Darren Byrne

Darren Byrne

Crimes: Arson, Murder.

Darren Byrne of Essex, England, had what most would consider to be an idyllic life. He was a banker who could afford to live in a beautiful £450,000 home in the desirable Theydon Bois community. He had a lovely wife, Maria, who had also been a banker. She was a wonderful, loving mother to their two sons, and an understanding, forgiving wife to him.

But all this wasn’t enough for Darren Byrne. Nope, he just had to destroy it all. And why? Because he couldn’t control his sexual obsession with his osteopath, Deborah Houlihan.

The fact that Deborah Houlihan was a married woman didn’t stop Darren Byrne. The fact he himself was married didn’t stop him. He just had to have an affair with his osteopath. He allowed his gonads to rule over his head, and crushed any qualms he may have had.

His marital vows didn’t matter. His boys didn’t matter. His wife didn’t matter. All Darren Byrne could care about was polishing his penis with his girlfriend.

Unfortunately for all, Maria Byrne discovered her husband’s extramarital sexual escapades. She booted the cheating bastard from their home, but eventually reconsidered. No doubt she was still terribly hurt and feeling betrayed, but she wanted her marriage to work. She had the boys to think of.

Darren Byrne apologized and promised to end the affair immediately and completely, once and for all. Maria Byrne wanted to believe him, so she accepted his word and agreed to reconcile.

It should come as no shock that Darren Byrne and Deborah Houlihan, despite their promises to their spouses, continued on with their sexercises. Why would they stop their affair? With a bit of planning and subterfuge, they could have the best of both worlds.

Darren Byrne invested in a secret mobile phone so his wife wouldn’t find out what he was up to.

For months the unfaithful pair carried on until the fateful day that Maria Byrne found the secret phone. She read the text messages and knew without a doubt that her husband had broken his promises and his vows and her heart once again.

Maria Byrne

Maria Byrne

On February 13, 2016, Maria Byrne chose to confront Darren Byrne. I’m guessing that she didn’t truly know until then that she’d married a hellbeast. As angry as she was, she was nowhere near as raging as he was.

In the midst of their heated argument, the hellbeast became homicidal. He rendered his wife, the mother of his children, unconscious by bashing her on the head. Instead of coming to his senses and calling for help, he poured white spirits on her. This wasn’t to rouse her, of course. The evil bastard turned on the gas stove anticipating that the house, and his unconscious wife, would catch fire.

This murderous effort, alas, didn’t work. So did the monstrous Darren Byrne reconsider his deplorable plan to kill his wife? Hell, no. Instead he continued on, guaranteeing his next effort would result in her death.

Darren Byrne positioned his still unconscious wife by the stove to make it look like a cooking accident. He then set her on fire himself. And as the poor woman burned, the hellbeast took the family dog for a walk. He wanted to be recorded on CCTV, thus giving credibility to the story he would tell officials.

When Darren Byrne returned to their home, he called emergency services to say he’d found his wife burned and dead.

“My wife is dead she is dead. She’s burnt badly,” he said on the 999 recording. “The stove was on and the frying pan was on the other side of the room. She’s not doing anything, she’s not moving.”

Darren Byrne also phoned his mistress. Gee, I wonder what he told her.

The subhuman killer told police and paramedics that Maria Byrne had been making a bacon sandwich while he was out with the dog, and there must have been a freak accident.

Good thing the f*ckturd murderer hadn’t counted on the autopsy revealing that his victim had been doused in an accelerant. That doesn’t happen accidentally to someone making a bacon sandwich.

Maria Byrne, 35, didn’t die of her head injury. She died of immolation. I’m praying that she never regained consciousness, and that she felt no pain.

Darren Byrne was charged with murder and arson, and went to trial at Chelmsford Crown Court in December 2016. The asshole insisted on pleading not guilty.

The killer’s version of events was a bit bizarre, but it was tailored to fit the evidence. Darren Byrne claimed that his wife was a jealous person — for no reason at all. He was innocently working long hours since 2014, and Maria Byrne came to the wrong conclusion he was cheating on her.

The bastard claimed that his wife checked his emails and phone, but said he didn’t mind at all.

But then, on February 13, during an argument with his wife he lashed out and caused Maria to fall onto the kitchen floor. He thought she was faking a panic attack, so he left her on a chair and took the dog for a walk. When he got back, she was dead on the floor. Riiight.

And instead of calling 999, he panicked! Hence the fire to make her accidental death look like a cooking accident. And that was the end of his tale.

Darren Byrne, 40, was found guilty of arson and murder. He was sentenced to life in prison.

The evil hellbeast, in his quest to satisfy his lust, lost everything. His comfortable home, his career, his girlfriend and his family were gone. This subhuman monster deprived his sons of both their parents, and brought the life of a wonderful woman to a cruel and horrifying end.

RIP, Maria Byrne. I extend my heartfelt sympathies to her many friends, her family and her sons. She deserved a long, happy life, raising her boys and enjoying future grandchildren. She did not deserve such a horrible fate.

Maria Byrne’s mother, Linda Biggs, said she hopes Darren Byrne “rots in eternal damnation”. I second that. I hope he festers and rots in his prison cell for decades to come.

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6 Responses to Darren Byrne

  1. Tom Daly says:

    I hope this monster is happy with himself. He had the perfect life and he threw it down the pan. I pray to god that he suffers for the rest of his miserable life.

  2. Moodymagic says:

    This guy is one sick fuck and should burn in hell. My sympathies go out to Maria and all her family and friends and to her sons.

  3. Bengalpuss. says:

    This pig is a monster, but the mistress should hang her head in shame, because she knew he was married but still carried on with him.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Life isn’t long enough. He should be buried under the prison. Burning a woman to death is horrifying.

  5. TimothyFaste says:

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