Daniel Maoz

Daniel Maoz
Crime: Murder

Here’s a handy tip for would-be killers out there: if you plan on killing your parents don’t google “how to kill your parents and get away with it”. That online search will come back to bite you in the butt.

Daniel Maoz, 29, of Ramot Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, made that rookie mistake. The guy was a software engineer — you’d think he’d have a bit more intelligence than that.

Ironically, even after looking for murder tips online he still wound up with the standard method of stabbing his victims over and over and over until they died.

Noah and Nurit Maoz were the unfortunate victims. On August 14, 2011, their son Daniel Maoz stabbed them repeatedly. They tried to fight him off, and Nurit Maoz repeatedly screamed out, “He is murdering me!” A neighbour heard her screams and went outside to check, didn’t see anything and went back inside without reporting the incident.

It was too late, anyway, to save Noah and Nurit Maoz from the savagery and brutality of their own son.

So why on earth did Daniel Maoz attack the people who loved and raised him? For money, period. Daniel Maoz had a pile of gambling debts and he decided to sacrifice his mother and father for his inheritance.

And thus a hellbeast was born.

The bodies of the victims were found the very next morning by their friend Emma Neeman, their other son Nir, and Noah Maoz’ boss. I can’t imagine the horror of the scene, with blood and bodies everywhere.

Police immediately suspected that the murderer was someone who knew the couple. Nothing had been stolen from the house so it wasn’t a robbery gone wrong. They turned their eye on Nir at first, but Daniel became the chief suspect after he kept switching his alibi around during questioning.

Daniel MaozDaniel Maoz first told the police that he’d been in Tel Aviv the night his parents were killed. The police found evidence that that was a lie, so he told them he was in Jerusalem, but not close to his parents’ house at all. When pressed further, he told them he was in his parents’ house, had dinner with them and watched TV with his father.

And here’s where the story gets really exciting — Daniel Maoz got up to go to the bathroom, and he heard a man he did not know come into the house and murder his parents! He was frozen with fear at first but then he bravely battled the killer who managed to escape. Wow!

And here’s where it gets really bizarre — Daniel Maoz then pulled out the big, nasty knife that had been stuck in his father’s corpse, he cleaned it, he drove to Tel Aviv and he threw that knife into a garbage container! Wow! And WTF? Really, WTF?

WHY the HELL would he discard the murder weapon?!? WHY the HELL wouldn’t he call for help to maybe save his parents and catch the killer?

But wait, the story gets even more bizarre — Daniel Maoz next went to play poker with his friends until 1 a.m. He didn’t tell them his parents had been murdered. Before dawn, he returned to his parents’ house to discard any evidence that he’d been there when they were killed.

And why did he do that? Because he didn’t want to become a suspect, that’s why.

Amazingly, after telling the police this incredible account of his actions, Daniel Maoz become THE suspect. He was indicted for the murders because of his contradictory statements, because of his motive, and because of DNA left at the crime scene.

The only problem with the DNA evidence was that Daniel Maoz and Nir Maoz were twins and shared the same DNA. Daniel Maoz tried to make the most of that fact and accused Nir of being the murderer.

The new story he told was that Nir threatened to tell everyone that Daniel was a pedophile if Daniel accused him of murder. Riiiight.

Daniel MaozWhen Daniel Maoz went to trial, his defense was *surprise* that Nir was the killer. Nir Maoz had served in a classified Israel Defense Forces unit and was trained to kill, so he was capable of murdering their parents, said defense attorney David Barhoom.

Nir Maoz responded to accusation, “It’s a lie. What you accused me of and the way you did it is unforgivable.”

Nir Maoz was called to testify about finding his parents’ bodies.

“When I opened the door I smelled a strong smell of bleach. I entered and saw my mother on the floor. Immediately after that I saw my father. I screamed… I tried to touch mother’s cheek, to see if it was warm. Because of the stabs I couldn’t check the pulse in her neck,” Nir Maoz said.

Nurit Maoz’ sister, Ofra Weisman, testified also.

“The only connection the family has to the crime world was Danny’s gambling,” she said. “We tried to think who did it and the natural choice was Danny.”

The natural choice, eh? It’s never good when your family considers you to be the natural choice when they’re considering who among them has killer potential.

“It was clear from an early stage he was pushing to pull the house apart, sell pictures, money they had coming following the parents’ murder… it didn’t look good,” Ofra Weisman said.

Tamar Palmon-Maoz, the victims’ daughter, agreed with her aunt. “I kept thinking Danny is somehow connected to it. From the first day I thought he had something to do with the murder.”

That tells me that Daniel Maoz has been the family f*ckup for forever. He was transparently obvious as the family loser. He was also transparently obvious as the family killer too.

Nurit and Noah Maoz

Nurit and Noah Maoz

Not only had Daniel Maoz googled “how to kill your parents and get away with it” but he also searched “can soap clean DNA from a knife?” and “murder for inheritance”.

Seriously? He googled all that for the police to find? Why didn’t he just draw a picture of himself with a knife stabbing his parents for the money — and stick it on the fridge?

Daniel Maoz claimed he searched those things for “academic curiosity”. Riiight.

No big surprise but the greedy hellbeast murderer Daniel Maoz was convicted of murdering his parents.

“The defendant stabbed his parents dozens of times with a knife all over their bodies, over and over, as they tried to resist him until they died,” the judges decreed. “The defendant did not find that sufficient, and made an attempt to cover his tracks soon after the murder.”

The judges noted that the hellbeast had shown no remorse at all for his actions.

“At the very least, the defendant should have felt the requisite pain, guilt and remorse. Alas, the defendant did not regret his actions, and tried to slander his twin brother – a claim that was dismissed out of hand,” the judges wrote.

In the face of all the evidence, Daniel Maoz continued to maintain his innocence.

“I did not murder my parents, may they rest in peace,” he said in court. “My parents deserve the truth to come out.

“The killer is sitting in the third row,” he said, indicating Nir. “He killed my parents.”

Riiight. Tell it to the hand.

On July 1, 2013, the f*cktard loser was sentenced to 2 consecutive life sentences plus 5 years for destroying evidence. Yay!

I’m thinking he won’t be getting many family members visiting him in prison — especially not Nir.

I hope Daniel Maoz suffers each and every day. He deprived his siblings of their parents, and his siblings’ kids of their grandparents. Noah and Nurit Maoz were sacrificed for the lowest reason of all — money. For that Daniel Maoz deserves to die in prison, unloved, unwanted and alone.

RIP Noah and Nurit Maoz.

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9 Responses to Daniel Maoz

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Wow, how stupid and senseless and heartless this crime was. Everyone would have been better off if he had killed himself. Doesn’t sound like he had anyone who liked/admired/loved him in his family, probably because he’s been a liar and a thief and a loser and a moocher all his life.

  2. awesomeblossom says:

    I wish all criminals were as stupid as this asshole. I feel so bad for the twin being accused of murdering his parents. It’s bad enough to lose your parents, and it’s worse having them murdered, but to be accused like that! Horrible. Daniel Maoz should suffer long and die soon.

  3. pj says:

    What a dumbass! How could he even think for a minute the police would buy his story of disposing of the knife and cleaning the place with bleach so he wouldn’t be implicated? Dumb ass! And trying to pin the murders on his innocent brother makes him worst of the worst. I hope Nir has a good life, along with his siblings and other relatives, and I hope Daniel Maoz is beaten every day of his life.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    What an absolute dumb fuck, good thing he is cos that had to be the easiest murder to solve. Its like someone killing my brother, i stumble onto the crime scene, and get rid of the murder weapon, and clean up, insane i know. And his poor twin, luckily the murdering arseole was suspect no 1 straight away, plus a chimp would’ve come up with a better story to the police. Killing his own parents, you just can’t get any lower, and the sad part is, they would of given this IDIOT the money. Glad he’s locked up where he belongs.

  5. 2cute says:

    I don’t understand the neighbor not calling police when he heard the screams. OK I understand not wanting to encounter the murderer in the dark himself but why didn’t he call for help? She was screaming that she was being killed for chrissake. If it was a prank then no harm done. I’d hope my neighbors were more nosy and interfering than him if I was being attacked.

    That said, I wish all criminals were as mentally challenged as this slow witted idiot. He made it easy to be caught.

  6. wickedgran says:

    Too bad the parents didn’t recognize what a vile little bastard they raised and kick him to the street.

  7. Moody Magic says:

    Should have killed himself the bastard

  8. Jamaica says:

    I always say the fact that anyone who can kill their parent in a cold-blooded fashion and display no remorse for what they did for really no reason other than for personal, financial or some other selfish reason, especially when the parent was warm and loving or caring enough is unconscionable. But to then have your own sibling take the blame for your low, black deeds and suffer from them is beyond unfathomable.

    These types of stories always baffle me to no end, and I don’t ever wish for anyone in my family to ever do such a thing as this.

  9. goat says:

    Dayumm. Them’s some sexy beef-cakey cops in that one picture…

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