David A. Pyles

David Pyles

Crimes: Pedophile, Rape

Rushville, Ohio, as of the 2010 census, has a population of 302. What are the odds that one of those was a hellbeast? Unfortunately for the citizens of Rushville, they had a child raping pedophile hellbeast in their midst. His name is David A. Pyles.

On December 15, 2014, deputies were called to the Pyles home to investigate the sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl. David Pyles’ wife of 30 years had actually caught the pedo bastard in the act! That good woman did the right thing and called the authorities.

Actually, it was probably a tough call for David Pyles’ wife to oppose her husband. He was a manipulative, controlling sort of asshole who isolated his wife and family, and didn’t allow her to drive. I don’t know if he was physically abusive, but his wife was very much under his thumb for decades. I congratulate her for stepping up and stopping the sexual abuse of that young girl.

The deputies arrested David Pyles on December 16, 2014, charging him with 1st-degree felony rape.

Unfortunately for the young female victim, David Pyles had sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions, starting when she was 10. Multiple occasions! Inside the Pyle house!

I don’t know how David Pyles managed to keep the girl silent. Maybe he used threats of violence or bribes. Thankfully the horrible secret was exposed and the child-raping pedophile was caught.

When David Pyles, 54, went to trial in March 2015, he was facing a total of 7 felony charges including rape, sexual battery and gross sexual imposition.

The young victim, a very brave girl, testified in court about the sexual assaults. Kudos to her! It must have been extremely difficult for her, not only to reveal to investigators what had been done to her, but to answer pointed questions by the prosecutor and defense attorney.

David Pyles gave his version of the rapes. Apparently, according to him, none of the molestation was planned. The pedo bastard claimed that the victim had climbed up on him on the couch one day and bingo! it just happened.

The child raping perv also claimed that, in general, he wasn’t attracted to young girls.

“It was just (the victim) at that point in time,” David Pyles said. “I’ve resolved those issues.”

He’s resolved them? Really? He certainly hadn’t resolved them before his wife caught him raping that poor child. And he’s been behind bars ever since. It’s a helluva lot easier to abstain when there aren’t any young girls on hand.

On March 20, 2015, Fairfield County Common Pleas Judge Richard Berens pronounced David Pyles guilty of all charges. Yay!

On April 11, 2015, Fairfield County Common Pleas Judge Richard Berens sentenced the pedo perv for the repeated rapes of a child. Amazingly, David Pyles expected to be released with just a community control sanction. Dream on, asshole!

The convicted sex offender told the judge that he’s only a first-time offender, and he promised to never, ever rape any more children ever again. Judge Berens told him he had “unrealistic expectations” about his sentence.

The prosecution asked that David Pyles serve 41 years in prison, which would mean that he’d be around 95 years old by the time he got out. Judge Berens decided against that much time because it costs the state a whole lot to care for elderly inmates.

David Pyles’ attorney suggested to the court that his client deserved at least a chance to be released from prison because he cooperated with police and admitted what he’d done.

David Pyles’ wife also addressed the court, but she didn’t request a particular sentence. Instead she talked about how much better her life was without her husband in it.

“I don’t feel trapped in my home like I did before,” she said. I am so glad for her. I hope the rest of her life is full of good things.

The young victim didn’t attend the sentencing hearing, but her statement was read to the court. In it she said that, before the conviction she wanted David Pyles “to pay for hurting me”. Now that he’s been convicted she’s moving on with her life.

“I don’t feel watched,” the victim wrote. “I feel fine.”

Bless her heart, I wish the girl all the happiness and success in life she can handle.

After considering all the facts, statements and requests, Judge Berens decided that David Pyles would not be released until 2040, when he’s 80 years old. At that time, the pedo bastard will have to register as a Tier III sex offender.

The judge said that hopefully, by 2040, the victim will have healed from the damage done to her and might have a family of her own.

I sure hope the next 25 years feel like eternity for David Pyles. It seems he’s spent a long time making other people miserable, so it’s truly his turn to suffer.

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  1. Flyingleadchange says:

    Oooh, can I be the first to say it?

    What a Pyles of Shit.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I hope you don’t survive the next 25 years in prison you child raper. I wish nothing but the best for the young victim she is such a brave girl.

  3. moodymagic says:

    Forgot to mention the ugly porker face Pyles.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    Im wondering if he turned red at the sentence he was given or turned red that his wife turned his pedo arse in? Have to laugh cleo when you said “dream on arsehole” that cracked me up. I’m so glad his wife is free of the bastard. I know what its like to be alienated from your loved ones and friends, i had a cunt in my life that did that within 5years, i was that brow beaten that i just let it happen and didn’t get out of bed some days so good on the wife. I hope the little girl will be ok in the future, i fucking hate nonces. Dream on pedo arsehole!

  5. SteveBal says:

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  6. 186503 says:

    My moms favorite,animal was a butterfly but she was murderd but a druggy 2 years ago Iā€™m 16 right now

  7. BeenThere says:

    The FUCKER looks like he was hit by every branch of a BUTT UGLY TREE!
    THRILLED the ASSWIPE was shocked at his sentence and HAPPY AS A PIG IN SHIT he will get his ads fucked daily in prison.
    His victim and ex are safe from the bastard…

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