Colin Matthew Boyle & Anngela Boyle

Anngela and Colin Boyle

Crimes: Child Pornography, Pedophiles, Sexual Assault.

Once again I am left to ponder how pedophiles find each other. Possibly I am underestimating their numbers in the population, but I would tend to think they’d have a difficult time meeting up. I know the Internet allows them to meet online, but meeting in person would still be a risky situation. Pedophile hunters are out there, as are investigators and law enforcement, and they are quite adept at portraying pedos and/or potential victims. Sorry, I’m just ruminating, but it’s because I encountered yet another pedophile couple.

Anngela Boyle and Colin Matthew Boyle of Detroit, Michigan, USA, are today’s couple made in hell. Colin Boyle was a registered sex offender and, according to Anngela Boyle, the only thing that gets him “in the mood” is child pornography.

Now one has to ask, why the hell would a woman marry a man who can’t even fake being interested in sex with women? I also have to ask, why the hell would a woman marry a man with cartoony skulls and tears tattooed on his face? I’m guessing chickenshit Colin Boyle wanted to appear tough, and tattoos of babies on his face would give away to his cellmates just how pathetic and vile he truly is.

Back to the story now. So Anngela Boyle had on her hands a husband who couldn’t get aroused without watching child porn. Did she dump him? Kick him to the curb? Hang him in effigy on her front lawn with a sign saying PEDO draped around his neck? No. Did she find herself other guys to deliver the sex that Colin Boyle couldn’t? I dunno. Maybe.

What I do know is that Anngela Boyle met the challenge of being married to a baby raper and child porn fan by joining in. That just sickens me to the core.

Fortunately, in 2015, Colin Boyle and Anngela Boyle came under investigative scrutiny after FBI and police learned that Colin Boyle had been accessing child porn on the Internet. Ooops. Registered sex offenders like him aren’t supposed to do that. He’d specifically looked at a post showing a man engaging in sex acts with a 2-month-old baby. (I wish a great deal of harm to befall the evil creature who was raping that baby.)

A raid of their home followed. Actually, it was his parents’ home on Grampian Drive, Lake Orion. His parents had no idea what their darling boy and his wife were up to.

Federal authorities also searched their home in White Lake Township.

When interviewed by the FBI, Anngela and Colin Boyle admitted they sent each other child porn with their cell phones. If only that was all they’d done.

Unsurprisingly, federal authorities discovered plenty of child pornography. Disgustingly, the raid had also turned up a sickening, explicit video of a naked 1-year-old on the pedos’ camera. It was a little girl they knew, and it was a video they’d taken. The voice of the man who was positioning the baby resembled Colin Boyle’s.

In all, there were 4 children involved in the sexually explicit photos and videos produced by the Boils (oops, Boyles).

The investigators were able to determine that actual sexual assaults had taken place in the Lake Orion home. The two victims that were abused were 1 and 3 years old. According to Anngela Boyle, they had sexually abused those babies at least 4 times.

I cannot imagine the hell the parents of those 4 children went through knowing they’d entrusted their children to these POS pedo pervs.

Colin Boyle and Anngela Boyle were arrested in November and were charged in federal for multiple counts of producing and receiving child porn, and in local court for criminal sexual assault.

In March 2017, Colin Matthew Boyle, 31, pled no contest to 3 counts of 1st-degree criminal sexual assault in Oakland County court. The vile pile of baby raping shit was sentenced to 25-60 years in prison.

Also in March 2017, Anngela Boyle, 29, was sentenced to 25-60 years in prison, with credit for 258 days served. She had pled guilty to 1st-degree criminal sexual conduct.

So that takes care of the local charges. The federal charges were up next. I bet the repulsive couple was sweating bricks for that.

Colin Matthew Boyle actually admitted to the charges of producing child porn. Oooh, what a man!

His lawyer maintained that the poor pedo was a lonely, wounded soul who writes poetry and needs medical therapy. The lawyer asked the judge for placement in a prison with mental health care.

US District Judge Gershwin Drain sentenced the baby raping child pornographer/poet to 60 years in prison. That’s a decent sentence. Hopefully it equals life in prison. Colin Boyle doesn’t deserve to rejoin society ever. Long may he rot.

Too bad the baby raping creature chose to decorate his face so recognizably.

In September 2017, Anngela Boyle, 27, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after having pled guilty to producing child pornography. She has a long time to think about her life choices. The minute she agreed to send child porn to her husband she deserved to be locked up. And participating in the sexual abuse of babies makes her a monstrous hellbeast just like her husband.

I hope and pray the victims get all the love, support and therapy they may need to overcome the evil deeds that they’d been made to suffer. Hopefully, with the youngest, they’ll have no memory of these events, bless their hearts.

I also hope and pray the victims’ parents are also getting all the support they need to deal with the absolutely heartless betrayal perpetrated by the Boyles.

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7 Responses to Colin Matthew Boyle & Anngela Boyle

  1. Moodymagic says:

    Yup these 2 are sick and twisted pedos. I like the 60 yrs but think the 30 years for Mrs. Pedo is not nearly enough. Burn in hell both of you

  2. Jennifer says:

    Truly sick fucks who do these kinds of things to innocent children. To get themselves “off” they end up ruining a child’s entire life. I hope and pray to God that there is a special hell for these sick fucks!

  3. Elle says:

    Those babies!! I have no words

  4. Alabamdeb says:

    Anyone who would let that creep anywhere near their child needs to have THEIR head examined. I know you can’t judge a book by the cover, but THIS thing just oozes filth.

  5. Tom Daly says:

    If I could go back in time, I would ask the mothers of that pair of monsters to have them aborted and then that would be two less paedophiles in the world

  6. Lagrimas says:

    I Will NEVER understand how an adult can find a child attractive sexually!!!! It is disgusting!!! These two and everyone pedophile deserve to have their penises cut off and to have their vaginas sewed up. Now let’s see, instead of using animals as lab rats I think we should use pedophiles, rapists and child abusers and even that is too good for these filthy sorry excuses for human beings.

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