Darcy Don Bannert

Hellbeast Darcy Bannert
Crimes: Child Abuse, Pedophile

Darcy Don Bannert of Edmonton is a vile piece of shit, IMO. The things he did to a helpless 4-year-old girl are nearly unimaginable, completely sadistic and undeniably criminal. And the fact that the little girl’s own mother was complicit is unconscionable.

Darcy Bannert, 25, and the victim’s mother, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the child, were arrested in December, 2005. And not before time, either!

Darcy Bannert houseDarcy Bannert and his girlfriend had turned their cosy little love nest into a “house of horror” for their tiny victim. The little girl had been handcuffed by her feet in the basement, locked to an iron grate and deprived of anything to drink. She was so thirsty that she even drank Miracle-Gro plant fertilizer and her own urine. The poor little darling had been slapped, hit, punched, called “bitch” and “stinky little girl”, and was routinely handcuffed to heavy things such as a hope chest or a milk crate or furniture.

And then there was the sex. Darcy Bannert, besides being a monstrous hellbeast child abuser, is a pedophile. He would force the little girl to watch porn videos with him, and then he’d make her dance “like a stripper”.

And then there was bath time which we can only gather was sex with “daddy” in the bathtub. Gawd, I hate pedophiles!

There were witnesses. A lesbian couple lived with the family for 2 months and saw the child routinely abused. They saw the hitting, the punching, slapping, the name calling, the handcuffing. For 2 months. And then they called the authorities.

Excuse me while I say WTF? These people witnessed this ongoing abuse for 2 freakin’ months?!? I gotta tell you, the first time I witness something like that, the first time I see a child punched or handcuffed, and I’m on the phone to the police! I cannot imagine any rationale that would allow those roommates to keep quiet and watch a 4-year-old being abused for 2 months!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the women turned in Darcy Bannert and his girlfriend, but it would have been much better if they’d done it on day 1 rather than day 60.

When the little girl was finally rescued from this “house of horror” she was placed with a foster family. She was happy about it. She repeatedly said, “No more foot locks, no more soap in my mouth, no more sex.”

The tiny victim shocked her foster mother by begging her to undress and join her in the tub so they could have sex. She would also apply lip gloss to her baby vagina. As she told her foster mother, “Daddy said that’s where it was supposed to go.”

When Darcy the hellbeast Bannert went to trial his lawyers trotted out the fact that he had been physically and sexually abused as a child. Know what? I don’t give a flying rat’s ass that he was abused as a child! Nobody gets a free pass to beat and rape a child because it happened to them! You have trauma to deal with? Then deal with it BEFORE you subject any vulnerable person to your hate or anger or sick perversions!

The defense lawyers argued in court that while the couple might have gone just a little too far with their discipline, they didn’t actually abuse the girl. Riiight.

Darcy POS pedophile Bannert was convicted of 9 of the 11 charges against him, including sexual assault, sexual interference, assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, common assault, unlawful confinement, uttering threats of bodily harm, possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and proceeds of crime.

The POS mother of the victim, the one who welcomed Darcy Bannert into her home, who gave the pedophile unfettered access to her helpless child, the one who actually joined in the physical and emotional abuse, the one who helped deprive her baby of water to drink, was found guilty of common assault and causing a child to need protective care. Three other charges against her were dismissed. WTF? This is justice?

Crown prosecutor Shelley Bykewich berated Darcy Bannert for choosing “one of the most vulnerable segments of society” as his “target for entertainment” and the “focus of his sexual pleasure” and told the court a strong message must be sent to the public.

“Darcy Bannert has no one to blame for his actions but himself. He was the player in this game who held all the cards,” said prosecutor Bykewich. “While (the victim) was merely his puppet for him to play his sadistic games with and satisfy an element of his sexual cravings.”

Crown prosecutor Shelley Bykewich asked Justice Darlene Acton to sentence Bannert to between 12 and 15 years in prison, and defense lawyer Kent Teskey urged her to deliver a paltry 8-year sentence.

A victim impact statement written by a social worker said the victim has trouble learning and cannot form normal emotional relationships because of her trauma. The girl is undergoing intense psychotherapy, is on medication for post-traumatic stress syndrome and lives in a foster home. She isn’t allowed to play with other children unsupervised because she makes sexual advances towards them.

“(Her) sexual innocence has been taken away and is unable to ever be replaced,” states the social worker’s report.

Justice Darlene Acton said Darcy Bannert had shown no remorse and that he was a key player in a systematic plan in an abusive pattern of behaviour.

Good, so did Justice Acton throw the book at the monstrous child abuser? Ummm, not exactly.

In September 2007, Darcy POS pedophile Bannert was sentenced to a whopping 8 years in prison but the judge said he should serve just 5 years and 8 months to make up for the time he’d spent in custody before the trial. He was sent to serve his time at Bowden Institution in Innisfail.

This is justice? The little girl has a lifetime of troubles ahead of her, bless her, and this monster gets out after 5 years 8 months. He’ll be in his early 30’s, still fit and able to hook up with gullible single mothers out there with young girls.

And the girl’s mother was handed a 2-year conditional sentence to be served in the community. Ouch! How brutal! No jail time for smacking her baby around and leaving her in the care of a pedophile! No jail time for depriving her little girl of drinkable liquids. No jail time for allowing a 4-year-old to be handcuffed to furniture!

And bonus! Nobody knows her name because it would reveal the identity of the victim. She’s going about life as though she had done nothing wrong! I pray she’s not breeding any other victims! Bitch!

Darcy Bannert’s mother still supported her boy after his conviction. She said, “I don’t believe that there was any sexual abuse there. I find that horrifying and I cannot believe that.”

She said she hopes her son gets counseling while he is in prison, to help him deal with his anger. “Through thick and thin I am behind my son. I love him.”

Ummm, where was she when her boy was being physically and sexually abused as a child? Still, it must have cheered Darcy up no end to know his mommy didn’t think he was a pedophile.

Maybe his mommy’s support went to his head, but Darcy Bannert was too stupid to stop while he was ahead. The idiot POS pedophile just had to appeal the verdict claiming the victim’s statements shouldn’t have been admitted as evidence. He wanted a new trial.

The Crown filed its own appeal, on the grounds that the sentences imposed for Darcy Bannert’s crimes are “demonstrably unfit having regard to the gravity of the offences.”

The Crown also says the judge didn’t give proper weight to the aggravating and mitigating factors in the case.

The Court of Appeal ruled that the victim’s statements were admitted correctly, so no new trial for Bannert. Oooh, too bad.

The Court of Appeal also agreed with the Crown and ruled that Darcy Bannert be convicted on an additional charge of assault causing bodily harm.

As a result of the Court of Appeal’s ruling, Justice Darlene Acton (her again) added 1 whole year to Darcy Bannert’s prison sentence. That’s right, 1 additional year for assaulting a 4-year-old girl causing bodily harm.

Justice Acton said she decided the 1-year term was appropriate because she didn’t want to go higher than what she earlier gave him on his unlawful confinement conviction. WTF? Why the hell not?

Justice Acton also said she was “pleased” Darcy Bannert was seeking help while in prison and said he should be commended for taking steps.

“I’ve done a lot of wrong in my life,” said Darcy POS Bannert in addressing the court. “I’m just glad there’s an end to this. I realize what I have done in my life. I’ve got to make change.”

Now I don’t know if Darcy Bannert is still in prison (I’ve heard rumours he’s out already) but regardless, I don’t have much faith in his ability or willingness to “make change.” Unless it’s to give 4 loonies for a fiver.

Hellbeast pedophile Darcy BannertPedophiles don’t change. If and when he’s out, Darcy Bannert will be prowling for more young victims sooner or later. So you single mothers out there, check out his photo and DO NOT BRING HIM HOME!

Note to the anonymous “mother” who participated in this horrific crime: rot in hell. May your uterus wither and die before you breed again.

And a note to Darcy Don Bannert: likewise rot in hell, you child abusing pedophile spawn of Satan!

And I sent prayers of happiness and wellness to that poor little girl who was so horribly tortured and tormented. I hope she can overcome this evil and live a full and contented life.

CBC News article
CTV News article

15 Responses to Darcy Don Bannert

  1. scrappy says:

    I remember reading about this years ago when they were first sentenced. I was shocked and disgusted at the pitifully small number of years…I hope Canadian “justice” doesn’t give two for one time like we do in the States.

    As for the waste of flesh who willingly delivered her angel up to this monster, I hope she lives hell on earth before she rots in hell eternally.

    As for the broken baby they have created…wow. I sure hope the right adults will be there for her to help rebuild her sanity and sense of propriety. This poor child has been so injured she may never recover to live a seemingly normal life. Prayers for her. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to foster her and try to teach her how to behave and interact with healthy people. That lip gloss detail nearly broke my heart. What a trajedy.

  2. 2cute says:

    Canadian justice is a joke with sentences like that. The egg donor should definitely got prison time. It was her job to protect that little girl. It was her fault that that pedo had access to her daughter.

  3. Trace says:

    This perv should never, ever be allowed out! Next time he’s going to kill his victim! What he did to that little girl was disgusting and I hope she’s going to somehow grow up to be happy.

  4. dogwalker says:

    I really really really hope no other woman out there is stupid enough to hook up with this bastard. I also really hope his victim can achieve a normal, happy life, and her mother truly suffers for what she put the girl through.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    He should be commended for seeking help. He didn.t seek help, he was fucking arrested and thought “ohh If i look like im trying and want help they’ll give me a lower sentence” The thing that really got me was when the social worker said the little girl can.t Play with other children unsupervised because she makes sexual advances towards them, how bad is that, she’s only four and her innocence has been twisted by those two fucking cunt’s. And the mother didn.t even get a slapped wrist she should have been given a sentence at least equal to that other piece of crap. She was the mother its her job to nurture and protect that little girl, what was she that desperate for a penis that she was willing to let her child be brutalized because thats what they’d done to her. Putting lip gloss on her baby vagina those fucking bastards. And if he is out i hope that everyone knows what he’s done & they brutalize him its the least he deserves. Also i hope people know who that bitch of a mother is so she gets hers as well.

  6. Kew says:

    That judge is a prize candidate for psychiatric evaluation. Just what would an offender have to do to a child to warrant the maximum (but still piddling) sentence?
    No wonder these utter bastards keep on with their dirty tricks – there are all the stupid damned women who support them! (the judge, the victims mother, the pig paedophile’s mother).
    I pray that the little one can recover properly from this filth that intruded on her life.

  7. nick says:

    I spent time in bowden, that pos was just a couple cell doors down for me. I can assure you with no doubt that he got a lot great lesson while there. We all got the real justice that was not given out by the courts. If you ever wonder if this asshole who feels no remorse for what he did got what was coming, he did!!! I can say this cause I dished some of it myself

    • 2cute says:

      Hey Nick, maybe you can tell me, do inmates have access to the internet so they can google their fellow inmates? Or how do they find out who did what to whom to wind up in prison?

      • Blow job says:

        No they do no have access to the internet and the only way they find out what other inmates charges are is from the guards or from other inmates or hearing it from the one up one sex offendercharges

  8. amy says:

    He is out living in Grand Forks. The police refuse to comment protecting him. He has been seen at BMX racing watching the kids race, and at The Gables which is low income housing for parents with Children. Something needs to happen!

  9. TB says:

    Hi Cleo! As I said in my last comment on your site (and it was my first comment on your site), I am just now reading up on all of your past entries. Yikes, so much horrible abuse. One thing I’ve seen asked many times is, how do these very young victims of rape cope as they get older? Do the babies who are attacked as infants remember the abuse and how do they do in the long run? I, like the rest of you, certainly hope that they are unable to remember the abuse and thus are able to grow and thrive without issue. However, that is not always the case.

    Your posts about the baby rapists in particular reminded me of the very sad and disturbing story of a young girl who was apparently sexually abused as an infant, and how she began exhibiting severely psychotic behavior at an extremely young age. The severity of her behavior was unlike anything therapists had ever encountered. She did ultimately become a well adjusted adult, but the road to get there was challenging to say the least. She is considered to be one of the most psychopathic victims of abuse known. I just wanted to share her story because so many people here do wonder how these infant rape victims end up.

    Her name is Beth Thomas and there is a documentary and a movie about her, the movie is called Child of Rage and I think the documentary has a similar title. I found it on YouTube. For anyone who doesn’t think a violently raped infant will be affected by their abuse because they’re too young to remember it, this case will show them otherwise.

  10. TB says:

    Edit: here is the link to the Child of Rage documentary on YouTube. Whenever any person suggests that infant rape victims don’t have severe and prolonged traumatic responses to their attacks (such as, “the child was too young to remember anything about their sexual assault” and similar b.s.), give them this link and I promise, if they watch it, they’ll never assume such absurdities again. Please keep the link handy and share as needed.


  11. Mike says:

    He’s still in Edmonton. And he’s on Facebook under the name
    darcey darcey

    • Blow job says:

      Yes and I have to say this . When you meet him he doesn’t seem like the type of person to do such things and to this day I don’t believe it . I love Darcy for who he is now everyone makes mistakes in there life’s yes this is a gross mistake but maybe Darcy needs people to show him what’s right and what’s wrong . There is a good guy inside of him I know there is

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