Daniel Walter Gyselinck

Pedophile Daniel Gyselinck
Crime: Child Porn

Geez Louise is nothing sacred? We’ve had pedophile priests, pedophile clowns, pedophile foster parents, pedophile babysitters, pedophile RCMP officers, pedophile psychics, pedophile nursery workers, pedophile teachers and so on and so forth. But a pedophile Santa Claus? Is there nowhere they won’t go and nothing they won’t do to get their filthy paws on children?

Evidently not.

Daniel Walter Gyselinck, 59, of Barrie, Ontario, played Santa Claus for the Christmas parade for a couple of years. He also played Santa at his workplace. He sported long white hair and a beard, just like Santa.

Daniel Gyselinck’s whole apartment was decorated like Christmas when the police came a-knocking at his door in June 2010. He had stuffed toys, gingerbread houses, a Christmas tree and Christmas trinkets. He also had thousands of dolls and a Harry Potter shower curtain — the better to entertain children I bet. Ho ho ho.

Daniel Gyselinck the hellbeast also had shelves stacked with child porn. Lots and lots of child porn. Of little girls being raped by men. The better to entertain himself I bet. Hee hee hee.

How much child porn did Daniel Gyselinck possess? Over 90,000 images and over 1200 movies. That is a freakin’ truckload of child porn!

To put his collection in perspective, let’s do some math. Being very generous, let’s figure one child per image, and 1000 images per child. That’s 90 little children being victimized, which is of course 90 too many. Ninety helpless little children being raped, sodomized and brutalized by pedophiles. Gawd I hate pedophiles!

And of course that doesn’t even consider the movies. I don’t even want to think about the movies.

Police caught wind of this POS pedophile when they discovered somebody with the user ID “Santa’s watching you” was downloading that disgusting shit off the Internet.

To give him credit, and I hate giving pedophiles any credit, Daniel Gyselinck admitted to police right away he had a “problem” with child porn.

“When I sit at my computer, I slip into this dark side,” he confessed to police. “I don’t know why I do it.”

He also confessed to the police that he masturbated while he watched child porn. *shock* Actually I am not shocked at all by that confession. If he knitted tea cozies while he watched child porn, that would shock me.

Daniel Gyselinck also told the police that he had begun watching regular porn on the Internet but eventually crossed the line and became addicted to child porn.

This pervy pedophile was so addicted that he became a recluse, not leaving his apartment much at all when not working at his job as a dishwasher. His coworkers told authorities that he had a “sinister side” and was often angry. His ex-wife described him as sexually abusive. Thank goodness she had the sense to get out of that relationship.

And who did Daniel Gyselinck blame for his addiction? The government, of course, for not making child porn more difficult to access.

Yeah, the damn government practically shoves it down our throats, amirite? *snort*

So in July 2010 Daniel Gyselinck the dirty Santa pleaded guilty to possession of child porn as well as making child porn after he copied it from Limewire onto CDs — thousands of CDs.

“He has chosen the persona of Santa Claus, which is the one person that children trust next to their own parents,” said Crown attorney Ann Tierney.

Gyselinck’s defense lawyer told the court his client was remorseful, but admitted his problem is similar to a gambling problem. Because child porn is not legal, there was nowhere for the unfortunate pedophile to turn for help.

Ann Tierney insisted that the defendant’s remorse is no reason to give a shorter sentence, and she asked the judge for a prison sentence of 3 to 4 years.

“These are real children, who were innocent victims, used as props in a perverted show,” said Ann Tierney. She rightly argued there’s a direct link between viewing child porn and eventual child abuse. (If you have any doubt, check our article on Michael Briere.)

Daniel POS pedophile Gyselinck, 58, was sentenced to 40 months in prison by Justice James Crawford. Well, not really 40 whole months. The prison term was reduced to 14 months after he got credit for the 13 months already served (2 months credit for every month served).

Why the hell is the time spent in prison waiting for trial worth twice as much as time spent in prison after sentencing? I can never understand that.

As well as the prison sentence, Daniel Gyselinck was given 3 years probation. During his probation period Gyselinck is prohibited from being around children and owning or wearing a Santa suit. Ummm, I really hope he’s prohibited from accessing the Internet too. And I really, really hope he’s made to enroll in a sex offender treatment program.

Daniel Gyselinck was paroled from prison in April 2011. He is among us. Watch your kiddies.

“His adoption of the Santa Claus persona strikes at the heart of the one most treasured phenomena of childhood in Canadian society and regretfully may call into question the motives of true community-minded individuals who act as Santa Claus at Christmas to bring joy to children,” said Justice Crawford.

The judge noted that others out there who might consider descending into the same dark world of pedophilia and child porn had better beware.

“The sad tale of Mr. Gyselinck stands as a stark reminder of the fate which may await you,” warned Justice Crawford. “Police forces around the world now work cooperatively to confront this menace.”

So beware people of Ontario, you have a pedophile in your midst. Now he may not be dressing up as Santa, and he may not even be accessing child porn off the Internet, but Daniel the POS pedophile Gyselinck is very likely considering escalating his sex life from mere masturbation to raping a little girl.

Do you think he was collecting those thousands of dolls for his own amusement? I don’t. I think he was setting a honey trap, creating a lure to entice young victims to his lair. What other reason would he have for that collection?

I hope and pray that his oh-so-brief stint in prison made him change his ways. I hope and pray Daniel Gyselinck becomes a model, law abiding Canadian citizen, but I doubt it.

Daniel Gyselinck, if you so much as harm one hair on one child’s head, may you rot in hell for eternity. I rather think that’s your fate already.

CBC News article
Sudbury Star article

11 Responses to Daniel Walter Gyselinck

  1. Trace says:

    Oh yeah, this guy is going to want to get his hands on little girls. Anyone who collects 90,000 pictures of child rape and 1200 movies of child rape is seriously interested in child rape. I am surprised he wasn’t working or volunteering with children before. I hope potential employers and girlfriends check him out before he is considered acceptable.

  2. kate says:

    On an optimistic note, I think most parents ARE super, super wary of Santa Clause characters for this very reason. Unless you’re being paid by a department store or volunteering for something like the Salvation Army, it’s just wrong to use that getup.

    Grizzled mountain men and eccentric millionaires are the only people who can pull off the look without being creepy.

  3. 2cute says:

    Shit, I’m never gonna let my kids sit on Santa’s lap again! Pervs are everywhere!

    • Trace says:

      He isn’t banned from owning Easter Bunny suits or other costumes. Don’t let your kids sit on anybody’s lap if you don’t know that person really well!

  4. Eve says:

    I wish you had a better picture of this creep so society can watch out for him in the future. Too bad we can’t tattoo “pedo” on their foreheads before they are released from prison. Then they couldn’t hide in plain sight and plot and scheme how to lure and attack victims. Hopefully this asshole won’t ever get near a child ever again.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    My god i wonder how many small children have sat on this bastards knee, and none of the parents wouldn’t have had any idea that their child was sat on a pedaphiles knee. Its frightening that these sick fuck’s can masquerade as anything and as something as innocent as santa claus. I would never have thought that when my child went to see santa, that santa was a preditor. Is there nothing sacred anymore. I guess not. And yes if you can dig out a better picture cleo of this hellbeast, let the people know who to look out for. Btw i love this blog. Not only do you cover hellbeast’s from canada, but also from britain where im from about time thanks.

  6. Kevin Farrell says:

    Beasts are not commiting pedophilia. Pedophilia is crime commited by humans. The disease that plagues humans is demonic, and has no association with animals and beasts.

  7. Kevin Farrell says:

    Animals, and beasts do not commit acts of pedophilia. Pedophelia is a human disease, and is demonic. Watch nature shows and you will find that animals do not conduct themselves in the way humans do.


    Daniel Gyselick resides in TORONTO
    What stops him or anyone else to respond to an add asking for a volunteer Santa
    There are NO REGULATIONS
    Demand license with criminal background check

    Did anyone think about Halloween as a way they could dress up and prey on kids GOOGLE – press release Santa Better be Good

    Its very concerning that all entertainer who work with children are not regulated
    I have tried to get legislation passed to regulate A license with a criminal background check as they have with other professions
    Dalton Mcguinty said NO

  9. bengalpuss says:

    Wonder why Dalton Mcguinty Said no, probably something to hide. They definately need regulations, otherwise were gonna end up with these Preditors Fillings these job vacancies, and secretly getting off, with our children sat on his knee while he’s playing “pedo Santa”

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