Daniel Rigby & Kirsty Smedley

Hellbeast Daniel Rigby
Crimes: Child Abuse, Murder

Rio Smedley was a gorgeous little boy who deserved a happy life and a successful future. He didn’t get them. Unfortunately for little Rio, he was burdened with a selfish bitch of a mother and her revolting hellbeast boyfriend.

Yes, this is yet another story of another murdered child.

Rio’s mother was Kirsty Smedley, an extremely fertile but not particularly maternal hellbitch from Breightmet in Bolton, UK. By the age of 23 she’d been pregnant 7 times. Only 2 of her offspring have survived, what with terminations and the murder cutting down the number.

Kirsty Smedley wasn’t interested so much in her beautiful little boy Rio. What she really hankered for was a man. Her whole history was moving from man to man. And her search led her to 22-year-old loser Daniel Rigby. He is what the British call a yob.

Daniel Rigby is also a violent yob with a history of assault and car theft.

Hellbitch Kirsty SmedleyKirsty Smedley didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with her choice of man when she began dating him in 2011. In January 2012 she announced she was 3 months pregnant. It wasn’t Daniel Rigby’s child but she sure as hell didn’t tell him that!

Daniel POS d-bag Rigby’s reaction to Kirsty’s big news was somewhat unexpected. He punched and slapped her because he believed she’d been texting other men. Yup, this f*cktard had no problem slapping and punching a pregnant woman.

And did Kirsty the halfwit decide to protect herself and her children then and there? Did she send this violent bastard on his way? Hell no. Cuz he was her man!

On March 21, when Kirsty f*ckwad Smedley was 5 months pregnant, Daniel shitstain Rigby pushed her into a door and headbutted her. He wasn’t too happy that she had threatened to have sex with other guys.

What a lovely pair of disgusting dipshit dumbasses. And darling little Rio had front row seats to watch this f*cktardery.

Actually this time Daniel the douche Rigby was arrested for the assault. He was bailed out on condition he have no contact with Kirsty Smedley.

And what does Kirsty shit-for-brains Smedley do? Does she rejoice that she and her babies have this violent abuser out of their lives? Hell no. On April 3, 2012 she withdrew her statement to police about the attack.

On April 20, 2012, Daniel the nasty yob Rigby was told there would be no charges against him and he immediately moved back in with Kirsty and kids. And everything was sunshine and roses after that…. not!

Victim Rio SmedleyThe very evening of his “homecoming” Daniel Rigby was left to care for Rio for an hour while Kirsty Smedley headed out to pick up some fish and chips. One hour, one bloody hour was all he had to spend with little Rio!

When Kirsty the braindead bitch returned home, little Rio had red blotches on his body and was feeling sick.

Gee, I wonder what could have happened!

But did Kirsty buy a goddamn clue? Hell no! She ignored her baby’s injuries and sickness. And the very next day she went out again and left Rio in the care of that festering meatstick Daniel Rigby!

This time Daniel Rigby took the time to send Kirsty Smedley a text claiming Rio had “fallen off the arm of the couch” when grandma’s dog jumped at him. And then he sent another text claiming Rio had been hit with a plastic sword.

Hmmmm, I wonder why Daniel Rigby texted Kirsty Smedley about those “accidents”? I think it was to explain the new injuries little Rio was sporting.

Yup, when Kirsty the dumbf*ck returned home Rio was sporting a big old bruise on his bottom.

And did the stupid twat buy a goddamn clue this time? Hell no! The next day she went out AGAIN and left Rio in Rigby’s care AGAIN! She needed to go get cash to buy her beloved man some cannabis.

You know what’s coming, right?

Smedley houseThis time the text from the bastard Rigby said that Rio had fallen down the stairs. Kirsty the stupid twit Smedley rushed back to her home on Cheriton Drive to find her beautiful boy not moving, his eyes “sunk” to the back of his head. She dialed 999.

Yeah, that’s right, Daniel Rigby hadn’t even cared enough to dial 999. And why? Because little Rio had not fallen down the stairs. In the 3 hours his mother was out of the house he’d been violently and viciously attacked by that baby beating bastard Daniel Rigby.

Little Rio was taken to the Royal Bolton Hospital where he later died. He was only 2 years old.

The pathologist who examined the little body found 91 separate injuries. Ninety-one. They including 40 bruises and abrasions to Rio’s head and face, 11 bruises and abrasions to his tummy, a 9.5cm x 3.7cm bruise to his little butt, 7 bruises and abrasions to both his arms, and 20 injuries to his legs and feet.

Rio’s ruptured liver was split in two.

All of these horrible injuries were caused by “punches, kicks, knees and stamping”.

Daniel the murdering turdpile Rigby went to trial in Manchester Crown Court on the charge of murder. He pled not guilty and his defense was that the injuries were caused by Rio’s grandmother’s dogs the day before Rio died.

The jury didn’t buy that crap. On November 2, 2012, after 4 hours 30 minutes deliberation the jury found Daniel Rigby, now 23, guilty of murder.

Mr Justice David MacKay told the baby killer, “You abused [Rio’s] trust by punishing him physically in quite a revolting way.

“It’s a chilling, terrible picture. He suffered considerably before he died, I am satisfied. He was a vulnerable boy.”

Mr Justice MacKay said he was certain the killer Rigby didn’t intend to kill the boy but instead had a “sudden loss of temper”.

Whatever. He might not have intended death, but he certainly set out causing grievous injuries to a tiny, helpless toddler.

I hate to think of the pain and terror little Rio went through, being beaten and kicked and bludgeoned endlessly until the end.

Daniel Rigby was sentenced to life imprisonment. He will serve at least 17 years in prison before being considered for release.

Kirsty SmedleyKirsty Smedley, now 24, didn’t get to walk away from her dead baby boy free and clear. She was charged with and found guilty of allowing or causing the death of a child.

While awaiting her sentencing, Kirsty Smedley became pregnant yet again and had a termination. She was considering sterilization.

Please, please, please let her be serious about that!

Her 2 surviving children are being cared for by foster families. Bless their hearts, I hope truly that they have happy, successful lives ahead of them.

At her sentencing on December 21, 2012, Mr Justice MacKay said the jury’s guilty verdict meant they were sure she knew or ought to have known there was a significant risk of serious harm to her helpless little boy.

The judge told her, “At no stage did you do anything to protect Rio from his fate. He must have suffered greatly before his death… You should never have left him that night. It was quite clear that Rio was at risk.”

Kirsty Smedley was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

Mr Justice MacKay told Kirsty Smedley, who will be released on parole after 2 years, “You have an irresponsible view of obligations of a mother and you have demonstrated no remorse.” He sure got that right!

The judge continued, “I hope you will take the assistance that the prison will give you. I hope it will lead to some realization that you need to take control of your life in a different way.”

Well I hope the pair of these two f*ckups will never be able to reproduce again. I hope in the case of the baby killer Rigby that he suffers each and every day horribly and painfully, and then rots in hell.

I hope in the case of Kirsty Smedley that she grows a brain, matures enough to take responsibility, and tries to get through life without doing any more harm or damage to anyone.

RIP little Rio. Bless your little heart.

Flowers for Rio

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12 Responses to Daniel Rigby & Kirsty Smedley

  1. bengalpuss says:

    That fat bitch, should never have left her child with that cunt. The first time he told her that rio was hurt in his care, she should have kicked his arse out, or never left him to look after rio again, but the fat cunt didn.t want to lose her latest penis. These two pair of bastards live about 30miles from me. I hope he’s time in prison is like hell on earth, and believe me once the other prisoners know that theres a child killer in their midst, the shit will hit the fan. And fat cunt mother will have it equally as bad, because women who are in jail for hurting, or killing children, have a life of misery. Sounds good to me. Fat bitch needs to get sterilised without a doubt,

  2. bulldoggy says:

    Some people don’t deserve to be parents and some are totally unfit to have children. Unhappily they find out after the babies are born. This bitch should be sterilized because she’s just too stupid and selfish to be trusted with children. And Rigby is a f*cking loser who will forever be a selfish, psychopathic manchild. I wonder if beating up a tiny toddler made him feel all manly. Hope he dies in prison so he never sees the light of day again.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Bulldoggy, i would like him to die in prison, but not of a natural death. I want him to be murdered like little rio was murdered, i want him to die with another inmates meatstick up his arse, while he cuts his fucking throat. Scumbag’s like this cunt don.t deserve to walk amongst us normal folk. And that bitch of a mother should be made to choke on some guys penis seen as she likes them so much, because she put her latest penis before the safety of her child, the sad gormless cunt.

  3. pj says:

    I suspect that Kirsty has very low self esteem doing anything she can to trap and keep a man. And maybe she felt she deserved to be roughed up by her boyfriend but that is no excuse to put her kids’ happiness and safety last. She’s a mom and she just didn’t get it into her dense brain that the kids come first. Instead she sacrificed that beautiful little boy so she wouldn’t lose her boyfriend.

  4. Thundar says:

    I notice that she-hellbeast has a cigarette in her hand, while I THINK she’s pregnant. Ah, ignore the warnings, smoke all you want you piece of work.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Please tell me they will suffer in prison. They deserve to.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Moodymagic, they should suffer, and will suffer unless they are put on a vpu(Vulnerable prisoners unit) And even if they are which is highly likely, they cannot be watched 24/7. Eventually someone will get to them, and i can.t wait. No one deserves it more than these two baby murdering bastards. Little rio didn.t stand a chance in life, with a mother who preferred a penis than the safety of her own flesh and blood, fucking fat bitch she is.

  6. bengalpuss says:

    Just want to wish everyone a happy new year for 2013 love bengalpuss and tyke x And lets hope that there are fewer hellbeasts on this planet. Although im cynical, i’ll try to be positive.

  7. bengalpuss says:

    And thats all it will be 2cute, a wish. This planet is getting worse, and some of the things that we read about on this blog, that people do to one another is really bad and its not gonna get any better. I know i sound pessimistic but its the way of life now. People just don.t have respect for others anymore. My friends son who’s 5yrs old went into the fridge the other day and got a bar of chocolate out. Anyway my friend said “jordan put it back, your not eating that until you’ve eaten your dinner” What he came out with next blew my mind, he said “No i won.t, and if you take it off me i’ll ring the police and tell them you’ve been smacking me” Which she hadn.t, but what do you do when your faced with that. Its like blackmail. Anyway point being this world is fucked up big time. Years ago the younger people respected their elders not any more. Its a shame that the mayan prophecy didn.t come true and wiped out all the scumbag’s lol.

  8. Rachel says:

    That fat sick cock whipped dosser was accusing and blackmailing a few guys of the Breightmet estate of being the father to that lovely baby boy. Alarm bells should of been ringing then. God bless is little soul. KARMA.

  9. Twisted.Kitten says:


    Ugh! Pigby’s hellbitch sister assaulted a 3 year old and bragged to her brother. I try not to lump people together, but fuck that whole family.

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