Darren John Morgan, Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey & Ivan Ronald Morgan

Darren Morgan

Darren Morgan WA News / Mogens Johansen

Crimes: Child Sexual Assault, Pedophiles

I really feel very bad for the people of Oombulgurri. The small community in Australia’s Northern Territory was located in an extremely remote spot, accessible mostly by plane — by road only during the dry season.

Oombulgurri used to be the Forrest River mission, but that closed in 1969 and the community was abandoned. It didn’t stay abandoned, however. In 1973, people began moving back, but many services weren’t available to them. Most notably, there was no police oversight, not until 2004. This tiny community of Aboriginal people had been, ostensibly, self-governed.

A warden system was created which was supposed to help authorities monitor the community. It didn’t quite work out that way. The people appointed to positions of authority in the warden system helped themselves to hundreds of thousands of government dollars that were slated for maintenance of residents’ homes and facilities. Buildings in Oombulgurri began to deteriorate through lack of upkeep.

OombulgurriAll was not well with the residents of Oombulgurri either. Alcohol abuse was rife — cheap, chartered flights frequently flew in, loaded with booze from nearby Wyndham. The alcohol abuse led to situations of child neglect as well as several suicides and attempted suicides — some of them children.

Tragically, alcohol abuse, child neglect and suicide weren’t the only social issues the people of Oombulgurri faced. Child sexual abuse was rife as well. And who were especially guilty of sexually abusing the children? The very people who were given positions of authority in the warden system.

Darren (Darryl) John Morgan, the head warden, was responsible for making sure children attended school, and to hand out punishments for truancy. It was his hubris that brought the hellish situation in Oombulgurri to light.

In 2007, the Australian government announced a “national emergency response to protect Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory” — the purpose of which was to deal with child sexual abuse and family violence.

That’s when Darren Morgan got on his high horse and did an interview for a Perth newspaper. He outrageously claimed that Oombulgurri “is the only place without child sex abuse” and even got his picture taken holding a baby.

Well, that newspaper article caught the attention of Kimberley detective Tom Doyle. He’d been investigating child sex abuse cases in Western Australia, and reading Darren Morgan’s claims made him suspicious. He commendably began sticking his nose into Oombulgarri’s business.

“I looked around and asked a few of the Aboriginal ladies in Kalumburu, ‘Is it happening over there?'” said Detective Sergeant Doyle. “Most of those women were from Oombulgurri originally and they said, ‘That’s exactly what’s happening over there.'”

Detective Sergeant Tom Doyle had a tough time investigating the situation. The victimizers didn’t want the situation to change — they had all the money, food, alcohol, and sex they wanted, and weren’t about to willingly lose their power.

As Detective Sergeant Doyle and other police officers arrived in 2007 to begin investigating instances of child sexual abuse, the local council of elders made threats toward victims and the police. The evil bastards would circle the makeshift police station at night, shining spotlights through the windows so that the victims would feel intimidated.

Oombulgurri“The town is controlled with an iron fist and any offences whatsoever are not reported because of the fear of repercussion. I have never seen anything like this before,” reported Detective Sergeant Doyle. “People here are not permitted to speak to police and in some cases are followed around the community to ensure they do not report crimes.”

Detective Sergeant Doyle spent 18 months in the community trying to gain the trust of the abused children.

“It took nearly a year for the first person to come forward properly,” said Detective Doyle. “Then she pulled out of the prosecution altogether; it was a very solid prosecution as well, but the intimidation was too much, so that fell over.”

Ultimately 5 brave young people came forward and told of the abuse they’d endured. Kudos to them!

A police team from Perth’s sex crimes division was brought into Oombulgurri to protect the victims, and to find corroborating evidence. It was difficult for police to prove that the victims were minors at the time they were sexually abused, so many of the charges had to be dropped.

Ultimately, the investigation was able to successfully convict only 3 out of 15 suspects. Darren Morgan was one of them. His wife, Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey, and his brother, Ivan Ronald Morgan were the other two.

In 2010 Darren Morgan, 45, was convicted of 21 counts of abuse against 2 girls as young as 12, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. One of the evil rapist’s convictions was for digitally penetrating a girl after her father brought her to Darren Morgan’s office to complain about alleged sexual abuse by other men in the community.

Shirley Bulsey

Shirley Ann Bulsey

Darren Morgan’s wife, Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey, 38, mother of 5 children, was convicted of 4 counts of child sex abuse, including 2 of preparing a victim for Morgan to have sex with. The sick bitch! I can’t even imagine how she “prepared” a girl to be raped by her husband! I can’t even imagine how she rationalized what she and her husband were doing, especially since she was a mother herself.

Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey was sentenced to a paltry 4 years and 9 months in prison.

Strangely, I cannot find the sentence imposed upon Ivan Ronald Morgan. He had been facing 1 count of aggravated indecent dealing with a child over 13 but under 16, relating to an assault in a back room at a party in 2004. It was alleged his own wife, Maurika Hunter, was involved in that assault as well.

Darren Morgan and Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey appealed their convictions. On September 8, 2011, their appeals were denied. Yay!

OombulgurriThe people of Oombulgurri, having suffered through years of brutal and criminal behavior by their community leaders, having lost too many young people through suicide and alcoholism, have now lost their homes. By order of the Department of Housing, Oombulgurri will soon become landfill. The buildings were neglected for far too long and many are unsafe for habitation.

Only a handful of historic sites, including the cemetery and what’s left of the old church, will remain in Oombulgurri. Once the houses are bulldozed there will be no resurrection for the Aboriginal community. Tragically, many of the former residents have joined the burgeoning homeless population in the Kimberley.

Although many want to lay all the blame at the door of the Western Australian government for the sad demise of this once flourishing community, I think a huge helping of blame should be apportioned to Darren Morgan, Ivan Morgan and the council of elders. Those men stole the money meant for maintenance of homes and infrastructure. Those men brought in the alcohol — up to 17 chartered flights a day — to anesthetize the population and subjugate them to their will.

Instead of being real leaders and decent human beings, those men plundered, pillaged and raped. Darren Morgan, Ivan Morgan and the council of elders turned Oombulgurri into a hell where, for too many young people, the only escape was booze or death. It’s a crying shame that not all were brought to justice.

I salute the 5 young women who had the strength to come forward and give testimony about their abuse. I wish them all a future full of happiness, success and security.

I salute Detective Sergeant Doyle who had the right instincts and the determination to kick open this nest of child molesting vermin. His efforts are to be commended.

For Darren Morgan, Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey and Ivan Ronald Morgan, I hope they never, ever achieve positions of power again. I hope they are vilified for being the child molesters they are. And most of all I hope they never get close to another vulnerable, young girl.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Darren Morgan, Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey and Ivan Ronald Morgan have been released on parole. Beware, people of The Kimberley, of these 3 monsters who would destroy the innocence of your daughters given the chance.

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10 Responses to Darren John Morgan, Shirley Ann Veronica Bulsey & Ivan Ronald Morgan

  1. moodymagic says:

    The 5 young women who came forward are my heroes. I wish them a life of happiness and peace. The 3 hellbeasts burn in hell. Your sentences were a joke.

  2. 2cute says:

    So if only old Darren had kept his mouth shut instead of boasting to the newspaper Oombulgurri might have gone on unnoticed by authorities. Good thing he was so stupid.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    Tom Doyle should write a book about his exploits. Kudoes to him for great police work.

    • Tom doyle says:

      Hi and thanks for the comment. I am just reading this, a couple of years late. I am Tom DOYLE and it was my pleasure to have been able to help the people of Oombulgurri. Regards Tom.

  4. Matt says:

    Tom Doyle is a good man. I used to work with him before I left the Police and this is typical of the man.

  5. cleo says:

    Tom Doyle sounds like the kind of detective we would all want working on our case — if we weren’t the perpetrators of course.

  6. bulldoggy says:

    This story sounds like the plot to a movie almost, it’s so surreal. I give the young women all the praise I can for coming forward despite being followed and threatened and harassed by the nasty bastards who molested them and others. Those girls are incredibly brave especially when they grew up in the situation where those men reigned supreme for years and were never before punished for their crimes. I wish those girls all the best.

  7. sup says:

    Oombulgurri is in Western Australia, not the Northern Territory.

  8. I feel sorry for the innocents elders, parents,and children.driven out of there community.there home has been demolished round up like cattle and sent to Wyndham slept on march area liven with mossies moved again in tent 40 degrees heat call that justice.By the WA Govt?2016 the people are now live in pain, sadness, and over crowdness, trying to survive in a Town

  9. AreYouF'nSerious?! says:

    Willie Grant, you’re just as disgusting and guilty. Interesting how the people are living in such poverty and pain yet you still have access to the internet. Karma’s coming for you, pal. Believe that.

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