Craig Chandler

Craig Chandler
Crime: Child Molestation, Pedophile

Helen Keller was an outstanding role model while she was alive, and has remained so all these years after her death in 1968. She didn’t let her blindness and deafness stop her from becoming a public speaker and political activist. She was awesome! So why am I mentioning her on Hellbeasts? Because of San Jose teacher Craig Chandler.

It’s hard to fathom but Craig Chandler actually used Helen Keller as a cover for his vile sexual activities with young schoolgirls.

Craig Chandler, 36, taught at O.B. Whaley Elementary School in San Jose, California. Apparently he wasn’t content to fill his workdays with just teaching his second- and third-grade students. Nope, he just couldn’t resist spicing it up with sex.

Craig Chandler wasn’t interested in the little boys in his classes, but he was seriously aroused by the little girls. He had to devise a plan whereby he could safely have sexual contact with those girls without their knowing. That’s where Helen Keller came in.

What Craig Chandler did was take the little girls, one at a time, into his classroom during recess, close the door and blindfold them. See the blindfolds were to “teach them compassion for blind people” like Helen Keller. Riiiight.

So while he had the girls blindfolded he would play a sort of tasting game. He’d make the girls either lie down on the floor or sit in a chair, spread their legs and then he’d insert “something” into their mouths. Craig Chandler would instruct the girls, “Move your tongue around.” He’d then physically move their heads around.

The girls would wind up tasting a gooey, salty substance. *shock*

Yup, that’s a great lesson about Helen Keller. Totally appropriate for 7- and 8-year-old girls.

Anyone out there think it wasn’t his penis the sick bastard put in the little girls’ mouths?

Incredibly, the school’s then principal, Lyn Vijayendan, didn’t think it was his penis. Nope, she bought into the whole Helen Keller explanation. She had been told about a possible molestation, she “investigated” and she determined that no molestation had occurred. And so she didn’t report the parents’ concerns to the authorities.

Lyn Vijayendran believed Craig Chandler’s version that he’d put a bottle containing salty water in the child’s mouth, and that he’d blindfolded her as part of his “instructional goal” to deprive his students of sight.

“He was very convincing,” said Lyn Vijayendran. And she must have been very trusting.

During the 2010 to 2012 school years, Craig Chandler managed to teach 5 little girls his private Helen Keller lesson. In January 2013 the sick bastard was arrested at his home and charged with 5 counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child under the age of 14.

I cannot imagine what his wife went through at that time. I feel so bad for her.

The crime lab found Craig Chandler’s semen on 2 classroom chairs.

During the trial, Craig Chandler’s defense attorney, Brian Madden, came up with explanations for everything. That semen on the chairs? Why his client had a sexual encounter with an ADULT female in his classroom. Of course there was semen on the chairs!

“It’s certainly not something he’d proud of,” Brian Madden added.

What about the blindfolding? The Helen Keller lesson was the true explanation for that, of course.

And the fact Craig Chandler was married was proof he’s no pedo.

“Craig Chandler has no sexual interest in children,” said Brian Madden. Riiiight.

Craig ChandlerFortunately for justice, the jurors weren’t as gullible as Lyn Vijayendran. If it smells like a penis, feels like a penis and tastes like a penis, it ain’t a bottle of salty water.

Craig Chandler is scheduled to be sentenced on August 27, 2013. He could wind up being sentenced to 75 years to life in prison.

The former principal, Lyn Vijayendran, was tried for failure to report the suspected abuse. She received 2 years probation and 100 hours of community service.

One juror said of her, ” She’s a good person — we all saw that.” Good, yes, but misguided.

The gullible Lyn Vijayendran learned the hard way why the state law requires principals, teachers, etc. to report suspected abuse. Personal “investigations” like the one she conducted are worthless and give the molester free rein to continue his pervy ways.

Craig Chandler’s pervy ways have been curtailed. It’ll likely be a long time before he gets out of prison, if he does get out. And that’s fine with me — pedophiles like Craig Chandler (and he IS a bona fide pedophile) never change except to get sneakier. The most appropriate place for them all is behind bars.

Kudos to those little girls who so bravely testified. I truly hope none of them will be adversely affected by this whole sordid mess. May they go on to live happy, safe, successful lives.

I shall keep readers posted about Craig Chandler’s sentence. Reminders would truly be appreciated.


Craig Chandler was sentenced to 75 years to life. Awesome!

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9 Responses to Craig Chandler

  1. Bengalpuss says:

    You’ve gotta give the guy 10/10 for an ingenious excuse. Fucking depraved beast. Its amazing the lengths they go to, to get their twisted kicks. That principal should have her arse thrown in jail, because if she would’ve notified the authorities like she was supposed to, then other children wouldn’t of had to go through that trauma. So in my eyes she is culpable, stoopid cunt she is. What can i say about paedaphile extrordinaire, only that lock the cunt up for life, seen as we can’t kill the fucker, and hope bubba has got the biggest knob on the planet, and makes sick fuck taste his bottle of salty water, and gives him an horrendous anal tear. Fucking sick twat. Excuse the language but you all know me by now, i’ve got a potty mouth.

    • bulldoggy says:

      Hey bengalpuss, your potty mouth is getting competition from moodymagic these days. I agree with you the principal’s stoopidity allowed more children to be victimized, and that’s just criminal. This pedo’s lesson plan was pretty slick and worked way too well. Makes me feel sick that those little girls had his dick in their mouths. Hope Bubba has buddies to join in the fun.

      • Bengalpuss says:

        Awww, bulldoggy, moodymagic, said “fuck” moody i feel so close to you now, like your my sista. I’ve also forgot to put that i feel sorry for the wife, how would you cope with learning your husband is a beast and likes putting his schlong, into little girls mouths? Well if that was me, he’d be safer in jail cos i’d take a bat to his skull and crack it open sick fuck. The countrys should all have the same punishment for sex offenders, so that they know that they can’t travel abroad to countrys where they are able to take advantage of children who are poor, and would be prime targets for these sick fuck’s. They can’t be cured, only with a bullet, or a lethal injection. The sentencing laws for nonces in shitlanduk, are pathetic. A shoplifter would be given a harsher sentence. polititions, pull your heads outta your arse’s and create some useful laws, not a load of wank.

  2. moodymagic says:

    I totally agree with you Bengalpuss and Bulldoggy. The 2 of you are awesome. This is one sick Mother and you Bengal said it best. I also agree the Principal is to blame for more little girls becoming victims. I truly hope he does encounter Bubba in prison. And I hope Bubba does all the damage he can to this sick fuck. Sorry he makes me sick and disgusted.

  3. 2cute says:

    If I ever found out some creepy pervert was using my child’s mouth for oral sex I would honestly be tempted to shove something in his mouth namely a gun muzzle. This is sick and disgusting! I guess it’s too much to hope for that the little girls don’t have a clue what he did to them. Yuck! Sick! And that principal is either the most gullible woman on the planet or she preferred not to believe what was going on. Really, a teacher takes a child alone into his class during recess to give her a private lesson on Helen Keller? Only a 7 year old would believe that crap.

  4. pj says:

    Good thing he was caught and convicted. Otherwise the sick bastard likely would of escalated and done worse to the girls, like having them fondle him while blindfolded. Helen Keller should come back from the grave and beat his sorry ass until it falls off.

  5. scrappy says:

    I’m sorry, I have a second grade daughter. Beautiful she is, too. I can’t imagine anything more lovely than the charm of little girls this age. If her principal didn’t find any encounter alone with a child in the year 2010 (!) to be highly suspect, I’d like to know where she got her license.

    I’m an educator. You NEVER NEVER have a child alone with you behind a closed door. (And I live in a very conservative Bible Belt part of the US where being a teacher usually causes parents to automatically give me some sort of credibility.)

    This principal must be one of the most gullible and ignorant people around. She is an utter FAIL professionally. As a classroom teacher I would report such behavior if one of my colleagues did such a weird thing…

  6. Nurse researcher says:

    These guys do not start at age 30 plus….studies I have read say felonious acts usually start by age 12-14. Thus, he had about 20 years to perfect his methods.

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