Corazon Paulino Flores

Hellbeast Corazon Flores

Crime: Pedophilia, Child Abuse

What puzzles me greatly about American justice is that despite the fact that serious crimes have serious penalties, including death, there is still a whole pile of American hellbeasts willing to commit heinous, horrible, unspeakable crimes. And one of those hellbeasts is Corazon Paulino Flores of Oceanside, California.

Corazon Paulino Flores, 70, is a hellbeast of the first order. He raped, tortured and molested 2 little girls and beat their mother over a period of years. Years! He has only now met with American justice.

Maybe the reason Corazon Paulino Flores didn’t hesitate to rape, torture and molest and beat his victims was the threats he made to kill them if they told. Those little girls truly believed they and their mother would die at the monster’s hands.

But finally, finally those girls grew up and grew strong and grew determined that Corazon Paulino Flores would be made to pay for the hell he’d made of their lives. They are so brave and they are my heroes.

The truth that the victims revealed is ugly. The girls were the daughters of Corazon Paulino POS Flores’ girlfriend. They had actually believed they were his daughters too until they learned otherwise when they were teens. How horrific it was that they had thought their own father was molesting them!

Corazon Paulino f*cking child molester Flores had a wife and 9 children who lived on the other side of town. I don’t know if they were spared his sadistic tortures but I certainly hope so.

His girlfriend wasn’t treated very well by Mr. Romance Flores — he beat her often and once even cracked her tooth.

But still she didn’t kick him out of her life. I guess his penis was better than no penis, or maybe it was “true love” (gag).

It just makes my blood boil that any woman, with or without children, would allow an abuser to be a part of her life.

Here are handy tips for all abused people out there: If they hit you, they don’t love you. If they kick you, they don’t love you. If they slap you, punch you, injure you even ONCE, they don’t love you.

I don’t care what the abusers say, that they love you and they’re sorry and it’ll never happen again, because it’s all BULLSHIT! Get out and get out now! End of rant.

So Corazon Paulino Flores’ brain-dead girlfriend (yes I’m judgmental) did not kick his disgusting pervy ass to the curb. Or back to his wife and kids. Oh no, what she did was let the sick brutal bastard babysit her little daughters while she was at work. And yes, I have a big old frowny face as I type that. Because as you know and I know that was the f*ckingest worst thing to do to her daughters!

It wasn’t enough for Corazon the hellbeast bastard Flores to beat his girlfriend. Oh, no, he had ideas for her 2 young girls too. Sadistic, twisted ideas AND the opportunity to carry them out.

When one of the girls was only 5 years old (five!) the monster she thought was her father began to fondle her. And he continued to fondle her, year after year. When the poor girl was the ripe old age of 10 Corazon the POS pervert Flores raped her.

Gawd I hate pedophiles! Death to them all!

I can’t even imagine what that little girl went through, having that disgusting old man with his hands and lips and whatever all over her little body for years, and then being forcibly violated and torn and raped!

Once he started raping the girls he didn’t stop. Sometimes he raped them multiple times per week. Horny bastard!

Corazon the pedo bastard Flores frequently took the girls separately to different locations in Oceanside and Carlsbad so he could molest them in privacy. He even took the girls to his own f*cking house where his wife and 9 kids lived so he could molest them there, presumably when nobody else was home.

One of the girls was bitten on the chest by this monster molester and still bears the scars today.

Flores, the pedo perv, besides raping the girls also beat them and threatened to kill both of them and their mother. He told them he’d use a knife to do it. They believed him and lived no doubt in fear for years.

Yeah, old Flores the beast liked to threaten. He used threats to force one of those little girls to move in with him and his wife! Sick!

Where was her mother? Why wasn’t her mother saving her from this f*cking baby raper?

It gets worse. At his house the little girl was made to sleep on the floor of the master bedroom, which was very handy for the pedo Flores. When his wife would get in the shower, Flores would use the opportunity to rape the girl.

Flores’ wife apparently made a lot of trips to Mexico. All the more opportunity to rape that poor girl!

Apparently Corazon Flores got to worrying about impregnating the young girls, and so he forced them both to start taking birth control pills. That was probably the biggest favour he ever did them.

The beatings and rapes continued until the girls were grown, right through high school. The monster hellbeast Flores had forbidden his victims to have friends or to be around boys. The girls really had no life at all.

When one of the girls was 17 the pedo perv Flores gave her a particularly severe beating — big mistake! People noticed. The girl’s school counselor saw her injuries and her co-workers saw her injuries and the abuse was finally reported to authorities.

The girl, now a young woman, obtained a temporary restraining order against him and she even moved to a school in a different city to get away from him. Unhappily she still felt too unsafe to report the sexual abuse.

And she wasn’t safe. Flores the hellbeast perv violated the restraining order in 2010 so the girl was compelled to call Oceanside police. And for the first time in her life she told somebody she’d been abused and sexually abused.

“This man has been raping me for years,” she told the OPD officer. “All I wanted for him was to stay away. I never wanted to see him again, and I keep fearing for my life, and looking behind my shoulder.”

What courage that took! The young woman also told the officer, “I cannot continue to live like this. I had enough. I want to get married. I want to have kids.”

Bless that girl! I hope she gets the life she wants.

Corazon the turd pile Flores was arrested and charged. At his trial the prosecution played a recorded phone conversation Flores had had with one of the victims in which she confronted him about the abuse.

Yay, the victims are finally taking control!

On the tape Flores could be heard apologizing for the abuse and he said he didn’t know why he did it.

Ummmm, maybe he did it because he’s a goddamn sadistic pedo perv?

“This is clearly one of the worst of the worst (cases) that this county has ever seen, as far as the torturous acts the perpetrator did to these girls,” prosecutor Tracy Prior said in court. “They should be commended for their bravery to break the silence and come forward and testify.”

Amen to that!

The victims are now 22 and 23 years old, and I wish them nothing but the best in life.

And so what happened to Corazon Paulino Flores? Well, the thing I like about American justice is it doesn’t f*ck around when it comes to punishment.

The pedophile hellbeast was convicted of 27 felony charges and he was sentenced to 475 years in prison! He’s 70 now so he can expect to get out … never. I shouldn’t say that. He can expect to get out when he’s carried out in a body bag.

I hope Corazon Paulino Flores suffers mightily in his remaining years and then rots in hell.

And I wish health and healing to his victims who have suffered too much and too long thanks to that worthless shitstain hellbeast Corazon Paulino Flores.

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ABC 10 News article

23 Responses to Corazon Paulino Flores

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    Damn the bastards gonna die in jail. I wanted him to be the first visitor to my torture chamber, oh well im sure bubba and this child molesting, raping bastard will get on like a house on fire, and talking of fire, by the time bubba has finished with this piece of turd, i hope his arse is on fire. Now why can.t britain and canada take a leaf out of americas book when it comes to sentencing. I mean 475yrs now thats justice. I hope those two young women can put all that pain & Suffering behind them and move on with their lives although they’ll never forget what they went through, it took a lot of courage to see this cunt locked up. And now they don.t need to look over their shoulders anymore. But he’ll be looking over his shoulder 24hrs a day checking to see that good ole bubba’s not there.

  2. twistinthewind says:

    I am SO glad this guy got 475 years! So if he lives to 100 he’ll still owe the state 445 years. Too bad the remainder owing can’t be handed out to child and animal abusers and their ilk in places like Canada and NZ and England where the sentences are way too light.

    Those girls bless them are so brave and I hope they have the futures they had dreamed for themselves. Is there any way of finding out what became of the mother?

  3. bulldoggy says:

    475 years now that’s a sentence that should make all pedophiles in California sit up and take notice that society does not tolerate them and their kind. Actually they wouldn’t sit up, they’d hunker down and hide their sorry perverted asses hoping nobody would notice them. They should all slither under the rocks they came from and wither away and die.

  4. 2cute says:

    Didn’t this bastard work? Why was he available to babysit those girls? Maybe his wife was supporting him and his 9 kids.

    I know he beat the girlfriend and broke her tooth, but most mothers would put themselves in harm’s way to protect their children from disgustoids like him. She didn’t. Why?

    Even if she didn’t know he was raping her babies she knew he was beating them! Calling the cops on him should have been the first thing she did when he hurt her girls the first time! But no, she chose the penis over the safety and wellbeing of her own children.

    Those girls deserved better. I wish them every happiness and success.

  5. Steve-O says:

    Am I being picky here but how the f*ck did this bastard get ahold of birth control pills to give those girls? From his wife? Maybe he stopped touching her altogether since he was busy raping the girls multiple times a week. Or did he haul them to the doctor to get prescriptions? Would he be allowed to do that? Still, considering everything he put them through at least he spared them the burden of carrying and then caring for his bastard children. But that’s the ONLY good thing I can say about this baby raper. Hope he suffers a long time in prison and then dies a lingering death.

    • cleo says:

      Steve-O, there are unconfirmed reports that Flores took the girls to Mexican pharmacies to get the pills and told them they were vitamins.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Bulldoggy, thats a sentence the yank’s should be proud of. Why can.t britain and canada follow the lead. Any paedaphiles reading about that sentence would make them think, “Shit im not gonna sexually abuse children again otherwise if i get caught i could get 475yrs, or end up in guantanamo basement” There should be more judges like this one, not some stupid fucking judge, that believes a pedo’s story that a seven year old girl forced her tongue in his mouth, and actually believes it. It took a lot of guts for that girl to tell someone, for the judge to believe The nonce and disregard what the child said. Fuck it they can go in my torture chamber as well.

  7. Lillith says:

    Good for those girls for taking a stand! 475 years oughta give him enough time to think about it. Yet, that’s the only problem, he’ll be thinking about it, no doubt in protective custody where he won’t have to look over his shoulder for big bubba. I think instead of the tax payers supporting his sorry ass he should be put to good use as a punching bag, earning minimum wage by the hour to pay for his own sorry exsistance. Either that or the Death Penalty.

    • 2cute says:

      He could be put to work as a speed bump — that would serve the community in a beneficial way.

    • stazi says:

      The best solution for tax payers is 22 cal. to his temple. That would end the drain on taxpayers as well as this evil. The money spent on his is wasted when it could go towards educating our youth so they stay out of prison.

  8. Nathan says:

    I find it interesting his first name means heart in Spanish. Seeing as he doesn’t have one.

    • 2cute says:

      Does it really, Nathan? How ironic. I guess his parents had hopes for him. I hope they didn’t live to find out what a monster he’d grown up to be. No parent wants to learn their baby became a pedophile.

      I have to wonder if there were other children he’d victimized over the years. Maybe now that he’s safely behind bars some women will come forward to accuse him.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        2cute, whats more ironic is, his name means heart, well as far as im concerned this fucker doesn’t have a heart, because if he did he wouldn’t be molesting young children.

        • Nathan says:

          Bengalpuss I already pointed that out.

          • bengalpuss29 says:

            Nathan, you’ll have to excuse my stupidity, i know you already said that, but i wanted to say it as well, i blame my dental Absess for being cheeky and stealing your comment and incorporating it into mine.

  9. bengalpuss29 says:

    Thats a good idea but like you said it would be a short career and we want this bastard to suffer. I wonder if he raped any of his 9 kids he had with his wife. And why did the mother let this piece of shit, that beat her take her daughter to his house with his wife and 9 other kids. What the fuck was she thinking, that they were all gonna play monopoly. With the size of his family there wouldn’t be enough houses and hotels in the game to play it properly. That mother needs to be told, “What the fuck was you thinking letting this cunt take your daughter away” But i think you get my point. They couldn’t even play twister because there wouldn’t have been enough spots for all the children This maggot Sired. I say remove his Pecker And feed it to him then tie him into a position so that he’s ready for bubba and his buddies. He might as well get used to it cos he’s got 475 yrs to think that what he’s going through is what he put those young girls through, he stole their innocence the bastard.

  10. Sandiego says:

    Ey THAS my granpah so Shutup go talk smack somewhere else !!!!

    • Bobster says:

      Sandiego… Not sure if you’re a troll or just retarded. But giving you the benefit of the doubt – if this IS your ‘granpah’, I suggest to stop googling him and delete his existance from your brain. Assuming you have one.

      I usually am just a lurker, but when someone feels the need to defend a pedo, it gets my blood boiling.

      • bulldoggy says:

        Bobster, good response. I can’t figure out either if sandiego is a troll or “special ed” or just 7 years old, but regardless I hate when idiots write to defend these sick pervs. At least this one didn’t say “granpah” is innocent. That would’ve made me flip my f*cking lid.

    • bengalpuss29 says:

      Sandiego, im so sorry that you ended up with this piece of shit as your granpah. Don.t worry though we don.t know your name or who you are, so you can walk about in society and no one will know this child raping bastard is your relative. Good luck with your life, your lucky this cunt is behind bars.

  11. johnson says:

    I meet this guy in person… Didnt thought he was capable of such a thibg
    He gave the girl birth control pills and told the girls t he y were skittles. Justice is worst
    In front of.god eyes.

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