David Harper & Jennifer Maguire

David Harper and Jennifer Maguire
Crimes: Pedophiles, Child Porn

Oh, lord, sometimes I just have to shake my head in despair. It’s my own fault — I go looking for hellbeasts and I find them everywhere. But since this isn’t a blog about bunnies and butterflies, I’d better get on with the nasty stuff.

Today’s nasty stuff is brought to you today by David Harper and Jennifer Maguire of Scotland. They were bank workers who decided to have an affair. Never mind that Jennifer Maguire was a married woman — that’s the least of it.

David Harper and Jennifer Maguire met in 2012. He lived in Uddingston, UK and she lived in Blantyre, UK. They both worked in customer service at the Bank of Scotland in Uddingston, Lanarkshire. When alone at lunch in the office they would take the opportunity to have sex.

Now I don’t care about affairs involving consenting adults. It’s none of my business, not unless it’s hellbeastly in some way. And the affair between David Harper and Jennifer Maguire was definitely hellbeastly.

See, Jennifer Maguire had access to a 1-year-old baby girl. I’m not going to speculate about how she got unfettered access to the baby, but she was able to be alone with her, unsupervised.

So what does the baby have to do with the illicit affair?

Well, the baby interested David Harper very much because he’s a pedo pervert. He had amassed thousands of child porn images and videos for his viewing pleasure, and he still wanted more.

David Harper thought it would be “cute” to see his lover sexually abuse the baby. “Cute” — that’s the word he used.

Now Jennifer Maguire, if she were anything like a decent human being, would have ditched the boyfriend pronto and maybe told the police about the freaky David Harper. Sadly, Jennifer Maguire is nothing like a decent human being.

With David Harper’s encouragement, Jennifer Maguire took photos and movies of herself sexually abusing the baby. She recorded herself rubbing the baby’s genitalia, and she “faked” the digital penetration of the baby.

Jennifer Maguire shared all those photos and videos with the shitpile pedophile. This disgusting state of affairs went on for 18 months. It was only by chance that the sexual abuse of the baby was exposed to the light of day.

See, Jennifer Maguire wasn’t the only colleague that David Harper had an affair with. In 2009 there was another woman, and during their relationship she’d sent him intimate photos. Bad move! In 2013 David Harper demanded more photos of her. He threatened to tell her current partner if she refused. He expanded his campaign against her through social media and the bank’s internal email system. He began threatening to post the pictures he already had of her on the Internet if she refused to send him more.

The harassed and frightened woman did the right thing — she lodged a complaint with their employer, the Bank of Scotland. The bank investigated the internal emails and found, by chance, the emails between David Harper and Jennifer Maguire in which they discussed the molestation of a baby.

Thank gawd the two hellbeastly f*cktards stupidly used their work emails rather than gmail accounts. If they hadn’t been so arrogantly stupid they wouldn’t have been caught so easily.

The bank, of course, contacted the police who then launched their own investigation. David Harper’s laptop and mobile phone were seized, and his collection of child porn was found. He had about 7500 unique images of children, over 100 of them being of Jennifer Maguire’s victim. He also had 20 child porn and child abuse videos, 3 of them being of that little girl being molested by Jennifer Maguire.

Of course the police arrested and charged both of these vile pedophiles. David Harper’s defense was that he’s a sex addict. Jennifer Maguire’s defense was that David Harper threatened to post nude photos of her on the Internet if she didn’t give him videos and photos of herself molesting the baby girl. Riiiight. David Harper denies he threatened her at all.

In June 2015, David Harper admitted a charge of sexual assault on a child, making indecent photos of children, and threatening to publish private photos of that other coworker.

His advocate said of him, “There is no justification and he acknowledges the depravity of his behaviour and is wholly remorseful and ashamed for what he has done. He has written a letter which shows his remorse and shame in this exceptional case and it also shows the effect of the offending on his own life. It also shows his thoughts on his behaviour and the awareness of the likely disposal. He is attending Sex Addicts Anonymous and Stop It Now (an anti-child abuse group) and both schemes are being attended voluntarily.”

Jennifer Maguire confessed to sexually assaulting a child, and distributing indecent photographs.

Her advocate said, “The offending is grave and she realises the likelihood of a custodial sentence. There are unusual circumstances around the nature of the offending and I ask you take into account the catastrophic impact her offending has had on her.”

On August 12, 2015, the disgusting perverts were sentenced in Hamilton Sheriff Court. David Harper was handed a 4 1/2-year sentence, and will be supervised for 3 years upon his release. He was also placed on the sex offenders registry for the foreseeable future.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly QC said, “It is clear that you, David Harper, were the instigator in what occurred during this case. I view you as a serious risk to women and you pose a serious risk of sexual harm to both women and children. The social workers who compiled the report have found your insight into your behaviour to be limited and have assessed that you present a significant risk of sexual harm to both adults and children.”

Jennifer Maguire was handed a 3-year prison sentence, with one year of supervision upon her release. She was placed on the sex offenders registry indefinitely.

Sheriff Kelly said to her, “You, Jennifer Maguire, are of medium risk of re-offending and have limited insight into your actions but you provided a detailed account to police and were prepared to give evidence against David Harper. You have shown remorse, but you still do not accept responsibility for what you had done, blaming threatening behaviour from David Harper for you doing it.”

I truly, truly hope that upon their release David Harper and Jennifer Maguire will never again be trusted to have access to children. They put their own needs, their own sexual gratification ahead of the wellbeing of an infant. Sick!

I also hope that the victim never learns what was done to her. I am relieved that she wasn’t physically harmed, but finding out that someone close to her had molested her could be traumatic. I wish that little girl all the best in the future.

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11 Responses to David Harper & Jennifer Maguire

  1. 2cute says:

    I sure as hell hope that wasn’t her own baby she was abusing. If I found out someone was messing with my child I’d likely be parked in jail for aggravated assault but I’d have a grin on my face.

  2. Bengalpuss says:

    2cute, i’d be the same, anybody did that to my child they would be sporting an axe deep in their perverted skull. I had to shake my head when that sick bitch’s attorney said “the catastrophic impact this has had on her” fuck her, what about the impact her and her sick fuck lovers actions have had on that little one and her parents? They will never be able to trust anybody anymore due to their actions, thank the lord that wee baby will not remember any of this horrendous crime that she went through. I want to praise that woman who informed her superiors about that sick bastards demands, instead of bowing down to the cunts blackmail she put a stop to that cunts actions and thank god those two twisted fuck’s were caught otherwise no doubt about it that baby would still be being abused. One good thing though? Scottish prisons are notoriously bad to serve time in and they don’t like nonce’s, especially womens jail, so i can be certain that these two cunts will be having a shit time inside ha ha ha!!!

  3. Rhonda says:

    “I want to praise that woman who informed her superiors about that sick bastards demands, instead of bowing down to the cunts blackmail…”

    Me too! I especially admire the way she went straight to her employer rather than have the police do it for her which you know had to be really humilliating and a very difficult thing to do.

    • Bengalpuss says:

      Exactly rhonda, not only would she have had to inform her bosses that she was being blackmailed she would also have to air her dirty laundry by telling them she was having an affair with this pig. Quite a lot of women would’ve probably folded under his demands due to his threats of telling ppl and exposing pictures, but that woman took a stand which took some guts imo, it was down to her that those two dirty bastards were caught so i admire what that woman did, good for her.

  4. moodymagic says:

    These 2 deserve much worse than what they got “awful disgusting baby rapers” burn in hell. you 2 deserve no more thought. My heart goes out to the victims.My praise also goes out to the women who had the courage to tell.

  5. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Decent People are a Tiny Minority in Scum Infested Britain Sadly

  6. awesomeblossom says:

    Baby raping hell beasts should be roasted over an open fire, their ashes mixed with cow dung so they can actually do the planet some good.

  7. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Parents have a Responsibility to Look After their Children.

    That Means Seeing that they do Not get Kidnapped nor Abused
    and Not Letting them near Dangerous Objects when it can Result in
    Serious Injury or Loss of Life

    Trouble with Parents Not Keeping an Eye on their Children is that
    Harm can Result from this

  8. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Indeed Parents have a Moral Responsibility to Look After their Children

    Parents that Negligently through a Could Not Care Less Attitude or Intentionally Allow Harm to come to their Children Abuse Serious Injury or Death have Failed in their Duty of being Parents

  9. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Should any MPs Come Out in Favour of ” Legalising ” Paedophilia and
    People are Still Craven Enough to Vote for Them they are as much Scum
    as the Pro Paedophile MPs

    The Age of Consent Needs to be 18 Years of Age and All Filth in Educational Institutions Banned

  10. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    Raising the Age of Consent to 18 Years of Age is Not about being Trendy
    it is about the Protection of the Innocence of Children and the Need For
    a More Moral Society than Degenerate Oblivion

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