Favourite Links

Links for Women in Crisis

Domestic Violence: How to Get Help When You Are Scared Of The Consequences

National Domestic Violence Hotline

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Ultimate Guide to Thriving As A Newly Independent Woman

Single Parent Advocate

Single Parents Network

How to Fix It Yourself

Financial Abuse

Injury Claim Coach

Links to info graphics that Cleo suggests you check out:

Harsh Justice: Comparing Prisons Around the World

Privatization of the US Prison System

Links of Interest

Hanging Judges

Bad Breeders

Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

Canada’s National Tipline for Reporting Online Sexual Exploitation of Children


Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Anti Defamation League: Hate Crimes Law

University of Sydney: What is a Hate Crime?

Dreamin’ Demon

The Weekly Vice

FARK Headlines

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  1. mike says:

    does anyone have an address for james alfred cooper. october 2017 thank you

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