Daniel James Clayton

Hellbeast Daniel Clayton
Crime: Child pornography

Daniel James Clayton is a bullshit artist. His tall tales of being a decorated war hero, of serving in the aviation unit of the UK Special Forces, of surviving a roadside bomb blast in Iraq, of being a bodyguard to Madonna and Angelina Jolie are all bullshit. His claims of earning 2 university degrees, and serving in Afghanistan and Borneo, bullshit. And his security and intelligence role with the U.S. Department of Defence? Bullshit.

“It’s all rubbish,” said the wife he abandoned in England, way back when he went by the name Aaron Luke Robinson. “He never went to university, was never in Special Forces, never wounded, never got a purple ribbon,” she said.

What Aaron Robinson did do was dump his wife and 2 children and move to Canada to take up a whole new life as Daniel James Clayton, man of international intrigue. He legally changed his name, and he self-published a paperback called “Against All Odds” that he would hand out to friends and clients. The book was all about his bullshit fictional life of adventure.

Daniel Clayton wound up in Calgary and started up Diligence Ltd., a security and risk management company. He claimed that his company had 25 full-time crisis operators and offices in London, Kabul, Baghdad, Jakarta and Lagos even. I don’t know if those claims are true. He managed to bullshit his way into local media interviews about a range of topics including the kidnapping of a journalist to food tampering in grocery stores.

But being a master bullshitter is not the same as being a hellbeast, and Daniel James Clayton is a hellbeast. He may have embellished his biography with all kinds of imaginary exploits, but what he did not include in his book were his real-life criminal exploits. To put it simply, Daniel James Clayton is a collector of child porn, and that makes him a POS putrid pile of dog dung.

What do you call 500 child porn collectors at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. And that’s my attitude toward f*ckwads like Daniel James Clayton.

Daniel turdball Clayton was arrested in April 2011. He was one of 57 suspects (one of 25 Canadians) swept up in the international child porn investigation code named Project Sanctuary.

The best thing about that investigation is that 25 children were rescued from the vile clutches of pedophiles. Kudos to all those investigators for their efforts to save the innocents and to put the baddies away.

Daniel the hellbeast Clayton was charged with accessing, possessing and distributing child pornography. Yay for those investigators for nabbing his nasty ass.

Now Daniel the f*cktard Clayton didn’t man up and admit he’d been downloading and sharing child porn. No indeedy, at his trial he actually insisted that it must have been a malicious hacker that got onto his computer AND his girlfriend’s computer while using HIS very own handle “Intotaboo”.

Hmmmm, his handle is “Intotaboo”? Gee, I wonder why he picked THAT handle? Maybe because he’s into taboo shit like CHILD PORN! That’s probably what the undercover cops thought when they communicated with him.

So what about this phantom hacker crap?

“This would have to be the world’s smartest hacker, (somebody) that knows Mr. Clayton, that’s been following Mr. Clayton,” the Crown attorney Jenny Rees had told Justice Kristine Eidsvik.

Justice Eidsvik agreed with her. “All of the computer experts agreed that hackers usually attack a computer, get the information that they want … and then they get out,” she said.

Justice Eidsvik noted the computer program that was downloaded and used to share the child porn crashed repeatedly over a period of several months.

“The hacker would have had to not only install (that program) … he would have had to do so over and over since the program crashed over 150 times,” the judge said.

And so Justice Eidsvik came to the rightful conclusion that Daniel Clayton’s defense was wrong. There was no hacker who secretly snuck child porn onto his and his girlfriend’s computers.

Justice Eidsvik also concluded that it was not likely at all that Daniel waste of skin Clayton had no clue that his laptop had 4600 pictures of child pornography on it. That’s right, 4600 pictures of child rape.

And what did these nasty pictures show?

“They are mostly of naked young girls posing in sexual ways … young naked boys in various poses, (and) acts of vaginal and anal intercourse,” Justice Eidsvik said.

There were also other photos that depicted baby raping, oral sex and images of bondage.

That’s right, baby raping! Daniel the rectal extrusion Clayton gets kicks out of baby raping pictures!

“The nature of the material is for the most part of the ‘posing’ nature, but it also includes acts of aggravated sexual assault and violence,” the good judge said.

“In addition, the age of most of the children range between several months and pre-pubescent.”

I’m thinking the bottom of the ocean isn’t deep enough for creatures like Daniel shitmeister Clayton.

Happily Clayton the creep was found guilty.

At sentencing Justice Eidsvik said, “As the courts and society as a whole are increasingly becoming aware of the extent and effects of such abuse of children, the level of sentence should be responsive to the gravity of the crime revealed.”

That sounds promising, right?

By sharing child pornography on the Internet Daniel POS Clayton was helping to fuel a crime that is victimizing children throughout the world, Justice Eidsvik added.

And then Justice Eidsvik sentenced the POS pedophile/child porn collector to 3 years in a federal penitentiary. (I would have given him 30 years.) He is also to be placed on the national sex offender registry. Good thing — we have to track these bastards!

Daniel POS pedo Clayton was described as stoic by the media when he heard his sentence. He also passed reporters handwritten messages maintaining his complete innocence and his intention to appeal.

Then before he was led away to prison, Clayton made one request. He actually asked the judge for copies of files from his seized computer. I presume he meant the non-child porn files.

“It’s everything I’ll probably need to set myself back up in business,” he said. “It’s basically my entire life.”

Which entire life? The fictional bullshit life that he wrote about in his biography? Or the nonfictional pedophile life that I’ve written about here?

I don’t know if the judge agreed to his request but I for one am hoping those computer files evaporate. Maybe I’m being mean, but I don’t like the thought of a pedophile like Daniel James Clayton picking up where he left off.

Rot in hell, you pedo perv Clayton, rot.

And many thanks to the Calgary Herald for their excellent and informative series of articles.

Calgary Sun article
< a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2012/12/18/daniel-james-clayton-child-porn_n_2324146.html">Huffington Post article
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10 Responses to Daniel James Clayton

  1. BBW65 says:

    His wife and children must be so proud. I wonder if he bothered telling his girlfriend about them. If his girlfriend has any sense, she’ll have dumped his sorry ass. It’s bad enough to find out he lied about his entire life but how much worse to find out he’s a raving paedophile!

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    TurdBall, dog Dung Lol you have a way with words cleo. Im ashamed to say but while reading this article when i came across turdball i did crack up laughing. Anyway seriously this guy would put walter mitty to shame and people actually believing his tall tales. And the cheeky bastard asking for his computer files back, would that be with or without the child porn sir. I bet the judge was Gobsmacked I would have been. And that sentence is a joke, these bastards are the reason why child abuse exists, maybe if they were given a substantial sentence then that could possibly deter others but when they are given sentences less than a thief gets then they have no intentions to stop, horrible sick bastards

  3. moodymagic says:

    With changes to some of the Government bills we can only hope criminals will get stiffer punishments. Hope Clayton ends up with a new girlfriend in prison named Bubba. Hope it’s a long and painfilled relationship

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Yes i can just imagine “Their eyes met across the showers and bubba made his move when daniel clayton bent over for the soap and it was love at first sight for bubba” Paedaphiles are not well liked people in jail but they get protected. Wonder if they’re gonna deport this shitbag back to my neck of the woods when he’s done his pathetic sentence. Hope not, sorry that leaves the canadians with him but we don.t want a fucker like that coming back to britain sorry canada. Maybe someone in jail will do him in then neither of us has to have him then, wouldn’t that be great yay.

      • 2cute says:

        Why, BengalPuss29, you made that sound soooo romantic, him and Bubba in the shower. I think there should be an Eldon and a Leon in the shower too, which might be less romantic but would serve to give this douchebag the lesson he deserves.

        • bengalpuss29 says:

          I genuinely hope he gets gang raped, just to give him a little taster of what those poor children go through to sate those sick bastards lust. Thats what pisses me of they commit the most despicable crimes the police work damn hard to catch these twats only for the judges to give them a joke of a sentence and then expect to be protected when they go to jail. No body protected those little kids so why should these bastards be protected so i truly hope bubba and his friends play kiss catch with this piece of shit.

  4. Trace says:

    What a poser! Trying to look like a real James Bond type when he’s nothing but a sicko pervert. His wife and kids should count themselves lucky he removed himself from their lives.

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    I think he looks more like a stupid twat than james bond. And i just love it when someone gets exposed like this piece of shit. The wife and kids want to count themselves very lucky, but you’ve gotta feel sorry for them. Imagine finding out your husband is a child porn collector. but the best one has to be then he asked the judge if he could have his computer files back. my jaw dropped when i read that, its like being a shoplifter getting caught going to court gets sentenced and before taking them to jail they ask the judge for the stolen goods when you are released, only a slack moron would do that.

  6. arron says:

    this pervert runs a handyman company in red deer called Tier One. Hit him up on kijiji if you need any work

  7. John says:

    This guy is a complete idiot moron. Met him twice and he was a complete idiot. Came into the restaurant I worked at and every time it was the same thing. I suspected something was up with him.

    He was always trying to elevate his standing in community by hanging around professionals. Many times, he would come in with friends but also with a dentist called Dr. Deborah Cooper in Bankers Hall from Dental One and I think she is now Cougar ridge. And she was a bit of work as well. Never once heard a thank you out of her. And worst tippers they were. They both came in higher than all attitude when her husband was working overseas. He was a great guy. Always tipped well and respected everyone. Think he finally left finding out she was spending all of her time with a paedophile. But Clayton should have gotten 50 years for what he did.

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