Daniel Davies, Troy Schuldt and Samantha Smith

Davies and Schuldt

Daniel Davies and Troy Schuldt

Crime: Murder

Daniel Spires, 69, didn’t have much but he had enough for his needs. He was a scrap metal man which meant he bought and sold items for a living. He drove a Mercedes Sprinter van and lived in London Colney near St Albans, UK.

Daniel Spires was estranged from his family and didn’t have many friends. One might say, though, that he had one friend too many. That would be Daniel Davies, a young fellow from St Albans.

Daniel Davies was considered by Daniel Spires to be a friend. How wrong the poor guy was. Daniel Davies wasn’t interested in friendship from Daniel Spires — he was interested in getting his paws on Daniel Spires’ safe.

Somehow it got into Daniel Davies’ wee brain that there was a whopping £30,000 in that safe. I don’t know where he got that idea considering Daniel Spires dealt in scrap metal for a living. If he’d actually stopped to think about it he might have come to the conclusion it was total bullshit that Daniel Spires had £30,000 in cash.

Daniel Davies, however, is not a very good thinker, and he was bound and determined to get his paws on that safe. Greedy bastard!

Samantha Smith

Samantha Smith

Unfortunately for Daniel Spires, Daniel Davies had friends who were equally greedy and stupid. Those friends were Troy Schuldt, his stepbrother, and Samantha Smith, his pregnant ex girlfriend.

Samantha Smith, one would think, was an unlikely candidate to join in a murder plot. Not only was she pregnant, she already had a child. WTF was she thinking, joining in a hellish, monstrous scheme like that!

Anyway the 3 evil f*cktards put their wee brains together at Samantha Smith’s apartment and concocted a plan. Daniel Spires was planning a trip abroad and was going to be gone a long time — perfect! Nobody would miss him if he disappeared! And he didn’t have much family to worry about him anyway.

It seems that from the outset the plan was for Daniel Spires to die.

All 3 f*cktards lived on benefits, so to them the chance to get £30,000 made murdering an old man a good idea.

In June 2011 the gang set their evil plan in motion. Daniel Davies and Troy Schuldt tricked Daniel Spires into meeting them in the woods at Welham Green. They had told him they had catalytic converters to sell him.

The poor old guy had no clue that that was going to be his last day.

Daniel Davies and Troy Schuldt had brought along some rope and a hammer to dispense with their victim. Daniel Spires’ death wasn’t quick or easy.

Daniel Spires

Daniel Spires

First the pair of evil f*cktards got their victim into the van. Next they throttled the old guy with the rope. They used the hammer handle to twist the rope tight around his neck. Poor old Daniel Spires began foaming at the mouth and having a fit.

The evil pair dragged their victim out of the van and into the bushes.

At that point Daniel Davies beat and kicked his old buddy, the man who thought he was a friend. Troy Schuldt got in the action and hit Daniel Spires on the head with the hammer until he was dead.

I gather that the two murdering hellbeasts were filthy and bloody at that point. They then covered the body with leaves and foliage.

After the murder was done, the pair of killers returned to Samantha Smith’s apartment in St Albans. The pregnant hellbitch helped them destroy the bloody clothing.

Now that they were presentable, Davies and Schuldt trotted off to their victim’s home to crack open that safe and pocket the £30,000. Slight hitch — there was no £30,000. All there was in that safe was $1.00. One single dollar! Daniel Spires died for a dollar!

I’m sure Daniel Davies, Troy Schuldt and Samantha Smith were right ticked off about that! I’m sure they’d already made plans to spend that £30,000. The evil threesome decided to get all they could for their efforts so they tried to sell Daniel Spires’ property.

The old man’s van was placed for sale on the Internet and was eventually swapped for a red VW Polo by Daniel Davies, who then put that for sale on the Internet.

Other items the evil trio sold included Daniel Spires’ pressure washer, suitcase, generator, flat-screen TV, computer and external hard drives.

The evil heartless bastards might’ve gotten away with the murder except for the fact they all boasted of their callous crime. Troy Schuldt especially is a stupid braggart. He told his stepsister, “Me and Daniel killed our mate Danny. He was mugging us off so we took him to the woods and did him over.”

Real smart, Schuldt!

The f*cktard also told his ex-girlfriend, Keely Charlton, what they’d done. Thank goodness she didn’t keep it to herself. She told a friend who told a friend who called the police.

The Beds and Herts Major Crime Unit got on the case. They discovered that the 3 turdbrains had confessed their crimes to various people. On September 24, 2011, after lying in the woods for more than 3 months, Daniel Spires’ body was found.

The 3 monstrous murderers were arrested and tossed into jail. They were finally tried in St Albans court in June 2012. It didn’t go well for them.

Daniel Davies, 24, and Troy Schuldt, 20 both pled not guilty to the charges of murder. Troy Schuldt did plead guilty to perverting the course of justice and obstructing the coroner.

The murdering hellbeasts were convicted and sentenced to life with a minimum term of 28 years.

Samantha Smith, 21, was convicted of murder despite not being at the scene of the murder. She was also convicted of obstructing the coroner by not revealing where the body was. She was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 21 years.

I truly hope her 2 little ones are being raised by decent, loving people now.

Judge Andrew Bright QC told the 3 heartless hellbeasts, “You were all three involved in the planning and killing of Daniel Spires in order to break into his property and steal the safe which I am sure you believed contained £30,000.”

The judge went on to say, “I am in no doubt the plan involved throttling him with a rope and, if necessary, finishing him off with a hammer.

“I am quite certain that you, Samantha Smith, knew the co-defendants were off to commit a murder and that you were happy to allow them to use your flat as a base and a safe house.”

The judge certainly got Samantha Smith pegged. Actually, the judge was right about all 3 evil bastards.

The problem with the sentences is that all 3 of them are so young. They’ll still be relatively young if they get out after their minimum terms. (Anything less than my age is relatively young to me.)

Hopefully by the time they get out these 3 will have grown hearts and souls and consciences so they’ll never consider harming another person as long as they live. I don’t know if that’s possible, but if they are going to come out as evil as they went in, then I truly hope they don’t ever get out.

RIP Daniel Spires. To be killed for $1 is so very wrong.

The Mirror article
Daily Mail article

27 Responses to Daniel Davies, Troy Schuldt and Samantha Smith

  1. awesomeblossom says:

    Geez to be killed for nothing. That poor old guy being murdered by people he trusted. At least his body was recovered. I hope all three retarded killers never ever get out again. Sick bastards!

  2. Moodymagic says:

    A dollar how sick is that. I hope you are at peace Mr Spires and you 3 assholes burn in hell.

  3. Bengalpussy says:

    Guess what? I actually know a lot about this case, the stupid retarded turd brain fuck’s, told that many people what they had done and where the body was located, that the police staked out the woods and caught tweedle dumb, tweedle Dumber, and miss smith dumb cunt, returning to the body. Miss smith, the one in the photo with missing eyebrows, cried like a baby and sang like a canary was convicted of association, even though she never murdered him personally, she knew about the victims murder so was therefore convicted of joint enterprise. A sad fact of the society we live in now, people don’t want to work and be respectful, they just think they are entitled to your belongings and don’t give a fuck how they get them, and that includes murdering you. The three evil cunts should rot in jail in my opinion.

  4. bulldoggy says:

    Poor guy to be murdered for his money when he had none. It is bad enough to be murdered but to have people he considered friends be the killers is horrible. I feel so bad for this guy. Those nasty POS killers should never get out.

  5. 2cute says:

    I feel so sorry for the victim. He did nothing to deserve what happened to him. Those monsters who plotted and then killed him are capable of murdering anybody. He was friendly to them and still they not only killed him but chose a very nasty way to kill him. Strangling and then bludgeoning with a hammer is pure evil.

  6. scrappy says:

    What Bengalpussy said, squared. I kept thinking, at least these evil c^#@s are too stupid to understand that bragging about your crime is even stupider than committing it in the first place.

    You read some pretty sad, sick stuff on here and yet, somehow that dollar detail hit me pretty hard. Something so futile about it, I guess…

  7. darker says:

    I met Samantha smith in prison. Not for murder or anything like that I breached a court order (a few times) she still says that she didn’t know, and how can she be convicted of murder if she wasn’t there, and said her boyfriend and brother had a fight with a guy who started on them on a night out and they hit him once with a hammer n he died, then she said she has been convicted because they came to her house afterwards but she was in bed so had nothing to consign it, because of her age she got quite a bit of sympathy undeserved of course…looool then when I was released I googled her!! Silly girl…

  8. annoymous says:

    Ing u lieying fucking cunt tell the truth it wernt like that
    at all my gyal did nuttink at all stóp bullshitting and tell the truth i know that old
    Man and me What i would say about him is he is a peodiphile and he deserved it init
    If it was me i wud of chopped up every little bit of the old man she shouldnt be there
    Bexause she wernt even there in the first płace she should be here with hr family and
    Friends and so What if she did mąkę a mistake lettin them in she couldnt scared for herand
    Her kids life so before u start judying here Look at ur pwn mistakes everyone has them
    Its life #_FREE MY GYAL _#

    • cleo says:

      I need an interpreter for this gibberish.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        CLEO, welcome to the british youth of todays english, doesn’t it just make you worry about the future generation? sometimes i lose the will to live reading shite like this. *sigh*

        • cleo says:

          Bengalpuss, I must admit I am less than impressed by that “annoymous” gyal bexause she wernt nuttink but illiterate and ignorant in her comment. It’s disgusting she would accuse the victim of being a pedophile. It’s just a guess but I think “annoymous” is living on the taxpayer’s dollar. If she was me i wud of gone to school and learned useful things such as grammar and English.

          • michael says:

            How is making fun of someone’s literacy constructive, you bimbo?

            And for all you freakish Americans: we don’t spend dollars in England we have pounds. So if he had anything in his safe it would have been a pound not a fucking dollar!

            What does “wud” mean I know you Americans like to bastardize the English language but “wud”?! Whilst making fun out of someone’s grammar i’d make that mine was damn perfect!

          • cleo says:

            Michael, to be clear, the reports said the victim had a dollar in his safe. I don’t know if it was an American, Australian or Canadian dollar, but it definitely wasn’t British money. Possibly somebody he knew went on vacation and gave it to him. That’s how I got some Mexican money in my possession.

            You seem strangely upset by unimportant details. Most people rage at the criminals and their crimes.

        • michael says:

          @BeingAPussy England you prick, Britain is not a country it’s multiple!
          You make fun of somebody else’s language and your grammar is atrocious, you joke bastard!

          “welcome to the british youth of todays english”

          Does not make sense!

          • BENGALPUSS says:

            And was you trying to be funny twisting my moniker? I mean michael, i wouldn’t want to take the mick out of yours now, or as we yorkshire people say “take the piss” lol.

      • against stupid people says:

        bahahahha me too! WTF did they just say??? I am not fluent in IDIOT

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      YOU STUPID CUNT, no fucking wonder your dumb arse girl is in the shovel, where you belong, brain dead you are. that man wasn’t no nonce you liar, they killed an innocent man thinking he had a load of dosh, but he had the last laugh, because the retards ended up with fuck all. And learn english you muppet, you portray yourself as a silly numb skull.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Do yourself a favour, if you ever get thrown in the clink, take up those educational programs, especially english, because your spelling and punctuation is absolutely diabolical, thick as pig shit springs to my mind as i try and read that babble. I can understand now why your girlfriend is locked up, because with a brain like yours, you have to commit crimes because no one would employ someone so stupid..

  9. BENGALPUSS says:

    Cleo, i fink dumb asre annoye it’s a bloked. probable his a retardation wit jim henson as his fartha, of da moppetz. This is our future, looks bleak doesn’t it. He probably bums of the welfare state, picking his nose all day and scratching his filthy butt. blaming the victim, the fucking lowlife.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Bengalpuss, I fink anonnynonnymus is a dumb arse lieying gyal who cant tell the diffrents between a mistake and a Crime. mebbe i am judying her rong But i dont fink so. Britain is no longer the land of Shakespeare, obviously.

      • BENGALPUSS says:

        Bulldoggy, like i said “thick as pig shit” No wonder he had to go “anonymous” too embarrassed for being a daft twat. At least it entertained us for a short while.

  10. against stupid people says:


    • BENGALPUSS says:

      against stupid people, i’m glad you noticed the eyebrows also, but with a boyfriend like anonymous and his amazing educated comments, i’m sure that he will probably be too thick to notice those hilarious eyebrows.

  11. CommonDecency says:

    Modern Britain is a Sick Oblivious ” Pretend it’s Not Happening
    that’s what were Doing ” Depraved State of Evil

    It Proves True that Phrase from the Bible
    ” The Wicked shall be Turned into Hell and All the Nations that
    Forget God ”

    Where there is a Lack of Good there is an Abundance of Evil

  12. BENGALPUSS says:

    First off you turd, i am british and live in england, 2nd instead off making a twat of yourself with your pathetic tirade at my comment, i suggest you go and troll elsewhere you idiot. And next time read the article before commenting, you make yourself look rather stupid when bringing up the dollar comment you dumb cunt.

  13. BENGALPUSS says:

    Michael, this is how thick as pig shite you are, you slag us off for making fun of someone’s grammar, yet you slag my moniker off, you are doing exactly what you claim us to be doing? how slack is that? I think you need to stimulate the few brain cells you have left!!

  14. BENGALPUSS says:

    Cleo, i’m very upset, michael called you a bimbo, and i’m a prick and a bastard, he has traumatised me, i don’t think i will ever be able to get past this traumatic experience. LOL

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