David C. Wise

David C. Wise

Crime: Rape

David C. Wise of Indianapolis, Indiana certainly has a friend in Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber. And for the life of me I can’t understand it. Why the hell would a Superior Court judge stand up for a convicted rapist? Why the hell would Judge Eisgruber decide a convicted rapist needed sympathy, forgiveness and leniency? Somebody please explain this to me!

In my not-so-humble opinion, convicted rapists deserve harsh penalties. Their actions are in no way accidental, and the consequences for the victims are in no way negligible.

Victims of rape may or may not choose to forgive the rapists — that is their right. Judges do not have that right. Judges instead have the duty to carry out justice. Somebody should tell Judge Eisgruber that because I think he’s forgotten his job description.

Mandy Boardman was married to David C. Wise. She had 2 children with him. She was also raped by him. Repeatedly. For at least 3 years. And for at least 3 years she didn’t know it.

David C. Wise, unbeknownst to Mandy Boardman, had decided that it was just fine if he drugged her and raped her in her sleep. He also decided that it was just fine if he recorded himself sexually assaulting his unconscious wife with his cellphone.

That’s right — David the POS bastard Wise gave himself permission to DRUG his wife so she couldn’t say no. He figured he had the right to knock his wife out so she didn’t have any choice.

David the rapist Wise considers that anything he can do to get what he wants is completely, totally OK, especially if he doesn’t get caught.

David the selfish, abusive bastard Wise probably considered his wife was his property instead of a person. And if he wanted sex with her he damn well was going to have sex with her, and he didn’t need her damn cooperation!

David C. Wise probably used Xanax to knock Mandy Boardman out. He’s not telling his victim or the authorities, but Xanax is their best guess.

Where the hell did this bastard get Xanax? My money is on the Internet, where samples of Xanax pills have been found to contain Haldol. Haldol is known to have dangerous side effects.

And speaking of side effects, did David C. Wise consider the effects the drug could have on Mandy Boardman’s breathing, kidneys, liver or vision? Did he make sure she wasn’t pregnant? Did he make sure she hadn’t had any alcohol?

And I also wonder, did David C. Wise give his victim moderate doses or a whole lot of Xanax to keep her unconscious? Overdoses could cause seizures and/or kill a person.

For 3 years, from 2005 to 2008, Mandy Boardman would feel sleepy for no good reason. She sometimes spotted a powder in her drink. She sometimes even woke up with a partially dissolved pill in her mouth. She often woke up feeling like her body had been “messed with”.

Mandy Boardman didn’t know definitely what was being done to her until fall 2008. It was then she discovered the video clips on David C. Wise’s phone. I cannot imagine the shock and horror she felt when she learned that her life partner, the father of her children, raped her while she was unconscious.

Mandy Boardman is an awesomely strong woman, and she wasn’t about to put up with being drugged and raped by David C. Wise. She confronted the asshole about his crime. He responded to her via email.

“I was taking advantage of you in your sleep and you kept coming to me and telling me it was NOT ok,” he wrote by way of explanation.

I gather from that she had told him to stop messing about with her while she was asleep, so his response was not to stop but instead to make sure she didn’t wake up.

Mandy Boardman divorced David C. Wise in 2009, but he continued to harass her with phone calls and text messages. He even threatened to kill her fiance.

I’m guessing old Davey boy didn’t realize his ex had kept copies of those videos and his emails. Maybe if he had known he might’ve behaved himself better.

On May 10, 2011 Mandy Boardman made her way to the sex crimes office of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, and told them exactly what her ex-husband had done to her.

Make no mistake, what David C. Wise had done was morally and legally wrong. It was criminal. It was rape.

David C. Wise was arrested and charged with felony counts of rape and criminal deviate conduct. Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Curtis handled the case.

At his trial, David C. Wise admitted to having the videos on his phone, but he didn’t admit to sexually assaulting his wife. That’s probably because he didn’t consider it rape. She was his wife, and she OWED him all the sex he wanted, whatever way he wanted it.

David C. Wise explained to the jury that he’d drugged his wife because she was “snippy” and she was nicer when she was drugged.

Oh yeah, I’m sure she was much nicer when she was unconscious. She wasn’t saying, “no, stop, get off me you bastard!” She wasn’t saying, “I’m not in the mood, I don’t want to, you’re disgusting!” Nope, she wasn’t snippy at all.

On April 30, 2014, the jury convicted his pasty white ass of 6 Class B felony counts. Each one of those charges normally carries a prison term of 6 to 20 years.

At sentencing, Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Courtney Curtis asked for a prison term of 40 years — a real deal considering David C. Wise could’ve gotten 100 years.

“Anyone who has the gall or the selfishness to invade someone else’s body deserves to be kept away from society, to repent and rehabilitate in the Department of Correction,” said Prosecutor Curtis. Hell, yes!

Mandy Boardman totally supported a long, long prison term for her ex-husband/rapist. I don’t blame her after what he’d done to her.

And now the focus turns to Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber. Did the judge follow the sentencing guidelines? Not exactly.

Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber sentenced David C. Wise, 52, to 20 years with 12 years suspended and 8 years to be served in home confinement! Not a day in prison more than the 250 days he’d been locked up!

Holy shitballs! David C. Wise drugged and raped and videotaped his wife for 3 years and now gets to stay home! He’ll have to wear a GPS monitor and he will be allowed to leave his home to go to work if he ever gets a job. WTFH!

No therapy, by the way. No treatment of any kind for the convicted rapist.

And Marion Superior Court Judge Kurt Eisgruber wasn’t done yet. Did he explain why he gave the raping bastard no prison time? Nope. But he sure as hell had something special to say to the victim.

“While the judge was giving his opinion on the sentence, he first turned to me and told me I needed to forgive my attacker, which is unfathomable,” Mandy Boardman said in an interview with The Times.

That’s right. Judge Kurt Eisgruber, who is up for reelection in November 2014, told the rape victim she should forgive her rapist! Outrageous!

Mandy Boardman continued, “[The judge] told me I needed to forgive my attacker and I needed to let my attacker walk. It was a punch to the gut from the justice system or from one judge.”

When asked by reporters to clarify his remarks to the victim about forgiveness, Judge Eisgruber said he’d offered that advice to mean, “I hope that you can forgive him one day, could forgive him.”

The judge went on to say, “Ultimately, I think that helps a lot of people heal; it helps them to reach that point. I just hope that they find peace.”

You know what, Judge Eisgruber? Victims of violence find a helluva lot of peace when their attackers are BEHIND BARS! They heal better when they know their attackers cannot attack them again!

In her interview with the Los Angeles Times Mandy Boardman said, “To have my rapist, my attacker, convicted on all six counts, only to be let go … only for him to walk out that door the same time I could was just unfathomable. I never thought that he would be at home, being able to have the same rights and privileges.”

Doesn’t sound like Mandy Boardman is finding peace in the pathetic and completely inadequate sentence her rapist received.

I must say that I totally admire Mandy Boardman. She didn’t remain an anonymous rape victim and suffer this injustice passively and quietly. She came forward to the press and all who would hear her to express her outrage.

Mandy Boardman said she wanted other rape victims to “see that I am a normal person who is fighting for the same thing they’re fighting for.”

Yup, she’s “snippy” if that means strong, vocal and courageous. I congratulate her for taking such a public stance.

“Somebody who premeditates what he’s doing to me, over and over again, for three-plus years, in my own home, in my own bed, by somebody I trusted fully, 100%, deserves to spend a great deal of their life in prison to pay for it,” Mandy Boardman said in her interview with The Times. “What he did was wrong, and it was proven that it was wrong, and there was no consequence.”

Mandy Boardman went on to say, “He never once apologized, never once expressed any type of remorse, and his explanation for admittedly drugging me was because I was snippy. Women, don’t get snippy out there; you might get drugged and raped.”

And guess what, readers. The story isn’t over yet. David C. Wise is appealing his conviction! And not only that, he’s agitating for visitation with his children! Un-freaking-believable!

Judge Eisgruber let the victim down terribly with his ridiculous sentence and his preposterous comments. He’s put her in a position where her rapist will be a constant feature in her and her children’s lives. I truly hope the voters in Indianapolis will remember Judge Eisgruber’s soft, pro-Wise-the-convicted-rapist stance during November’s election.

The only consequence I can add to David C. Wise’s punishment is to broadcast his disgusting crimes via this website. He is a convicted rapist and he’s an abusive, controlling asshole who probably still thinks he’s right and entitled.

Women of Indianapolis: run like hell if you see David C. Wise coming your way. Seriously.

Voters of Indianapolis: remember it’s thanks to Judge Kurt Eisgruber that this rapist is free to come your way.

And finally employers of Indianapolis: don’t hire the raping bastard David C. Wise. Don’t give him an excuse to leave the confines of his home and meet unsuspecting, trusting women.

To Mandy Boardman I say, you rock!

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12 Responses to David C. Wise

  1. Lexi R says:

    Another awesomely written article. I don’t know how you do it! My heart goes out to Mandy and her children for having to deal with such scum.

  2. 2cute says:

    I suspect the judge thinks wives owe their husbands sex and you can’t really rape your spouse. Once the ring goes on her finger her rights go out the door. Why else would he be so freaking lenient. It’s probably something he would’ve done if he’d thought of it.

  3. BENGALPUSS says:

    unfuckingbelievable, are you kidding me? and she should forgive him? no she fucking shouldn’t forgive him, she should do a lorena bobbit on the pig, he won’t be raping any other women. just because she’s his wife doesn’t make it any less horrific, if he had done that to another woman, his arse would be locked up for a very long time, im absolutely disgusted, the prosecutor wants to take that to the appeal court, because that was an unfair sentence. That poor woman, being told she should forgive? i wonder if the judge would forgive if it happened to any of her family, or herself? doubt it very much, disgusted i am.

  4. Jessice11 says:

    Forgive him? What a bunch of bull! David should’ve been the one protecting and helping her feel secure and safe in her own home. Stupid prick didn’t even think he did anything wrong! He should have his ass hauled into jail! And now the judge.. That stupid fu**ing judge. What was he thinking?! Total injustice. Good job on Mandy for telling her story! I hope the scum doesn’t get visitation and gets re-tried.

  5. Becky21 says:

    This is disgusting and unthinkable that a man would get away with that…and the judge asked her to FORGIVE him…ugh. Rape culture at its finest. Very well written article.

  6. Mandy Boardman says:

    Of all the articles written about my case, I must at that this one is #1!!!!!

    Thank you for posting his face, I hope he is never able to find employment with all the publicity.

    Just to clear something up, he did not spend 250 days in jail, he was on GPS monitoring during that time for the protective order I had against him. He only spent 24 days in jail total. He spent 10 in jail when he was originally arrested for the crime, an 14 days between the conviction and sentencing. Now he gets to hang out at home, watching tv, using the bathroom privately, enjoying sun shining days……you know, what typical convicted rapists do.

    This has been the most difficult thing I have ever done however I know I am doing it for the right reasons. No woman should have to go through the pain I am going through. If I can open the eyes of the simple minded to see that this is punishable by prison time and NOT by “home confinement”.

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    • cleo says:

      Mandy, thank you so much for leaving a comment and correcting the misinformation about your ex’s time spent in prison. It’s outrageous that he spent less than a month behind bars! Your case incensed me, and I wish the judge finally “gets it” and from now on delivers real justice. You are so brave to step out of the shadows and I consider you downright heroic.

    • 2cute says:

      Mandy, I admire you so much! Good luck to you in keeping the bastard away from your family.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Mandy, your my hero, you rock girl 😉

    • Nicole says:

      He did go to prison, for less than a year for the violation! No where near the length of 5 years that he was supposed to do. He was released summer of 2015 and has been free since. He is back on a monitor and again had another violation where he was MIA/Off the Grid for an extended period of time a couple months ago. This time, he was told to change his batteries and was sent back home. How he continually gets a pass/slap on the wrist is beyond me.
      I thank the writer of this article for putting his face out there and labeling him for the POS that he IS! My very best friend in the world has lived and continues to live through a nightmare because of him.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    I am so pleased for mandy that this piece of shite has been sent to jail, maybe now she can feel at least he is paying for the crimes he committed against her, he should have been sent to jail in the first place instead of a pathetic sentence of home detention.

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