a life sentence for his horrific crimes!

  2. DecentPeopleOnly says:


    Paedophilia is Evil and Gormless is any Suggestions that it could be
    ” Reformed ”

    I Am Surprised Texas does Not have the Death Penalty for Child Abuse
    and come to think of that other States as well

  3. Moodymagic says:

    Why doesn’t Texas have the death penalty for child abuse. Sick Bastard. His Genitals should be hacked off with a dull rusty knife.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    The mother/grandmother, should also be locked away in my opinion, she obviously knew her shit bag of a son was responsible, she then allowed him to stay knowing he was the culprit of infecting and raping her granddaughter , while another female child relative was under the same roof, how fucking irresponsible. She’s facillitated it. As for him not getting arrested after that baby girl was discovered to have been raped and infected with sexually transmitted diseases, diseases that only he carried is a fucking disgrace, so not only was the grandmother a stupid cunt, the police were mega stupid, i can’t wrap my head around that one. If they had arrested him when they should’ve done then the other victim would’ve finally been free of his abuse and not pregnant, though she would’ve still been infected by that monster. As for him, he will always be a dirty nonce and should stay locked up for life. I don’t know if life means life, if its like britain life doesn’t mean life and its usually only fifteen years. Please keep him locked up and denied medication for his diseases so his death can be speeded up.

    • Jeni C says:

      Bengalpuss, you always have the right words to call these POS hellbeasts! Great minds think alike! I agree with You 200% that the grandmother of these victims should be held accountable for allowing her shitbag son to continue living under HER roof with these children! Apparently, NO ONE was looking out for these childrens’ best interest.at God have mercy upon her AND her son…although I don’t think he will! She is just as much to blame. And I hope someone finds out what his crime was and then cut off his family jewels with a rusty, homemade prison shank!

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    Jeni c, if granny had used her brains in the first place, we wouldn’t be reading this article. Anybody with a functioning brain cell would know that pedo’s cannot be around children, by allowing her son near those children was tantamount to facillitating in that crime. We all know you cannot leave children in the same home of a pedo, eventually that preditor will strike, and this pig did with devastating consequences, herpe’s chlamydia and hiv, yes jeni c grandma has a lot to answer too.

    • Jeni C says:

      BP, you are right. The son may as well lived on his own, in his own place, where he would be free to bring in as many children as he wanted. There was a reason he was released to live with his mother. And his girlfriend, the mother of those children, she is about as dumb as they come! What sensible, intelligent woman would start dating a pedophile…and bring him around her children?!? She needs to be held responsible the most because SHE basically handed her children to this sick pervert! I personally don’t think that pedophiles can change. Reading stories like this one, just makes me believe even more that they can’t change. Anyone who can abuse and hurt a child in ANY way, physically, emotionally or sexually, is the worst, lowest form of human being on this planet. I don’t even think they are human. May David Wilson rot in prison, and in Hell! I hope and pray that we soon read an article where he has undergone genital “deconstructive” surgery, as Cleo so eloquently put it in this article! I’m sure Big Bubba and his friends in the prison can perform such an operation! May he rot in prison…and may it be slow and painful!

  6. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    The Evil behind this Child Abuse

    Reading what the Baby had to go through what a Monster of Evil

  7. lanthanide-highway says:

    so now an innocent child and an already abused teenager are faced with shortened lives and countless future medical complications because this subhuman barbarian couldn’t keep it in his pants…. they need to string him up by his diseased balls. but hopefully he’ll get a little retroactive karma in prison once his cellmates learn he’s a baby raper.

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