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  1. D.J. MacLeod says:

    Tammy and Kevin Goforth of Regina,
    Saskatchewan, Canada. Just google their
    names and you’ll see why they should be on
    here. She was convicted of 2nd degree murder
    and him of manslaughter for the death of
    their four year old foster child a few weeks

    • HollyAnn hill says:

      This is my first time in awhile typin in those names… I am the person who discovered this abomination. I am very happy that these children are out if that morbid reality. I will never recover from this and the stain it left in the hearts of those poor babies will forever be a heavy weight they will be lucky to overcome. I wish i could see them and help them find the black and white and lay it in the photo albums as something they can use to influence, teach,and relate to for other victims who cannot triumph over this devastation. If you can let me know how they are I would appreciate it. My family was also collateral damage in this. As were many

  2. NavyVet&Proud says:

    Dozier School in Florida closed in 1995. So for they have found over 50 boys with no identification and no boy to give a proper funeral. The story is on LMN titled Deadly Secrets. I really think you are gifted to help teased families.

  3. Jack McEntire says:

    I just wanted to simply say I stumbled across your site today and it is fantastic. A balm for the wounds inflicted on those who bear witness to the hellish acts perpetrated on this earth. Thank you for your divine efforts and God bless you

  4. Out of GVI says:

    Some story ideas: Amina Chaudhary, Nicola Puddicombe, Marilyn Ely, Cecile Fournel, Melissa Babineau, Melissa Todorovic, Rainbow Hill, Nadine Bernard and Maria Figliola, all of Ontario, Canada. I did time with all of these women at GVI. Some horrifying stories.

  5. Moonglow says:

    Shawn Bentler killed his Mother, Father and three teenage sisters to collect inaurance money.

  6. SydeeGirl says:

    I also just came across your website. Thank you for efforts and keeping these victims alive through your postings. There is just too much murder and brutality going on in this world. I worked in a women’s correctional facility which housed the state’s death-row inmates. There are some horrific, and sad stories to be found behind the walls of a prison. Unfortunately, there are even more we have yet to discover. My heart breaks for the lost souls that have either not been recognized yet, or those yet to be found…

  7. AngryAlbertan says:

    One suggestion I have would be the recently concluded case of Derek Saretsky. This low-life murdered an older woman, a man in his 30s and the man’s little girl. He was sentenced to 3 consecutive terms of 25 years to life, meaning he will not be allowed to even apply for parole for 75 years. He is appealing, claiming that the sentence is way too harsh and doesn’t give him any chance at the myth of ‘rehabilitation’. Despicable.

  8. Rebecca B says:

    I really want to thank you for this blog. It’s hard to read the stories, but at least you are not forgetting the victims and your keeping their story alive.

    I was a victim of horrible sexual abuse by a family member from age 6-12.

    No one was prosecuted. Through friends support I got imancipated when I was 15. It’s a long hard road to try to block that out.

    Anyway thanks for doing this and tactfully and with respect for the victims.

  9. Nicole says:

    Love your page!
    Just a story idea.
    Basically these two meth heads (Zachary Koehn and Cheyanne Harris of Iowa) left their baby in a swing without any care until he died. Poor little guy had maggots on him.

  10. Lucy says:

    Makes me laugh how the man who made this website is a convicted paedo you vile cunt

  11. Epi says:

    Cleo – I know you do facial reconstructions. I read a article and immediately thought of you because it involves 3 children and a lady. They haven’t been identified yet and the thought someone is missing their child or children breaks my heart.
    It’s the case of the Bear Brook State Park. The people were put into barrels. It takes a special kind of disgusting to do that to children. Maybe if they can identify the people, they can prove who did it. Their suspect died already but it may help.
    Anyway, here is the site.
    The reconstructions on there are not at all as good as yours.

    Thank you

    • Bengalpuss. says:

      I just read about that case, they found the second barrel fifteen years later, 2 of the little girls were blood relatives to the adult female and one of the girls is unrelated. Very sad, how can three children and an adult go missing and nobody notices, very sad.

      • Epi says:

        It is Bengalpuss. How can someone not miss their children.

        • Bengalpuss. says:

          The person who murdered them. I wonder if they came from abroad because 3 little girls and one adult female should surely be missed. You never know it could be linked to that Edward Robinson killer, he had a habit of putting his victims into barrels.

          • Epi says:

            I didn’t even think of him! You’re right. Could be him or someone sick bastard who inspired Robinson. Either way, I hope Cleo can do a better job with those remains.

  12. TW says:

    This is a bad one, I can’t believe the guy only got ten years. In the US it could have been life. That’s Canada for you!

  13. Cheater says:

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