David Edenfield, Peggy Edenfield & George Edenfield

Hellbeasts Edenfield family

Crimes: Pedophilia, kidnapping, murder, rape

Christopher Michael Barrios Jr. was only 6 years old when his body was found hidden in the woods 2 miles from his home in Brunswick, Georgia. Six years old is much, much, much too young to die.

Little Christopher had been missing since March 8, 2007. At around 4:00 pm on March 15, 2007, one of the many searchers looking for him discovered the concealed bundle in the woods near the Canal Mobile Home Park where that Barrios family lived.

The tiny, naked and decomposing body had been stuffed inside 5 black plastic garbage bags and then hidden in the brush. The hellbeasts who had slaughtered the little lad had shown him as little regard in death as they had in life.

Christopher BarriosChristopher had lived a life full of love before that last day. His entire family was devastated that he had been taken from them, and worse that he had suffered horribly at the hands of the monsters that snatched him.

The monsters were the Barrios’ new neighbours, the Edenfield family. David Edenfield, 61, his wife Peggy, 58, and their son George, 34, had recently rented the mobile home right next door to them. They had been forced to leave their previous home because darling George was a convicted sex offender and was banned from living close to a playground where children gathered.

Right, he couldn’t live close to a playground but could live close to families with young children. The Canal Mobile Home Park would never be the same after the Edenfields arrived.

The Barrios had no idea at all that monstrous perverts had moved right next door to their little family. Tragically George Edenfield was not the only pervert in that house — his daddy was also a registered sex offender.

Little Christopher had only a short walk to get to his grandmother’s home. That walk took him right past the Edenfield home. The Edenfields — all of them — saw him, coveted him and set about snatching him.

On March 8, 2007, Christopher Barrios Jr. went off to play in the park. He was never seen alive again. A huge search effort began right away with hundreds of volunteers but the little guy wasn’t found for a whole week. That was a week of hell for the Barrios family, after which began years of hell without their precious little boy.

So what did the hellbeasts David, Peggy and George Edenfield do to their little victim? George had lured the little boy into his house on the pretext of playing video games. David and George, both being POS pedophiles, took turns sodomizing Christopher and forcing him to perform oral sex. The little guy cried in fear and pain and begged for help, “Help me… he’s hurting me… Let me go.”

Peggy the bitch ignored the boy’s pleas and instead of helping him she stopped him from escaping. She physically stood in the doorway of the bathroom (the scene of the crime) to prevent his leaving.

Peggy Edenfield the hellbitch then masturbated as her pervert husband and son raped and choked him.

It was David Edenfield who actually choked Christopher to death because, in his words, he wanted to see what it felt like. It must’ve felt good to him because he then masturbated over the boy’s lifeless body.

It makes me feel quite murderous when I think of what little Christopher endured and suffered before his death.

Once the boy was dead and the festivities were over, Peggy the good housewife used bleach to clean DNA and fingerprints off of Christopher’s body. Then the three Edenfields wrapped it up in garbage bags and hid it.

David and Peggy later moved the body again to its final hiding place because they didn’t trust George not to blab. They just didn’t move it far enough away or hide it well enough.

EdenfieldsBefore the body was even discovered the Glynn County police focused their investigation on registered sex offenders in the area. That list included George David Edenfield and David Edenfield.

George David Edenfield had molested 2 boys aged 7 and 9 and pled guilty in 1997. He had rubbed his fully clothed body in a sexual manner against the boys who were also fully clothed. He got 10 years’ probation.

David Edenfield had pled guilty to incest in 1994. He’d been having sex with his mentally handicapped daughter who was an adult at the time. David Edenfield got 10 years’ probation.

Glynn County investigators talked with George Edenfield right away. Why? Because little Christopher’s toy light saber was spotted in his front yard. Christopher had left home with it the day he went missing.

George’s parents were right to fear their son and heir would blab. George unwisely made statements to investigators that he had had recent unsupervised contact with little Christopher on March 8, 2007. The police hauled his ass to jail.

George Edenfield made further comments to investigators that he had murdered the boy. He refused to say where the body was, as if that would help his case.

Investigators went to the Edenfield’s mobile home and brought along a representative from the gas company. They asked Peggy Edenfield’s permission to test for methane gas (a by-product of decomposition). Guess what they found. Yup, methane gas.

Peggy EdenfieldThe investigators interviewed Peggy Edenfield on March 12 and she told them George had confessed to her that he had killed Christopher. And then she kept on talking. She told them that she’d seen George and David choke the little boy to death. Then she told them she’d cleaned the body and wrapped it in garbage bags. And then she said she’d been cleaning semen off the body.

Police arrested Peggy Edenfield on March 14, 2007. David Edenfield was arrested on March 15, 2007.

March 15 was a busy day. A searcher noticed tire tracks on a road about 3 miles from the Canal Mobile Home Park. Those tire tracks led to a garbage bag covered with bugs. Little Christopher had been found.

Also on that big day a family friend of the Edenfields, Donald Dale, was arrested.

Hellbeast Donald DaleWho the hell is Donald Dale and what did he do? Donald Dale did not molest Christopher or kill Christopher but he did help in concealing the body.

How in hell do these creatures find each other? I have good friends but not one of them would help me conceal a body! They would turn my ass in ASAP just as I would turn them in if they committed a crime.

David Edenfield confessed to his actions and the police interview was recorded. He still pled not guilty at his trial.

David Edenfield’s attorney tried to have the murder indictment thrown out based on the idea that the grand jury underrepresented Hispanics. WTF? David Edenfield is not Hispanic. The victim was. This strange ploy did not work.

David Edenfield was found guilty of aggravated child molestation, cruelty to children and malice murder in October 2009.

Defense lawyer John Beall IV asked for mercy, saying that his client “is not a cancer on society, but a human being.” I disagree.

So did the jury. They had heard how the little boy’s windpipe, voice box and carotid artery had been crushed. They had heard how Christopher’s back had been bitten. They had heard about the trauma injuries to his throat, genitals and legs that were consistent with being raped.

The jury sentenced David POS hellbeast pedophile Edenfield to death.

Judge Stephen Scarlett also sentenced David shitstain child raper Edenfield to life on the two counts of aggravated child molestation and 20 years each on the aggravated child molestation and cruelty to children charges, all to be served consecutively. That way, in the event that Edenfield’s death penalty was overturned, the monster would never, ever be released from prison.

David Edenfield will either be executed or die in prison. That is some justice for little Christopher and his family.

Peggy Edenfield was next to stand trial. She didn’t actually murder the boy but her actions on that terrible day were undeniably cruel and horrific. Peggy pleaded guilty but mentally retarded to false imprisonment, child molestation, 2nd-degree cruelty to children, concealing the death of another and tampering with evidence. The charges of felony murder were dismissed over the objections of Christopher’s father.

Peggy Edenfield’s IQ is a paltry 62. She is a whole lot less than intelligent as judged by IQ tests. She is also a whole lot less than human as judged by her beastly actions.

The judge sentenced this damnable creature to 60 years in prison. She will die in prison. I hope she uses all 62 points of her IQ to think about what she could have/should have done that fateful, fatal day.

Christopher’s grieving father said of the sentence, “It’s good to see that she will die in prison, but she deserves worse.” Agreed.

Peggy’s sister Sharon Phillips had enlivened the court proceedings immediately after the sentencing. She had jumped up in the audience and accused Peggy’s lawyer Richard Allen of neglecting to visit his client and leaving her defenseless. This accusation was false. Richard Allen had indeed visited his client repeatedly throughout her pre-trial incarceration.

Sharon Phillips also accused the Glynn County police captain of spraying her sister with Lysol during the initial questioning. That was another unfounded accusation. The captain had used Lysol after Peggy Edenfield had left the interview room — probably needed to disinfect the area after Peggy polluted it with her evil presence.

After mouthing off as she did, Sharon Phillips was shown the door by bailiffs.

And so a little more justice was won for Christopher.

George EdenfieldBut what about George Edenfield? George the convicted pedophile sex offender? George the child raping murderer?

George Edenfield remains in a state mental hospital undergoing treatment until psychologists determine he is competent to stand trial. State and defense psychologists agree that he has a diminished mental capacity and is unable to assist in his own defense. He, like his mother and sister, has a very low IQ.

Christopher’s grandmother Sue Rodriguez doesn’t believe he’s incompetent.

“He ain’t crazy … He’s smart as a darned whip. He’s got them all fooled. He’s putting on a good show,” she said.

So justice for Christopher is on hold until psychologists can agree that George POS pedophile Edenfield is competent. As soon as that happens, he will be facing trial for the same charges his pervert father faced. And hopefully he’ll face the same fate.

Let’s not forget Donald Dale. What a good friend to have when you’ve got to get rid of dead people. He entered into a plea agreement. He pled guilty but mentally retarded to lying to police. He was sentenced to a state mental health facility.

How do mentally handicapped people get driver’s licenses so that they can drive vehicles with bodies in the trunk? How do they learn to drive at all? I think the standard for “mentally retarded” is quite slack in the Georgia justice system.

So what happens now? Not a day goes by when Christopher’s grieving family doesn’t remember his sweet, loving nature, and his gap-toothed grin.

“You think of Christopher as a baby trying to talk and laughing … You miss him coming home from school, bringing you his pictures that he made. That’s important to a grandmother,” Sue Rodriguez said.

Christopher is still gone. His family still misses him. My prayers are with them.

David Edenfield will die in prison or by execution. Peggy Edenfield will die in prison. George Edenfield will be busy acting crazy and stupid for as long as he can to avoid trial, and Donald Dale will be busy trying to act intelligent and sane so he can get out.

Surely all of these hellbeasts will rot in hell. May they all die soon and face real justice.


On June 14, 2012, the news reported that Peggy Edenfield, 62, is seeking a divorce from her husband, David Edenfield, 63. She is also seeking to retain her maiden name, which is Depratter.

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31 Responses to David Edenfield, Peggy Edenfield & George Edenfield

  1. 2cute says:

    That poor, poor little boy. These fucktards are sick and evil. I wonder what became of the daughter who was the victim of incest? Did she consent or was she too mentally handicaped to consent? 10 years probation for incest isn’t strong enough. The father just went on doing more and more evil. And where was the mother when her daughter was being molested? She’s totally twisted if she could find raping and choking a little guy erotic! She should’ve gotten the DP too.

    • Kimbev69 says:

      We all know where peggy was, she was watching and getting off while her daughter was abused

      • 2cute says:

        I have the awful feeling you are right. Yuck!

      • Sharon Phillips says:

        Its unethical in this country to execute anyone with an IQ of 62. Know the facts
        before judging people.

        • goatgirl says:

          The facts ARE a little kid was raped and murdered. Who cares about anything else? Hope that ugly witch ROTS.

        • Shadowfigure says:

          You can’t be serious Sharon. Get a grip lady.

        • tina says:

          Its unethical to put them to death? you bitch to actually defend your twisted monster of a sister, i bet your an ugly ass swank and wouldn’t doubt for even a second you get off on molesting kids too. you have no right whatsoever to comment here or anywhere. I hope you and your whole twisted inbred freak family have a slow tortuous death.

  2. moodymagic says:

    Rot in hell baby rapers! What a sweet sweet child. My heart goes to the Barrios family. I can’t imagine the pain of loosing a child. How the hell did these Fuckwadds get to live in a trailer “park” surrounded by families with small children. Someone wasn’t doing their homeworks. And because of it Christopher is dead. Very sad.

  3. Trace says:

    These killers can’t die soon enough, or painfully enough.

  4. scrappy says:

    I so clearly remember when this happened…my own dear little man was just about 3 1/2 and I couldn’t imagine anyone doing something so vile and heartless to that beautiful little boy with the darling smile.

    I almost vomited every time I remembered those sick predators.

    I wondered how does a parent or grandparent find the will to go on knowing how tragically, painfully, and uttlerly senselessly a child lost his chance at life.

    It is so good to hear that some of these nasty people are in jail. Trace, you said it all.

  5. bugman says:

    The whole family looks like a freak show. These cases and evil freaks like these make me doubt that there is a god or if there is, he sure as hell isn’t listening to the innocent children out there.

  6. bugman says:

    And it’s a good thing this freak family didn’t go through Canada’s pussy justice system or they’d be given a few years with day passes tossed in. Shit, even Robert Pickton can apply for parole and he butchered dozens of women. The death penalty is what these murdering bastards deserve and at least one of the Edenfields will fry.

  7. Nicole says:

    I live in this town. My sister was his age, they went to the same school. Everyone loved that little boy, and NO ONE feels like they got what they diserved.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Yes nicole i agree with you, they all should have been sentenced to death in my opinion. That peggy has a low i.q so they say but how do they test their i.Q surely to god not with a test. There murdering bastards should be monitored over weeks to judge their i.Q anyone could fake it. She’s not that stupid the mother that she knows how to seek a divorce and start using her maiden name, to try and sever the connection with the surname. I also thing that the authorities were wrong in putting a trio of sick bastards next door to the little boys family, without warning them.

  8. Trace says:

    Donald Dale deserves some seriously hard time for helping to get rid of the body, and not in a cushy hospital. I wonder why he did those bastards such a big favour — did he owe them one, and for what, or was he planning on their help for future crimes? I figure the only kind of person who would help murdering pedos is another pedo.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Definately he needs putting on a roasting spit, them ones that turn slowly over an open fire for about a few hours. I don.t get how there people meet, how do they introduce themselves to each other. “Hi im john do you fancy coming to watch me rape a 6year old and then help me dispose of the body” I mean wtf is wrong with these sick cunt’s. And they all plead pig ignorance, they’re too stupid to stand trial so they get to go to a cush mental hospital. Its all about the offender and never about the victim its all wrong.

    • Donald says:

      If your smart enough to hide a body and wash away DNA with bleach your smart enough to answer for your crimes. Not in Georgia though. They need to keep that space for drug offenders.

  10. shelley says:

    This is a shocking story…a family of demented murdering pedos wtf how sad humans can behave like this, that poor sweet little boy

  11. Danielle says:

    I was in Pulaski s.p. (the room beside hers), Peggy did file for a divorce, her sister was still supporting her and Peggy was trying to file an appeal.
    Peggy used to deny parts of the story (she blaimed it on her “abusive” husband) and her fear of him. But all 3 of their DNA was found in his mouth, so I guess the husband forced her to do “that” too? Sick!!!!
    Just so everyone knows, Peggy is VERY disliked in prison too. Her life is hell and she get’s death threats OFTEN. Rest assured, she will NEVER make it out alive!

  12. Danielle says:

    One more quick note: Even though I was in prison myself—some of us do learn from our mistakes- but I also used to be a corrections officer in a mens prison. My ex was also a Doctor that treated male inmates. I PROMISE you, they hate child molesters just as badly and will deal with them appropriately.

  13. Bengalpuss says:

    Danielle, thats good to know that this sick bitch has a hard time, that poor little boy must of had an horrendous time by these 3 sick cunts, so to read your comment has made my day :-)

  14. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    A Clear Case of the Need Again For the Death Penalty

    Villains are Villains so they do Not Deserve ” Human ” Rights

    Civilized People who are Not Child Abusers Deserve Human Rights

  15. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    There Needs to be a a Written British Constitution

    A Written British Constitution which gives the Right to Political and
    Religious Freedom of Speech as well as Private Belief for Decent

    A Written British Constitution which Requires those who Hold Office
    Political and Judicial to Put Victims before Villains

    A Written British Constitution which Requires that Money is Spent on
    Helping the Poor in this Country Not Wasted on Tribute to the Corrupt EU
    or So Called ” Overseas Aid ”

    A Written British Constitution which Upholds the Principle of the Death
    Penalty For Murder Rape Child Abuse and Animal Abuse instead of Suspended

  16. IllNeverReadYourReply says:

    All these people taking pleasure in talking about roasting these scumbags alive are just as sick as they are!

    • Shadowfigure says:

      You need to be roasted right along with them yourself.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      And your sicker for thinking that other comments condemning these cunts to roast, are as sick as them. Maybe your in the same ilk as these 3 filthy cunts in my opinion.

  17. DecentPeopleOnly says:

    What is Sick is Child Abuse Murder and Rape .

    They Defintely are Scumbags what they committed against that Child

    • TimeToFaceFacts says:

      Absolutely, and they deserve punishment. Roasting humans alive, although it may just be a figure of speech, perpetuates the violence and evil we do to each other. Violence and abuse are a cycle, it must be stopped.

  18. Donald says:

    Anytime a child’s life is taken the death penalty should be persued for any accomplice. Any time a sex crime is committed against kids a life without parole should be mandatory. How do you give someone caught with drugs a worse sentence that a pedophile. I hate the courts and the doc.

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      Donald, I can’t wrap my head around that either, a drug addict/dealer is given more jail time than a murdering filthy child rapist and killer, something stinks about that big time.

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