Craig Curtis

Hellbeast Craig Curtis
Crime: Animal Cruelty

I’d just started writing another article when this POS asshole hellbeast crossed my radar. The other article can wait. Craig Curtis, 27, of Exning, Suffolk is not a kind, decent and compassionate sort of person from what I can tell. And he is definitely not the sort of person who should ever have dogs. Unhappily his dog Bruno found that out the hard way.

I’ll try to make this one short and sweet because we all know what’s coming. Yes, another dead dog story. From England. *shock* Why are there so many animal abusers in England?!?!

Craig Curtis of Exning, Suffolk had a 6-month-old Staffordshire bull terrier puppy named Bruno. And Bruno, being a puppy, had an accident. Yup, the pup had peed on the floor.

And as we’ve learned much too often lately, peeing on the floor is considered a death penalty offence by hellbeast f*cktards such as Craig Curtis.

The puppy must die! He peed on the floor and so he must die! That’s what Craig POS scum sucking road turd Curtis had concluded — the puppy must die … as painfully as possible!

So Craig the asshole hellbeast Curtis just had to get all creative. Now pay attention, citizens of Exning, Suffolk, because this will show you what kinds of f*cktardery goes on in your area.

First Craig the beast Curtis strung Bruno up by his collar on his weightlifting bench. Yup, he hung him by his neck so he couldn’t fight back.

Next the f*ckwad Craig Curtis got his baseball bat. And then Bruno, that poor helpless puppy, was battered and beaten and bludgeoned with the baseball bat. It was senseless, gruesome and sadistic.

As we have learned from an earlier case (Deakin and Tame) Staffordshire bull terriers are tough critters that can cling to life for a long time after suffering horrible injuries. They’re not fragile wee creatures. They’re resilient and strong.

I tell you this because Bruno didn’t die right away. He didn’t die after the first few blows to his head. Oh no, poor little Bruno clung to life for a long time as his owner, the bastard Craig Curtis went all ballistic on him. The terror and the pain that little animal felt I don’t even want to imagine as the blows rained down on his skull and body.

Finally Bruno succumbed to the vicious, violent brutality and died. Craig Curtis the dog killer now had another mess to clean up. He stuffed the battered body into his freezer and later he wrapped it in a sheet and dumped it in a nearby wooded area.

Yup, that’s all Bruno meant to the hellbeast Curtis — something to dispose of like trash.

It so happens that on March 25, 2012 a dog walker spotted the bloodied sheets and discovered the remains of poor Bruno. That poor dog walker — how traumatizing! (I never want that to happen to me! I swear when I walk my dogs I never check out any suspicious boxes or bags or bundles by myself.)

The RSPCA was called and at first they thought the dog had been poisoned to death because of the quantities of blood in and around his muzzle.

The necropsy soon revealed the truth — Bruno had been beaten to death with a blunt instrument.

Through the RSPCA’s diligent efforts they discovered the identity of Bruno’s killer. Kudos to the RSPCA! Such clever people!

RSPCA inspector Richard Lithgoe said, “This was easily the most shocking case of cruelty I have ever seen.” I can believe it. Hopefully there aren’t hoards of puppy killers in Exning, Suffolk. One is more than enough.

“This is a horrendously violent man,” said Inspector Lithgoe, “I was so shocked at how ferocious and brutal this attack was.”

I hope that everyone who lives in the vicinity of Craig Curtis is aware of the violence and brutality he’s capable of exhibiting.

Inspector Lithgoe summed it all up for us. “This poor young dog was victim to a senseless brutality and would have been in an extreme amount of pain,” he said. “The worst part is he was alive when this attack took place and so would have suffered a long, lingering, gruesome death.”

And to make matters even worse, the investigation indicated that a child was present in the house at the time of the dog’s torturous death. I truly hope that that isn’t true but it sounds like it is.

The nasty POS Craig Curtis was arrested and charged with the cruel sadistic killing of the puppy Bruno. He then appeared in Cambridge Magistrate’s Court and pleaded guilty to cruelty charges under the Animal Welfare Act.

Robert Starr, the prosecutor, said, “This was a malicious, deliberate act. This man should not be left in charge of animals.” Amen to that, Mr. Starr!

The defense attorney, Jacqui Baldwin, said that the dog’s behavior had been worsening and because a child was living in the house the defendant was concerned for the safety of the child.

“As far as he was concerned, the dog was ordinarily a well-behaved dog but it started to turn,” Ms Baldwin said.

Oooh, such concern Craig Curtis had for the child! He must be such a hero! And so brave to save the child from that vicious little puppy! *snort with derision*

So according to the defense, to protect the child from potential harm Craig Curtis chose to beat the puppy to death instead of training it. Riiight.

Was peeing on the floor a warning sign that the puppy had “started to turn”? I guess so.

And I guess beating the puppy to death in the presence of the child was not harmful at all to the child.

Hmmmm, I don’t know about you, but the defense version seems full of crap. And that’s maybe — definitely — because it is!

Happily the defense didn’t have to worry about it all making sense because it turns out Craig Curtis is a drunk! *shock* So everything he did could be blamed on the booze.

Ms Baldwin said that Craig the hellbeast dog killer Curtis had “taken on board quite a bit of alcohol” since starting to suffer from depression and alcoholism. Apparently all that booze had “clouded his judgment” on this one occasion.

So this drunken creep had been left in charge of a child and the dog? Had he started drinking before or after the other adult(s) had left?

I wouldn’t leave a violent drunk like him in charge of a houseplant.

All I can say is I’m glad the child in the household hadn’t had an accident too or who knows what this drunken monster would have done.

Ms. Baldwin said her client has taken part in alcohol and drug awareness courses and now he “shows a substantial amount of remorse.”

So does that mean the f*cking drunk punk has stopped drinking? He’s given it up? For good? Forever?

Well, seeing is believing. I hope the good people of Exning, Suffolk will be watching Craig Curtis closely to make sure he stays sober. Because he’s one hell of a mean drunk.

Magistrate Phil King said in court, “Mr. Starr (the prosecutor) has described this as one of the worst cases he has ever seen and the bench must agree with him having seen the photographs.”

That sounds promising. It sounds like Craig the dog killer Curtis is going to be taught a lesson!

But alas, this is England we’re talking about. How could I forget!

Magistrate Phil King sentenced this POS puppy beater to a whopping 18 weeks in jail.

Eighteen weeks. *sigh* Eighteen friggin’ weeks. That is so pathetic. I would have sent him away for a lot longer than that. And what about a ban from owning animals?!?! This man should never, ever own another helpless creature.

Will Craig the shitstain Curtis come out of prison wiser and sober? I hope so. Will he come out kinder and compassionate? That’s probably pushing it. Will his remorse stick around and will he actually grow a conscience? I just don’t know.

But I do know Craig Curtis will come out soon enough to rejoin the citizens of Exning, Suffolk. I for one am glad he won’t be near me and my pups. He’s a mean, sadistic animal abuser and killer, and I don’t think that it can all be blamed on the booze.

So please, people of Exning, keep your animals and your children away from this man. He has rage issues and has a taste for sadistic torture.

And Craig Curtis, if you don’t get professional help for your psychopathic thoughts and behaviors, do us all a favour and rot in hell.

Daily Mail article
Cambridge News article

28 Responses to Craig Curtis

  1. bulldoggy says:

    Another English dog killer? Are these bastards inbreeding or what? And what’s with British justice? This dumbass used his puppy like a pinata and gets a dumbass sentence of 18 weeks. And he won’t be serving 18 weeks either, he’s probably out already and parked in a pub getting dumbass drunk. Needless to say I hope he gets strung up by the neck by a gang of thugs and beaten with baseball bats. Or cricket bats since it’s England.

  2. 2cute says:

    Hey Bengalpuss, you never considered pedo and perv pinatas in your Guantanamo basement/dungeon idea. I like it. All animal killers like this bastard should get the treatment, repeatedly. Every day they should be hoisted up and beaten with a baseball bat or cricket bat or pool cue. You know your Guantanamo basement wouldn’t be so necessary if only the frickin’ judges would hand out serious sentences! WTH was Magistrate Phil King thinking? He didn’t even ban this bastard from owning more dogs! I hope Exning people chase this puppy killer out of town. He’s a pure menace drunk or not.

  3. Brandy says:

    I have a pitbull…it was a gift to my husband on his birthday. I also have 2 Maltese dogs and I was so afraid to have this pit because of their reputation but she is the most loving dog, she gets her butt kicked regularly by the 5lb Maltese and she weighs 73lbs. These people make me sick. I think they should have the same thing happen to them…beat them when they cannot protect themselves…I am sick to my stomach right now…if someone ever hurt my Baby I would go crazy…and that is how I think of my dogs…as my babies….

    • cleo says:

      I know how you feel. My dogs are my babies, my family, and I can’t understand how anyone can brutalize such loving, faithful creatures. All I can do is name and shame monsters like Craig Curtis. Sadly there are so many.

    • bulldoggy says:

      It’s absolutely disgusting that we share the planet with POS scumbags like this dog killer. And I agree with you Brandy, dogs are like your babies. My Charlie is my family and my best friend. Disgusting creatures like this bastard will never understand the bond you can have with pets because they are soul-less and heartless and totally lack empathy and sympathy. This f*cker should never be allowed near animals again.

  4. Lillith says:

    Wow….where do these pieces of human waste come from? Did thier parents not teach them better, or is it just that they’re wired diffrently? At any rate, I hope he gets beaten with a baseball bat! 18 weeks is definently NOT enough! Life- human or otherwise- is a precious gift, and when that life is stolen there should be a more serious sentence than 18 weeks! They should at least make mental evaluations mandatory for sick fucks like this!

    • Steve-O says:

      Lillith, I wish I knew where they came from so we could deal with them and stop them from propagating and spreading their evil. I wish we could track them down like rabid rats and put them down before innocent people and animals are made to suffer and die.

      Some of these monsters have bred more monsters like the Edenfields but most seem to have sprouted up spontaneously. There’s just no telling. True, some of these hell beasts LOOK like hell beasts but others are ordinary looking.

      I think once a hell beast has been identified/captured/convicted they should be tattooed. I suggest a nice discreet “MONSTER” on their foreheads. Or maybe the more specific “PEDO” or “KILLER” tats.

      • Lillith says:

        Hey, that’s a great idea! I’ve got my own tattoo rig. If you’ll hold ’em down I’ll ink it on thier forehead! We can start at thier face and work our way down, and for those with really long rap sheets we can always flip ’em over and start on the backside!I promise to dig deep and make ’em bleed, because sorry wastes of flesh like this deserve no less!

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    Well bulldoggy, looks like another fucker im gonna have to turn into social services. Its the right thing to do. All that poor little dog did was pee, maybe if he fucking took the poor dog for a walk then it wouldn’t pee on the floor. And even if it did have you heard of a thing called a mop. This bastard will get his Comupence, that poor dog suffered because of a brutal cunt. Karma i believe in.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    What the problem is over here in england at the moment is, young guys with either pitbulls or staffordshire bull terrier’s and they walk about with them thinking they look cool. But they also fight these dogs and the rspca are trying their best to curb this problem. These guys don.t give a fuck about the dogs and needless to say a lot of people who have been out walking their dogs minding their own business have been attacked by the idiots dog’s & the little dogs have had no chance. So now anyone owning a banned dog i.e pitbul type, even people who don.t train the dog to fight & the dogs a part of their family, because these mindless idiots have given the dog breed a bad name, that now they put them to sleep. If the dog fits a certain criteria then it gets put to sleep. I don.t understand why someone would want to fight their dog. & the poor dog doesn’t know any different, thats what its been trained to do. I think the goverment have got it wrong. put the pieces of shit down & Leave the Dogs to live.

    • Lillith says:

      Sadly the US has had a similar problem for quite awhile. Some states have completely banned ownership of pitbulls and others are requiring registration to own the animals. I understand the pits have a reputation for being viscious dogs, and that’s why they’re a favorite for dogfights, but I also know someone who has one that is as easy going as they come. Personally, I believe it’s more in how the dog is trained and handled than anything, beause ANY dog can become viscious when it’s being abused.

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    I absolutely hate cunts like this, that are cruel to animals and children. I got upset reading this post and i was ashamed to be british, because its seems like all the cunts who have carried out despicable acts against animals, emerge from great britain, should’ve left the great out or put not so great britain. I mean what sort of person would hang a puppy on a barbel by its collar and beat it to death? A sadistic bastard and one cruel fucker of a human being. This is the sort of man that would shit himself if another man stood upto him. He can only beat women, animals and children, because he’s a pussy. My duty now is to turn the cunt into social services, and Hope they do their jobs properly because this fart in a Trance Has a baby. What will he do when the little boy or girl accidentally pee’s, will he beat them like a pinata? people like this piece of shit, make me fear for the child, while ever he’s in that child’s life.

    • Steve-O says:

      I read that there is a giant increase in animal abuse complaints in Great Britain and I am guessing that most are carried out by thugs like this idiot. Maybe its because they are underemployed and frustrated and have nothing to do with their lives except drink, drugs and raging against the world by attacking the helpless and innocent. Just read how some yobs had cut off the tail of a pit bull and left it to bleed to death — mindless senseless cruelty is becoming entertainment for these fucktards. British courts must step up and slap these idiots down before it gets worse.

    • Lillith says:

      Perhaps we should make him a human pinata. I think I have a barbed wire wrapped baseball bat floating around here from my days in wrasslin’. Sounds like the appropriate tool to beat him stupid with… to go first Bengalpuss, since this is a bit closer to home for you?

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Unfortunately steve-O your correct. I’ve read horror stories what these drunken bastards have done. One group of imbecile’s tied a firework to a little yorkshire terrier, and another group of arseole’s decided to throw a cat off the 9th floor of a block of flats. And guess what prison time they got? Sweet fuckall. The cunts that strapped the firework to the dog, a facebook page was started, and needless to say, the group of hard men turned into a set of pussy’s with a couple of them getting a good beating. They should have had fireworks strapped to their rosie arse’s and we could have thought that was funny. Our law’s in britain are archaic and need a good overhaul.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Lilith, i agree with you 100% The owner of the dog is responsible for how vicious that dog is. My friend has a cross pitbull and she’s as soft as anything, with a lovely temperament, because my friend hasn.t abused the dog or goaded her into fighting or having fights. I guarantee that if my friends dog was brought up by one of those mindless numb skulls, she would be vicious and probably dead through either dog fighting or brought to the attention of the police and would have been put to sleep. The british goverment want to change their laws on the age of people owning a dog, that everyone with a dog has registered it and lastly anyone fighting or mistreating a dog be given a mandatory prison sentence and banned from keeping dogs for life. Its the only way to protect these poor animals. Any cruelty to animals dealt with by prison.

  10. dogwalker says:

    This story upsets me so much. The punishment he got is nothing compared to what that puppy got. I bet it is only a matter of time before he rages on a weaker person. He is a worthless bully and thug and will probably do nothing good with his useless life.

  11. kathryn says:

    Poor little puppy, I believe any one who can hurt an animal is just waiting to move on to hurting innocent people. He needs to be watched closely.

    • dogwalker says:

      I totally agree Kathryn. He will likely move on to hurting people, and not bullies like him but weak helpless people like the elderly, children or the handicapped. No way he’s going to participate in a fair fight, he’s such a “pussy”. He’s not a real man at all.

  12. moodymagic says:

    I hate animal abusers and killers. 18 weeks what a joke. Takes a big man to kill a puppy. Guess we all should be glad the child wasnt physically harmed. Makes me sick.

  13. Mary says:

    Well let’s not talk about it be about it! Do something proactive to stop this kind of abuse! I know everyone is upset so take that anger and try to make changes for the well being of these poor dogs! What concerns me is that this is the topic of the moment and people will just go on back to their everyday lives instead of trying to make changes when it is not so fresh in their minds!

  14. TODD says:

    Way too go U Pyle of SHI*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TODD says:

    This Fucking Waist of sperm, can eat shit and Die, Or I would love to to care of him!!!!!!!

    • Bengalpuss says:

      I’d love to take care of him too tod, and i actually live near this cunt. Best thing that could happen to this wanker is for a pack of dogs to maul the twat, and preferably leave him fucked with chewed off limbs, that would be fun to watch wouldn’t it.

    • lee says:

      Todd come to Clacton he lives here mate we take care of the scum

  16. Tom Daly says:

    I agree. Maybe his fellow inmates will beat the crap out of him. Make him suffer the same pain the dog went through. Yup. Karma’s a bitch.

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