David McDougall

David McDougall

Crimes: Domestic Abuse, Aggravated Assault, Rape

If I had my way, David McDougall of Fife, Scotland would never see the light of day again. Lucky for him I’m not in charge. I have no compassion whatsoever for serial rapists. I also have no patience with the Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court who thought it would be just fine to release him on bail.

David McDougall, 31, is a flaming bag of dog shit kind of guy. He’s the kind of hellbeast you need to stomp out and then scrape the crap off your shoe. Am I being harsh? I don’t think so.

Since 1998, in Fife, Scotland, David McDougall physically and sexually assaulted 5 women that we know of. He actually kicked one of his victims while she was pregnant! He raped one of his victims in front of her baby boy!

One of his victims was his girlfriend, Kira, who bravely came forward with her story of abuse. She suffered through years of violence, broken bones and sexual assaults at the hands of David McDougall. She’d put up with it because she was terrified of him, and because he was the father of her baby.

“He’s a monster,” Kira said. “The relationship was filled with a lot of drinking and him screaming, beating and intimidating me. We met when I was 17 and I ignored the warnings about him.”

Kira now wears dentures and sports several scars due to the abuse. The physical assaults sometimes left her with fractured bones. From one severe beating, Kira’s jaw was broken in two places.

“He’d argue over anything – the last cigarette in the pack, a sip of beer, the house,” said Kira. By argue she meant attack. “He’d fly into rages if other men looked at me and accuse me of being a flirt and a whore.”

Typical. Her abusive boyfriend blamed it all on her.

David McDougall not only beat Kira, but he also raped her. He promised her each time it would never happen again, but those were blatant lies that she desperately clung to.

Not surprisingly, Kira was on anti-depressants. They made her sleepy. What the poor girl couldn’t understand for the longest time was why she kept waking up naked.

It wasn’t until she cut back on her medication that Kira realized what David McDougall was doing — he was sexually assaulting her while she was sleeping right next to her baby girl.

When Kira finally clued in, after reading a magazine article, that what he was doing was rape, she had enough.

“I swapped all of David’s house keys for old keys and when he went out, I went to the police,” she said.

David McDougall was arrested. Yay. But on May 28, 2013, while awaiting trial for raping 5 women, he was granted bail at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court. Holy shit! The prosecutors opposed the bail, but the sheriff allowed it. Appeal judges ruled in favour of bail. Disgusting!

On June 3, 2013, 5 whole days after he was released, David McDougall raped a 30-year-old woman with learning difficulties.

Imagine that — a serial rapist rapes again. I’m not shocked by that. I am shocked that the sheriff who let him out either thought that he wasn’t a danger to women or didn’t give a damn about what might happen.

The evil bastard, David McDougall that is, denied the accusation, but his DNA was found on his victim’s sheets.

In May 2014, David McDougall, 31, was convicted of 14 charges, including 6 rapes. He was sentenced to only 10 years in prison. He was also given an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR) for 5 years. An OLR provides for the lifelong supervision of high-risk violent and sexual offenders. Too bad David McDougall’s OLR won’t span the rest of his worthless life.

At his sentencing, Judge Michael O’Grady QC stated that David McDougall was a danger to all women. Hell, yes!

“You have been convicted of an utterly appalling catalogue of domestic and sexual offences. They are as bad as it has even been my misfortune to encounter,” said Judge O’Grady.

Being British justice, I don’t imagine David McDougall will spend the entire 10-year sentence behind bars. I just hope that the women of Fife will steer clear of this convicted serial rapist. He will only bring harm to women in his life. He’s not worth the pain.

I hope that David McDougall suffers each day of his incarceration, and experiences total shunning by the community when he’s released. I also hope that he loses all functioning of his private bits.

I also hope that the sheriff who saw fit to release a serial rapist on bail is fired. He needlessly put women at risk, and because of his actions a disabled woman was raped.

I wish the best for all of David McDougall’s victims. I hope they can find some relief knowing he’s in prison for the next few years.

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9 Responses to David McDougall

  1. moodymagic says:

    Hope this sick bastard suffers greatly in prison. Bend for the bar of soap, you sick fuck! I wish the women that were harmed by this piece of nothing good things in the future.

  2. Awesomeblossom says:

    Nasty POS should be neutered for sure. And branded with an R for rapist. I pity any woman who gets involved with him in future.

  3. 2cute says:

    Damn he looks like an ordinary guy! Women might mistake him for a nice person and unwittingly invite the hell beast into their lives. That’s why rapists like this should be tagged somehow, to keep future victims out of harm’s way.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    I wish the best for the victims, and unemployment for the sheriff who saw fit to let him out on bail. May the beast rot in hell.

  5. Bengalpuss says:

    I’m afraid im desensitized to this, and this pig shit head won’t be locked up for long, and the only good thing is that scottish jails are horrendous, especially to sex offenders and nonce’s, lets hope he has a shit time of it.

  6. michelle says:

    Brand his forehead with a gigantic R. And maybe acid to the crotch, just for good measure.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Rape is a Terrible Thing as it is well Known

    Equally so is False Accusations Deliberately Made about Rape

    Those who Lie Deliberately about being Raped Ruin the Life of the
    Man Falsely Accused and Divert Attention from the Genuine Victims of Rape

  8. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Jesus, his poor girlfriend must still be terrified. He might come after her when he gets out. I was scared to death of my son’s father even though I moved several states away. Good thing he’ll most likely be in prison for the rest of his life, which is what should’ve happened to this shithead. My ex used to rape me in my sleep as well, and if I wine up and told him to stop, he wouldn’t until he was “finished”. I hope he fucking dies in prison.

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