Daniel Magda

Hellbeast Daniel Magda
Crime: Pedophile

Daniel Magda, a pedophile from Kitchener, Ontario, didn’t learn from his previous bout with Canadian justice. Possibly that’s because Canadian justice had failed to deliver a knock-out punch.

In August 2007 a judge sentenced Daniel POS pedo Magda to 2 years less a day in jail. For what? For possession of pot? For setting a fire? For break and enter? Nope.

He got 2 years less a day for sexually assaulting and choking a 14-year-old boy, Darcy Crocker.

BTW, Darcy Crocker is the only one of Daniel Magda’s victims whose name can be published because back in 2006 the boy bravely asked a judge to waive the publication ban usually placed on the identities of sexual assault victims.

Magda was a youth counselor with the YMCA before his convictions in 2006. Typical! These pervs almost always find jobs working with children.

Anyway, back in 2007 the Crown had asked for a 5-year prison sentence at the time but oh, no, the judge knew better. Two years less a day was what Daniel the pedophile Magda got for threatening, raping and traumatizing his young victim.

Two. years. less. a. day.

Darcy Crocker’s parents were livid at the time. I don’t blame them. The sentence was a joke, a sad, pathetic joke.

“We all agreed if it ever happened again we were all coming back,” said Darcy Crocker’s mother.

Well, it happened again. Daniel Magda didn’t learn from that piddly ass 2-year sentence at all. Maybe that’s because he didn’t even serve 2 years less a day. He was paroled after about 8 months for good behavior.

Yeah, it was a real hardship behaving himself for 8 months in prison — locked away from little boys!

In June 2012 Daniel the kiddy diddler Magda was back in court for molesting 2 more boys. This time one of the victims had been only 3 years old. Three friggin years old! Gawd I hate pedos!

Between April 2008 and June 2011 Daniel POS pedo Magda sexually assaulted the 2 boys. He did the investigators a big favour by videotaping some of the sexual assaults with his digital camera.

A relative of one of the victims had actually gained possession of the camera and several memory cards and handed them over to the police.

Kudos to that person for doing the smart thing. I myself would have been tempted to beat the pedophile bloody with my cane before trotting over to the police to turn his pasty ass in.

Police searched 2 homes where they figured Daniel the beast Magda assaulted the boys. The bedroom of the 3-year-old matched up with a video – the bed, the toy box, the pictures on the wall were all the same.

Police interviewed the older boy who was very reluctant to talk. Detective Rob Beaupre, an excellent investigator and really good guy, managed to gently extract answers from the 10-year-old. Kudos to him for his patience and skill!

When the boy admitted that the perv Magda touched his penis he said, “The reason I didn’t tell anybody is because he would like, literally, freaked out.”

“And, you know what killing means? He said if you tell anybody this, I will kill you.” That poor kid, how terrifying.

“I was scared to death. Like, he’s twice the size of me and like, one punch and I could have brain damage.’’

With a bit more coaxing Detective Beaupre got the boy to open up more about the abuse.

“Rob, he was sucking my peewee,” the boy finally revealed. “I’m just happy I got that out. You know what? You seem like a really good guy. That’s why I told you.”

And there was more. Three weeks later the boy told Detective Beaupre that the monster Magda had forced him to perform oral sex on him and had anally penetrated him twice. That damn bastard Magda!

“I asked him to stop because it hurt. Like he didn’t really care. He didn’t care about kids, only cares about himself,” said the boy. Wow, what insight he had into the mind of the monster.

On June 11, 2012, Daniel the hellbeast pedo Magda pleaded guilty to 7 charges and not guilty to 10 charges in Kitchener’s Ontario Court.

Darcy Crocker, now 23, said he was “breathless” when he heard of the latest charges against Daniel the roadturd Magda.

“I just didn’t think it could happen again,” Darcy Crocker said. “I thought maybe he might have learned a bit of a lesson.”

Dream on. Pedophiles never learn.

Daniel Magda, 37, admitted in court on June 11, 2012 to sexually assaulting the 2 boys and making child pornography. Good. Lock him up!

Even though the pedo bastard pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the youngest boy, his lawyer said that he doesn’t recall doing it “due to drug use.”

The monster Magda was heavy into using crystal methamphetamine at the time he assaulted the little guy, court heard. Oh, so that makes it better? Not to me it doesn’t! Lock him up!

But then the creep Daniel Magda decided he had issues with the number of times and the dates of the other 10 charges, the ones he didn’t plead guilty to.

WTF difference does that make? He raped the boys but not on the dates he’s accused of raping them? He raped them but not as many times as he’s accused of raping them? That makes him somehow less guilty? Disgusting pedo perv!

And there was another issue. Although Daniel the pedo Magda has admitted making the videos and sexually assaulting the boys, he denies that he anally penetrated both boys.

As well Magda denied having threatened to kill the older boy.

And because he had those “issues” there had to be a mini trial. And guess who had to testify. That’s right, the now 11-year-old boy. Poor kid.

When the defense suggested that he wasn’t telling the truth, the boy responded, “I know it’s the truth, because I felt it.”

On 2 occasions the boy felt so frustrated and upset he stopped answering questions. I don’t blame him, not when he’s being accused of lying, or of having dreamed of being molested.

“Sometimes, dreams can seem very realistic,’’ lawyer Bruce Ritter suggested to the boy.

“Well, you can’t feel things in dreams,” answered the very wise young fellow.

Justice Michael Epstein is scheduled to give his verdict in late November 2012 in Kitchener court. I shall keep readers posted.

Considering Daniel the pedophile Magda is a confessed child molester I don’t have to wait until November to render my verdict. The hellbeast deserves to rot in hell.

I wish all the best to all of his victims. I pray they overcome the trauma and live happy, fulfilled lives free of any shadows cast by the monster Magda.

Metro News article
Kitchener CTV News article

20 Responses to Daniel Magda

  1. bulldoggy says:

    This pedophile sexually assaulted and choked a boy and spent only 8 months in prison? No wonder he felt free to attack again. I hope the courts get it right this time and give him a real deterrent — life in prison. He should be kept under lock and key well away from any little boys for the rest of his life.

    Shame on his lawyer for grilling that brave boy who took the stand. Shame on him for implying the boy was a liar. What person, child or adult, wants his family and the world to hear how he was forcibly sodomized? And then to be accused of dreaming it all? Disgusting!

    That is one brave kid, and Det. Beaupre is a good guy and good investigator. Magda is a pathetic dipshit pedo and will hopefully get what he deserves this time.

  2. 2cute says:

    How was this bastard able to get close to children after his last conviction? I still think these pedos should be tattooed on their foreheads so unwary members of the public will know them for what they are. Maybe a big “P” or “perv” tattoo would work. That way people with families will know to avoid all contact with these sick bastards.

  3. steve-O says:

    This freakin’ f**kin’ f**ktard paedophile article has me frothing like a rabid fox! I am so disgusted that he was able to get his paws onto and penis into more little boys after his previous conviction. And I am doubly disgusted that his lawyer would accuse the victim of lying.

    Know what? I am a grown ass man and if anybody butt f**ked/raped me and threatened to kill me I would be hard pressed to tell anyone all the details. Not just because of the death threats but more because of the shame I’d feel to admit that was done to me, and the fear of how people would think of me — like THAT, like I was less of a man because I was raped.

    Pitiful, I know. But since I as a grown man know I would want to prevaricate and avoid giving all the details of being raped, I also know that a 10-year-old kid would feel the same way x 100. That kid is one brave little guy for telling all, and that lawyer should be stripped and paraded naked in public so he would feel some of the shame and embarrassment that kid went through.

  4. bengalpuss29 says:

    This cunt was able to strike again because the courts have failed in making sure the public was protected. And doesn’t crystal meth stop men getting an erection, so he can.t use that bollocks about being drugged up when he raped the poor kid. But the defence will talk their crap to get this cunt the lowest sentence possible. Well its not working, bang him up for life. Blackie78 will probably say he’s innocent.

    • steve-O says:

      Yeah, just like Blackie78 thinks that other kid tore his own colon he/she probably would think this kid raped himself. Damned clumsy kids! Always blaming innocent adults!

      Sad that idiots like that exist who think all kids lie and all adults tell the truth. This kid told the truth and Magda is a lying, scheming, worthless paedophile who shouldn’t be allowed out of bengalpuss29’s basement dungeon.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Yes steve-O, i would have chopped his dick of and fed it to tyke, but i’d be worried that he could catch something. So i’ll chop it off and put it out for the foxes. And if i knew where blackie78 lived i’d send him/Her some in the mail.(Only kidding)

        • steve-O says:

          Mustn’t give Tyke indigestion from eating a sick dick. I’d spare the foxes too. And bulldoggy’s Charlie, mustn’t make him sick. Best to just flush it don’t you think? Then Magda the sick prick won’t have it to rape little boys with any more.

  5. moodymagic says:

    Burn in hell Magda.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Actually steve-O, i’d make the Pedo Eat his own dick, that would be funny. But make sure that the cunt chews on it. Just reading an article over here in britain and it was a transexual who was a beast downloading kiddie porn. The judge said, are you ready for this
    “Im not going to send you to jail as it would be a traumatic ordeal” What about the kids that got abused so these sick fucks can watch it, doesn’t she think that they had a traumatic ordeal. Apparently because it was born a man but is changing into a woman but still got manly bits, he would have to go to a mans jail, he should of fucking thought about that before downloading level 5 and 4 child abuse, the worst kind. Some judges fuck me right off the slack bastards. I bet if it was the judges child that went through some abuse, she’d have given the cunt life. Man i hate nonce’s.

  7. Hairy says:

    This Magda turdball is nothing but a worthless, useless druggie/baby raper. He would be more useful as fertilizer or shark bait than anything else. Society doesn’t need him, doesn’t want him, doesn’t deserve him so he should just do us all a favour and retire from the planet. I hear Canada’s got some pervert-eating bears in its woods. His being a dietary supplement for bears is more worthwhile than his continued disgusting existence. That’s how I feel about him.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Hairy by name hairy by nature, i wouldn’t even use this piece of shit for shark bait, it’d be cruel to the sharks. No this evil cunt not only raped that poor kid, he wanted to traumatise the boy even more by making him testify the wicked perverted, paedaphilic cunt. Lets just hope that when this beast is sentenced, that the judge isn.t a dumb cunt like the last one. What i don.t get is, most of the judges have seen the horror of children being abused in pictures and video’s, and some of the defendants are the ones in the videos raping babies and very young children, and give them a slap on the wrist. That to me is just crazy. If i was a judge they’d all be getting life. And if i could get away with it i’d sentence them all to death, but thats just my dream, shame really.

  9. PJ says:

    Daniel Magda, and every other bastard out there who’s abusing children, I do hope you die miserably, in as much pain as inhumanely possible, slowly. I wish horrors upon you that I can’t even imagine.

    Child molesters get away with their crimes because people don’t want to talk about it. Let’s never shut up about this again. Let’s keep talking about it until we drive this shit into the light and make it impossible for these bastards to hide.

    People, don’t be afraid to speak up if the man is a respected community member, or doesn’t look like a child molester. We are all responsible for people who can’t speak up for themselves. Children need our protection. Let’s not fail them any more.

  10. bengalpuss29 says:

    Pj, i agree 100% With you on that one. And we also need to let stupid judges that not giving these beasts a hefty sentence is just not right. Like when i read the other day about a transexual, who downloaded category 4/5 child porn the worst you can, get was told by a judge that “Im not going to send you to prison, because i think it would be a traumatic experience for you” What did she think those children that were abused horrendously, were having a party. No they were the ones that went through a traumatic experience, for sick fucks like this. It sicken’s me when the victim is totally let down by the state, its always about the offenders. When there’s gonna be an execution for someone on death row, all you hear is how the’re gonna be murdered by the state, and inhumane treatment. Its a fucking execution for fuck sake, what do you think they should be tickled to death. They’re on death row because they’ve committed a heinous crime. Its time we put the victim’s and their families first, how is should be.

  11. TheLuckyOne says:

    I know it sounds stalker-ish, but I advise that when you meet someone new and befriend them, google their name. My son went to school with a boy who became his best friend. They had sleep overs, went camping…spent every day together. My wife and I ended up friends with his parents. We would hang out, go camping and the like. We ended up losing touch for a small bit, then one day I got a call from another friend asking me to look at the news online. Low and behold there he was, our old friend, Dan Magda! We were appauled! Our son, now 12, had been alone with this man, like I said sleep overs and camping, for 5 years. We got in touch with police who had my son and I go to Child and Family Services. One of the hardest things I had to do was not talk to my son before hand. They had asked not to disclose what happened to him until he was interviewed for sake of tainting his view of any incidents that may have occurred. My username in this thread is TheLuckyOne for a reason. After extensive interviews and questioning, it was determined that he was not a part of Dan’s sick urges. Perhaps because my son is the type of kid that would tell us anything, and he knew that. Perhaps it is because Dan respected us? I will never know. The boy who was my son’s friend was in fact not Dan’s son, and was unharmed by Dan apparently. So, beware of who you befriend, the nice person you just met may in fact be a monster.

  12. Lisa says:

    Just wanted to correct the information given at the beginning of this article. It’s actually worse than what was reported: he sexually assaulted 3 boys over a 10 year period before the first time he was caught, and was up on 11 charges initially. He plead guilty to at least 1 charge against each of those victims, including Darcy. After he got out, he sexually assaulted 2 more boys. So the total victim count is 5 (that he has plead guilty to, but I strongly suspect there are more victims). I have personal knowledge of this case and have attended almost every hearing related to it. Next court date is in April and he is currently being assessed to see if he should be deemed a dangerous or long term offender.

    • bengalpuss says:

      Without a doubt this pig should be deemed a dangerous offender. He’s obviously a liability to young boys and is one sick fuck, that should be euthanised, the sooner the better.

  13. Jordan says:

    Lisa do you know if Dan was deemed a dangerous offender?

  14. TB says:

    Hi Cleo, I recently discovered your site and have been reading through almost every post, sadly. Not that the posts themselves are bad (they’re not at all, they are well written and informative) but sad because of the sheer amount of subject matter for the posts. There are way, way too many heinous crimes committed against kids and this site barely scratches the surface (imagine how many crimes go uncharged or undiscovered!).

    Anyhow, after reading this particular post, I decided to google this perv, and sadly found this recent (Feb 2016) article about him possibly getting his sex offender status reduced and thus receiving earlier release. I figure you’d want to update this entry, so everyone can know how this sicko is catching a break. Here’s the link:


  15. Rebecca says:

    He is framed dangerous afender and isn’t getting out

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