Cleo’s Got A Project!

Cleo's got an art project!

Hello, dear readers. Something very exciting has happened — the Medical Examiner’s Office in Volusia, Florida has given me 3 cases to work on. I get to use my talents to “clean up” photos of some unidentified bodies. It’ll be a challenge, I must admit, given the state of the photos and the state of the bodies.

I am so looking forward to working on these cases. It will make a nice break from all the gross and nasty people I’ve been writing about. Still, looking closely at dead people’s faces is kind of gross and nasty too.

I thank you for your patience as I take my precious writing time and use it for my facial reconstructions. For those new to the site, there are well over 550 articles to read — feel free to check them out.

I’m sorry to say that I shan’t be sharing the new facial reconstructions with you. They are meant for “internal use” I am told.

All my best,

4 Responses to Cleo’s Got A Project!

  1. Bekah says:

    Awesome news, Cleo! Hopefully you can at least update us if your reconstructions lead to any new tips in old cases…you deserve the credit! Fingers crossed that a new look will generate some information. Best wishes!

  2. Graciesnana says:

    I’ve been reading your site for about six months now and have enjoyed it very much. I don’t usually comment but you definitely have talent! I really enjoy reading your articles.

  3. 2cute says:

    Cleo, I’m going to go through hell beast withdrawal! Good for you for making those pictures. I know I wouldn’t want to look at dead people up close. Ewww. Hope the Volusia ME appreciates your help.

  4. Bengalpuss says:

    I think what your doing cleo is wonderful and hopefully these poor victims may be recognised by somebody and returned to their loved ones. Also once they are identified, maybe the police will find out the scumbags who did it if the person was murdered. I may sound selfish but i am withdrawing from your articles, however i can deal with that knowing what you are doing can only be a great thing. Looking forward to what you come up with in your facial reconstructions.

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