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Hellbeast David Pethig
Crime: Possession of Child Porn

I don’t usually have good things to say about thieves, but one thief in particular should be commended for doing the right thing. In April 2011 the thief had burgled the home of David Pethig in Wrexham, North Wales. Among the items taken was David Pethig’s laptop.

Usually it would be no big deal — insurance would cover the loss. Unfortunately for David Pethig, though, the burglar had a conscience and the theft became a big deal.

See, what the thief found on the laptop was oodles and oodles of child porn, and so he rightly called the police. He arranged to leave the laptop in an unoccupied house where the police could find it.

The police did find the laptop and discovered that David Pethig had downloaded 8500 pictures and 400 movies of child porn, many of them rated at the worst end of the scale of child abuse. They searched his home and found a second computer. In total, David Pethig was in possession of 8585 pictures and 433 movies.

To be clear, we’re talking images and movies of young and very young children being subjected to severe sexual abuse and degradation. That’s the kind of stuff David Pethig was into.

I both pity and salute the investigators that had to search through those computer files and examine and document each and every one of them. Just one image or movie of a helpless child being raped would have me in absolute tears. I can’t imagine having to sit through 433 movies. It has to change a person to see horrors such as that.

When the police first interviewed this 59-year-old child porn collector, he actually claimed he had downloaded the shit by accident. Oh, really? By accident?

When the police interviewed him subsequently, they knew just how many images and movies they were dealing with. David Pethig now claimed he had downloaded that disgusting, vile crap out of curiosity.

What exactly is there about child porn that he could be curious about? If an adult penis fits inside a toddler’s tiny vagina? If an adult penis fits inside a baby’s mouth? If an adult penis fits inside a child’s anus? Maybe David Pethig was curious about how to muffle an infant’s screams of pain. The disgusting, f*cking pig (pardon my French)!

Sounds a whole lot more like obsession than curiosity to me. You know and I know he was busy beating his meat to that shit.

David Pethig’s wife and daughter were absolutely appalled. David’s daughter, who lived with her parents at the time, said, “Dad’s betrayal has changed my life forever. But part of me is glad that we got burgled. That thief had a conscience — which is more than my father had. If he hadn’t been found out, he’d probably still be downloading child porn.”

David Pethig’s wife ended their marriage and both she and their daughter moved out of the house that had been the family home for more than 30 years.

And so, in March 2012, David Pethig appeared for trial in Mold Crown Court. He pleaded guilty to 17 charges of making indecent images and 2 charges of possessing indecent images and videos.

Judge Gareth Jones seemed to take David Pethig’s possession of child porn very seriously. He told Pethig the perv they were extremely serious offences that were sustained over a significant period of time, showing “a sustained interest by you in material of this kind”.

“The reason the criminal law takes such a serious view is that you, and people like you, create a market for the exploitation of children,” said Judge Jones. Tough words.

And did Judge Gareth Jones throw the book at the perv? Ummm, not exactly. See, Judge Gareth Jones heard how poor David Pethig lost his job and lost his friends and lost his family and was forced to move out of his house once the neighbours found out he was a pedo. Booo friggin’ hooo.

Hellbeast David PethigAnd then Judge Gareth Jones considered that David Pethig had pled guilty and decided that the poor poor perv had suffered enough. NO jail time! None! WTF?

Judge Gareth Jones did place David Pethig on supervision (probation) for 2 years and sent him to a sex offender group work program run by the probation service. Yeah, sex offender programs always work — not!

David Pethig was ordered to register as a sex offender for the next 10 years and pay a fine of 500 pounds (roughly $1000). The judge limited his Internet use for 10 years as well. Ouch!

All David Pethig’s ex had to say was, “He should have gone to jail.” I heartily concur.

I, for one, do not consider possession of child porn to be a victimless crime. Children are harmed in ALL aspects of child porn — its production, its distribution AND its possession.

A study by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found that more than 80% of pervs arrested for possession of child porn had images of prepubescent children, and 80% of the images were of children being sexually penetrated. A full 20% of these pervs had images of children being subjected to bondage and sadistic sex, and 39% had videos of children being abused.

These perverts have created a market — a voracious, insatiable market — for violence against children. And not only have these babies and toddlers and young children been subjected to horrific, painful sexual assaults, but they will forever be haunted by the knowledge that these images and movies of their degradation and pain are circulating around the Internet for the consumption of monsters like David Pethig.

Another study shows that 65% of child porn possessors have also molested or attempted to molest children. So child porn feeds not only the obsession to look at and watch more child porn but also the compulsion to act out the perverted fantasies of pedophiles.

If judges such as Judge Gareth Jones would deliver harsh penalties and prison sentences to creeps like David Pethig, they just might deter them from downloading that shit and start to dry up the market for child porn.

And that’s my little rant on the subject. So David Pethig, you filthy perv you, I hope you suffer greatly with no family, no friends, no job and whole big pile of public vilification. And then go rot in hell, David, go rot.

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11 Responses to David Pethig

  1. Trace says:

    I mentioned neutering with a rusty knife with that horse abuser Sanchez. Good idea for pedophiles too. No jail time because his life turned crappy when he was caught? Geez, that’s pitiful. I should hope every criminal’s life turns crappy. That’s no reason to let them off easy. He lost his job and his house and his friends — he would’ve at least got 3 hots and a cot if he’d been put away. Of course his new neighbours might not be friendly either when they found out he’s a pedo.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I do not understand. He pleaded guilty to making images. 17 infact.

    • 2cute says:

      Yeah, he was MAKING that shit, not just possessing it. That is so much worse. That apeshit child pornographer should have gone to jail for a long time!

  3. scrappy says:

    I cannot begin to fathom the leniency of the sentence. Thinking too long about it makes my head hurt and my blood boil…

    I have long been known to say that thieves and liars are two of my least favorite types of people. I also figure murderers and pedos are by default on that list. They steal innocence, tranquility, safety, and life from others.

    I can’t believe I’m gonna cross myself and say, “Damn, I love that freakin’ burglar. He had more sense of justice than the damn judge.” Pretty much, Pethig’s daughter said it all.

  4. scrappy says:

    Oh yeah, and thanks Cleo for those scary numbers from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Perhaps if more people were conscious of them we would manage to get harsher sentences for these sick predators.

  5. Benny says:

    This is just wrong…and NO jail time at all???.. what’s going to stop him from doing it again?

  6. Claire says:

    Hooray for strong women!!!!! I am so sick and tired of these entitled men who commit so much of the crime yet face NONE of the consequences!

    It is so refreshing to see two women here who refuse to stand by their pieces of human filth fathers/husbands!!

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    No jail time, well isn’t that just great. This beast has destroyed god know’s how many children’s lives, and because he’d lost his job his family and couldn’t go back home, basically got of scott free, fucking disgusting. Well i live in england and im gonna make sure people know about this scum sucker. And to the burglar “I don’t agree with what you do but i take my hat off to you for doing the right thing, so whoever you are well done.

  8. Matt says:

    Good on him. I’m proud to be related to him. My names Matt so work out the rest. Fuck all of you

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Proud to be related to a nonce? I wouldn’t dare you sick Fuck, you must also be a nonce too if your shouting from the rooftop your proud to be related to this sick Fucking pig.

  9. Tom Daly says:

    People like Pethig the pig make me feel absolutely sick. How about someone puts THEIR penis in his ass so he knows what it feels like

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