Cody Paul Lemay

Hellbeast Cody Paul Lemay
Crime: Aggravated Sexual Assault on a Child

The maximum penalty for aggravated sexual assault in Canada is life in prison (section 273 of the Criminal Code of Canada). I personally think that is a good thing. Cody Paul Lemay did not get the maximum penalty even though he was found guilty of aggravated sexual assault. And I personally think that is not a good thing.

Nope, Cody Paul Lemay of Cranbrook, BC, did not get the maximum sentence. Even though his victim was only 13-months-old. Even though he raped the baby girl up to 12 times because he was mad at her mother. Even though he damaged the baby’s genitals severely when he penetrated her with brutal force. Even though the little girl required surgical repair for tears to her vaginal and rectal areas.

Despite all that, Cody Paul Lemay did not get even close to a life sentence for being a POS hellbeast baby raper.

On February 12, 2007, Provincial Court Judge Don Carlgren sentenced Cody Paul Lemay, then 22, to a whopping 5 years. Five years. Not life.

Let’s review. Cody Paul Lemay was shacking up with his victim’s mother, and had in fact been trusted to babysit the little girl. He was mad at his girlfriend and so he took it out on the 13-month-old baby. Between September 1 and September 8, 2006, Cody Paul Lemay raped the baby up to 12 times. Which makes him a f*cking pedophile.

On September 6, 2006, the girlfriend noticed bleeding and bruising when she was changing her baby’s diapers. She asked her dumbass fecal flinging boyfriend about it. His answer: he dropped the baby by accident.

And the dumbass girlfriend believed him. And did nothing about it. And yes, I have a big old frowny face as I type that.

On September 8, 2006, the baby girl was in obvious pain and distress. Finally, finally she was taken to East Kootenay Regional Hospital by the mother and grandmother. The doctors saw the extent of the peritoneal injuries, contacted police and sent the baby to a pediatric hospital in Calgary for surgery.

The baby had an open, gaping laceration to her anus. I won’t go into details but suffice it to say it was a substantial wound. No wonder there was blood in that poor baby’s diaper!

The doctor’s report said, “In my years of experience in care of the sexually assaulted patient, (the baby) had the most severe genital injuries I have ever examined in a pediatric sexual assault case. Although not unheard of, injuries to this extent are uncommon. It is also uncommon for a pediatric victim of sexual assault to require examination under general anesthesia and repair of genital injuries under general anesthesia. This also speaks to the severity of the genital and anal injuries in this case.”

On September 8, 2006, pedophile baby raper Cody Paul Lemay was arrested. He pled guilty on September 13, 2006. Smart move.

In court, the POS baby raper Lemay admitted to only using his fingers to penetrate the baby’s vagina and anus. However, he had confessed to the police that he’d penetrated the baby’s anus with his penis and had ejaculated.

Why the change of story? Maybe this shithead Lemay believes he’s not so much of a pedophile if he didn’t use his penis. News bulletin, Lemay you arsehole, you’re a damned f*cking pedophile pervert!

Judge Don Carlgren viewed the police confession and decided that baby raper POS Cody Lemay had indeed penetrated the baby with his penis.

The judge said, “Mr. Lemay, there are days on which one almost has to reflect on what it means to be human and this is one of those. I find what occurred, incomprehensible. I do accept that the Crown has established penile penetration of the anus, but I do not know that that is particularly relevant. It seems to me that whether I was dealing with this as a sexual act of repeated digital penetration of the anus to the extent of being able to cause bodily harm, for sexual purposes, or taking the sexuality out of it, repeated acts of cruelty with some sense of revenge on the mother, or I treat it as penile penetration, is somewhat irrelevant. It still is, basically, as I said, inhuman and incomprehensible.”

Damn straight it’s inhuman and incomprehensible! So why only 5 freakin’ years and not 10, 20, or life? Why?

Well, the judge did take into consideration the pedo perv’s young age, his super fast confession and guilty plea, and the fact the worthless POS Lemay had no criminal record. Well bully for him.

As well, the judge had a pre-sentence psychiatric report that said that poor wee Cody Paul Lemay had been bullied as a child (*sniff*) and had suffered from depression (*sniffle*) and had self-image problems (*sob*).

The report also said he has a “clear profile of deviant sexual interests, with no interest in consensual adult relationships” but the psychiatrist did NOT diagnose him as a pedophile. (I beg to differ — I think raping a baby 12 times definitely makes this asswipe a pedophile.)

So how did Judge Carlgren come up with only 5 years? Well, basically he looked at sentences other Canadian judges had handed down for sexual assaults on babies. And bewilderingly he found them to be lenient to the point of absurdity. He said so, in court. Judge Carlgren had trouble understanding why those convicted rapists hadn’t gotten longer sentences, as do I.

The judge read the list of injuries described in one particular Ontario court decision where a pedophile had committed brutal sexual assaults on 2 children. The perpetrator received only a 16-year sentence in that case. Judge Carlgren believed the crimes had warranted a life sentence. He said so!

And then the wise Judge Carlgren compared that list of injuries to the injuries suffered by Lemay’s tiny victim. And he compared the Ontario perpetrator’s terrible actions to Lemay’s. And guess what — the Ontario perv was a worse offender than Cody Paul POS Lemay!

Naturally then, Lemay’s punishment should be LESS than what the Ontario perpetrator got! So reasoned the judge — even though he thought the Ontario court had been much too lenient.

I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. Five years for raping a baby 12 times. I don’t get it and I don’t like it.

Neither did the prosecution. They had the sense and determination to appeal that piddly ass sentence. They wanted 10 years.

The Crown submitted to the Court of Appeal that the sentence of 5 years “was not proportional to the gravity of the offence and the degree of the offender’s responsibility; that the sentencing judge gave inadequate effect to the protection of the public, deterrence and denunciation of offenders of this kind”.

In June 2007 the Court of Appeal agreed with the Crown’s arguments.

“The defendant gave absolutely no thought to the effect of the injuries he was inflicting on her. … the principles of denunciation, protection of the public, and deterrence, as well as, rehabilitation, required a longer sentence than five or effectively six years.”

Yay, victory! The good guys won! Right? Well … kinda. The f*cktard pedo baby raper Cody Paul Lemay had his sentence increased to a whopping 7 years in prison. Not the 10 the Crown had asked for, not the life sentence the Criminal Code of Canada allows. Still, it’s a slight improvement on 5 years.

And so soon, all too soon, Cody Paul Lemay the baby raping pervert is going to be walking the streets in freedom. Until he gets mad and rapes some other helpless victim, that is. Because he will — they always do.

Rot in hell, Cody Paul Lemay, with all the other hellbeast pedophiles. article article

135 Responses to Cody Paul Lemay

  1. bengalpuss29 says:

    No wonder cleo these paedaphiles do what they do. What sense does that make that he looked at a previous sentence and said it wasn.t enough, and then dishes out 5 years to this piece of shit, fucking ridiculous. Also the babies mother is she thick as pig shit, if my baby girl was bleeding from her Anus Or vagina and my boyfriend told me it had occured because he dropped her, well he’d have a knife in his heart or a bullet in his head or both, she must have been fucking stupid. Glad to know that grandma had some sense. For a doctor to say it was the worse injuries he’d ever seen on a child says a lot doesn’t it, then the judge just wag’s his finger at this baby raping cunt. The only way that the judicial system will get control of these paedaphile cunt’s is by dishing out sentences that are a deterent to other sick fuck’s. If someone is only getting 5years then the pedo will be willing to take that risk, make it a life sentence then they’ll think twice, its the only way. Stop the slapped wrist treatment.

    • cleo says:

      I just do not understand — Canadian judges have the tools, they have the ability to hand down significant sentences, and all too often they choose not to. I cannot understand how they can not put away pedophiles, rapists and other scum of society for life if that’s allowed in the Criminal Code.

      • Heather says:

        Unfortunately, there are rules for sentencing. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree that these people deserve life in jail (and to be bent over by Godzilla), but hedges must keep these rules in mind when sentencing.
        For example, both aggravating and mitigating factors must be considered. Further, there must be precedent; similar offences deserve similar sentences. Otherwise, we’d be hearing of many more appeals. “This guy only got 2 years, but I got the maximum sentence for the same damn thing? Dafuq? *files appeal*”

        That all being said, Cody’s sentence will be a far cry from a walk in the park. Folks in jail HATE child abusers, so Cody’s probably on course to have his own peritoneal problems.

    • Steve-O says:

      Thick as pig shit – good one.

      • Anoymous says:

        Hi i know this article is very old but I just wanted too tell someone my Story. I met the man that did this on a dating site and I had no idea at all til three weeks later i got told and he lied saying his name was Adam hoffman on facebook….. I read this article i was crying and i almost puked. I have a three year old daughter. he tried too repeatedly keep begging me for me too except him and forgive his mistake. I am disgusted with the justice system he felt the need not too tell me then told me he doesnt have a pedophile mind………2018

    • metisme says:

      be good if he was put in general public…just saying…

      • amy says:

        Ya, if he was in public I would run him over with my car

        • r says:

          Personally I would do a lot worse to him…if I ever find that bastard. I will do much worse to him then any judge could do. I really hope that the guards at the jail that he is sent to let it known that he is a baby raper because inmates will not take that lightly. There is no excuse what so ever for doing that to an innocent baby. And shame on the mother for believing her piece of shit boyfriend. As a mother of two myself with my youngest boy Being 13 months. You always go with your gut. I hope that she lost custody of that baby. Because she desevers a guardian who will protect her from scum bags. Not who opens her door to them. Part of being a good mother is being a good judge of character.

    • Rick says:

      Where do I find this guy. I want to pay him a little visit.

    • Gord Donaldson says:

      I went to school growing up with this kid in Kimberley b.c. he was definitely a social outcast and an idiot. But that doesn’t ever give an excuse to make what he did OK. He’s fucken whacked. Hopefully he was in general population or got some kind of good beatings in jail.

      • Clayton says:

        I also went to school with this piece of shit… They must not have known why he was in jail coz they would have killed him in there…

        • Miles says:

          They never put pieces of shit in with general population
          They all get put together in a disgusting pit of fucked up loser cells

          • Does it matter? says:

            Truth is… now days, and for a while now they’ve let the creeps n goofs in Gen pop. And unless one of the guards is willing to let you in on the secret, or youve followed the news, you won’t know. If you DO find out like we eventually all do, they have more protection than an Italian Mob boss in Sicily. From the system, and their merry band of kid raping fellows. My advice.. chances are they go back to where they were when they got arrested. And they have to announce it on the local news or papers. When it happens… make it happen.

          • Does it matter? says:

            Truth is… now days, and for a while now they’ve let the creeps n goofs in Gen pop. And unless one of the guards is willing to let you in on the secret, or youve followed the news, you won’t know. If you DO find out like we eventually all do, they have more protection than an Italian Mob boss in Sicily. From the system, and their merry band of kid raping fellows. My advice.. chances are they go back to where they were when they got arrested. And they have to announce it on the local news or papers. When it happens… make it happen.

            To the last reply by Mr Goof Lemay…. the thing about lifers is that they know the game. And they know that they can’t touch you. My guess is that you were in mission, and probably then Ferndale. Meaning the lifers you were around already did a good deal of time in max and learned fast enough that a squid kid raping POS isn’t worth more time. They give less shits about you than they do for the daily stand to checks by the CO’s. They’re solid as fuck! Don’t get me wrong. They are. They’re in there doing solid time like solid men with solid fucking backbones. You did 5-7. More like 4 with good behaviour. YOU ARE A SPINELESS SQUID! I really wonder what lie you told and how fast you ate your crim scores to fly under the radar. KILL YOURSELF

      • Cody lemay says:

        Haha your a little goof bitch!
        You seen me at 711 with your buddies and did nothin!
        Don’t talk shit if you can’t do nothin!
        Fucking pussy ass squid!
        You know nothing about prison!

    • Me says:

      He is out of jail now and has been spotted in Cranbrook BC! Lock your kids up man!

  2. bengalpuss29 says:

    By the way cleo keep up the good work. Naming and shaming these bastards at least alerts people that this cunt will be getting out imminently. The people of canada need to know which sick pieces of shit are in their midst. Maybe if the judge would have done his job properly and sentenced this cunt to gulag then you wouldn’t need to put this story out, but as it is people like you are at least letting the public know that this turd burglar will be walking amongst them probably looking for his next victim knowing that if he is caught that the sentence will be meager. So keep letting the people know cleo i think your great, god bless you.

    • cleo says:

      I have no intention of stopping bengalpuss29. You should see the pile of hellbeasts I have waiting to be written about — and the news bring more every day. Admittedly there are some I have put off because I have trouble stomaching the horror. A lot of them give me nightmares, some just make me cry. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. TakuroSpirit says:

    I think this young “man” should be dead. Seven years is inadequate. That he’s young shouldn’t factor into sentencing. He just has that more time ahead of him to brutalize other children and be more careful about it.

  4. 2cute says:

    He’s a freaking psychopath and when he gets out he’s going to be mad at the world. Who knows what damage he’ll do to innocent people! I just hope he doesn’t latch onto any more young stupid mothers who trust him with their babies. To rape a baby because he’s mad at the mother is twisted and evil! Can you find a better picture of him so he can be recognized when he gets out?

  5. bengalpuss29 says:

    2cute some of these stupid young mothers put their babies at risk just so they can have the latest Penis In their lifes. And its not just young mothers older ones do it too. Why these women think its ok to leave their babies and children with someone they’ve just met or been with a few months is beyond me. If you asked them, would you leave a thousand pounds with someone you met last month, the answer you would be given would be no, so why the fuck do they leave the most precious thing in the world with them. The answer this piece of shit gave was so sick, i was upset with her mother so i shoved my finger inside the baby. What a load of bollocks if he was upset with the mom why didn.t he hurt her, i know why, cos he’s a fucking paedaphile, and the sentence was a joke. Was that judge on acid or some other mind altering drugs, he could have sentence him to 10years so why didn.t he. I don.t give a fuck how his childhood was nothing warrant’s what he did. I say execute the bastard.

    • Steve-O says:

      I agree there are way too many women willing to invite strangers into their lives and put their children at risk just so they can be in a relationship. They should face charges too especially when they have ignored injuries or their childrens complaints before the bastards do serious damage.

  6. bengalpuss29 says:

    Yes steve-O these women that leave their babies and children with their latest penis should be prosecuted for failure to protect their child and neglect. The justice system is a joke, im a thousand percent sure that the mother would just get a slapped wrist, i mean look what that bastard got hardly anytime at all. I would love to see how long the judge would sentence him for if he did the exact same thing to either the judges daughter or granddaughter, i’d guarantee it would be beyond that 10years guideline it would probably be around 15 years. Those guidelines are their for a reason, why this judge didn.t use the power he had is beyond me. And the mother should be facing prison, because if it wasn.t for her eagerness to have a man around she immediately put her child in jeopardy, the slack twat.

    • Nicole says:

      While I agree that women (and men!) should take extreme caution when allowing new people into their children’s lives, I think it’s taking it a little too far to suggest that they should be prosecuted for unknowingly allowing a pervert around their children. It is a well documented fact that rapists, murderers, and pedos can become very adept at hiding their dirty secrets from people they are extremely close to. Look @ Dennis Rader (BTK); Rader was a respected member of his community who managed to hide the fact that he was torturing and killing people for more than 20 years! Should his wife be held partially responsible for not realizing that her husband was a sadistic serial killer sooner? Psychopaths are exceptionally manipulative and it can be nearly impossible to recognize one until it’s too late.

      • bengalpuss29 says:

        Nicole you say that these people are very good at concealing that they are paedaphiles and god know’s what else, so that is exactly why you should never leave your children with anyone other than family or your husband. I don.t give a shit if i’ve been with someone years, i don.t leave my children with anybody except my family, and the reason why is because, these freaky bastard child molesters are good at hiding what they do, and yes i believe a woman who has just met someone and known them for months and decides to leave their child with them and that child gets hurt, then they should be held accountable, because that child only has the mother to look after it. If the mother is leaving her children with people she doesn’t. Know well then she’s failed that child.

        • Nicole says:

          What about mothers who work and don’t have family to watch their children? Are you insinuating that parents who choose to take their children to a daycare run by someone they don’t know WELL are “failing” them? I remember reading about a pediatrician either here or on pysih that was molesting his patients. Should those parents be held responsible for taking their kids to a pedophile doctor? These mothers have to live with the fact that they entrusted their babies to monsters for the rest of their lives, it’s pretty callous to expect them to shoulder the blame for doing what they felt was best at the time. Out of curiosity, in what way do you think this mother should be “held accountable” for what happened to her baby?

          • Rhon-duhh says:

            Nicole – When you talk about Dennis Rader and that pedo pediatricial, you are talking about 2 different things that have zero to do with this case. This man is a POS that RAPED a baby. Yes, pedos are very good at getting people to trust them, but Dennis Rader and that doctor hid their POS tendancies from everybody so well that it was impossible for their family, neighbors or friends to suspect them. Once the truth finally came out, they were dropped like hot potatos, which is what the ditzo mother should have done when she saw how her baby was injured, but she didn’t she believed the POS and delayed treatment for the baby.

        • Meggerz says:

          You forget a lot of the times offenders ARE family who also are very good at hiding thing as well so how can you judge that easily. Many times it is the husband as well. Just a thought before you judge that girl probably trusted him as you do your child’s father. Does that make you any better then her? Nope just trusting.

        • giantFU,BY says:

          Just want to say that sometimes family is more dangerous then a stranger. I myself was assaulted as a child. The person who did this to me was doing it 1000 times worse to his own daughter. This person was a well liked member of the community, leading the PAC, children’s clubs and even a member of the armed forces. His daughters mother trusted him… He was her father.. He wouldnt do such a thing. Yeah… You can’t trust anyone. I just find your comments about not trusting anyone other then family irrelevant.. They teach us now it’s not the stranger its the person you trust the most. Also to add on a side note.. The person who did this to his daughter and myself also did it to another one of our friends. There were photographs the police ended up finding. When I went to the police about it happening to me (I didn’t know about the other two) I was called a lier.. He would never do such a thing. This person lived 6 houses away from me and at the age of 12 I had to walk past his house 2 times a day. When it finally went to court, he was sentenced to 6 years. Two years for each of us, but was released after 2.5. Our system is broken. People think it’s a dark scary person who does this.. When it really isn’t. The courts think time served is crime repayment. I can tell you IT’S NOT! While I try to live life not as a victim, and look at the brightside.. I still can’t handle some situations. I haven’t had a “normal” romantic relationship because of the psychological damage this has caused me. Our systems need to change. The death penalty is needed for people who do bad things to children. Sorry for my ramblings!

      • Sick to my stomach says:

        Maybe it is to far to say the mother should be held accountable for what this pig did. But the fact that she didn’t take her to the hospital right away is another thing. If my daughter had bleeding and bruising even from being dropped or falling the first thing that should be done is to go to emergency! Heaven forbid she doesn’t get dick anymore! They are both worthless in my eyes!

  7. bengalpuss29 says:

    You misunderstand me, this child’s mother hadn.t been seeing this piece of shit for long, so why was she leaving her daughter with him, then she did nothing about the injuries and only did something when granny came along, she basically left that child in pain, even stevie wonder wouldn’t have missed that. I also read the article about the doctor, obviously you can.t blame a mother for the doctor christ they were there with the child the doctor took the children out of the room, even i wouldn’t think a doctor would do that. But when you’ve met someone who you don.t know too well you can.t afford to be leaving your kids with them. That little girls injuries were extensive to the point she needed surgery, if someone told me that my daughter got those injuries i wouldn’t be waiting for ant explanation. When i say some mothers should shoulder the blame if you look at the first comment when i say, “These young mothers are willing to put their children at harm so they can have the latest penis they hardly know”

    • Nicole says:

      I can understand not leaving children with someone you don’t know well. My husband is the step father to my 2 boys and he didn’t stay with them alone for a long, long time. We now have 2 girls as well and I am much more protective since I started reading PYSIH several years ago. I also have no clue why a parent would let a doctor be alone in a room with their child. Some people are sorely lacking in common sense and/or are entirely too trusting. I do think that the mother in the story should have known that something was wrong, and probably did know something wasn’t right. With injuries like that it’s hard to fathom how she COULDN’T know, injuries like that aren’t easily hidden. But, I digress… I guess it’s such a sick world we live in that it’s hard to know who you can trust.

  8. bengalpuss29 says:

    Nicole just one last thing, that bastard raped that little girl for six days, the mother saw those injuries and took that wankers word that she had fallen. The doctor commented that they were some of the worst injuries he’d ever seen. Now if i spotted bruising around my child’s Genitals And blood in her diaper, i would be at that hospital that quick i would be leaving steam behind me. That child suffered all that time until grandma came, surely to god she should be charged with failure to get medical care for that child and believing that wankers stupid excuse. I would think a lot of readers on this blog would agree with me. Im not saying persecute every mother who’s child is abused, what im saying is those mothers who make slack choices and decisions that ultimately end up leaving their child badly injured or dead. Should be held accountable.

    • Nicole says:

      I totally agree with you. There is no way an injury like that could be mistaken for a fall… I do think the mother in THIS story should be held accountable because it seems that, at the least, she facilitated the rape of her baby. I don’t know any mother that would not be concerned about injuries to a baby’s genitals. That was just fucked up parenting on her part. I do think that mothers who turn a blind eye to the abuse of their child, ANY child, should be held responsible for what happens to that child. Don’t get me wrong, I hate baby rapers and the women who allow it to happen, but I feel bad for the women who don’t have any idea who they’re with until it’s too late.

  9. Nicole says:

    Rhon-DUHH: The point I was trying to make was that SOME criminals, whether they be murderers, rapists, pedos, etc., are extremely adept at keeping their twisted alter egos hidden from the rest of the world. I wasn’t talking about the guy in this case, but about other baby rapists who fly under the radar. The parents of the victims aren’t always to blame. In this case, yes; in every case, no.

  10. bulldoggy says:

    This asshole baby raper needs neutering so he can’t stick his penis anywhere it doesn’t belong any more. I have a vet friend who knows how to neuter, nothing too complicated. Hardest part would be catching the paedophile shitstain Lemay and holding him down for the procedure.

  11. bengalpuss29 says:

    I personally think that all these dirty stinking Pedo’s need castrating, preferably with a rusty razor while their awake. Once a paedaphile always a paedaphile they can.t be rehabilitated, so they need to have their pecker and balls removed so they can.t use them on any child again, its the only way to be sure. .

  12. MoodyMagic says:

    I am so glad Cleo that you are doing a blog like this. Keep up the good work. I hope this baby girl goes on to have a wonderful full life. This scumbag babyraper needs to be taught a good lesson. I pray that happens in prison to him.

    • greg says:

      Send him to Romania. The jail system in the old country works a tad differently. He would have gotten 30 years minimum with no chance for parole for 20. And three conditions in the system would mean that that he would be dead in 5.

  13. bengalpuss29 says:

    moodymagic, im sure once bubba and his friends find out why their new friend is in jail, that they’ll throw a party for him, with quite a few sex addicted rapist’s that need to relieve themselves. God i wish i could be there to witness the spectacle, and listen to him scream in pain just like his victim’s. Baby rapist’s deserve no mercy and everything thats coming to him the bastard.

  14. moodymagic says:

    Amen to that Bengalpuss29.

  15. Lillith says:

    7 years? 7 years? This makes me wish they could bring back the death penalty for such. All this sentence says is: “Dear pedophiles: Please exit the good ol’ U.S. of A. and head north to Canada.” What fucking morons! The only hope I have is that this perv is raped everyday for the next 7 years and requires surgery to fix his problems when he can’t shit right after his release! Why can’t castration be made mandatory in cases like this, especially when the pedo-perv scum will be free to hunt his next victim in only a few years?

    • DisgustedCdn says:

      @Lillith I know, eh?!! It really frustrates me. This is like an open invitation- a free-for-all- for these pedophiles to do these despicable acts and pretty much get away with it. 5 and even 7 years is unsubstantial to disgusting crime they committed. I am really hoping that the Canadian justice system gets its shit together and start giving out fair sentences, i.e., death penalties for these scumbags. They are the lowest of the low. Babies who are defenseless and so innocent, like really?!! Sometimes, I wonder why I am still on this planet… with these shithead excuses of a human being. Okay, rant over. But point blank, I’m disappointed to put it mildly. Cleo, keep it up. If I hadn’t come across your site, I wouldn’t even have been aware of half of these heinous crimes. Knowledge is key.

  16. anonymous says:

    i have an updated current photo of this fucking creep…..he is currently living in kelowna at a federal halfway house on chandler street……this piece of shit needs to have his fucking balls cut off and the his head and the shove his balls down his gaping neck hole if u want to see this piece of shit msg me an email on nhere and ill gladly send you it since there doesnt appear to be a way to post it

  17. jim says:

    This goofy ass pice of shit is in my welding class in kelowna. I didn’t believe it at first but now I know he’s a fuckin skinner goof. And is a shitty welder pretty fucked up how they can come to college where there’s a day care and he can just walk around doing whatever

    • bulldoggy says:

      Hey Jim, I guess it’s not too likely that this bastard will have a “welding” accident, is it? That would put an end to his baby raping ways. But he should never be allowed near babies or children ever again.

  18. Nurgle says:

    now that i found out that hes in the morning welding class on my college i want to weld all his stuff to the walls including his nutsack

  19. Nurgle says:

    now that i know hes in the class before me we might need to weld everything he owns to the walls in the evening including his nutsack

    • bengalpuss says:

      Nurgle, instead of welding his nutsack to the wall, how’s about putting him in the stocks, with him bent over, and naked, and put up a sign saying “First person to draw blood from this turd’s arse, wins the chance to put him out of his misery” I bet there would be a very long queue to have a go. People that rape and abuse babies and children, Need to be permanently removed from society.

  20. Jade says:

    It has been rumored that this young “man” is now attending Okanagan College in kelowna, which, coincidentally, sits behind a daycare. And I’m sorry “no interest in consensual relationships with adults”..lets break that down ” only interested in forcing sex on children”

    • bengalpuss says:

      Its obvious jade, that this pig is a paedaphile. If you was upset with someone, you wouldn’t seek revenge by raping their child, you’d have to be a paedaphile to do that. I find it disturbing that this piece of crap is studying so close to a daycare centre, surely he should be on some sort of conditions to protect children from him by the probation service or parole board? mind you with the pathetic sentences and the state of the justice system failing to protect victims, i could be wrong. If i lived in canada, i would stand outside that college daily with a big sign saying “Paul lemay, is a paedaphile and you all need to know, so that you can protect your baby brothers, sisters, and other young members of your family” Because he could befriend someone who wouldn’t have a clue what sort of monster this piece of shit is. And i’d also warn the daycare centre, and alert the police, but i shouldn’t or anyone else for that matter, should be alerting them, they should already know, jeeze, clueless they are.

      • c says:

        according to the article i just read hes goig to prison for 7 yrs. as far as im concerned he should be casterated and then killed….what people like him do is unacceptable…humans or well more like demons like that should be anielated and wiped off the face of this planets…god damn scumbags.

  21. bengalpuss says:

    C, i couldn’t agree with you more, i think they should die also. They can.t be rehabilitated, there’s something wrong with the wiring in the brain, and they don.t do brain transplant’s, so best thing is to line them up in front of a firing squad and shoot the bastards. And you wouldn’t have to worry about the costs of bullets, because i can vouch for most people on this site, that they would donate the money for them, because we all hate paedaphiles, and all agree that they are a lost cause, so just kill em, problem sorted.

  22. Cheryl says:

    What the fuck is wrong with our judicial system you get less time for sexually assulting a baby than you do for drugs. These people should be rotting in jail or in fact put into general population where the convicts would take care of these assholes and have the same done to them as they did to these children or anyone else. These judges that give out these sentences wouldn’t like it if it was their own child that this happened to.

  23. bengalpuss says:

    Cheryl, tell me about it. In britain, shoplifting can carry a heavier penalty than certain sex offences, how insane is that. I was reading the other month, that a man who was homeless stole a mr Kipling’s apple pie because he was hungry, he got four months in jail. On the same day, a fucking paedaphile who was caught with 20.000 images of child porn, 5.000 of the images were level 5 the worse kind, he walked out of court with 12months probation, how many children do you think suffered for those images. It absolute madness. If it had been in america, the shitbag would have gotten a life sentence.. Britain and canada, need to sort out their sentencing guidelines, and judges need to get a backbone, because while ever they are dishing out pathetic sentences to paedaphiles, they are sending the message that its ok to abuse children, because you don.t go to prison for a long time, and sometimes not at all.

  24. Toney Koplin says:

    Hmmm, and that’s coming from the 17- or 18-year-old kid.

  25. j1234 says:

    I am from the same town as this monster! I knew cody, and from the second I met him, I knew that there was something seriously wrong with him. I first met him when I was about 15, he was a friend of my boyfriends at the time. my bf and I were staying with my dad, and my bf invited cody to come to our house to hang out. cody came up to our apartment and preceded to tell me how his “real name” is “dark crow”, and that he was gunna be famous one day for his rapping skills. I thought it was pretty weird, but it got weirder when he started rapping! worst rapping I ever heard! after he left, my dad told me “theres something wrong with that boy, I don’t want him around here ever again”. I agreed. fast forward 5 months later, in the month of july, the year he was arrested. my little sister who was 13 at the time decided it was a good idea to go to a bush party. a friend of mine was also at the party, and so was cody the pedophile… cody started hitting on my sister, and tried luring her into the bushes. my sister being 13, and I belive cody was 20-something at the time, my sis went with him. my friend at the party, saw her and cody walking off, and he stoped cody. my friend said “man, what are u doing, shes 13!”. cody the pedophile replied “I know, but I really need this”, my friend said “no you don’t”, and took my sis home. about a month later, m mom and I were walking down town, and cody came racing past us on roller blades, bushing a baby girl in a stroller, he was going so fast, he almost knocked my mom over. my mom looked at me and said “who on earth would let that creep be alone with there baby!”, about a week later, the story of him raping that baby was on the front page of the newspaper. I went to the youth centre where we always hung out, and everyone was crying. people we so mad, and terribly heart broken for that poor baby.i heard that he is out of jail already, and living with a lady and her kids. it might just be a roumour….

  26. Tina Norman says:

    if you wonder why he did not get a harder sentence, perhaps you should look at statistics on how many of the general public are sexual offenders and includes guys who get a girl drunk or otherwise intoxicated, so they can have sex with her. You cannot sign a contract if you are drunk but you can be raped. Weird eh?? Then with that statistic in mind, apply that number to police officers, judges and politicians who have the power to inflict damage on the criminals in terms of sentencing. Then smack yourself in the head.

  27. Jules says:

    This guy needs to be lynched and raped raw in the asshole by a huge dick -_- 2 times more.

  28. karen says:

    why cant canada have the death penalty? he should be on death row

  29. Nameless says:

    I knew this pos in high school… The group he was a part of I was too. And the day we all heard what he did we were sick. We all wanted to hunt the bastard down and choke him to death with his own cock and shove his balls so far up his ass they would be coming out his mouth. And to think, he is out and walking the streets again. And I admit, if I ever see him I won’t think twice about hurting him. I’m disgusted at what he did. This bastard needs to be put back behind bars and allowed to rot. Even hell isn’t good enough for him.

  30. Pissed says:

    This makes me sick. As a victim myself more then 2 decades ago for enduring 5 years of it and they only charged one person who got 5 years for it and we get a life of pain. let us torcher these sick people

  31. Mike says:

    If I ever come across this piece of shit I will be running him down and ill kidnap him and destroy him slowly! Ripple like this deserve life and well he didn’t get that because this f’m judge was a retard and should lose his position as one! So if I ever see this guy he is a goner! They’ll never find his remains neither

  32. Ben says:

    I heard this asshole has a baby with a girl named Rochelle Price… its disgusting!!

  33. Ashley says:

    I went to highschool with this piece of shit… too bad we couldn’t have known what he was capable of back then, couldve taken care of him before he brutalized that poor baby. I hope he’s getting the same treatment in jail and I hope when he gets out someone does away with him. He was always a creep. This just breaks my heart. I think the “mother” deserves a beating too. How could you not know immediatley that your baby had been hurt to that extent?! She can’t be much of a woman if she was with that loser anyway.
    Pieces of shit like this don’t even deserve jail – they deserve cruel and unusual torture prolonged over a long long time!! I would gladly be the one to carry it out! Canadian justice os a JOKE and I hope that judge knows what a piece of shit he is too!

  34. Kayla says:

    Death to both parties!

  35. Alissa says:

    What a slimy piece of garbage.. N how could the mother not have known.. I have a two year old daughter n there is no way I would not notice that type of damage to her body let alone the change in her behaviour if someone was to hurt her like that.. This scumbag deserves to be raped n brutalize daily by big nasty men to make him feel what that lil helpless baby must have felt … They look to us for protection n live n care how someone could rob that baby of her security of life n adults… I can only imagen the screams n crys that came from that baby the 12 times he robbed n destroyed that lil girls joy n innocence …. He will sit in protective custody doing easy time when in reality jail is to good for him no amount of time he gets will repair the damage to that lil girl he should get the same treatment as his crime….have his ass tore apart repeatedly n have his security in his saftey taken to feel fear n pain every moment

  36. Disgusted in North of 60 says:

    This guy is living on the Reserve in Hay River, NT… What a complete sicko, I hope word goes around and he gets chased off!! His GF works at a friggin DayCare! Sick

    • Reserve says:

      He doesn’t live on or even around the reserve, the guy your thinkin of is named Cody Emile. This is a totally differant guy!!!!! If this fucktard was on the reserve trust me he would be brought down the trap line and used for bait for a couple wolfs!

  37. Michael says:

    I know im going to get endless hate for this but actually consider what im saying. Does anyone think this article is a little immature. The author takes every chance she gets to put down and harass lemay. What he did is fucked right up, no argument there but I personally wouldve prefered the article without all the excess hatred. I think he should be exposed i dont want some guy like that near me. But really, imagining yourself murdering another human doesnt sit right with me (in the comments). This is what i hate about the world, people with extreme views and thoughts/ actions that will never see eye to eye with any opposing person and wont even try

    • Shele_Belle says:

      Dude, as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, I think that Cleo has every right to vent the way she chooses! I am appalled myself that a mother would see blood in her child’s diaper and see the damage and pretend to be completely blind to it! Cody is so very obviously a peice of shit that deserves 10 times the shit and abuse he decided to dole out to that beautiful little girl!!! It’s called freedom of speech and she has every right to choose her own words, if you don’t like it then don’t read it!!! The guy is a SKINNER PEICE OF SHIT THAT DESERVES ALL THE HURT AND PAIN THAT CAN BE THOUGHT UP FOR HIM!!!!

  38. Steve says:

    I better not run I to him when he is out.

  39. happygirl.... says:

    Fuck…..thats FUCK’d Up…….Hope U get Ur ASSSSS Open in Prison,,, & u know WHAT MOTHERFUCKER……….. U will BE WAITING !!!!! 4 u

  40. david says:

    kill him, let a big huge fuckin black guy fuck him till his insides bleed. then cut off his fingers and let him slowly bleed to death…thats the only way to deal wih sick fucks like that. fuckin gooof!!!!

  41. Brooke says:

    I get that the judge has to follow precedent, but that is ridiculous! I can’t believe he only got 7 years in total. This makes me disappointed in our justice system.

  42. D Walton says:

    Couldn’t read the whole thing. Broke down in tears and I don’t even know these people. I hope your website inspires someone enough to buy a gun and start the kulling of humans unfit for this world, be it the judge and/or the pedophile.

    He raped a baby multiple times and is still alive…

  43. Chris says:

    I belong to a very good group called “I hate pedophiles, and skinner Goofs” you might consider joining to support this cause.

  44. Chris says:

    My vote is to kill this fucking goof the second he steps out of prison, I will do it, I just don’t want to have to do the time for it but keep me posted because when ever my doctor says to me ” I have some bad news for you, you only have 6 months to live” you get my drift, I already have a list with 5 names, I will add this Goof, so if people know where this Goof is, keep me posted.

  45. angry says:

    Hopefully justice gets served one way or prison or out

  46. Rude dude says:

    hellbeast…how about Maggot Mail?? Hellbeast has a connotation of something of some worth, principle (however bad it is) or strength or something….. Hellbeast???this guy does not deserve this title.

    The judge does though.

  47. Dez says:

    Instead of wasting money to house and feed these sick fucks why not invest in a small island somewhere, boot the fuckers out a plane and let them fend for themselves! Then they can act like the savages they are and not be a threat to innocents or a burden on society!

  48. Tim says:

    Don’t worry. When he goes to jail, he won’t make it out!
    I highly doubt this POS will survive!
    I hope he doesn’t !

  49. Doug Scott says:

    How about starting a group ” Public Lashings for convicted Pedophiles” and petition the useless piece of shit government to completely change the laws to protect babies from pieces of shit like this! I am not normally in favour of changes in law, but when I hear of cases like this, it sickens me that judges are given the leeway to “have Mercy” on these people that should be taken out of society forever!! Only consolation is he will be treated like a leper in jail, and hopefully will not come out alive!

  50. HUTCH says:

    Why has no one killed this guy in jail?? I’ll bet he doesn’t live long after his release

    • OMFG says:

      Here is another problem. These guys are in protective custody…with other creeps and sadists. That’s why they don’t get killed in jai….because we pay to keep them alive. Bastards

  51. ANGIE says:

    Castration should be mandatory for these heartless sick fucks!!! Then put him out with the general public and let THEM finish him off in the most painful way they know how!!!

  52. kristen says:

    Hey if you have a picture of cody would you please send a copy to me? I didn’t think he was released yet, he got sentenced in 2007 and got 7 years, so shouldn’t he be out next year thanks

  53. offended says:

    This is horrific! I am disgusted!

  54. kev says:

    he will get his in jail I hope they rape is ass good

  55. the unforgiveable says:

    I have his release marked on my calendar when hes ou hes dead hope the cops see this ans get him into p.c because he is going to be presumed dead half hour after his release

  56. harry o says:

    post hos address when he is free. imma kill the muthafucker. im so pissed bout hearing this . imma go beat the heavy bag

  57. MDW says:

    Apparently he is out and living in Cranbrook, British Columbia? It is posted on social media. I followed a link and arrived at this website.

    I became ill after reading what this monster did to a helpless baby.

    I didn’t even realize there was such a website…wow!

    Life is too precious for an animal like him.

    : (

  58. brett osborne says:

    I always said there should be a island where rich people go to hunt these bastards and the money they pay to hunt should go back to help the victim’s

  59. Kirsten says:

    The whole system is so stupid obviously n what the f are we people to do. live with it. in this world money is more important not lives. someone should frame this mf for fraud or robbing a bank cuz even murderers get slaps on their wrist. if only there were a way to get all the info on pedophiles to the hardcore inmates inside doing life with nothing to lose. so that they can make em scream like the little bitches they are.

  60. B-dogg says:

    I hope u die in jail u fuckin goof some one should cut ur fuckin head off n put up ur fuckin ass u piece of shit

  61. s dogg says:

    this is one sick fuck and hell get what he deserves when he goes in tha bros will take care of dis mang

  62. Jewels says:

    Canadian judges are appointed NOT elected, they don’t have to do their job, let alone, do it properly… There is no justice in the justice system

  63. john says:

    Put this goof general pop and let the wolves tear him apart

    • 2cute says:

      Better yet tie him to a tree and let real wolves tear him apart. Remember the Canadian pedo who got eaten by a bear? This guy’s only value on this planet is as food.

  64. Terri says:

    The judges have the tools. I have only seen once in over 20 years of law enforcement where the judge gave consecutive sentence. Most people do not realize that majority of criminals are given concurrent sentences. Which means that if they do this four time to four different people they serve 1 sentence. They serve it all at the same time. Where as in the USA they have consecutive sentencing which means they do there first stint on first crime then serve there second stint..etc..Pressure needs to be put on the judges…thats why I vote Conservative they are bringing in tougher laws!

  65. Pedo killer says:

    This goof piece of shit is staying at a shelter in the surrey/Langley area called the front room. He’s fuckin homeless and a street walker. He’s a pedo piece of shit goof that needs to get what’s coming to him. He helped me out and I talked to him a bit I thought he was fuckin weird then I find out the kids a fuckin child raping piece of shit!!!

  66. Pedo killer says:

    My bro is staying at the front room and he knows this goof he better fuckin sleep with one eye open cause he’s gonna get what he deserves

  67. Pedo killer says:

    Anyone go to the front room in surrey slice and dice this pedo give him what he deserves

  68. pedokiller says:

    I see this goof at the central city Mall all the fuckin time just chilling. I should stab him

  69. pedokiller says:

    Hes friends with my friend Jessica. Not for long he better stay the fuck away from her or hes gonna get sliced and diced.

  70. Pedo killer says:

    I found out this creep is staying at Stevenson house in new westminster. Fuck man y is he still walking around? My buddy stayed there and he said this goof walks around talking like he’s king shit like he’s the greatest thing in the world. Fuck man can’t someone do something about him? He makes society sick.

    • 2cute says:

      Yo, Pedo Killer dude, you’d better hope nothing bad happens to the creep now because calling yourself Pedo Killer and giving his location might get you investigated! Just saying.

  71. BENGALPUSS says:

    Hey pedo killer, read what happened to jody waldrop? you’ll enjoy that.

  72. Pedo killer says:

    So Stevenson house in new Westminster is getting negative publicity for allowing this waste of skin to stay there but all the other guys that stay there don’t seem to know. Anyone living in the lower mainland needs to spread the word that this goof is out and where he is people need to be informed. I saw him one day with a little girl and someone who I assume was his gf. How can anyone allow him around their children? I’ve taken to telling everyone I possibly can if anyone has any ideas to spread the word please do them we need people to know where this goof piece of crap is.

    • BENGALPUSS says:

      Pedokiller, i take it then that you really don’t like this child molesting piece of shite? don’t worry because i hate the cunt as well.

  73. Pedo killer says:

    This piece of shit has been arrested for assaulting a woman. He’s back behind bars where he belongs.

  74. Missy E says:

    I am totally not surprised he’s back in prison. I am surprised any woman lets him get close. Good thing there’s articles like this to tell the world what kinds of skeevy bastard he is.

  75. Pedo killer says:

    The woman he hit her name is Jennifer she lives in surrey. She picked him up on the sky train and allowed him to move into her home the same night she met him not knowing anything about him. Then even after finding out what this nasty fuck fag was all about she still allowed him to live in her home with her for another week. I’m not defending this pedofile goof by any means but it’s a little her fault for allowing someone she didn’t know and met on the skytrain of all places to just move into her home that quick. Then after finding out what this piece of shit was all about she still allowed him to stay. He’s back where he belongs tho that’s all that matters.

  76. Goof hunter says:

    This goof is in Surrey all the time I see him there daily were spreading the word get it out!!

  77. Jen says:

    He is currently in cranbrook BC just had someone post about him. I’d kill this sick bastard if he even approached me especially if I had my twins with me. He deserves a slow painful beating

  78. Anon. says:

    This is exactly what happens in cases of sexual abuse. The victims of sexual abuse keep getting victimized. It is absolutely horrible for victims in small town communities because people continue to victimize the victims. Blaming the mother. Don’t you people realize that by cyber bullying, whatever, you are continuing the cycle of abuse and are yourselves perpetrators. You have absolutely no idea what this single mother is going through, especially with the release of the perpetrator back into the community. Do you have any idea the fear and nightmare she is going through? If you had any sort of educated or thinking mind, you would show this young lady the support she needs and that includes the online community. If you are going to discuss her going up on charges, perhaps you should consider legislation that allows people to be accountable for their actions online through cyber bullying and crimes of that nature as well.

  79. Dumpy says:

    Maybe.. just maybe.. Judge Don Carlgren is just as sick & twisted as this lowlife piece of shit kiddyfukka is? Maybe he’s worse? Maybe he’s got a bunch of missing kids chained up in his basement??? Just saying. The thort only crosses my mind bkoz his reasons for only giving 5yrs were fukn pathetic!

  80. Mother says:

    this is absolutely insane. The guys like him don’t deserve a second chance. My 3 year was sexually abused by her father and because she was so young and. Couldn’t repeat the story word for word that caused doubt. Therefore not meeting the high standard of proof required for the judge to convict. The judge stated he could not believe the father out right calling him a liar basically but still couldn’t convict. I now struggle. Having to send my daughter legally to visit her dad. She is now almost 5. Unless by some miraculous chance he is cured she most likely will get abused again. Who’s side are we on anyways………

  81. safehaven says:

    Is there an update on this sociopath? I see comments and posts that he was released but they are 3 years old. Thanks.

  82. Farren says:

    Facebook says he’s in cranbrook bc fuxking loser peace of shit agh so wanna drive there right now

  83. Cody Paul lemay says:

    Might as well make an appearance since you all make me famous!
    Most of you are the true hell beasts! There is maybe 2 of you with your head on straight and give respects! Cleo you need soak in an acid bath! Your so worthless cause of this page! You ain’t God bitch! Why am I not dead or hurt? Hmmmm I wonder! I survived 5 years of prison and did not get hurt!
    I actually punched out a fucking mouth piece like most of you on here while I was in prison! You all don’t fuckin know me for real! You all live by lies and rumours and believe in it all especially on the Internet! It’s quite sad and pathetic really! See while I was in prisons I made a lot of fiends that were lifers in for hardcore murder! How’s that so? Cause I have. Respect and real solidarity and owned up to my crime! That shit is appreciated in prison! Any real lifer sees real solidarity and recognizes it! I told my story in there! In which you goofs don’t give me a chance!
    You are all the real monsters for even thinking the way you do!

  84. jay says:

    There is only one way for this guy and its is death.end of storey for him.

  85. Colleen Benoit says:

    But before that, get a horse and have the horse do it to him in the rectum over and over. Let him live like that for as long as that sweet baby did. Oh why isn’t there a law like this for idiots like that.

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