David Martin

David Martin
Crime: Stalking, Stabbing

A number of articles I have read about David Martin of Sunderland, UK, describe the asshole as besotted. Besotted? That’s a rather tame way of describing someone who is a covetous, jealous, obsessed and dangerous stalker. Besotted makes him sound he’s merely infatuated or smitten, embarrassingly clingy and totally harmless. David Martin of Sunderland, in my opinion, is nothing less than a would-be killer who won’t take no for an answer.

I am sure when Kate Taylor began dating David Martin, her co-worker at EDF Energy, she had no idea that he already had an alarming criminal past. When he was only 13 he was cautioned by police for using threatening and abusive language and for trying to stir up racial hatred. He was a violent, nasty creep even then.

When he was 14 David Martin was cautioned for burglary and convicted of assaulting another kid. Obviously he hadn’t learned from his previous interaction with police.

In 2003 David Martin was cautioned for affray. He’d been fighting in the street that time. Still violent.

In 2008 he was again cautioned for using threatening and abusive language and behavior. I’m seeing a pattern here.

In 2009 he was cautioned yet again for battery after he’d punched out a 17-year-old in the street. *shock*

So what the hell does a nasty British asshole like this have to do to merit something more than a caution? Obviously he wasn’t learning any lessons since he just kept on being a violent and nasty creep.

In November 2011 David Martin was dumped by Kate Taylor. It’s never nice to be dumped but normal, decent human beings go about their lives and get over it. David Martin didn’t. He began inundating Kate Taylor with phone calls and messages, begging her to reconsider. She didn’t.

Now I know what it’s like hearing the phone ring every single day and dreading it. I knew who was calling me and I really didn’t want to talk to that person. But my experience was with an annoying, whiny relative. It wasn’t someone threatening and scary calling me.

I cannot imagine what Kate Taylor went through. She worked with the POS asshole David Martin, which was bad enough. To have him calling and calling and texting and texting endlessly must have driven her nuts and probably terrified her.

In April 2012 David Martin got drunk and disorderly. He was given a penalty notice. Ooooh, harsh!

On May 11, 2012, the nasty POS asshole again inundated Kate Taylor with pleading phone calls. He wanted to talk to her “just one last time”.

The poor woman reluctantly agreed to meet up with her ex on her lunchbreak. That was a truly bad decision.

Kate Taylor agreed to sit in his car, talk and have a cigarette. Probably she thought that maybe this time she’d convince David Martin she was serious about moving on. Unhappily she did convince him.

What Kate Taylor didn’t know is that, besides his charming personality, David Martin had brought a knife along. If he couldn’t get her attention with his whining he was going to get her attention with a weapon.

When Kate Taylor tried to exit the vehicle, David Martin lunged at her. The poor woman thought he was trying to kiss her, but she looked down at her chest to see a knife sticking out.

She thought she was going to die. She’d been stabbed in the chest and blood was gushing out and she thought she was going to die.

Mercifully David Martin’s attack had not damaged his victim’s heart and lungs.

The fugly bastard pulled the knife out of Kate Taylor’s chest then, got out of the car and left on foot. He dropped the knife in the car park. A little while later he rang 999 from nearby Woodside Grove and told them, “I’ve just stabbed someone.”

When the 999 operator asked him why David Martin said, “I found out she was moving on.”

Note: he did not say it was an accident. He said he’d stabbed her because she was moving on.

When police converged on the stabby bastard at Clinton Place, he pulled out a second knife.

Two knives! Wow, he is very serious about being armed and prepared for violence.

Anyway, David Martin held the knife to his head and threatened to stab himself if police approached him. The police wisely kept their distance. They just kept on talking to him.

Toward the end of the standoff David Martin vomited — he’d claimed he had taken a paracetamol overdose so vomiting probably took care of that. Finally the police persuaded him to put the knife down. He was arrested, handcuffed and taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital, the same hospital Kate Taylor was taken to.

Although the knife attack hadn’t killed her, Kate Taylor needed 4-and-a-half months to recover. She was left scarred and scared.

David Martin was arrested and charged with attempted murder and wounding with intent. Not surprisingly he denied trying to kill Kate Taylor.

David Martin’s version of events was he’d spent the 6 months after the split trying to wean himself from Kate Taylor. (Gee, I wonder how deluging her with phone calls and messages helped him wean himself from her.)

Anyway, he’d invited Kate Taylor to the car that day so he could tell her how he felt, but she had the audacity to ignore him and put on her makeup.

“I just thought that she wasn’t listening. I thought, because I was in such a state, a desperate state, I didn’t feel like I had her attention,” David Martin said. Cuz, y’know, she didn’t have the right to ignore his whining. She OWED him her complete attention.

“I saw the knife in the bag and decided to pull the knife out and try to pin her up to get her attention,” the sniveling, fugly creep said. Yeah, like he just happened to have a knife in the bag and spontaneously thought he’d use it to get her attention. He hadn’t planned to stab her at all!

And here’s the kicker — Kate Taylor struggled when she saw the knife and the knife accidentally wound up stuck in her chest!

The wound, by the way, was 4 inches deep. Not just 1 inch, not just 2 inches. The blade went in 4 inches into the left side of her chest.

So it was all a big, nasty accident, according to David Martin. If Kate Taylor hadn’t struggled she would have been fine. Cuz, y’know, she should’ve known he was only using the knife peacefully, not threateningly, to get her attention.

The asshole David Martin went to trial TWICE on charges of attempted murder and wounding with intent. He was found not guilty of attempted murder but the jurors couldn’t decide on the wounding with intent.

David MartinI am truly baffled by those juries. What kind of pathetic lives do they live that they consider pulling a knife on a vulnerable woman is an acceptable way to get her attention? Did these people honestly think that Kate Taylor had accidentally fallen on the knife that was pointed at her? Did they believe that David Martin only brought the knives — TWO KNIVES — to harm himself?

This is a man who had repeatedly, throughout his life, inflicted violence on other people. We’re now supposed to believe that he didn’t intend any harm to come to his ex-girlfriend? I don’t believe it. The jurors and the judge might, but I don’t.

It is true that David Martin could have stabbed Kate Taylor repeatedly until she was dead. He didn’t. But neither did he try to summon help for her immediately. He left her bleeding profusely in the car in front of their office building. He didn’t staunch her wound. He didn’t even fetch a first-aid kit from the office.

Most importantly (to me), he didn’t tell the 999 operator it was an accident. He said he stabbed her because she was moving on. That sounds totally, completely like the stabbing was intentional — payback for dumping him.

Despite what I think, David Martin was found not guilty of attempted murder twice. After the second jury couldn’t decide on the wounding with intent charge David Martin pled guilty at Newcastle crown court to unlawful wounding and admitted to having an offensive weapon.

Judge Paul Sloan QC accepted David Martin’s story that he had been carrying the knife in a rucksack while contemplating harming himself. He accepted that David Martin only intended to use the knife in a desperate bid to get his ex-girlfriend’s attention.

In October 2013 Judge Paul Sloan QC sentenced David Martin to 20 months behind bars. He also ordered David Martin to abide by a restraining order that bans him from contacting or approaching Kate Taylor.

David Martin, 31, of Telford Road, Thorney Close, Sunderland was immediately released since he’d already served 17 months on remand.

Kate Taylor’s family was understandably outraged at the sentence and the justice system. Her mom said, “If we had a body on our hands, it probably still would not have gone the way we wanted.”

Her mother went on to say, “Kate will always be looking over her shoulder.” I believe it. Stalkers don’t give up that easily.

David Martin’s own attorney said that his client suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and adjustment disorder. What I gather that all means is he’d a violent thug who won’t let a woman say no to him.

So beware women of Sunderland. David Martin is on the streets and looking for love. Keep well away from him if you prize your safety at all.

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11 Responses to David Martin

  1. moodymagic says:

    Nice picture Loser. Joke of a sentence. I pray woman will stay away far away from this ugly mugged prick.

  2. Bengalpussy says:

    You’ve gotta love british justice*sarcasm* fuck the victims, we don’t want to abuse the scumbag’s human rights. Sometimes i despair i really do. I dread to ever being a victim of a crime in my shit hole of a country, because i would be told to Fuckoff if i was expecting justice to be served.

  3. bulldoggy says:

    OK here’s my theory. This dipshit is purposely making himself look super geeky freaky with his greasy hair, bug eyes and weak chin so he won’t be recognizable when he looks like his normal self. He’s tucked that chin in and posed like a startled chicken on purpose — almost like a disguise. No guy could get a girlfriend if this is what he normally looks like.

    That said, this dipshit is so lucky he didn’t kill that girl. I’m sure he meant to. Did he actually take an overdose I wonder. Did they test him in hospital? Why would he take pills if he had 2 knives to kill himself with? I don’t believe his bullshit story at all. If he wanted to get her attention with a knife he could have put it to his own neck and threatened to kill himself. That’s why he had the knives right, to kill himself? Funny how he didn’t wind up hurt and she did. I don’t trust “suicide attempts” that end up with someone else dead or injured.

    • 2cute says:

      If that’s true bulldoggy he should have stuck out his front teeth too so he’d look like a complete moron. I really hope he finally leaves Kate alone. She’s been through enough. And I hope he doesn’t fixate on anyone else either. The jury needs a good shake. I don’t know how they could not find him guilty.

  4. GhostOfWinstonChurchill says:

    It’s only a matter of time before he successfully kills someone. There are no words in the English language that describe the lethal stupidity of juries and judges who not only acquit an admitted attempted murderer (twice), but are somehow confused as to whether a stab wound is “wounding with intent”.

    For him to admit to the dispatcher that he intended to stab her, stating why (she moved on) and to have her alive to align his allocution with her wounds – are all the components of a dead-on, slam dunk conviction. Unless of course, the judge and juries have a combined IQ of -70 and/or their heads put on upside-down. Utterly unbelievable, and the future blood of Martin’s victim(s) will be on their criminally negligent hands.

    There is no better argument for professional/IQ tested juries than this story.

  5. bengalpuss says:

    He looks like penfold from danger mouse.

  6. Agrippina The Elder says:

    Bringing sexy back! YEAH RIGHT!

    Poor Kate didn’t receive justice at all and David will end up maiming or killing someone else. What were these jurors and the judge thinking?

  7. CommonDecency says:

    British Justice a Contradiction in Terms

    It makes my Blood Boil with Rage

  8. Chezza says:

    This is my ex from 2003-2007 I have 2 children to this person, suffered extreme domestic violence, kidnapping and harassment, I moved away for 5 years I come back and now I’m suffering again with this man damanding to see the kids and stalking me again. I petrified nobody cares. Poor Kate has to look over her shoulder everyday for fear of this unstable man

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