Damond Williams

Damond Williams
Crimes: Rape, Murder

On September 17, 2012, 17-year-old Terrey Wright of Los Angeles had her life brutally cut short. Terrey Wright had been off to visit a friend that night, but instead the poor girl wound up in the evil clutches of the hellbeast Damond Williams.

Terrey Wright was much loved by her family. Her mother said she was “a very caring person who was a magnet to people”. Unfortunately she drew the attention of a rapist.

Yup, Damond Williams was a rapist. On June 23, 2007, he had attacked an 18-year-old girl identified as Patricia B. He’d raped and sodomized her, and stomped her for good measure. Mercifully Patricia B. was able to escape his clutches and get help. She must’ve been so terrified and traumatized by her ordeal.

Damond Williams had unwittingly left DNA and blood evidence behind as he fled the scene. Thank goodness he did.

From June 23, 2007 to September 17, 2012, there are no identified rape victims of Damond Williams. That doesn’t mean they’re not out there. Five years is a long time for a raping bastard like him to behave himself.

On the night of September 17, 2012, Damond POS rapist Williams felt no compunction to behave himself. I don’t know if he encountered Terrey Wright on Grand Avenue just north of 94th Street, but that’s where he left her. And that’s where he set her body on fire.

Terrey WrightPoor Terrey Wright, that very caring, outgoing girl, was raped and strangled by the monstrous maniac, Damond Williams. She had her whole life ahead of her, and she had family and friends who were close to her. She deserved to live a long, happy life but no, Damond the human shitstain Williams took that from her.

A witness saw a black Ford Bronco near the area where the burning body was discovered. Damond Williams had a car like that.

Despite setting his victim’s body on fire, authorities were able to retrieve DNA evidence that led them eventually to Damond Williams.

Los Angeles Police arrested the asshole killer rapist on January 10, 2013. I’ll bet Damond the shitpile Williams had thought the fire would destroy all the evidence against him. Thank the merciful heavens it didn’t.

Along with Terrey Wright’s murder, the monstrous beast was charged with assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury, forcible rape, sodomy by use of force and forcible oral copulation. Those were charges related to the 2007 assault.

On February 21, 2014, a Compton jury found Damond Williams guilty of raping Patricia B. and murdering Terrey Wright. They’d deliberated for 3 whole days before finding the 36-year-old killer rapist guilty of 1st-degree murder, forcible rape, sodomy by use of force, forcible oral copulation and assault by means likely to produce great bodily injury.

On April 23, 2014, at the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Compton, Judge Kelvin D. Filer sentenced the hellbeast. And the sentence was 49 years to life in prison — slightly better than the maximum 50 years to life.

Damond Williams told the court that he was innocent, and that police “know who did it but don’t want to tell y’all”. Riiiight.

“I just want to tell the family, I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not the one that killed your little girl. So I hope you all do believe that. The police know who did it,” Damond the cowardly killer/rapist Williams said.

Terrey Wright’s family can rest easier knowing their daughter’s murderer is going to spend decade after decade after decade feeling sorry. Trouble is, he’ll be feeling sorry for himself and not sorry for his evil, depraved crimes.

“One thing about prison, they rape rapists,” said a friend of Terrey Wright’s family to the convicted killer. “I hope to God they get you because you killed a child.”

RIP Terrey Wright. I extend my condolences to those who loved her.

And I wish happiness, security and contentment to the brave Patricia B. who not only survived her ordeal but helped put the monster Damond Williams away for life.

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10 Responses to Damond Williams

  1. moodymagic says:

    l like the sentence. Good bye scumbag. Bubba needs a new bitch. All my sympathy is with the victims.

  2. 2cute says:

    Typical he won’t accept responsibility. Does he know how stupid he sounds when he says the police know who the real killer is but aren’t saying? Like anyone’s going to believe he met up with a 17 year old girl, had sex and then left her alone so someone else-who the police are protecting-came along and killed her. Asshole, I hope he never sees the light of day again.

  3. awesomeblossom says:

    Big kudos to Patricia B who saw that justice was done! I hope she can feel happy and safe now that her attacker is forever behind bars. Have a happy life Patricia B!

  4. BENGALPUSS says:

    WHAT A CUNT, yes i said the c word shame on me, now i hope bubba is well endowed, and gives this pigs arse some nasty, oh i said arse, shame on me twice.

  5. bulldoggy says:

    RIP Terrey. Such a lovely girl. Her killer’s more useless than a busted condom. He could be more useful when he’s dead – at least if his body were used to fertilize a field.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Bulldoggy, i wouldn’t be eating anything that had grown using this turd as fertilizer, just the thought of it has given me stomach cramp. now i’d’ like to see him made in to a chemical castration for all the nonces and rapists, failing that, shove him in my basement, we could think of lots of nasty things to do to the pig, like chopping his meat stick off with a rusty razor for starters.

  6. zuluzombie says:

    His balls should be fed to police dogs. He doesn’t need them any more.

  7. starla says:

    So many men hate women. Even though women clothe them, feed them, give birth to them…give birth to their CHILDREN!!! Sick shits.

  8. Withheld says:

    In 2007, Nicole Marie Harvey, a 21 yr old college student was also shot and then set on fire in Play Del Rey on the 8100 block of Tuscany Ave and her murder is still unsolved. I wonder is this man responsible for her murder as well? R.I.P. to these beautiful young ladies Terrey and Nicole. I’m so sorry. My condolence goes out Terrey’s family and friends and also to Nicole’s family and friends as well.

  9. Leviena Perkins says:

    Soooo sad my prayers are with the young ladies family no worries someone is gonna take care of him in them walls real prisoners don’t play that mess he did. wish I could get my hands on him 👊👊👊

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