Collin Robinson

Hellbeast pedophile Collin Robinson
Crime: Pedophilia

Collin Robinson of Ottawa is not a nice man. In 2007 he beat an ex-girlfriend with a curtain rod and toilet plunger and was sentenced to a 4-year prison sentence. Not nice. I can’t stand abusive creeps like Collin Robinson, but beating a girlfriend was just the tip of the evil this hellbeast is capable of committing.

In 2006 Collin Robinson began a relationship with a mother of three girls aged 14, 11 and 4. His real interest was not in the mother but rather in the daughters. He started off being really nice to them.

“He was like a dad,” wrote the oldest girl. But then he did things fathers should never do. Collin Robinson is a pedophile.

One day the 14-year-old came home sick from school. Collin Robinson was there, just like a vulture. All of his patient grooming had finally paid off. Collin Robinson convinced this young girl to have sex with him. His victim thought she was in love with this monster. She was too young then to recognize him as the monster he really was.

After that sex was a regular occurrence — unprotected sex that is. But soon it wasn’t enough for this creature. There were other girls in the household that he had yet to defile.

Soon enough Collin Robinson convinced the 14-year-old to have sex with him and fellate him in front of the 11-year-old. Ewwww! And then he began to touch the younger girl. Eventually he performed oral sex on the 11-year-old for educational purposes, “so she’d know what to do when she got older.”

The course of true love did not run smooth for long. Collin Robinson punched the 14-year-old in the face when she argued with him. Not nice.

As the 14-year-old wrote, “he had this other monster side to him.”

And still the monster wasn’t satisfied. There was still the 4-year-old he had yet to molest. And he molested her.

For about two years Collin Robinson continued to molest these three sisters, all while dating their mother. And how did he keep it quiet? He used violence and threats, naturally.

Finally, finally Collin Robinson was brought to justice. Well, justice Canadian-style anyway.

For sexually interfering with the 4-year-old, Collin Robinson was sentenced to a whopping 10 months.

For violating a court order not to communicate with the oldest girl, he got 60 days.

And then Collin Robinson the pedophile, who pled guilty to invitation to sexual touching and 2 counts of sexual interference, was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison. He was 33 at the time of sentencing.

Collin Robinson was all boohoo, whiny, snivelly when he spoke up in court.

“I hate the things that I have done and I will always live with them,” he told the court. Right, I bet he revisits each and every sexual encounter over and over, getting his rocks off each time.

“I want you girls to know that any of the things that happened was not any of your faults,” he blubbered.

The girls did not hear his apology because they had already left. They didn’t want to hear anything he had to say.

The middle sister was very unforgiving. “Collin should go to the electric chair,” she wrote in her victim impact statement. “If I could choose, he would have all the stuff he did to me (done) to him.”

Judge Robert Beaudoin rightly pointed out the damage Collin Robinson has caused.

“Some might say that the sentence of pain you imposed on your victims will never heal.”

I pray that the girls will live fulfilling and happy lives despite the beast Collin Robinson.

As to the prisoner’s weepy apology, Judge Beaudoin said, “I have no doubt that his tears were genuine. But it has to be noted that his remorse came late in the day.”

Much too late.

Collin Robinson was sentenced in January, 2011. Hopefully he will serve every single day of his sentence. And then this POS pedophile can rot in hell forever.

Note: I wish I had a photo of him so that future potential girlfriends would be forewarned. Dang!

Collin RobinsonUPDATE

A reader has provided us with a photo purporting to be Collin Robinson. I do not know the source, but have been assured that this is him. I wanted a photo and how it appears we have the photo, so ladies, please make sure the fella you are dating doesn’t look like this guy, especially if you have children.

CNews article
Ottawa Sun article

30 Responses to Collin Robinson

  1. Kimber says:

    It’s terrifying to be a single parent these days. You never know what kind of weirdo you’re dating until they’re unmasked. At least the strangest one I ever dated liked to dress up in my underwear – harmless but freaky all the same. Then there was the one who was bisexual, and the one who liked to hit women, and the various drunks and addicts.

    Hell, they’re all weird. At least I didn’t date the grand prize winner – the pedophile. All of the men I dated barely tolerated my kids, as opposed to liking them way too much.

  2. Cape Town Girl says:

    What freaks me out is the children not saying anything. I know they are manipulated into believing that more harm will be done if they say anything but I have seen way too many stories where the children kept quiet for years and not because they had neglectful parents but because they believed the pedophiles lies.

    • Minx says:

      Those poor girls. I can guarantee you this Hellbeast used the girls love for one another against them to keep them quiet. It is the worst kind of animal who commits this type of crime. I agree with the middle sister – he should be executed!

  3. Shannon says:

    I just don’t get how all that could go on and the mother could be completely oblivious to it all.

  4. moodymagic says:

    were was the mother how could she not know. These poor girls

    • Michael Franklin says:

      The mother did not know because this man has the power of persuasion and he is a manipulative mastermind that turns on the charm and the mister nice guy act for a while to earn the victim’s trust. Once has has obtained that trust, he goes behind their backs and molests their children. These men are highly intelligent and patient as well. They will often act nice and do good things in the community so that everyone will like them and nobody will suspect them. Be cautious and weary of those that come on too nice, too strong too fast. They are also highly deceptive and manipulative split personalities. They have a calm, cool and composed demeanor on the exterior, but inside, they are baffling, cunning, caniving, rageful mean spirited people. They have two sides.

  5. Grace says:

    I have really enjoyed reading your well written article. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

  6. Collins niece says:

    How could u…….u bastard, I can’t fucken believe this……u sick horrid bastard, I can’t stop crying al the though of my own uncle doing such a thing…………I truly feel for that family I know how those girls feel because my friends father did almost the same to me when I was 13 :( I fucken hope u rot in there I can’t believe I ever looked up to u…..last time I saw u was Xmas dinner in 06 or 07 and I hope to god that’s the LAST time I ever see u, us if I see u again I’ll wanna kill u myself. I can’t even begin to say how sorry I am to that family and how I know these irks will be soooooo much stronger in the long run Cus of this. I just hope they don’t let this control their life like I’ve let mine controll mine. My heart truly goes out to the family.

    • N Holmes says:

      I know he has a sister who I think had 3 kids, I know at least one was a boy. He was left to babysit them sometimes I hope he never did anything to them. His parents seemed like nice people. But he liked to use people for whatever he could get out of them. In all honesty I was warned about dating him from someone else and I ignored those warnings and did it anyway. After I read about this woman and three daughters I did recall him telling me about these young girls who he claimed were hitting on him they lived near by. At the time I really didn’t give it much thought, I assumed he was trying to make me jealous with one of his sick mind games he liked to play all the time, but I remember not playing into it, it was towards the end of our relationship where I really had had enough of his crap and I think I actually used his interest in these girl’s flirts to break it off. It’s crossed my mind since that he may of actually acted on these flirts and I hope he didn’t, and I actually feel very guilty about it.

  7. Cats says:

    To the asshole’s cousin, do you have a picture you can share to help the next person who might get involved with this sicko? Please do if you can, everyone should know what evil really looks like.

  8. Michael Franklin says:

    If its the guy I knew hes slender, tall, fair complexion, freckled, goatee, reddish curly hair, birkenstocks, small hoop earring, green eyes I think, wears contacts or its another entirely different collin. This is in response to the person who wished they had a photo of this sadistic sociopathic scum on the bottom of our shoes. He got his four years and a beating to go with it and more than likely will end up in the ninth circle of hell if he doesn’t repent, have remorse and in the future renounces and represses and resists his violent, manipulative, two faced, mind controlling ways. On the other hand, the collin I knew showed me adventure and spontanaiety and when you’re scared you feel the most alive.

  9. Michael Franklin says:

    A disease that needs to be cured whatever collin you are.

  10. Michael Franklin says:

    Split personality

  11. Michael Franklin says:

    Ask him, don’t I recognize you from Brookfield high, you went there right? Hear what he says

  12. Michael Franklin says:

    Whoa hold the phone, I know this guy from art class and creative writing if its the same guy. We puffed a Lotta piff back in the day yo. And the time we broke into the snack shack and had time to fry a burger before breaking into the boathouse. We were just kids, but we got petty cash, beer and a shitload of decent tools. Then we got drunk and tripped mad hardcore on LSD.

  13. Michael Franklin says:

    Has a mother and father from England. Likes rats

  14. Michael Franklin says:

    I have provided you with a description in case he uses an alias in the future

  15. Michael Franklin says:

    Split personality. Had a charming and a dark side

  16. Michael Franklin says:

    I am not entirely sure if it is the same collin I knew with the above description. If not, please disregard my comments. If it is and he did those things to his woman and those girls, then he is all those things I mentioned above. Please post photo so if it is a different Collin, I can and will retract my statement and clear his name. Thanks. I don’t wish to persecute an innocent man and defame an innocent man’s character.


    I am a longtime lurker, and first time writer. I have been reading the older stories and who do I see in the photograph for this dude but Pedobear? OMG, I laughed so hard! Cleo, you write so elegantly “This fucking POS cunt” and with such conviction and compassion I really feel like you care about each and every victim and HATE the motherfucking shit out of the perpetrators (and are so snarky and funny with their bullshit) and we have to go to a dark space in our minds to try and wrap them around the, “Hellbeasts” you bring to us so seeing Pedobear? I died. Thank you for all that you do. I as wondering if you had/were considering writing about ? They kept her in a box under their bed. I never could get over that story. Alright I’m going to read about Collin, “Pedobear” Robinson. x I am madly in love with you and all that you do – keep exposing those Hellbeasts. x

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Cameron hooker also murdered marie spanikey but they never found her body, watch paranormal witness, the 1st season episode 2, its about cameron piece of shite hooker, evil cunt he is, and his wife janice.


    Did PedoBear send? Please god, yes.


    Shit I wrote you an entire paragraph. Cleo, you are fabulous, so compassionate, and you write with such fierceness. I know you would take in every baby and puppy and kitten that these Hellbeasts have hurt if you could. I have been lurking for quite some time, and was reading the old articles and came across “PedoBear” as a photo and almost fell off my bad laughing. SO thank you for that. Old Collin, “PedoBear” Robinson. Keep writing, Keep Fighting.

  20. Anonymous says:

    That pic is about 10yrs old now.
    I have a source to get an updated picture, He has been released to Kingston area until 2019, and has a huge list of conditions including not to be able to come to Ottawa until 2019 as well as not being able to communicate through the internet, I have heard the girls are doing as well as can be but did have a rough time adjusting to all the damage he did to that family.

  21. Nancie Cuzzort says:

    this is very very important in the world today

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